When She Coloured My Canvas – Colour 4 – IB & DBO

Hi buddies, I am back. Thank you guys for all your wonderful responses. I am also happy that we will be getting roantic rikara finally…
So for last episode ,the colour suggestions were mainly blue:
Rasika – dark blue= gauri’s pain
aishwarya – blue= rikara’s emotional depth and stability of art
Verna – blue= beginning
green= hope
Nitika – green= growth, freshness, greed of moti
Tanz – True love – red
Curiosity – light yellow
Kindness – orange
Renima- still not colourd, blank canvas
Astha – waiting for colours to fill the canvas

Mahi had asked me to make it longer, so I hope this is long enough.

Before moving on to next colour, this part will be going through some art classes of rikara. I had attended art classes in my childhood and I am presenting it in my pov. Professional artist readers, if there is any mistake, PLEASE DO FORGIVE ME. I was really hesitant to update this part as I dont know whether you buddies would like it or not.
Any and all comments are accepted…..


“Sir, can you teach me painting????”
Gauri actually thought about the words after uttering them. She didn’t know why she had actually asked that question. It just came to her mind and before even thinking once, she asked him that question.
She was tensed, looking into his eyes she couldn’t make out anything, whether he liked it or not, because he was standing with an expressionless face. She was holding both her hands and was looking down. Suddenly, his bass voice made her to look up…
“Come tomorrow morning @ my art gallery and we shall discuss the time for the classes”.
A small smile slowly made her lips wide. Her eyes widened with wonder. As she looked at him, he turned back, moved to his car, drove it and went off. She thanked sankarji because he had accepted to teach her……

It was night…. Om was doing his office works. Suddenly his sweety came running to him.
S: Omkie… I want to play with you
O: (looking @ laptop) Omkie’s sweety, I am bit busy. Shall come after 10 minutes.
S: (bit disappointed) OK….. And went out of the room.
Later she came back with a drawing book and crayons. Om had finished his works and was keeping everything on place. Seeing sweety with her properties, he gently smiled
O: my sweety chweety.. What do you want??
S: teach me to draw sunrise (with a puppy face)
As he heard “teach me to draw”, suddenly he remembered gouri…their conversation…He went to a deep thought…
Shivaay came to the room and saw sweety in Om’s lap.
Shiv: papa’s cherry, aayi is calling you to drink milk, after that you can play with chachu.
She made a sad face but gave a kiss to shivaay and went down.
Shi: how was your day bro??(Keeping a hand on om’s shoulder)
O: good shivay (smiling)
Shi: waise Om, you went for that art competition na? How was that? I know it has been a long time since you have become Mr.Artist (laughing)
Om suddenly remembered gouri. He told,
“It was a new world shivaay, could see many new things, many new people for the first time, many new concepts…and…
Shi: and???
O: ya, just…that much…
They were discussing about business and after 10 mins, sweety came and hugged both of them.
Shi: oh, papa’s cherry, come we will go to our room.
S: no papa, I want to draw with omkie….(fake crying)
Shi: what is this cherry? Is this how you call him? He is your chachu, you should respect him. What will others think if you call him like that?
O: just chill shivaay, you know our relation right? Let her call me omkie, she is so so close to me that’s why. (Rubbing his nose with hers)
Shi: hmmm… you are spoiling her Mr.lambi baal waali. Not only you everyone is spoiling her (complaining)
S: papa…don’t show your taaadi, ok?? (By rolling her eyes)
Shi: OMG….(eyes popping out) Now you are also talking in this language..Oho.. I’m gonna give that paanika nice…..(laughing)fine anyway you guys carry on, I have some work(kissing her, he went back)
Both om and sweety were laughing….
Later, sweety was drawing in her book whereas Om was thinking about gouri.
“Actually, why did I allow taking classes for her? I don’t know how I will manage time, in spite of this busy schedule. It has been a long time since I have entered the gallery. I have not taught anyone till now.
But she is very dedicated, talented and sincere to art. Maybe a small training can give her a good future. She can become a good artist. I should be brushing up my lessons from London now.”
As he thought about this, he suddenly remembered Riddhima and his full mood was gone. All his past linked to Riddhi was coming back to him and he felt uncomfortable. His mind jumped between Gouri and Riddhi. The he thought, “why am I comparing both of them?”
As he turned back, he saw that sweety was already asleep. He moved to the bed and lied near her. Same time anika entered,
A: Oh Om, sorry, I shall take her and go back.
O: no bhabhi, let she sleep here today. You can go back. (Patting sweetie’s head)
He lied near her, hugging her. Anika went to them and covered both of them with blanket and switched off the lights. She just adored this lovely duo and went back.

