When she coloured my canvas – IB & DBO – Colour 29


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A special episode related to today’s DBO.

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Colour 29

Their intense eye lock was broken by a sound; the window was closed by the wind.Both of them changed the directions of gaze.Gouri went near to the window, she was about to close the window; but was enjoying the strong breeze.She looked back at Om & signed him to come .

He went near her & stood there.Both were enjoying the Beautiful night sky; they remembered their sangeeth night.Om turned to see gouri , he could see her face glowing; she was looking fresh.He slowly cupped her face & kissed her forehead, she was looking down.He slowly touched her cheeks & placed his lips on both cheeks. She was lost in that moment.They hadn’t been this close ever, they were enjoying this new found joy.He was seeing her lips, he hesitated.He raised gouri’s face to see her , he looked for disapproval in her eyes.She lifted her gaze to him.She knew he was waiting for her permission; she smilingly nodded.

He smiled, his heart was racing.Their faces slowly came close; their hot breaths were filled with anxiety.Finally he placed his lips gently on hers; she could feel him smiling against her lips.It was the most innocent kiss ever; of 2 souls which were waiting to b complete.

They didn’t know when they stopped because nothing, not even time seems to b moving for them.Her closed eyes were slowly opened; she could see the glow in his eyes.She knew he was waiting for her for quite a long time.She didn’t know how to say to him that she is now ready to be his.

As if he had read her mind, he slowly side hugged her from her shoulders & led her to the bed.With each step forward, she felt that they were moving to another world; a different unseen world.

As they sat on the bed, she took his face closer to her.It was like she was seeing him for first time , she slowly pecked him on his lips.But a small peck turned out to be a soulful one; this was like a kiss to seal their souls.She moved her hands to his cold hair & untied his pony.His hands were in her waist , he moved back from her lips & found refuge in the crook of her neck.

Gouri was slowly taking his name, “Omkara” in her lips.He was feeling bliss to hear this.But at the next moment she again took his name, “Om” with her lips.He himself was losing to her now.

The night wasn’t long enough for them to complete the emptiness of one whole month.All the unsaid emotions in their mind was flowing like a river; they were moving thru it together with interwined fingers.She was taking him to another level without her knowledge.She was swiping off all his loneliness, insecurities,his tears.She was giving & taking intense joy from him.

Even his heartbeats were saying her name in each & every moment.He was gently merging with her soul; he wanted to give her the completeness for which she wished.He wanted to seal the truth that he is ultimately hers, which she always told. With each & every passing moment,the wounds of past were being kissed away by him.That night even the breeze & the moon where shying away from them, going away without disturbing them…

Om thought that the Sun was too early today.He slowly rubbed his eyes & turned to see gouri sleeping with a cute smile on his chest.He had been missing such a morning for many days.He remembered the last night; it’s true he had been really missing her a lot but he never thought that they will share such a sweet night like this.Her smiling face was too much tempting him to stay with her like this, but he had to prepare for next day’s function.

As usual, gouri woke up & said a Hi to herself.Suddenly she looked the other side& found Om was missing.It was 7: 30, his chai time was already passed.The very thought of him made her blush…

After freshening up , she went to their room;he wasn’t there.She was happy because it was feeling difficult to face him now.She thought of wearing sari after the special night.

He was stuck up with some office work with shivay, but his heart was beating to see gouri.As he wished, shivay got a call & asked him to go back.As he rushed to the room, he was amazed.There stood his lady , beautifully draped in sari , with sunlight reflecting on her made her look divine.

He came & stood behind her in front of mirror.As she met his eyes on the mirror she was intensely shying & blushing.Only their night was coming in front of her eyes.They didn’t speak anything; only their eyes did.A S she stood still, Om took sindoor & applied it in her.This gave her feels.He grabbed her by her waist.
O: shall v start yesterday’s work now? ( smirking)
G: omkaraji….what r…r u saying….in this is day time…
O:( rolling eyes) y…I told about restarting sculpting…
G: oh….
O: what did u think pagli? ha? whatever it is I know it’s not a right thing?

He was ticking her.
G: omkaraji…don’t do this..
O: y r u calling me omkaraji?
G: kyu…kuch problem hai?
O: don’t u remember, yesterday u were calling me Omkara…Om….with feels?
( he was imitating her)
G: chi…. u r so bad Omkara..
O: but I think u like this bad side of me , right? Tell me…

As gouri was about to say something, jhanvi called them knocking the door.

G: ji maaji..
J: gouri…u look so nice in sari.Anything special?
G: kuch nahi maaji….
J: fine come down soon for Breakfast.
She nodded.

Anika was standing in front of her parents photo & was praying.Shivay saw her crying, so went near her.

