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Colour 27

Om was tensed,but he knew he couldn’t hide it more from her.He decided to open up.
O: gouri, v both had a meeting with a client in Delhi.During that time Mr.Lal had approached us with a new deal.They had their new consignment in Chennai & we were supposed toerge with them.But the problem was that they were planning to buy the land where a colony was set up with 1000s of ordinary people; that too they were gonna buy & use it in an illegal way by their influence.I asked shivay to cancel the deal & to also inform authorities about this illegal usage of land; if not all those helpless people would have to suffer.

Their deal was cancelled & was questioned by the authorities.In revenge they…they tried to harm shivay.He was admitted on hospital after bhabhi’s pregnancy news was informed.V decided not to share this news; but they r not gonna stop.I have got a message from our people that they r planning to harm us.I dunno gouri, everything is happening because of me.I cant bear anything happening to my family.What should I do?Shall I back out from this mission?

He was in verge of breaking down; gouri hugged him from back tightly to relax him by snapping her hands around him.She was stroking on his cheek to make the mood light.

G: I never knew that u were so good omkaraji.U have done the right thing.V shouldn’t fear the evil & lose to them; v should fight for the truth.Sankarji is always there with u; ur mind is pure so he will always protect u & our family.Dont b tensed & give up.Just think about those people; they don’t have any other home.V shouldn’t make them homeless; it’s just because of ur one word they r able to live peacefully.V shouldn’t let the bad people to win.I won’t tell this to anyone; I’m always there with u; in ur happiness & in ur worries.This is my word because u r my bhagvan Omkaraji!!!!

Saying this, she kissed his cheeks slightly; he turned back to see her wet eyes.It had courage & assurance; he could see it glowing thru her tears…

O: I don’t know what good deed I have done to have u in my life.Before ur entry in my life I had treated all my worries on a wrong way.I still remember slapping u when u stopped me from using drugs.But now I feel ur presence, ur warmth& ur words will make me strong to face any obstacle in my life; any obstacle.

I had never thought a girl would come to my life again; that she would come , mend broken pieces of my life & give her half soul to make me come alive.I only had my family in my mind & dream but now I don’t have any dreams without you in those.Not only my canvas, my whole studio is filled with your pictures.Whenever I take my brush to draw or take clay to sculpt, I see ur face only, I see only you.

He was going on just like that; she was sad that he is becoming too emotional even though she enjoyed each & every words about her.She hugged him again.
G: hey shayar…bus bus.Thoda bahut dose if u give, then I will go to cloud nine.U don’t need to say anything; I will understand it just from your heart beat.See I can hear it now.

Om smiled, he knew she was trying to distract him; he smiled @ her antics.
O: waise…. someone told that I’m bhagvan.Who will hug bhagvan? hmm??
G: ( fake anger) don’t tease me, yes u r my bhagvan but not always ok?
O: when is it, that I’m not bhagvan?

He raised her face & nuzzled in her hair.
O: is it now?

She was shivering; she didn’t reply.
Om slowly moved away from her but she was still standing in his effect with closed eyes.Slowly she opened her eyes & saw that he was gone.She was smiling thinking about him….lost in him…

It was 7 months & time for Anika’s baby shower.Gouri was more excited for the baby than anika; she always remained sticking near anika.

The last month both sisters went to palace along with Anshika according to their custom; Om didn’t want to leave gouri but she insisted.She didn’t want to miss any moment with her didi.Om was busy with trips that month; he made himself busy & didnt want to stay longer in OM coz then he would miss her a lot.Even when gouri enjoyed in her palace, she was still missing Om.He was slightly furious @ her for leaving him for such a long time; she was upset with him for this.She couldn’t convince him. This worried her.

4 days b4 baby shower, all oberois reached the palace; both families were happy as they were going to b together after a long time, probably after rikara marriage.The whole palace was filled with laughs, songs, talks etc.Shivay was spending his whole time with anika & his unborn baby.All were busy with the arrangements; but anika was sad that she couldn’t take part.Instead it was gouri who was the head of all preparations.She was busy with whole program.It was true that she couldn’t find much time for Om; but whenever she went to him he was plainly ignoring her.This was really hurting her; she didn’t know what was cooking in his mind.But Om wasn’t giving her a chance to explain…

It was afternoon.She went to their room; he was working on the canvas.But as soon as he sensed her, he covered the canvas.He was in his full attitude.
G: omkaraji, r u busy?
O: not as much as you..he snapped back at her.
G: oho, jatadhari is becoming like Sankarji, will u open ur 3rd eye @ me??

Om simply moved around.Gouri was furious @ this unresponsiveness.

G: u r becoming silly.Y r u angry @ me for this simple thing?
O: what, when did I tell u that I’m angry? I haven’t stopped u from anything.U told u wanted to go with bhabhi, I allowed. U wanted to stay for 1 month, I allowed.
G: y r u ignoring me now?
O: just think…u were ignoring me.U could simply avoid me for one month; what I’m showing is smaller compared to it.
G: oh so u r taking revenge, u r saying that I dont value u..
O: gouri, dont imagine things…
G:( crying) do u know one thing, months b4 when we were here, I was ignoring u since u had hurt me.Now after all those good times v had u r ignoring me without any reason.I don’t have to say anything.

She moved to the door,but then she stopped.With wet eyes she told him softly:
G: I didn’t think I would hurt u this much; I didnt do it intentionally.I wished to stay with my didi in her very special moment.I…I’m sorry if I have hurt…hurt you in any way…I would never like to see u hurt..I won’t b able to bear it… Sankarji ke kasam.

As Om saw her moving away, he slightly smiled & whispered to himself.” U r so pure gouri!!!”

Precap:- a gift for anika on her godh Bharai?

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