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Hey all, thanks a lot for all your responses for intro and first part. Hope you will like this part, i dont know whether the plot of my story is good or a silly one. Please do drop in your comments and reviews. You can try to figure out the colour matching for this part.

Niki had told me that the previous part was yellow for friendship as chulbul and purple for both of their mysteries. Renima told that it is a rainbow of all colours.

Please do enjoy.

Colour 2

“Hey sankarji, aap meri raksha kare. Today is my first day in Mumbai shehar.Aap janthe hain na, how much I love to paint. But I am not even able to touch the canvas for one time because of all those incidents. Mene lagtha hai ki, if I find a good teacher who can teach me this art, then I will be able to reach my dream… my papa’s dream. Please give me your aashirvad..”

Gouri was praying to lord shiva’s idol near a hotel. Suddenly her phone rang. Her face lit up by seeing the name Architha on it.
G: namasthe archi
A: Hey gouri, did you reach there?
G: Ha ha , lekin this place is so confusing, told by rolling her eyes around.
A: sorry gou, I had an urgent programme that’s why I couldn’t be there to help you. Anyways, did you find the place where competition is going on?
G: ha archi, but what will I do after going there?
A: gou, you should go there first and meet the person whom I have told you. He is very talented but problem is that he is so filled with attitude that sometimes he might not offer to help you. But once he is convinced then everything will be alright.
G: sadly, ok, what was his name?
A: motulal..
G: sure ( bareilly accent), thanku..
A: bye yaar, call you later.
Her mind as totally filled with anxiety and confusion. Many things were going through her mind. Her papa, mama, papa’s paintings, their life, all those horrible incidents, breaking of many bottles of red and black ( blood and evilness)….and finally that lambi baal waali’s face.She suddenly closed her eyes and started to wipe off him from her mind.


Om drove his car and reached the competition spot. He was analysing himself, it has been a long time since he had become an artist in a real manner. When those organisers first asked him to judge the contest, he first rejected it, but shivay had asked him to do it for a change as a relief from all his tensions.
As he entered the building, he saw many contestants had been there. He entered the stage, addressed them, gave a speech on art and gave them a topic, it was FREEDOM. (for which he yearned a lot)
He then moved down and was watching all those contestants. He wasn’t fascinated by anyone’s attitude to painting, so he walked outside.
As he moved out, he could hear the sound of sobbing…it was a girl’s voice. He went to that side and was astonished to see her.


Gouri was standing with motilal, with a brush in her hand. She couldn’t draw anything on the canvas and was sobbing.
Moti: hey ladki, why are you standing still? Architha told me that you are very talented, then why aren’t you drawing? I can’t make you my student; first of all you don’t have a single penny to give me as fees. So you should give me the idea on how to win this contest by drawing a picture related to freedom in this canvas. First prize is 25,000 you know. I will take it as your fees. So jaldi karo, draw something fast.

She dint knew what to say. Suddenly she thought something and told him.
“ Ok i will give you the idea to draw, but you should paint that in the canvas, as I am unable to do it”, and she told him the idea( muted)


Om was surprised he could see her only sideways, wearing a pink churidar, as he was standing behind the pillar. He remembered this face, the same face which came into his mind last day, the same one which he drew last day. He wanted to see her; moreover he was agitated on that man who was comparing such a divine art to money. He was feeling restless on hearing him humiliating her. He began walking back, planning something in his mind, to teach that idiot a lesson and … and to also help her…because he was feeling some sort of connection with her, his heart was beating fast on seeing and hearing her sobbing.
Finally the time was up and all began arranging their canvas on the space given to them. His eyes were searching her, but she was nowhere to be seen, he was searching for that pink colour lady desperately.


Gouri was in her flashback and came to senses hearing the announcement. As she approached to the site where moti was standing, she saw something and stood there freezed, her eyes were popping out and mouth uttered, HEY SANKARJI, KYA HE YEH???

Precap: an ardent art lover to be a teacher????

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