When She Coloured My Canvas – Colour 1 – Shraddha

Hi buddies, hope you all remember me. I hope i can do daily update coz my next exam is on may 28.
This is basically a rikara ff, but rumya and shivika will be there.
I am professionally an author in my regional language, malayalam, both stories and poems. But it is the first time I am trying a romantic one. I dont have any experience with this topic as I am just 20. So if there is any mistake in my views please forgive me…

Each chapter will be a new colour being added to rikara’s life. You can decide as to which colour it will be matching for each episode and post it as a comment too ( just for a fun, to be bit unique)

Also tell me if you are interested in chulkara track, I promise it will be a short track of shwetlana and kali .

A girl is seen standing with a palette and a brush. She has a white canvas in front of her. Her hands are trembling…. She is standing still with the brush.
Suddenly a tall man is approaching the girl from behind. He came close… very close to her. His blowing hairs are touching her cheek. He is holding her wrist along with that paint brush. He raised her hand and began painting on canvas… yes he was making her draw on that canvas.

As the drawing was finished, 3 or 4 pearls were rolling down her cheeks…. But she could feel wetness on her neck; she understood that some precious pearls were falling down on her neck too. She turned back to see him and collected all his pearls from his eyes, she could make a chain of those pearls and wear it.
Both came very close, both kept their foreheads together…….
She suddenly sprang up from her bed and opened her eyes… She surveyed the whole ambience.
The canvas, the palette everything was missing… and most important HE was MISSING. She told herself,
“Hey GOURI chiraiyya, what did you dream? Who was that lambi baal wali aadmi? From where did he come? What rishta do we have?
As she closed her eyes, she could clearly see his face… his flying locks, his thick beard, his smiling lips, raised eyebrows…and most important his magnetic eyes…she felt that those eyes were black holes in which she would fall… she began breathing heavily. She looked at the time and remembered that tomorrow was the most important day in her life….she went back to sleep only because she had to wake up early tomorrow. BUT HER MIND WAS FILLED WITH HIS IMAGE ONLY.. JUST HIM..
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A pleasant morning……

In Mumbai, there stood a magnificent mansion, named oberoi mansion. Going inside, we can see some power packed performance by the smallest son of the family, rudra singh oberoi aka rudy to the song nach baliye..
By dancing he slowly entered a room cum art gallery (you must have got whose room it is).
He was gracefully dancing, forgetting himself so much that he didn’t notice a kid slowly coming behind him and dancing like him. The kid climbed a small table and began dancing, but the little girl’s one step directly hit a plastic bottle full of yellow colour, making it fall in the ground. Suddenly, rudy opened his eyes and stopped the music.
R: Oho cherry, what is this, your omki is gonna give you nice for this.
C: No, dumbo, omki wont scold me, coz i am his sweety ( for om , she is sweety) ( said with a cute puppy face)
R: oho Ms. Anshika shivay singh oberoi, let’s see, what will happen now coz your omki is going for a business trip so he will be in his full attitude. BET? (He asked her by raising his eye brows and showing his palm for a deal)
C: D.. (deal, as she is a small kid, cannot complete words)
There came a lady running like a champa and took cherry and uttered “oh bête ki”
C: no aayi. Its Beti ki, and winked

A: Keeping deal in this age. Tum zaroor sso ki beti hoom. Bus don’t show tadi like him, told by raising her eyes upwards as if talking to god.
C: clapping and telling, TADI…TADI…
R: Oh anika bhabhi, cherry is like you and bhaiyya only. Always breaking things, from small age. You are sheeshatod and he is iphone tod
All 3 were laughing, which was noticed by the owner of the lengthiest hair in that mansion.
He: you have spoiled my room and laughing, said loudly
All 3 were shocked.
Ani: Om, sorry it was cherry’s mistake. I will clean this soon, said with tension.
He came with slow steps and was staring all 3. He turned down and slowly took the paint with his hand. He looked up and was angrily staring all 3.

Suddenly, he began applying colour to his bhabhi, little bro & his sweety and began laughing.
R: shockingly, Hey O what is this?
O: punishment, he laughe like a kid.
C: omki, omki, do this more… laughing
A: oho om, what will I do? I have to go to kitchen na? Said with puppy face.
O: sorry bhabhi… just for a fun, laughing and winking
R: hey o, you are in full mood today, and in casuals, don’t you have a deal today? Moreover you are taking colours also today? This is unusual.
O: no duffer, my deal is postponed to next day. Moreover I have to judge a spot painting competition today, so that’s why I am in love with colours today…. he winked.
R: OH, SO universe chahtha hai ki, you should be an artist today; he said in a serious tone.
A: Oho meri pyaari dever, you are missing tia a lot na? Even your bhaiyya is talking like this from past few days, she said in a complaining tone and went back (acting)
O: oho dumbbell, you are just a big…
C: dumboooo… she screamed in top of her voice
R: (angrily) O, it was u who taught her to call me like that na..
C: dumbooo
R: I am katees with you cherry, you love only omki a lot, began his fake crying.