S: kya hua anika?
A: kuch nahi shivay..I was taking their blessings.
S: I know u miss them.
A:ha shivay, lekin from the day I came to this palace, I was literally feeling their presence with me.Tumhe pata?This was their room, whenever I sit here I feel that they r with me, sitting , patting my hair…

Gouri was just about to enter into the room with milk.But she stopped as shivika were talking.
S: Yes anika, they r always with us & our cherry & chotu will definitely have their blessings.
A: haan shivay, at many stages I have felt that God doesn’t exist in the world, because I had experienced that much pain as an orphan.

But now I understand, how much lucky I’m to get back my while family.Dadi, bua, chacha – chachi, all my cousins & … meri chutki.Do u know how many nights had been sleepless for me thinking of her?Can u believe I have her with me now…my chutki…

She was crying on shivay’s chest.Gouri’s eyes were blurred , she felt overjoyed.She entered the room after knocking.

G: ka hua didi, itni emotional moment?
Anika wiped her tears.
G: time for ur badam milk.
A: oh no gouri, I feel michmichi to drink milk? y do u want me to drink?
G: didi, if u don’t drink how will our chotu be healthy.

Shivay was smiling seeing this cat fight of sisters.
A: tumhe pata shivay, from the time v came here, she is treating me like a mom; even scolding me(pouting)
S: u did right gouri, her tadi is increasing day by day.U need to give punishment gouri.

She sat between shivika.
G: ubr right bhaiyya, she is showing tadi more than u.See didi, v both r in same team.Now har haraike drink this.

Anika drank it showing faces.Gouri& shivay was making fun of her antics.
Anika was faking anger.

Sh: waise gouri, I have been missing u for a long time.
G: ha bhaiyya, I was really missing all ur cooking classes.
Sh: don’t worry dear, after going to OM, I will teach u few more when I’m free.

Anika was adoring this jiju- saali duo.She was feeling happy.She knew that he loved gouri just like prinku or may b more than her coz gouri was always in his team supporting him against anika @ times.

A: I’m happy gouri,seeing u & Om happily now.
S: U r right anika, even I do feel many appreciable changes in him.He us seen more relaxed now.Credit goes to this dabbang chiraiyya.
A: shivay, u always complain about my language & u urself is speaking like gouri.
G: see bhaiyya, she is very much jealous with us hai na??
Sh: haan gouri …
A: oh, both of u r now teaming up against me.
Anika started throwing pillows to them.

All 3 were having a good time playing with each other…..

Precap:- Anika’s baby shower functions!!!

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  1. Dhar

    Loved the double dhamaka, plzz post the next update ASAP, omri were awesome yaar ?????????????

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you dhar….next chappy coming soon?

  2. Bubblu

    OMG… finally it happened…they have completed themselves nd united to a single soul…awesome chappy didi…I was literally smiling throughout the chappy…my colour
    Pink for romance nd
    light red for passionate love
    Waiting for Anika’s Godh Barayi ka gift….

    1. Bubblu

      Forgot a compliment…”He wanted to seal the truth that he is ultimately hers, which she always told.” luved dis line alot di..

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Thank you bubblu, happy that u loved it?


  4. VHM

    awesome romantic episode once again…a perfect blend of purple and maroon……everything written was felt and what to say it’s just fabulous Shraddha….you are just killing it and nailing it….way to go dear…will wait for the next update now

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you didi, for ur lovely comments.?

  5. Niriha

    Awesome….loved it

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    Awesome walla episode yaar!!!!!!!liking is a small word to describe this….i loved it more than anything…..And reading a ff continously four chappies was a fabulous feel…could not control me to stop reading and comment for previous three chappies…..continously reading in a cool environment around…..Actually, I’m from south and it is continuously raining and i feel fantastic to read such a ff in this environment…..luv urs dear!!!!Pls update soon…Bye!!

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Hi raksha thanks for commenting after a long time…
      Happy that u loved it.
      I’m from Kerala, which is ur place that had rain?

      1. Deepu

        no no u r not rushing.. i love the way u r managing both the lead pairs conversations

  7. Staicey

    I am feeling so shy reading this… IT was so adorable… I am blushing even now thinking about it… You nailed it Di… Waiting for tomorrow

  8. Awesome update ….
    I must say @shraddha ur writing skills are just awesome….

    Also loved ShivAniGauri bond….

    Today’s episode colour is white for peace in life when u always have that special person always beside u in it ups and downs…..

  9. Alekhika20

    Beautiful update

  10. Kanfi

    Phewww…..finally i read all parts,,..
    Must say it was ammmaxingg,…
    Just loved the whole concept….
    N todays epi was fabulous,..
    Finally they are togethrr….
    Keep it up…
    Take care

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank u Kanfi, for reading all chappies.
      Please do follow?

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    Amazing..waiting for Anika’s baby-shower..

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  12. great
    update soon

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    Red colour for their completeness.

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