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Colour 6
After 3 months, a dark stormy night…..
A man is seen sitting near the legs of his bed with his face buried between his legs. His kurtha was wet with tears…
He slowly raised his head, his eyes were red, his cheeks were wet…more than that his heart was wounded…he thought.
He took a syringe from his bed, and then he took a bottle of liquid. He is about to take that liquid into his body with the syringe…

He thought, shouldn’t I be happy that Svetlana has been jailed? Then why, why am I sad? I know Mr. Oberoi would never believe this story; he has gone to take bail for that evil demon. Let him shout at me; after all it was me who send her to jail. But then why is he shouting at my mom? What did she do? She didn’t do any fake drama to get her out of this home as he says…And he insulted Gouri too. What right does he have to yell at her? She is my…no, no; I don’t have sympathy for her. She is the one who have made the biggest wound in my life; she cheated me in every way. She was faking friendship and care as Gouri and as chulbul; I don’t know why only I get all these pain in the whole world. Always …always being cheated by someone. Gouri did this twice. I should have thought when I could see Gouri in chulbul in every move. But I’m a fool…Why do I live a life like this??
He was about to pierce the needle into his skin; it didn’t pain as he was being pierced with more sharper and dangerous moments of his life…
But pair of anklet was rushing from the door of the room to the bed; they had to run fast to stop that upcoming danger.
“Omkaraji…..” He knows the source of this sheer voice but he simply ignored it; like he ignored the owner of this voice too.
A pair of hands forcefully pushed away the syringe from his hand. Then those hands picked the fallen syringe from the floor.
“Gouri, give it to me!!!” he ordered.
“Just give it!!!”he screamed
“Omkaraji, humari baath suniye.”She begged him by keeping the syringe behind her and holding him with one hand.
“aaahhhh…” she softly screamed, she was trying to control her sound and pain as he slapped her.
“Why do you interfere in my personal matters?” he growled again.
Her cheek was red; her tears were not ready to come down. She still told with bold voice,
“I wouldn’t allow you to do this.”
“Om!!!!!” shouted another voice at the door.
“what did you do to my gouri?” shouting
O : shivaay, just ask her to stay away from me.
S: just rememeber, its because of her Svetlana is out now. So be thankful to her.
O; but…shivay..
S: when did you stoop so low om, slapping a girl that too your patni? I wouldn’t support all this. I will be with gouri today; I’m not going to talk to you about this. Gouri come with me.
O: So you have made my brother away from me, isn’t it?
S: shut up Om, gouri come.

Shivay holded Gouri and went to his room. He explained everything to anika.Both of them sat at both sides of Gauri and consoled her.
S: I’m sorry gouri, I didn’t know Om was like this to you till this day. I apologise for his mistake.
G: nahi bhaiyya….after our marriag in bareilly he was like this. Even there when he saw me, he as behaving as if he didn’t know me before.
A: what happened Gouri, why did he do that? You were good friends back here na?
G: pata nahi bauji…kuch nahi pata humein. I am very sincere to him, but…
Shivika hugged her from both sides; anika wiped her tears and shivay was patting her hair. Gouri felt peace of mind at that moment.
A: sab teek ho jayengi. Dont worry, we all are there with you. Shivay you go to Om’s room; today Gouri will sleep with me.

Gouri was staring anika at that time anshika(cherry)came running.
C: hey, chulbuli will sleep with me today; I’ happy.
A: cherry beta, call her chachi na….
G: its ok bauji; let her call me chulbuli
A: because of you she have become a salman fan you know that?( laughing)
C: no aayi; dabang salman( imitating it)
Anika and Gouri hugged cherry and gave her a kiss.