Gouri was very much excited. The whole night, she was talking to architha, about her excitement. How she would study and pursue her dreams…moreover how she would fulfil her father’s dreams….She took an old brush, kept it near her eyes and inserted it in her bag along with other paraphernalia.
As she reached Om’s gallery, she was filled with anxiety and curiosity. She was also a bit tensed as he was an AMEER ladka and as to how he is gonna behave to middle classed people, like her. She prayed sankarji and went inside.

As she entered the gallery, she was welcomed to, literally A WORLD OF ART. Anywhere her sight goes, there was a painting. She just loved everything, whether it was a contemporary painting, or normal scenery, or a 3D painting, or mythological scenes, or simple pencil drawings, or mural paintings…
She was totally flabbergasted when she saw another room filled with many sculptures. She entered the room and went near each one. Her eyes continued to bloom like a lotus. As she was moving, she saw a statue of lord shiva and parvathy sitting together. She folded her hands and silently chanted mantras.She didn’t know that someone was watching her… She opened her eyes and was about to touch the idol, when she heard that voice….
“You are not supposed to touch any sculptures here.” She turned back and saw that Om was staring her. She became embarrassed and told him, “Sorry sir, since it was sankarji…”
O: this is just an idol, it doesn’t have any power.
Gouri didn’t like it, how can an artist become a nasthik like this. She suddenly frowned and was about to say something,
O: Ok, so we shall discuss the timings. I can take classes on weekend days, from 9 to 4. About weekdays, I think Mon and Wed would do, from 2 to 6. This can change according to my business priorities. Anyway we shall start from today, come inside.”
Gouri was shocked, he didn’t give her a chance to open her mouth or ask about her preferences. She thought, “oh, they are busy people, wouldn’t wait for our timings, we will have to adjust…hey sankarji , I think he is an AKDU. Please mere raksha kijiye..”

She entered the room. Two white canvases were already set. Palettes and colours were also arranged. Gouri felt tensed as she remembered her past, but she did not express her fear.
Om took a pencil, and asked her,
O: have you studied before this?
G: (tensed), yes during my childhood, my papa had taught me. I used to do watercolour. But now…now I am….not…
She thought whether she should explain exactly what her problem was; then she thought it would not be right as he is an ajnabee. She just stood still.
O: (confused) Ok, anyway I shall start from basics, few simple steps to draw some common things. Later we shall move on to observing scenes and trying to recreate them. From then on, everything will be based on your own work. You will have to practice on your own and move to more complex steps. Do you get it?

Gouri was awestruck with his professionalism. She already knew all these things, as even her papa was a very good teacher. She felt her papa’s presence near her as always.
Om was thinking, this was totally new for him because he always sketched in the canvas, whatever his mind asked him to do. He had never taught anyone, he didn’t know to give tips, even when his sweety asked him to teach, he simply wasn’t ready, and he could only draw with her.
And that same person is here, teaching a girl like a pro art teacher. He remembered all his teachers who had taught him in any way…he remembered all their lessons, as he didn’t know how to start… suddenly he remembered his Keshav sir, his favourite teacher. He was Om’s first sir when he attended his first ever art class. He remembered sir’s words, when he was asked to sketch something, as at that time he was totally confused on what to draw.

“Om baccha, I know you are confused, because you are new to this. I will help you. An artist should have a good insight, memory and imagination. You are a beginner, so you can sketch something that you see daily, that picture or idea which you have in your mind freshly, any concept or visual which has been thoroughly carved in your mind, any idea or scene which made you emotional, which affected you etc.”

