When she coloured my canvas – IB & DBO – Colour 28

Hey rikarians & Shrenalians,I’m back with back 2 back double chappies

Few things b4 starting:-
Hi UF, I’m very sorry I couldn’t reply u due to shortage of time.Please don’t feel hurt dear, I’m extremely sorry.Thanks to u for regularly commenting on my ff.

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Colour suggestions
Mahi,palak: rainbow with all colours
VHM: crimson red
Aliza: light red- love, anger
light green-care, tension of Om

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Recap:-Anika and gouri r part of Jodhpur royal family.Om came to know the truth & apologised to gouri.Kali attacked Gouri but was saved by Om & rikara married.
Tensions develop in their married life.Finally, both have united.Oberois reach palace for Anika’s baby shower; gouri upset with Om.

Hope u would like this part.Sorry for typo errors,try to give a colour for this.

Colour 28

Go: oh, didi do I have to go with him.

Gouri asked anika,irritated.
A: ha chutki, see the time is 7 pm & v don’t have any drivers here now.U r saying it’s an urgent purchase & u don’t know driving too.

Gouri thought, I should have studied driving , Sankarji now I will have to go with this Nandi.

A: kya hua chutki?Kuch gadbad hai?See my devar is ready here to drop u.Go with him, do ur shopping, have some nice time with him.After all, u haven’t seen each other for a long time na? Go, chutki.

Gouri saw Om stand with the keys; she was so upset with their conversation in the noon.She just didn’t want to go with him but she wanted to try out a sculpture & have to purchase the materials for that.Of course, taking him along is a good choice for this purpose; but she didn’t want to…

Rikara were totally silent thru out the journey.They reached the shop.Gouri didn’t want Om to join her so he was randomly checking on some new sort of water colours.

Gouri had almost finished her shopping when she heard Om’s laughter; she wondered with whom he would b happy like this.She went & stood just behind the rack where he stood; she nearly popped her eyes out.

O: oh aashi, u r just the same person whom I knew back in our college.Same smartness, same bubbliness my god u r one of a kind yaar.I feel that I’m back in my old times.
Aashi: oh yes Om, & u r just the same baby.U r still looking hot even after all these years, ur marriage was a big event na.
O: ya I had tried to contact you , but..
A: oh yes baby, I was in London then.
O: yes ritik told me.
A: but seriously Om, I think u married early baby, could have waited for 2 more months.I would have reached India by then.

Gouri was boiling, oh so that is y madam is sad.Even if u would have come, nothing would have happened.

Gouri was shocked @ the next moment.Aashi was hugging Om so tightly for a selfie pic; of course he was bit uncomforty, but then he didn’t mind it.
A:OMG!!u look super dashing in this pic baby, by the way u came here alone right?Y don’t v go for a dinner.

Suddenly Om & aashi heard another voice; a dabbang gouri voice!!!
” Oh sorry, he had come with his wife here for shopping.& sorry, v r having a night party to attend too.”

Om was stunned hearing her reply; he never thought that she would pop up @ this moment.She came & stood next to Om, holding his hands.Aashi was a bit disappointed.
G: hi , nice to meet you aashi.
A: hey u know me?
G: y not ,he have told me about all his friends , isn’t it Om?

She was in her full attitude; he was flabbergasted to hear Gouri talking in this way & calling him Om.
A: oh so I guess we shall postpone our dinner plan for some other day na?
G: oh yes aashi, after reaching Mumbai v vill invite u 4 a special dinner for sure.
O: yes aashi, v vill.
G: Om, I think I’m done.Shall v go back, v r getting late for our party .

Om was shocked; oh no which party is she talking about??

Rikara reached home, as usual gouri was still ignoring Om.Whereas Om was really enjoying all this.Actually he had been acting in front of gouri in noon; he simply wanted to trick her.It was true that he really missed her all these days but he could never b angry with her.He thought of faking anger on her just as a small punishment for leaving him but he never thought she would take it seriously; he didn’t think she was so sensitive when it comes to him.He wasn’t able to convince her in any way; but he loved all her antics back in that shop.He knew that she considers him as only hers; he was searching for ways to bring her back.

He failed to talk with her during dinner.He thought of discussing this with shivika but as he was about to enter the room, he saw that they were spending some quality time with each other ; so he retorted back.

Gouri was in her work room; she had 2 rooms in the palace.Both were bedrooms, but was her art room.Her dadi had given it specially for all her art stuffs.She was busy doing her new sculpture; she had also planned to sleep there as Om was there in her room.She couldn’t focus her mind;she felt sad that she ignored him & also that he was upset with her.She had thought of going back to him, but her ego didn’t allow her.She felt disappointed on his accusations; she had did all her duties well & had accepted him while heartedly.But his behaviour was affecting her.