Next morning, was a Sunday; a free day for whole family.
Om woke up very late that day; he was having a headache. As he opened the eyes he saw Gouri with tea in her hands. He remembered yesterday’s incident. She just kept the tea on the table and went out of the room.
He had tea and went for freshening. As he came back he saw that Gouri was touching her cheeks by seeing the mirror. Om felt sad at this; he thought why did do this after all she was trying to help me.
Hesitantly he went and stood behind her. She was startled but suddenly composed herself; it was evident that she was angry otherwise she wouldn’t be silent for such a long time.
She was about to move,
“Wait” his voice stopped her; she didn’t know what will happen. He went and stood in front of her.
“Sorry for that.” He said looking at her cheek. She knew if she stood for more time like this, he would surely start his ranting again; so she began going away.
He didn’t like this; he grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her closer.
“Why didn’t you reply?” He asked fiercely. She was irritated and spoke up,
“Whatever I say, you will begin to start your daily jap, tumhe paise chahiye na, tum girihui hoo, I DONT WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE etc. So I thought, I would better…”
She stopped as she felt something cold at her cheek. She was astonished to see that Om was tracing those marks of fingers on her cheek .He noticed as she was speaking, her cheek was moving and those marks were rising up. He felt sad for her at that moment; he was slightly brushing her cheek with his fingers. His hidden inner feelings were slightly coming up as he felt the soft skin right under his fingers.
Whereas Gouri was really controlling her heartbeats; he was making such an effect in her. She was closing her eyes; she was enjoying the pain on her cheek and the softness of his touch at the same time. She wondered that he was caring her.

Finally, their eyes met each other. His eyes showed guilt whereas she was admiring him for that one moment; both stood as if they were frozen.
But then two eyes were staring them at the door.
“Romancing in an open room, O?”
Both just jerked from the position and were heavily embarrassed.
G: Devarji, tum …tum…yahan??
O: We …we…we were not romancing rudra, just shut up (annoying)
G: I’ll make nashtha ready (shyly)
She went out.
R: What is this O? Sometimes you scold chulbul bhabhi like hell, sometimes you slap her, and sometimes you care for her wounded cheek and touch her romantically. Yeh kya ho raha hai..ha..? bhaiyya ( teasingly)
R: I will go for now…ok….hmm..
Om was confused. He is right, why did I care for her? Why, why do I remember our good times back in studio? She is a characterless, I shouldn’t care for her? He never thought that a slap given out of anger would lead to a romantic moment like this.
He just patted his head and went to dining hall.

The whole family was there at the dining table. The breakfast was arranged by all the ladies. All the dishes were kept ready.
Everyone sat for the breakfast. Even Tej was there, who hesitantly sat near Janvi opposite to Om.
Only Gouri was missing. Anika was waiting for her.
A: yeh Gouri kahan he??
O:(irritated) oh no, what is this? Why is there only pineapple juice today? Where is my musambi juice? I need it before starting breakfast.
T: why do you make demands for such things? There is no one to take care of all your things like a baby; adjust with whatever is available.
Everyone was disappointed with this; after all it was a family moment.
Suddenly Gouri came running with a glass of juice.
A: where were you jethaniji? Come fast I’m starving
G: woh darsal baujai, Omkaraji likes to drink musambi juice; woh bhi before having breakfast.
Everyone was surprised hearing this.

Pinky: arey wah…Gouri knows each and every likes of Om. Kamal hai.
Shiva: see anika, how she cares for Om. Wives should not only show tadi, but also be dedicated to patis like this.
Rikara were seeing each other. He never thought that she had noticed all these in detail. She was embarrassed as she never expected all these special talks because she does this daily.
Om was happy at present as he could give a good answer to Tej. Just to provoke him, he called Gouri towards him; he took the glass from her and drank the juice.Then he cupped her cheek.Gouri was hell shocked. Then Om said looking at Tej,
“If patis give love and respect to their patnis, they will also dedicate their lives for them.”
Tej was angry at this and resumed to have his food.
Gouri was surprised at him; she knew that he had told this to provoke sasurji only. But she relished that moment and sat near him.
Cherry brought her baby chair and sat b/w rikara.
C: omkie and chulbuli should feed me today.
Everyone smiled.
O: of course sweety, here you go
He gave her a small piece of roti and sabji, followed by gouri. The family was enjoying this scene.

After some time, cherry said.
C: bus karo. Now chachu should give chulbuli chachi.
Rikara was shocked. They were embarrassed. Both were not ready to do this but she was insisting.
Dadi: chalo na Om, feed her
Bua: gouri puttar, feed your pati, jaldi jaldi
Rikara were hesitant. It was SURPRISINGLY, Om who came forward. He took a piece and gave it to Gouri. She was astonishingly watching Om. Then Gouri also fed him. Once, her finger went inside Om’s mouth accidentally, when he closed his mouth abruptly. Gouri literally shivered as she felt hotness of his mouth. Even Om was startled as he felt her cold, soft finger inside his mouth.
When Om coughed at a moment, Gouri was worried and she hurriedly took a glass of water and made him drink it by holding his head. Om was staring her without blinking. The whole family was enjoying this.
Shivika were happy watching this.
Ru: hey bhagavan, O have not even fed me till now.Now he is feeding bhabhi( pouting)
Jha: Rudy, in future your wife will come to feed you, ok betta?
All laughed.

