When she coloured my canvas – IB & DBO – Colour 40

Hey rikarians & Shrenalians,I’m back with a new chappy.This is 40th chap.

Thanks to all of u who have supported me in reaching 40 chapters.Many send me messages asking me for next update..I’m heavily busy & hardly get time to post the parts.But all ur excitement for next part is making me to post in spite of lack of time.I’m really sorry for not replying to u guys, hope u will understand my situation.

I shall read all of ur works & try to comment for sure.

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Uf, happy to know that ur wish on seeing obros & O’bahus together was fulfilled; I included rumya specially for u.

Thanks to all other readers who have commented earlier & silent buddies too.

Colour suggestions
Pallavi,aliza: yellow-happiness
Mahi: golden moments
Renima: combo of colours
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Recap:-Anika and gouri r part of Jodhpur royal family.Om came to know the truth & apologised to gouri.Kali attacked Gouri again,but was saved by Om & rikara married.
Gouri lost her baby due to an accident planned by Buama & Mr.Lal.Rumya’s sagai was done.O’bahus in a strike with o’bros.

Hope u would like this chappy.Sorry for typo errors,try to give a colour for this.

Colour 40

Shivom had returned after all their office work.Both were thoroughly tired after the sagai followed by work.Both went to their rooms for freshening & were not really amazed to note the absence of their respective wives in their return.
Both were reminding eo about the riot of their pagal wives.All the other members were in their rooms as it was an exhausting day for all.

As they entered the kitchen ,they were shocked to see that literally there was no dinner left for them.It didn’t take much time for them to understand that this was all the pranks played by the Royal Sisters to fail them; otherwise this situation would never rise in OM.
Shivom planned to solve this problem.

Whereas the naughty sissies were waiting to see their patis reaction to this plan; but they were confused with the sound of the music coming from the kitchen.Both marched towards the kitchen area.

They could see a super duo of bros who were singing,cooking & having fun filled moments.The sister duo were cursing themselves for making such a mistake.
G: di, what have v done?Y di this mistake happen.
A: sahi keh reh chutki.How foolish were we to put these 2 chirottas on a hunger strike.Not even once we thought that these 2 will make their own food even after a tiring day.
G: how will we face them now…chi…
plan flop hogaya..we r simply bewakoofs..

“sahi keh reh bhabhis!!!!” they turned hearing this & saw their favorite devar approaching them.
R: u could have simply shared ur plan with me & I would have helped u.
A: par rudra, v never thought these people would prepare dinner like this.We were excited to take revenge so…& moreover if v told u ,u would have told them about this.(pouting)
R: bhabhis for this I’m with u.Coz even I do have to take a revenge from them for butchering me in front of sumo( angry)
G:(yawning)filaal,v vill sleep.Tomorrow morning v vill make a fool proof plan for revenge,kaise?
A: ha chutki,even I’m tired after all this.Chalo today v vill sleep together in prinku’s room.I have already arranged the room after calling her in her sasural.Chalo.

The trio, shared a hi-fi & went to sleep; while the 2 bros were having their dinner.
O: really shivay,they thought they will make us suffer like this?Silly..
S: ya Om, but…
O: kya but??
S: I can’t handle this.After our fight, anika has not talked to me or even looked at me till this time.I can’t..During sagai,she was jumping around & talking with all except me.I couldn’t bear her ignorance….
O: oh shivay, it’s the same for me…But I didn’t think u r so touchy in this topic too.
S: kya karu mein Om? It’s true that v had bigger fights in old times, even now after cherry & chotu came; but never she had punished me for such a long duration.I can’t handle it, seriously Bhai…
O: shivay u r a gone case…I never thought u will fall weak like this…come on…
S: don’t u feel sad Om, since gouri os ignoring u.

