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For the last part,
nikita – orange for freedom, creativity
Aiishwarya – pink for innocence
renima – rikara canvas is blank until love blossoms.

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So here is the next color, try to figure it out……

“So now, Mr. Omkara singh oberoi is going to judge each of the paintings and announce the winner of the Great Mumbai Art Competition. Let’s give a warm welcome for him.”
The voice of the anchor, which reached gouri’s ear made her shiver as she came to know that she had dreamt that tall, majestique, yet soft mannered gentleman named Omkara. She could suddenly remember her sankarji, because his name and appearance related to him. Her eyes were trying to capture his full image and compare it with the one she had dreamt.
As many processes were going on in her mind, she saw him coming down the dice and watching each painting with keen observation. As she tried to divert her mind , she saw something different which made her tremble from both inside and outside….


As Om descended down the stage, he tried to get an overall picture of the whole place and literally began scanning with his eyes to find that pink beauty. He was searching those two eyes which he had drawn once and which he had seen shedding tears. As he walked further and began observing each canvas, suddenly his hairs touched his right cheek and as he adjusted it with his hand, he could see those two eyes which were glaring at him. His mind suddenly went back to his painting in home once again. He suddenly recognised that he was here to do the job given to him and tried to take off his eyes.


As he approached moti’s canvas slowly, he was excited to see what picture would be there in that, what idea would have been popped up in her mind. And as he looked the canvas, he was absolutely flabbergasted.
There was golden cage, which was hold by one hand. Inside that there was a small pigeon crying. Outside there was another pigeon whose feet were caught hold by another hand. Both the pigeons were crying.
All the others who watched this were really wondered. Many of them complimented moti, whereas gauri was standing there silently, beside the canvas. Om fixed something in his mind and asked moti,
O: so you are the artist right, what did you wanted to convey through this picture?
M: vo… vo…

O: (with a smile) as you know, this contest is not only for judging the paintings but also for a beautiful presentation made by the artist, for the beautiful IDEA given by the artist.
Moti didn’t know what to say, suddenly gauri came to him.
G: Sir this is actually the story of a mother and a child. The small pigeon is being caged, by threatening to kill her mother pigeon. Their beautiful life is being destroyed by an intruder. The little one loves her mother more than her life so she is ready to give up all her happiness just for her mom. The little pigeon’s helplessness is being used by that cruel human, and the little one is ready for that sacrifice.
He could see an ocean in her eyes which can flood at any moment. All were really wondered hearing her explanation. Om wanted to tell her something but he decided not to and moved on.
Finally it was time for the results. All were expecting a prize for moti’s work as it was beautiful. But, his name was not there in any of the winner’s list. He was furious.
As Om came down from the building, many of his lady fans were covering him to take photos and to talk to him. This sight made gouri’s face a little greenish. As she was watching all this, moti came to her and told her,
“Did you see that, he didn’t even give my painting a consolation prize? Everyone was asking me why. I was just embarrassed.
He is showing away his attitude as he is from the richest family. See always surrounded by fame, money, girls and all. Do you know he was a chronic drug addict sometimes before. Most of the artists are like that. There is no one to control him, so he can do anything as he wants. Doesn’t even know to judge an art. He is getting this much exposure as he is an oberoi.”

Om heard all this and was extremely angry as he never wanted anyone to judge his talent by taking his surname. He went to moti and told him
“Just mind your tongue Mr. Are you really an artist? You don’t have any quality of an artist and I mean it. You are giving money more importance than at. I heard your conversation with this girl. After all that art was her idea, you didn’t give any of your contribution to it.
An artist can get inspiration, but shouldn’t try to copy paste from somewhere.
Looking gouri, he told “She have explained all the emotions of that painting beautifully, i would have given the prize to her if she had drawn it in the canvas. Art is a gift from God, no , it is actually God. How can you even compare it with money? Even if you give all the wealth in this world, you wont get talent from anyplace. To be a real artist, you should be a good observer, a kind hearted and a sensitive person too. You should give and take respect to all others. Unless you don’t have all these qualities you can’ never ever call yourself as an artist. Understand?


Gouri was awestruck with these words, which made her to remember her father. These words were always told by her father, the value of art, its purity, its sanctity…. she decided something and moved towards Om.


Om didn’t know why he became annoyed like this. Even during his conversation he was observing gouri. Her eyes were going to rain on to her cheeks. As he walked back, she came and politely stood in front of him. Those eyes…those eyes really made him stop at that point.

Gouri had flashes of her dream. She was confused whether to speak to him or not. But, her mind asked her to do so.
“I am sorry sir, on behalf of him. He shouldn’t have told like that. Please do forgive him.”
Om was startled to hear this. He was surprised as she was asking for forgiveness for a man who had misbehaved with her.
G: Sir, main kuch poochna chahthi hum.
Om was confused, what does she want to ask me?
Even before gouri could think once again, she uttered those words……


Precap: – a new experience for om and gouri

Wait to know what that experience would be….waiting for your responses ( by nail biting) please let me know whether this story is going in a right way


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  1. Niriha

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  2. Awesome shraddha……Its interesting and post next part ASAP……

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  3. Rasika

    You nailed it dear… Gauris emotions, their understanding is just awesome.. I would give this episode a dark blue color for gauris pain

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you rasi, yep , blue is a good choice yaar?