C: (started crying)…. sorry chachu, I love you a lottt and kissed him on his cheeks.
R: that’s my cherry… bye I have to complete my assignment.
Looking @ om, in a serious tone “see you lambe baal waali praani”
O: shut up rudra, and chased him outside the room. (Laughing)
R: Leave me O….. rudy screamed
C: sweety is calling omki, come here
O: yes sweety…
She gave him a small kiss and ran away..
He was wearing a long dark blue kurtha and black pajamas, with loose hair an big black glasses.
He is going as an artist today, so he is in his artistic form, rather than his official suit.
Before going he was just tidying his galley. But suddenly one of his pictures fell on his feet… a picture where a girl is turning her face halfway … she has long hair.. All the features in her face were seen only sideways… one eye, half nose and a half curved lip…

This was his latest picture, this face was troubling him for few days and then he gave a try to find this face, but it was unclear..

He kept it safely near his bed, locked the room and went.
But that face was really haunting him…
He didn’t know why this face was coming back to his mind.

But fate knew… nature knew… the relation between him and her, that’s why the wind entered his room without permission, breaking the barriers of windows,( his mind) carried that picture near omkara’s photo frame.

PRECAP: be it butter and fire…. but fate will make them meet!!!!!

That’s all buddies. ( bit weak in hindi)

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  1. Yashu

    Omg!!!! Yaar dis was so good.??…i was eagerly waiting for ur ff to start…it was really gr8….waiting 4 nxt…

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks yashu, I need all your support throughout this journey

  2. u have really written amazing colour of rikara’s life eagerly waiting for an another colour……

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      Thanks aishu, ?

  3. Alekhika20

    Nice part

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    Amazing shraddha

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  5. Hiiiii @shraddha….. how are u????… hope u remember me????…..
    OMG… what an amazing piece of writing….. LOVED IT….. The way u portrayed Gaurikara’s Thoughts was just amazing…..
    If possible do post it regularly…..

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      How can I forget your shayari mahi. Thanks for reading?

  6. Initially I felt a connection with YELLOW as it symbolises friendship (Chulbul-Om). Then a bottle of yellow paint broke. Towards the end the chapter had a connection with PURPLE ( mysterious connection) 🙂
    Nice start

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank-you for taking up the color challenge?


  8. hi shradha….nice episode dear waiting for the next update …

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      Thank you dear?

  9. Verna

    Excellent Shraddha.. The way u presented shows u r really a poet. Loved to the core.. and yes if u believe or not.. I was waiting for ur story.. because u said u’ll start this from May last month.. since then this story was in my mind and I think abt it sometimes.. hope u post everyday and gud luck dr

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks a lot for the compliment,verna ji

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  11. Kiya

    Its really very amazing dr…. I am thinking to write a ff about Omri but now I only want to read and enjoy this ffs… Awesome dr… Waiting for next part…

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you kiya, you should really start writing?

  12. Renimarenju

    Shraddha…damn beautiful episode….And what’s that…u are a writer in malayalam…really…. buddy…so what u write there…. i mean story or poem…..or some thing else…. of course i can’t read malayalam… but certainly i am able 2 understand as am a half malayali….u just tell me ur work’s name …wanna read it…my malayali friend will help me…..2 understand it….
    Dear….i don’t have words 2 explain how beautiful this was….Like i felt am in a dream world only….. The first part of this episode….and the description was so cute like i felt am reading a fantasy story……u are really talented….and i loved the way rudy is been shown in this ff….. too gud yaara…… and next time…when u post kindly send links via pm….am too busy and facing certain complications….so am not able 2 update my articles…i know u would have waitedfor gaurika ff….as for u i started writing that….but sorry…i can’t continue it right noww….i need some time…..and after that i will try 2 update all my articles…..hope u will wait for me…..as it is 2 hard 2 write whenever i writes it comes from heart…and i will not be able 2 do well if i write some thing now….sorry yaar….
    And the relation….even destiny knows it well….because if love is true then certainly it will fill colors…..I can’t give any particular color for this episode…but haa…i can say certainly it’s like a rain bow only…i mean a combination of colors…..and it’s hard 2 say which suits better…. keep coloring like this in every episode….hats off for giving such a wonderful episode….and keep it up….love u…bye…

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      That was really a long one. I have published my poem in a book and also in some main magazines. Anyway I will post the pic of my article. I am going to publish my next work as a book next month. I shall surely update the details of the work then?

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      Thanks Paru, next update udane varum?

  16. Criz

    Hai shraddha nice start.. I am a malayali too.i liked your ff very much ..keep writing buddy all the best

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      Happy to know that there are many mallu fans for RIKARA?

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    Its really super dr… Keep going… I loved it… Sry for late comments…

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