Om slightly smiled.
O: yep Bhai,u know till now we never had a separate dinner like this except when I’m out of station.Otherwise v both will always have our dinner together, v even feed eo sometimes.But now….but still shivay she was being ziddy today…I can’t leave her like that.Everytime it’s me who says sorry first, this time she has to come first…
S: lekin Bhai, as far as I know, she doesn’t do any mistake usually ( laughing)
O: so now u r supporting her ha???not fair shivay
S: arey, just Kidding, ok we will see till when this game will continue.Now eat fast, I’m so tired .Need to have some sleep…

Obviously, the bros were amazed to see that the sisters have occupied prinku’s room for that night.They were being helpless to have their loves beside them; but their typical husband thoughts didn’t allow them to fall for this.Somehow both finished that night restlessly…

A beautiful chirpy morning with all members back to their regular routine after all their celebrations on the previous Sunday, except AniRi.

They were busy in all the household works, without paying attention to their hubbies.Om had to get the tea by himself & same for shivay.They were little surprised with the missing care of their ladies.

Usually shivika would together to their office; but anika left earlier separately as she was busy with a wedding work.Whereas gouri decided to cut all her art& other classes today to spend time in the home with the babies.

As Om came to the hall, he saw Gouri with cherry; she was teaching her to draw.
O: cherry baby, bye.Be good girl ok?(gave a kiss)
He was looking at gouri thinking she will see him; but gouri was deliberately ignoring him with a slight smile.
O: cherry, I am going.
C: bye omkie…
O: cherry ,I said I’m going….(loudly)
C: ha omkie…I can hear, u already said it na…

Om was angry; he marched to the door.Whereas gouri was enjoying all this….

It was evening.Om was going back to OM.Shivay informed him that he would b late.As he checked the phone, he saw missed calls from dadi, mom& rudy but not from Gouri.He was wondering about her stubbornness.

As he entered the hall, he was amazed to see a person sitting on the couch.
What shocked him more was , Gouri was sitting so close to him & making him draw on the book.He was even more amazed as she was laughing madly at that person’s talks; he thought that she hadnt even laughed like this even with me.What is this, who is this??He was feeling irritated at this closeness.As he moved forward,he saw the guest.

“oh no, y did he have to come now!!” wondered Om…
As Om was trying to move away slowly to his room, he was rightly caught by the guest.

P: hey buddy bro, where were u?
Followed by a tight hug, irritated Om more.
O: hai…hai…Lokesh….when did u come to India.
L: hey bro, just today & thought I would visit OM coz I wasn’t there for ur wedding.I just wanted to see ur wife….
O: did u see her??
L: Of course bro, my my ,she is such a wonderful lady yaar…So pretty , talented,friendly& what not(winked)
U r simply lucky man….I know that it was ur selection…Ur selection…is always classy right??

Om was being more irritated.Gouri saw this.She knew how to irritate him.He heard her talking..
G: Loku….
L: oh yes baby
G: come on u should finish this first.
L: sorry baby, u just show me & I will do the same thing,ok?

Om wondered, she calls him Loku,she doesn’t even call me by a Nick name.Oh god, & he called her baby..It was because of this mad Lokesh that my rudra became a Romeo type…& now rudra’s love teacher is here.. what all r gonna happen now.Hope he doesn’t stay here for more days.
L: hey Bhai, I’m thinking of staying here for barely 2 weeks…

Om had a near attack….This is when he saw shivika coming together,holding hands.He was surprised…

Even gouri was surprised seeing this & she signed anika with her eyes to which anika simply winked.Whereas shivay was looking Om like defeated.

” U came together??” Rikara asked together to which shivika nodded.
Cheaters, rikara thought & looked eo, while Lokesh was busy hugging shivika.

L: as now I have both my cousins with their beauties, I need a pic of u.

Shivika were ready but rikara weren’t.But after lots of forcing by Lokesh, they posed for the pic….

Precap:- rikara were cheated by shivika in the deal,why????

& the pic taken by Lokesh is given as dp of this chappy..??

How was This guys?? Dunno about next update, but please do comment for this & give ur suggestions…
See u all in next chappy,
Bye, take care??

