When She Coloured My Canvas – Colour 5 – IB & DBO

Hey RIKARIAN buddies, so much excited about mahasangam of IB &DBO…..isn’t it?

For last part, the suggested colours were:
Rasika – mix of colours( happiness+ sad)
Aishwarya , Tanz – “Orange” for creativity, attraction and determination……
Mahi – yellow for hope and inspiration….
Renima – white for purity of rikara
Verna – Confidence – orange
Confusion- bluish green and grey
Aashi – green for hope,
orange for confidence

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I am not sure whether you guys will like this part…I am very tensed…Please please do let me know your feelings… I think this is long enough too…

Previous colours – http://www.tellyupdates.com/user/11299/?profiletab=posts

Recap: – Om met gauri in an art competition, and upon her request Om has become her art teacher..

Colour 5 (try to find out this colour)

It was a sleepless night for Gouri. She was thinking deeply. She didn’t know how to overcome her fear. She once again tried to sketch, but it was a failure…her heartbeat was rising…She was sweating…and she finally gave it up…

Next morning, she reached his gallery. But she was welcomed by the loud voice of Om. He was in a very angry mode that day, due to some business issues. Gouri was surprised because even to moti, he hadn’t spoken in this way. She silently went to the room and arranged the canvas.
Om entered the room, frowning and asked Gouri to repeat yesterday’s chapter. But unluckily, Gouri could only make few strokes on the canvas. She already had a problem with drawing and moreover she was shocked with his behaviour. The pencil fell from her hand.

Om lost his temper. He was already angry with the problems his assistants had made, which was leading to the loss of a big deal, and on top of that this girl is continuing her antics.
“What are you trying to do? Can’t you sketch properly? Where is your attention? What is your big problem? See I already have a busy schedule and I found out sometime just because I thought that you are worth it? What did you study in sketching, ha? Not even able to hold the pencil properly? Just stop this now, practice in your home properly and come back after 2 days? Do you get it?”

A small river was forming in her eyes, but she didn’t cry, because Gouri kumara Sarma never cried in front of anyone. She took her bag and just left from there…..
Om’s whole day was very bad. After reaching home, he didn’t talk to anyone, not even sweety. A big deal was going out of his hand because of a small carelessness. He had to work a lot to get it back.

At some point, he remembered Gouri. He felt ashamed that he had misbehaved with a lady. He thought to call her but later dropped that plan. He didn’t know why she had this problem of touching the canvas.
Here Gouri was determined; she took this as a challenge to him and herself. She began roughly sketching; closing her eyes, thinking her dad. She failed many times; but didn’t give up. As she moved her hands through the table, the glass fell down and broke. Her hands were bleeding: but she continued. Finally, after a long time she managed to draw a picture: picture of a pigeon flying out from a cage. She thanked sankarji…

After 2 days, she reached the gallery. She went inside the room and arranged few pictures which she managed to draw to draw from home.
As Om entered and saw Gouri he was a bit confused. He didn’t know how to face her. But seeing so many pictures sketched by her, he was totally amused. He appreciated her in his mind but told her,
“OK, so finally you have overcome your fear. It’s good. So you know a good amount of drawing. Fine…so let’s start with the next level”

It was a very enjoyable class that day. Gouri got to know many more new things, some small tips to make her sketch feel real, some shading effects etc. She was so happy at the end of the class.
When she was about to leave, Om told her,
“I’m very sorry Ms.Gouri, about last day’s incident. Actually I was a bit stressed up with my work and when I saw you being so careless I just couldn’t…” Gouri interrupted,
“It’s OK sir, I understand. Yes it was true that I had few personal problems, but now I am alright. After all, you are my guru, so you shouldn’t apologise.” She became happy as Om smiled at her…

The next few weeks, witnessed the development of a unique relation between Omkara and Gouri. Both were very much indulged in their passion – art. All their talks were totally related to art. Gouri was literally feeling that she was growing up as an artist, in every sense – not only just in sketching but in terms of dedication and passion.
Their interaction was not just confined inside the gallery. Both attended many art exhibitions and camps. As Om was one of the topmost artists, Gouri could easily access many opportunities and interact with other big artists. Her language was never a problem, as Om was there to help out. They even began going for few outings.