  4. awesome update as always……. waiting for another part…..
    I think todays episode colour would be “Blue”
    because Blue is associated with depth and stability n both Gauri n Omkara have their (emotional) depth in their art what their art tries to convey or the actual meaning of being an artist in true sense so I think it must be “Blue”…..

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks dear, keep reading and supporting me

  5. Hiii @shraddha….. very well written dear…. loved it…. I possible plz make it bit long and post regularly…. waiting for next episode….. keep writing like this…. now no need to bite ur nails(wink wink)……

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      Hi maahi, first of all missing shayaris, but I think from Mon your shayaris will be back?

      Ok dear, I shall try to make it longer, actually I thought of merging next part with this but I wanted to stop in a crucial point.

      Of course, mahi no more nail biting,happy for getting these many comments??

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    It is awesome dear….

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  7. Verna

    Wow.. hope for new begining of My Om and Gauri’s life.. I’m not familiar with colours and their meaning.. But I would like to give Colour of Hope.. pls if u know what color it is.. then u use that dr 🙂 I loved today’s part

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Blue and green are the colors of new beginning and hope,so this part can be anyone, any ways thanks for loving my ff and suggesting colors.

      Really loving weekend shots?

  8. Renimarenju

    Wonderful episode yaara…..so now probably their life is gonna become colorful …..Ok…i loved omkara’s words on art, beauty and purity…U are really creative in expessing them with beautiful words….I loved that part a lot……And another thing….om is surrounded with girls, fans….all were quite new and it brought a fresh view on my mind….I liked the way guari explained the painiting and it’s pain only……I can’t give any color 2 this episode but i could say the canvas is empty , but it is like a frame which shows both individuals presence of heart…. Gud work,…..this is artistic episode…..and i enjoyed it more…..really well written by u….. bye…

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks didi, I was confused with this part ,I thought it was not nice,but a bit dramatic,but happy to hear those words from you.

      I have always imagined omkie being covered by fans and a small jealousy track of gouri, this might be there in coming episode.

      Missing your ff unexpected quest, but I know you are busy?

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    Awesome….luved it..post next one soon..

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  11. Om and Gauri’s thinking was nice.
    Today’s color should be GREEN as it stands for growth and freshness. Freshness of Omri’s yet to start relationship. Growth of their connection between dreams and reality. Also dark green signifies greed and jealousy of Moti.
    I guess you misspelled my name dear.

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      That was a wonderful suggestion?
      Thanks a lot nitika , but hey I have given the correct spelling dear?

    2. Shraddha-DBO

      Oops, I get it, I gave it wrong for colour suggestion,sorry?

  12. Aastha_Reddy

    Almost every girl search for all the qualities if their father in other man for a secret comparison if the new man give them some or a little positive vibe on their heart..Gouri did the same while comparing her canvas hero to her father’s old dialogue. The perfect search meet.
    The theme of pigeon..innocent in problem.. How badly I wanted to release both of them from their problem to let them fall in “LOVE” with the sky…the canvas full of “BLUE COLOUR” that indicates independence and FREEDOM…
    Omkara.. he is Oberoi is his birth truth, his luck but he is the king of Canvas filled with various colours of emotions..despite of all these he is an artist, and this is his hard work identity amid all the controversies of drugs, Oberoi surname and beautiful boundary of girls…He is dangerously truthful and practically a self made Artist to adore others like him..Gouri.
    Wish their canvas will be soon filled with colours of friendship while learning art and painting…
    OmRi together to paint a picture perfect one for themselves..OmRi towards love.
    Shraddha …I just saw your PM to me. I was elated after the news and read it taking my own time to relish my canvas to paint a perfect picture of their love painting..

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks a lot di, for such a descriptive comment. I just love your this way of explaining each episode.

      Need your support for my future works to?

  13. Tanz

    Shraddha Di it was amazing. The way you explained that painting, that was superb. I could have never thought that way. And I totally agree with Om’s decision of not giving any prize to Moti . This part had many themes according to me, the first being curiosity on both ends. Second one was depicted through the painting that was true love, a mother’s love for her child and her child’s most innocent and true love for her . Another was kindness, when Gauri asked forgiveness from Moti’s behalf. I don’t know what colours these themes are associated ​with but I’ll be glad if you could tell me . And I’m really​sorry for commenting late .I am looking forward to the next part….

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank a lot Tanz , ?
      True love – red
      Curiosity – light yellow
      Kindness – orange

      1. Tanz

        Thanks for telling Shraddha Di but In our family only younger ones join their hands in front of elder ones ,So please no joined hands .Ok?

  14. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr….. Sry for late comments…..

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