She heard a knock at the door; she had asked for milk & so she asked the staff to open the door.She heard the click of the closing door.As she was working on the piece , she saw a hand touching on it.She turned her head sideways to see a blank Om.She was raging.

G:Y r u here Mr.oberoi? Please let me do the work.

It was serious, he thought, if not she wouldn’t call him Mr.oberoi.
O: first talk to me.

She was silent.
O: fine, as u wish gouriji…

She was amazed; so didn’t he really want her to talk with her??

Om was smiling, he vowed to make her talk today.He decided to take another route; she would never b ziddy in that.

O: r u trying a new sculpture?
She was silent.
O: r u sure u can do it alone.

She sharply looked at him; she had actually wanted him to help her but she wouldn’t ask him to.

O: but gouri, this mixture…it is wrong…the idol might collapse if mixture ratio is wrong.

She panicked, thus work was important.She couldn’t afford to mess with this.She was in a dilemma.
O: come, I will help u.

Gouri moved back, giving him space.
O: but I have a condition.

She looked him; what was the condition, she thought.

O: u will have to hear what I’m gonna say.

She reluctantly nodded her head.He pulled her close to him & started making a new mixture.
O: waise…I know that u r upset with me after our talk.Shall I say something? I was simply kidding with you.I was acting.Do u really think I can b angry on u even for a moment gouri? I simply wanted to trick u for leaving me for such a long time.It was just a joke.I didn’t think it would hurt u deeply.

She was amazed & looked at him.

G: I can’t believe u lied,Mr.oberoi.I won’t believe.U r still lying to simply console me.Leave me & finish this work I don’t want to hear lame reasons.

She tried to slip from him.But he tightened the grip on her.

O: do u know, I was missing u so much.D o u think I’m lying now also?
G: even I was missing u. I wanted u for some time & what did u do? U shouted at me( angrily)
O: See I was waiting a lot to see u & spend some good time with u.I just wanted to create a light mood by teasing u, but u took it in another way.I…I’m sorry dear…I didn’t want to make u sad…Please.. please forgive me now…I can’t bear if u r ignoring me…I accept my defeat.

She slightly smiled; she felt very light now.But she didn’t want to leave him easily; then in future he might repeat this mistake.
G: let me think once again about that, she smirked.

Om knew she wouldn’t give up fast,he had another plan under his sleeve.

O: waise gouri…where did u plan for our night party?

Gouri was tensed; she remembered all those incidents in the shop.

O: omg, what was it yaar?I thought u will eat my friend aashi.Come on, she did only one mistake to talk to me.What all did u do?

Gouri was embarrassed…

O: u called me Om in front of her & when did I tell u about her.
G: mm…I heard u both talking, so I understand her name( smiling)
O: oh…u were really jealous na?
G: see omkaraji, something is wrong with her.Her way of calling baby is not right, did u see how she took pic with u…yew..I wasn’t jealous for her…she can’t manhandle my Omkaraji like that…
O: oho, u were calling me Mr.oberoi b4 some time .How did it become “my omkaraji” now? ha???

She was shying away.She turned towards the table & started working back on the sculpture.

The breeze which entered thru the window seemed to b naughty.It blew up her hair to Om’s face.He removed her hair from his face.He was moving closer to gouri; she was standing with her back towards Om.

He came close & took hold of her hands working on the idol.He was helping her to mould it.She was losing her senses; she thought he could hear her thumping heartbeats.

He was moving more closer to her, leaning his body on her petite form.Even he was in another world.The cold breeze, the fragrance of her hair , her soft hands, her trembling body….he was slowly losing away.

This moment was first of its kind for them.Gouri was simply closing her eyes.Their faces were so close , their palms were totally covered with clay.Slowly they were intertwining their fingers; now they even stopped moulding.He was rubbing her cheek with his; she nearly gasped when his stubbled cheek touched hers.

They were losing themselves to each other.Om was slowly moving his fingers backwards thru gouri’s arms.He was covering her hands with clay.His fingers slowly moved upwards & reached her shoulders.He gently kissed there softly.He then nuzzled into her hair & softly kissed her nape.Gouri nearly gasped; he could hear her breathing fastly & heavily.

She turned back to see him.His eyes were longing for her, the heat of the intensity was nearly burning her.She moved back & saw the messed up idol.She took 2 clothes; she cleaned out the clay from his hands.He snatched the other one & started wiping clay off from her too.He was seeing her like nothing else existed in the world.Gouri stood there shyly looking down…

I dunno if this was up to the mark.Dont go anywhere, next chappy is coming right behind…..

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