While Om taught her the complexities of art, she, in turn taught him the simplicities of life – enjoying pani puri and some dhamakedar dhaba food. Even though in old days Om used to enjoy all these, the depressions of his present life had prevented him from enjoying all these desi things.

Both of them, never discussed anything other than art, not even family matters or personal things – because there was so much more to be talked about art only. Yes, it was indeed a special bond – both like friends or a teacher-student one.

Both of them deeply respected each other’s and had a strong admiration, secretly in their heart. But that was not really expressed outside. She even began helping him in his works in the gallery. Once Rudra met her in the gallery and both spend some quality time with each other. It was that day; Om came to know about her real dabang avatar. Rudra started teasing him in front of his family stating that Gouri is his new secretary. Every member literally wanted to meet Gouri one day, who has brought some appreciable changes in Om.

At times, both could read each other’s mind. One day Svetlana had come to meet Om. He wasn’t interested at all in her presence. Gouri, at first was irritated by seeing this chichi romancing with Om. She came to know that svety was his fiancée.
But later she felt that, Om wasn’t enjoying her presence. So in order to help her sir, she cleverly talked to Om about some project and asked him to meet someone. Om found this a good chance and escaped from svety’s hand. Even though he didn’t thank her verbally, he did it in his mind.

One day, Gouri came to the gallery, even when she fell ill. Om was really impressed with her dedication. He had even dropped her home as she was really unwell. He was confused, as he was not even close to riddhi , in this way. He didn’t know whether she was affecting him. But he wasn’t ready to make any relation with any girl due to his past. He made sure that he wouldn’t do this in future too.

A fine morning, Om had arranged a meeting with one of his client in gallery. Actually it was that client who requested to keep meeting there – KALI THAKUR.
As Gouri entered the gallery, she got the biggest shock of her life. The man who had snatched every happiness from her life…the one whom she hated to the core…was in front of her…she didn’t know what too? She just ignored him and went inside, suddenly she received a call. As she attended it , she felt that she was losing her breath. She was devastated….

Om entered the room and saw that Kali was already seated. Both of them had a good time discussing about their new deal in Bareilly which is going to happen after 3 days. As their discussion was over,
K: arey sehri babu…3 din ke baad, it’s my shaadi.
O: (confused) but sir, you are already a married person, right?
K: ha..ha..ji.. but abhi I am in love with another girl and so is going to marry her. Actually she is here in this city; I have also come to take her back.
Om was feeling disgusted.
K: I love that chidiya so much, she is from a poor home but now going to be malkin of poora thakur family. After all which girl wouldn’t fall for power and money? (smirking)

Om wasn’t interested in this. But that name…the name of the gil forced him to look up…
K: USKI NAAM HAI…Gouri…tumhari student..vudent…( laughing)

Om was just freezed. He had never expected this. He had considered her as a girl with self respect. But now she has stooped to the level of Svetlana. Om was just staring Kali with immense rage. He wanted to throw out Gouri along with her fiancée. But he just controlled.
Gouri was shocked. She had actually wanted to escape this man and pursue her dreams. But he has found her now.On top of that her aayi is now with kaali. He is now blackmailing her with aayi’s life. She decided, she can’t risk her aayi’s life. She have to become the prey for Kali’s bad deeds to rescue her aayi. She has to leave today, just now.

She didn’t know how to face Om. She had really enjoyed his companionship. She always felt secure with him, but she knew that it wasn’t a permanent one; but still she just wanted his presence…And now time has come. She will never be able to come back here. She had to accept this.
She thought of telling the truth to him so that he can rescue her…but no Kaali would destroy him too… Even the tears forgot to flow out from her eyes. She took her bag and went to his room. She saw a message from kaali in her phone, to go with him to bareilly after 1 hour.
She entered Om’s cabin, with trembling steps.She couldn’t face him. Here, Om was trying to control his rage. He saw Gouri at that moment. Hhe wanted to shut her out, but all there beautiful moments were coming to his mind…

“Sir, I…I…I’m going back to my home, as my mother is not well. I have to attend her.”
Om just lost his temper, hearing her lying so freely in front of him. He wanted to shout at her. But he didn’t, because he didn’t have the right to.
He asked, “When will you be back?”
Gouri didn’t know what to tell. How will she tell that she will never come back?
“I…I will call you back sir.”