After dining, Om went to bua maa.
O: bua maa, I’m free today. I need your special oil massage for my baal. When will you come?
Bua maa was a bit naughty. She told.
Bua: oho omkie, I’m a bit busy today. Moreover, you are a shadi shuda aadmi. ASK YOUR PATNI TO DO AN OIL MASSAGE FOR YOU!!!
Two pairs of eyes bulged out hearing this!!!!!!

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  1. WOW @shraddha …. such a cute episode…. But why are u late??…. I was just waiting for ur FF… just missed ur FF like anything…..
    Today’s update was like an early mrng full of freshness, care, change,calmness,and smile….. Keep writing like this…. with lots of Love…..

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Happy to know that you missed my ff?
      Thanks a lot for the support shayar

  2. Aastha_Reddy

    As you are colouring the canvas, the dark black colour is dominating the bright white one. this is leading to some what more complex then the usual love story. The slap is some thing I couldn’t digest at all not even its aftermath..his care for her cheek.
    They are indirectly being forced for romance. It should be from heart. Pretending is lying over reality as this is just a show for Tej and his nasty way of treating his wife Jhanvi badly but Om is either not less then worst.
    Put some colour …real colour in their canvas.
    This comment is short but adjust with it yeah!!
    keep painting and colouring our canvas.
    Love you…….

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      But as long as Om’s mu do not get cleared, he will never be able to love her whole heartedly; but now he is confused with his caring mentality towards her.
      As for gouri also, she loves him but not able to express it as he himself is keeping a distance with her.

      Let’s see, as time moves on rikara are gonna unite??

  3. Shreyanvi

    Amazinggggg…fabulous…shraddha di..post nxt part soon…

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks shreya, amazing dp?


    Soumya nahi Hai Kya iss ff main.wo Kya hai na jhanvi ne Rudy ko bolan future main tumhaari wife tumhe Khana kilavungi bola tho main confuse hua.

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      I was in a confusion whether to bring soumya or Bhaavya….

      Thanks uf for commenting?

      1. Please soumya ko add karo.sab log RuMya couple ko zyada pasand karthe Hai.shraddha tum sabse poochon ki sabko rudra ki opposite soumya chaahiye ya bhavya.

  5. amazing episode…. waiting for next part….
    I hope u had good exams…..
    I think today’s colour would be “Violet / Purple” for hatred (for omkara towards gauri) n rising affection (for Rikara’s rising affection)…..

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Of course dear, exams were good.
      Thank you for enjoying this ff and suggesting colours?

  6. Ha ha! Oil massage.. More romantic moments! Amazing episode.. Was a silent reader. Cudnt stop myself today! haaye rikara❤waiting for more moments like dis in serial!

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Happy to know that this chappy could make a silent reader to comment.
      Thank you shivika?

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    WOW nice plz give us next epi soon

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      Thank you Shashi, I think you are coming here for first time.
      Thanks a lot for your comment?

  8. Verna

    OMG shaddha what a romantic part.. so simple but awesome.. the way u said about their feelings.. tooo cool keep giving epi like this

    1. Verna

      And forgot abt color.. pain and surprise

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Thanks Verna, yep will try to give chaps like this.
        Love your story too…?

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    Wowwwwwwwww, what a khidkitod episode… Awsm , bye… ???

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    I think today’s colour would be red as it defines his anger and the romance , although forced but it was there ,plzz post the next update ASAP

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      Of course, shall update soonish?

  11. _APARNA_

    it made me smile like hell , i love the way you portray the emotions of each character so well <3
    i'm going to call you shru , i'm sure thats okay with you <3 eagerly waiting for the next part dear , post asap .

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks appz, of course you can call me like that.
      Thanks for commenting yaar.
      Shall update soonish is?

  12. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous mind blowing..loved it eagerly waiting for next part update soon

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Hi niri, thanks buddy for following this ff.
      Will come back soon?

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    Loved It shraddha di….and today’s colours are pain and misunderstanding and romance….I’m waiting….

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