When she coloured my canvas – IB& DBO – Colour 26

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Colour suggestions
Sanyu:- apricot – admiring
Mahi:- orange- completeness
Bubblu:- silver- Cherry’s wish?
Verna:- orange – happiness

Recap:-Anika and gouri r part of Jodhpur royal family.Om came to know the truth & apologised to gouri.Kali attacked Gouri but was saved by Om & rikara married.
Tensions develop in their married life.Finally, both have united.Om on a business trip & anika is pregnant.

Hope u will like this part.Sorry for typo errors,try to give a colour for this.

Colour 26

Gouri was worried; it has been 1 week since Om had gone.Shivay had come back yesterday; Om was still there.But this wasn’t the reason which made her tensed; he had been sounding tensed from last 2 or 3 days.She could feel it,but he didn’t open up.She asked the same to bhaiyya; she could feel something wrong but even he refused it thinking anika might b tensed in this occasion.She had kept this worry in her mind as all were in a happy mood due to the happy news.

Om hadn’t called her the whole day; he didn’t attend her call too.A worried gouri skipped her dinner & went to the room.She had recently started studying sculpting & was trying to focus in it too; she wanted to surprise Om with a work but her mind wasn’t in good mood.He didn’t even tell her when he would b back.She took one of her favourite kurta’s of Om.The whole week she used to sleep hugging this kurta; she could feel his presence in it..

A fresh morning…Gouri was in a deep sleep.She was dreaming; she could literally feel Om kissing on her forehead.His warmth made her smile.She was still hugging tight on the kurta.She could feel his hands stroking her hair; she was still smiling.After few moments she slept again.Sge was disturbed by some sound a long time later; as she opened her eyes & got up she told ” good morning Gouri “to herself as usual.As she turned to the left, she saw Om; she simply smiled & told to herself, “oho y do I always dream this jatadhari pati of mine to b with me!!”
As she watched him with her dreamy eyes, he slowly moved closer to her.She was still smiling seeing this dream.He suddenly shook his towel in front of her face & the water droplets were showered on her face.She suddenly jerked realising it was reality.
G: Tum…when did u come?
O: just sometime b4 pagli!!!
G: so u were really near me when sleeping.
O: ya, he turned back

Gouri felt his behavior was strange; she thought not to ask him now.She got out of the bed & hugged him from back; his just showered body was so cold.

G: ka hua, kuch problem hai( huskily)
O: mmm….nahi…kyun?
G: no…nothing…just wait for some time, I will bring the tea.
O:no..u can relax…I will take chai.

Gouri’s tension was increasing; she found out a solution for that.

The whole family was in the hall discussing about Anika’s party; she wanted the party to be very private.But shivru didn’t agree; they wanted to celebrate it to the maximum.Anika was excited coz her family was coming; she was sad that they couldn’t see her during first pregnancy.

Da: if party is there or not, we have to do some pujas this time.Whenever v have a happiness , v should thank maataji.
Pi: haan mummyji, Me and shakthiji r going for a yathra to get a kanji aankhon ladki.
Sh:no mom, pray for a girl.Waise OM have less no. of girls.
Ch: yes we will have o sis moments.. clapping.
Bu: Hey guys, we will see who will come only after 9 months.
Jh: but I want a ladki really, it is blessed to have girl child.
Pi: no no jethanaji, I want a ladki like my heera beta.Probably om& gouri will have a ladki I think.

It was a heavily blushing moment for rikara but the family was laughing at that comment.Om was looking gouri but she avoided him by playing with cherry.

Bu: bus bus let anika go to her room.
A: kyun bua maaji, I will come to prepare lunch, I’m ok ….
Sh: no no anika don’t b ziddy now come with me.
An: arrey Billiuji…
She stood up saying this but slightly slipped; Shivay scolded her for being careless like a kid & carefully took her hand , climbing the stairs.

Gouri was adoring how her jiju was caring her didi.
O: kya hua gouri?
G: tumhe dekha, how bhaiyya is caring didi?
O: kyun gouri? do u want me to care u like this?
G: oh…don’t start this again ok.

Om was teasing her when he got a message; his face fell down instantly.He went to his studio, tensed.He didn’t stop even when gouri did.She was worried…

As gouri went to dadi’s room to give her medicine, she saw dadi praying in front of dadaji’s photo.Gouri smiled.
G: dadi, don’t u want to have ur medicines?
D: oh, ok beta, as u wish!!!

Gouri was lying on dadi’s lap, she was stroking gouri’s hair.
D: puttar, r u tensed with any problem?
G: haan dadi… Omkaraji na, after coming back is very much worried.Something is worrying him.I know that?
D: didn’t u ask him?
G: he is not saying it dadi, may b not to make me sad.
D:( laughing) do u know gouri.He is the most sensitive among the brothers but he never share any worries with shivru, thinking not to hurt them.He suppresses everything which inteses the tension.

U r his better half; even if he didn’t share his worry with brothers he should share it with u.I know u have just entered ur married life now; it is bit difficult to share everything as this is the beginning.But I know with little little steps u can very well understand each other’s mind.After all this is the very essence of marriage.Im sure he will also understand this soon.U should make him feel that u r always there with him in every moment of life; & I’m sure he will also keep u close to him throughout ur life.Just like humari Billu & anika.

Gouri smiled hearing this & cuddled into dadi’s lap…

G: omkaraji kahan he tu?
O: kya hua baba?I’m going to studio have to finish my work.

Gouri stopped him by catching his wrist; she turned him by his arms & leaned on him, keeping her head on his chest.
G: ruko na, I didn’t see u for 1 week & after coming back u r not spending time with me, u r always making itself busy in work.

Om raises her face with his finger; their faces were so close
He leaned down.
O: kya chahiye tum?
G: I want to sit with u.
O: very funny…so u understood my value when u missed me for one week.So I think I should often go for long trips like that.
G: why r u sayin like that?from now on wherever u go, I’m also going to come with you.

Gouri was giving Om an oil massage for his hair.She was sitting on bed& he on a bean bag.It was very much relaxing for him. He was sitting with closed eyes.
Gouri was laughing.
O: kya hua pagli, kyun has rahe?
G: wo…in bareilly, I always used to oil my bubblu’s hair like this, she is in 2nd std; ha…I never thought that I will have to massage the long hairs of my husband like this.
O: r u teasing me?
G: bilkul nahi ji, ha….( laughing)
O: I’m so happy to hear u smile like this gouri.When ur little fingers r moving thru my hair, I feel so relaxed; all my tensions r going away from me.

Gouri thought to take a step further.
G: I know u r worried for something omkaraji from the time u came back.What is it? I want to know that.Tell me , tell me whatever it is…

Om was puzzled; what shall I say now??

Precap:- shivom trapped in a trouble?

Hope u r liking this, the next chappy will b updated today itself??

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