Om was just clutching the sharp edge of a wooden idol as a result of which his hand was bleeding. Her lies were flowing like blood, he thought…it was hurting him..
Gouri saw this and was concerned. She took a piece of cloth and cleaned the wound. Her tear fell on his palm. He was staring at her for one moment. He saw tears in her eyes. He took his palm back and told that he would take care of it.

Gouri was sad. She began walking to main entrance. She was taking each part of the gallery in to her heart as she wouldn’t ever come back .She didn’t know why Om was so angry. She slowly turned back to see a frowning Om. She expected he would atleast tell her a bye; but he did not Then she left from the place in an auto.

Om’s eyes were filled. He was once again shocked with that betrayal. He didn’t know why this was happening to him again and again. He could see her turning back, he knew that she wanted to hear something from him, but he wouldn’t utter anything. His eyes were blurred due to tears. Finally she disappeared from his eyes.

But nature knew that these 2 were going to meet again…not just that…these 2 were going to share the same boat of life for the entire birth…that’s why the same breeze touched and passed both their hairs….

Precap:- A very big leap followed by turn of tables????/

How is it guys??? Please let me know & you will know about that big leap in next part.
Until then a rikaralicious BYE….

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… Red color for the pain… Anger and also for betrayal….

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks niki,for comment and colour suggestion, wait for the next one?

  2. Rasika

    It’s nice awsm twist I would give this episode a violet color cuz it is a mix of blue-sadness, majboori red – anger and danger =violet….

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks rasi, happy that you liked this part.?

  3. Renimarenju

    Ok….this was a suspense and emotions filled episode…oh u made kt’s entry here also…. Show mein kitna kuch kiyaa, kaafi nahi hein kyaa…But this was an amazing shocking twist filled episode…The artistic way is some thing unique and u really portrayed it well…I want 2 tell u that instead of always narrating, why can’t u make some convo’s ….like that makes us 2 feel more attached towards characters and it will bring visualzation also…I expect rudy-gauri.convo but u simply narrated that she shows dabang giri…..It would have been more beautiful if that was depicted as a cute scene……It’s just my simple suggestion only……Ok…U are really creative… And u can write the way u wants dear…..And the emotional part was omie breaking idol his heart’s feelings…..betrayal and his eyes pain….OH GOD….That was really touching….yaar….. I really loved it to the core…….So here comes the second color from me….that’s lavender which is a combo of white , purple and light blue because their artistic colorful world has started and so am giving a combo of colors for their artistic approach which is lavender…..Keep writing

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Hi reni di, sorry to bring Kali here. First I thought to make a different plot. Then I thought without bareilly and Kali there is no rikara?
      Also, this is the first time I am giving such a big narrative part( experimental).
      Even I like ti do convo type only.
      But fact is that, I wanted to take the leap, because the main story is gonna take place after leap. I just wanted to show how rikara relation would have been if they already know each other. I hope you will get that in next part.
      Of course, I need all your support,suggestion and ideas to carry over this. All comments are always welcomed?

  4. amazing episode….. waiting for another part…..
    I think todays part has “mixture of all colours”…. because it contained all sort of emotions or colours in it….. like black for Kali’s evilness or red for Rikara’s emerging love towards each other or white for Gauri’s purity and determination….. these are just some examples…… there are so many amazing colours in this episode… so I think it is a “mixture of all colours”…..

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you aishu, next part coming soon?