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  1. Awesome episode dear….
    Gauri : LOKU…
    Lokesh : Yes BABY….
    OMKARA :????? … LOL…


    O: cherry, I am going.
    C: bye omkie…
    O: cherry ,I said I’m going….(loudly)
    C: ha omkie…I can hear, u already said it na…

    I was just laughing reading gauri-loku-Omkara and Omkara- cherry conversation..

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank u mahi,happy to know u enjoyed it?

  2. RadhikaSharma

    Hey shraddha, it was amazing. But men and their ego??…Huh.. but dear omki please realize without omkara and gauri there is no rikara. Well I never want my omki to lose but this time he have to lose for good. And interesting precap. What’s this deal with shivika. Did shivaay surrendered? Waiting for the next….

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Hey ,we will see who won the deal…
      But sso is more desperate than ISO?

  3. Sagithya

    Awesome yaar…loved it… Missing ur double bonus…. Post the next part as soon as possible

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Sorry yaar lack of time
      But will definitely give u a double bonus very soon?

  4. You are late ??? .I missed your ff. Don’t make Anika and Gauri loose in their challenge please.Please I want double dhamaka post soooon

  5. awesome
    update soon

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    Yay! An update. Nice update ?

  8. VHM

    awesome episode shraddha…finally i got to read your FF…i read you were very busy but thank you for taking time to post the episode…curious to know about the precap…will wait with patience till you post the next one…….

    This is just amazing dear……my choice of color Baby Pink

  9. Niriha

    Awesome….fabulous part loved it waiting for next part update soon

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  11. Praneetha

    It’s simply superb

  12. Verna

    Totally wonderful part.. I loved O’bros talks and missing their ladies.. pls make my Om realize soon and end their fight dr.. but like this jealousy Om too.. 😉 😉


  14. Awesome episode as usual.Keep writing dear.????Finally u and god fulfill my wish of reading it.I was waiting for this ff from 2weeks.
    Omkara so gud to see ur new avtaar as jealouskara????.
    Loved Devar bhabhis convo.Om-Cherry convo was too gud.Lokesh a new character haan.Seems to be very interesting.??
    So sweet of u Shivaay, u r missing Anika.But u r not confessing it in frint of Anika just bcoz of ur so called ego.
    Loved Rikara.Missing ur double dhamakas.Eagerly waitung for next episode.☺☺

  15. Alekhika20

    Superb update

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    U always nail yarr ,awesomeness overloaded, hilariously awesome yaar plzz post the next update ASAP, ?????

  17. Zaveesha

    Awesome update…

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    Wowwwwww too cute????? tat too Om- cherry convo omg!!!!! U Jst rocked di…… Really what happened to Shivika they were also fighting na did they really fool rikara??…… Thank u di for bringing My jealous om bhaiya back…… Jst luvd Anika didi & Gauri didi’s nok-Jokh ?

  19. Jahanara

    Blue color for masculine as this epi showed the egoness of masculine??

  20. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

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    It’s awesome
    Where do u get such funny ideas from!!??
    Update soon plzz..don’t disappear dis time

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    Omgggg….brilliant episode….i was really missing this ff …nd thank God u posted…
    Cherry omkie convo was just amazing…poor omiee.. .
    Overall it was cute nd laughter blaster episode….post nxt part soon…

  23. Awesome shradha….?? poor Rikara …shivika cheated them…seriously I could not control my laugh thinking about Rikara…..Stone sing oberoi romantic ban gayi hogi Varna Anika to apni challenge Mein ithni asani se haar nahi manugi…..and my Omki become jalkukkudu ?….poor Om and the colour for the epic is Dark green for Om’s jealous and waiting for next part??

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  25. wow!!It was amazing.Jealous omkara,om-cherry’ conversation made me laugh.
    colour-light red for jealouskara.
    sorry for not commenting on the previous chappy,actually my exam is near so I will not be able to comment regularly.But definitely I will read all the chappies whenever I will get time.Don’t stop posting,take your time to write and I will wait for the next with patience.

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