So Om decided something in his mind. He drew a rough sketch of what moti did the previous day, and asked her to try on it. He knew that this idea had affected gouri some or the other way because while explaining this yesterday, her eyes were wet and she was emotional too.

Gouri was, on the other hand shocked. She never thought that he would ask her to do this. She hesitantly took the pencil and began sketching it. She couldn’t do it, like what all these years were happening due to her past. Her hands trembled…her lips were shaking…Her throat was being dry…Suddenly she dropped it down.
Om was staring her; he wondered what this girl was doing. He knew that there was something wrong. He took the pencil and gave it back to her, and asked her to try once again. This time also gouri’s mind was weak; she simply couldn’t do it.

Om advanced to her. He took her right hand and made her sketch the pigeon on the canvas. She was hell shocked with this; she closed her eyes at first; then she suddenly opened it and observed how his hands were moving. She was feeling some peace of mind that time. She thought that she can do it. She was feeling an ocean of confidence in her.

After sketching that pigeon, Om moved aside; but gauri was staring him only. He wanted to tell her something; but he didn’t. He just asked her to come next morning and left the place. But she was just standing there watching the pigeon and Om back to back….

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  1. Shraddha-DBO

    Sorry guys, two things:-
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  4. Amazing episode… waiting for next part…..
    I think today’s colour would be “Orange”
    “Orange” for creativity, attraction and determination……

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  5. Tanz

    Lovely part. I’m not an art person but I can relate to these basics as we were taught in school….Teaching is a really great work and according to me the theme for today.I tried to find the colour associated with teaching but couldn’t, so another favour from you Shraddha Di….

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Hey Tanz, glad that my points are right.
      We can consider orange as colour of creativity.
      Thanks a lot dear for suggestions

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  7. Renimarenju

    Oh MY God!!!! An artistic episode …..which brought me 2 the world of colors or i could say this was like the depiction of two pure souls and destiny made them 2 connect each other…..It tooks much effort 2 portray and u have done a big thing today…..I really loved this episode 2 the core and now i can feel that they have started pouring colors, so here comes the first color from me it is white because gauri was feeling nervous 2 do art and om made her 2 move her hands and that was some thing magical…..So i could say the purity of rikara was visible and purity means white and for me the first color is white only….. I really liked the way u put sweetie and omie convo which was some thing totally different…..Hats off sharaddha for giving such a beautiful episode…..This was simply superb……I loved it……keep it up…..

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you didi. Yes it took me a lot of time and effort to create this one. Actually I wasn’t satisfied much with this, but all the comments really made my day.
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    Wow.. such a detailed part.. I have no words to express what I feel but I’m really addicted to ur FF.. pls don’t stop this dr.. and today I would like to give 2 Colours of confusion 😉 😉 😉 😛 😛 and confidence
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    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Si happy to know that you love my ff, and sure I will make it a longggg one?
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      Confidence – orange
      Confusion- bluish green and grey

      Thank you for suggesting colours in all my episodes?

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  17. Aastha_Reddy

    Despite of all the emotions and sorrow hidden in their heart due to both their past…they are trying to move on with situation and life towards future with out blaming others..the positivity of both the characters.
    Generally “Rich” word send a vibe of arrogant nature to the mind of people and Gouri felt that from the beginning of her class towards her teacher boy Omkara Singh Oberoi as she saw his expressionless stoned face till now. But day and night, Alone and in company Omkara is thinking about her, Only Gouri to give her the highest position as compare to the other girls he met in his path like Riddhima. True to his expectation Gouri filled that criteria simply. He is hurt… showing his arrogant nature to protect his soft and delicate heart from being hurt to out side world , with Sweety. his care, love and child like nature is blooming like an yellow canvas to send away the darkness away with the first ray of arising sun. His not so angry dialogue to the incident of Gouri praying The “Shankaji” Idol is the proof..
    The Gouri- Shankar idol in art gallery will bless them both with Green colour canvas to bloom a new story of epic love… Fresh start to both their life away from all the agony and pain of their past.
    Eagerly waiting for that…

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Awesome di, I am so happy to read that descriptive comment. I am happy that I could emote all my emotions such that all readers could understand.

      Please continue to support me di

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