  5. Dhar

    Superb episode ?? plzz post the next update ASAP, this one was full of emotions

  6. Verna

    Oh dear.. again same pain for my omi.. I’m feeling sad for him.. Pls give Colours of misunderstanding and sadness

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Blue for sad
      Bluish green for confusion
      Ya I know it’s sad to see a painful omie

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you alekhi?

  7. Niriha

    Awesome…waiting for next update soon

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      Shall update soon?

  8. Awesome di.

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you feet?

  9. loved today’s episode
    Gauri can withstand challenges wid positive attitude,loved that
    Kaali’s entry created confusion
    Loved the way Om’s thought are being spun
    Accoding to me,Perrsian Blue is the colour-colour of doubt,secreacy & deep desire

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you for the colour suggestion dear?

  10. Aashi26

    Beautiful….and today’s colors are pain,betrayal,misunderstandings,helplessness….I’m just admiring ur writing shraddha di…the way u express each feeling I’m impressed by u…and I have registered today itself

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks a lot babe… please do follow the updates?

  11. Beautiful @shraddha…….
    Today’s episode colour is black…. a symbol of blindness and losing something very precious…. and also a white colour is awaiting to paint a new painting of life on the same black colour i.e whatever is the past… learn from it and carry it positively in the future…..

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you maahi, just love your shayaris..

  12. Nice epic….The colour of the epic is Red for pain

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks sannu?

  13. Shreyanvi

    Nice episode….post nxt part soon…

    1. Shreyanvi

      I will give red colour for pain…

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Hey shreya, shall update soon??

  14. Yashu

    Awesome loved it…….precap toh…….eagerly waiting for nxt episode……loved every bit of dis chp…..

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks buddy, I hope you will like post leap ?

  15. Aastha_Reddy

    Life has always been either black to both of them in their past or white their happy moments alone or with family and loved ones in past. As they find solace in each others presence it turn out to be yellowish-orange .. a new hope but soon his anger added fuel to it by taking the arising orange sun to a burning one with a slight red colour and then Kaali added more redness to it which was deepened by the red blood from his hand by the sharp end of the table… Red is not new to art or artist Omkara..but this red colour forced them to return back to their previous black and white canvas and now it is mixed to show a complex colour of “Grey”..
    The improvement of things was there towards hope is all darkened by the single drop of water on the beautifully painted piece of art and canvas of life leading towards beautiful rainbow life completion of their canvas.. happiness.
    At this phase Both reached a brown colour.. the colour of soil difference is Omkara is a volcano erupting his anger some times but Gouri..the plain land , expecting to be filled with green colour of new earth in the rainy season around Omkara Singh Oberoi but a summer named Kaali reentered her life to make her whitish sand like barren land..all dry hopeless.. lets expect the rainy season and its new hope of green colour will be back to her life canvas after the leap.. towards love and Omkara.. her canvas super hero..
    Their small interaction, support dedication , togetherness was a spring season just before the hard and hurting summer. but nothing to worry as this summer will lead to a beautiful rainy season then to a winter towards spring.. its all a cycle..the colours , life, earth..Omkara and Gouri too..
    No colour is a basic.. its their moderation in situations with respect to other chemicals and colours around it..
    These incidents are adding more and more of colours in their life canvas to make a perfect and beautiful RAINBOW… and this is the truth of almost every one’s life and the painting of most canvas of the world and human race.
    Shraddha..I am again late as I saw your PM late like always..But I tried to post some thing different on your canvas to colour it .
    PM me as soon as you update the next part.
    All the best for the upcoming parts..Happy weekend.

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks a lot di , seriously I do enjoy your comments,your way of filling the canvas.

      Shall pm once I update?

  16. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr dr…. Keep going…. I am not that !such good in art… So I can’t fine it… Waiting for next episode negarly….

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you bk.. waiting for your update too?

  17. _APARNA_

    been binge reading your fan fiction , and i have got to say , this is some frikkin amazing descriptive writing , thank you for being an inspiration you beautiful human being <3

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks buddy, dunno how Im becoming an inspiration?
      Thanks for following my ff.
      Waiting for your ff too dear…

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