colors of love Thahaan (os)

Hello friends its mineey again. I hope my friends didn’t forget me.
So… this is an one shot ff. Its holi special I hope u guyzz will like it.

A deep and haunting silence was spread everywhere the sky looked so calm. With beautiful moon showering its cool dim light making the weather quite chilly. It was Totally opposite to huge storm which was raging inside her. She stood in the balcony trying to take in the silence within her. But she was failed to do so. Her mind and heart was devastated with the thought of leaving him, leaving her bihaan. This is her last night at pandey niwas. But at least she celebrated holi with him. Next morning she’ll be at her father’s home.
“bihaan mujhe divorce chahiye” the image of his shocked and bewildered expression was floating infront of her eyes.

Tears rolled down her cheeks unknowingly. What’s happening? I should be feeling happy?? I am leaving at last!!. She thought as she took in the scene of the garden where she had spent one lovely evening with him. She recalled the way he had beautifully decorated the place… …just to lighten up her mood……
The thapki star was twinkling brightly in the dark black sky. When will she live her life peacefully? The way she wants!!! She whished.
Suddenly, she heard a mild clang which was coming from their room. Correction!! From his room it wasn’t hers anymore.

She took in a deep breath to calm her mind. And went back to his room. She saw him One of his hand held his chest and the other was trying to reach for the glass of water which was kept at the table beside him.
“bihaan why can’t u wait for me”
She pressed her eyebrows together in anger and took the glass to made him drink. She saw him stealing glances at her from the corner of his eyes. Her tear stained face didn’t go unnoticed by him. She held him by shoulder and tried to help him in lying down.
He raised his hand to stop her. “thapki” he said in bit rude tone. “hum khud kr sakte hai” He stared at her For a moment and then abruptly looked away closing his eyes in pain for being rude to her. He don’t want her to come close to him. The pain of his injuries were seeming so less than the pain which she has given him.
He was trying hard to sleep. But sleep seemed distant now, his heart was crying. He knew she had to leave. But why did she hurt him like this?? He promised her that he’ll never force her to stay here. Then why!!
His was tired. His brain was hurting he can’t think anymore.
He didn’t talked to her since morning neither did she. His silence was killing her. She wanted to talk to him wanted to tell him that whatever she did!! She did it for him. …… but. She was bound by Her promise Her words. Her values.

Tears glistening at the back of her eyes. His cold tone of voice was killing her “will u keep … …quiet” she tried to sound normal and got up at once to forcefully made him lie.
“ what are u doing” He held her hands as they approached him.
“bihaan, sleep!! take some rest!!” She held him by shoulder and pushed him towards bed. Her feet pressed hard against the floor to gain strength.
“bihaan, don’t behave like a child” She huffed and pushed him even more. But inevitable destiny, her leg slipped and she fell on him on bed. Her hands on his strong muscular biceps. Her long silky hairs scattered all over his face blocking him to see her face. His hand reached and held the loose curls of hairs behind her ear. He first time got the chance to gaze into her eyes since morning as she tried her best to avoid looking at him. May be she knew bihaan will find out the reason behind her leaving. He knows how to read her from her eyes to her heart.
Thapki was trying her best to avert her gaze but she was caught in his eyes. He wrapped his arms around her unknowingly. And drew her closer. She closed her eyes to feel his touch it was far more relaxing… than she ever felt.
“bihaan” Thapki whispered well aware of their close proximity.
“what are u hiding” He asked curiously narrowing his eyes at her.
“no. … …no…nothing why would I hide anything” her stammering worsened she tried to get up but bihaan tightened his grip on her waist. “thapki, humne kuch puccha hai ” His Face became unreadable.

“bihaan, leave me I said” she was struggling To get out of his hold. “bihaan” he released her Finally.
She got up and ran outside. She just can’t take it anymore she broke down. “I can’t do it” she Decided to leave this house, leave him right now or she can never!!.. She went to dadi to say a final goodbye to her.
A satisfied smile crept upon his lips. He saw the truth in her eyes . He saw true love for him in her eyes. He knew there must be some strong reason about her leaving but he’ll not let her go so easily. He will find out by tomorrow..
His eyes were fixed at the clock. He was waiting for her as He thought she need sometime alone. But an hour was enough… He went to look for her. Gallery was quite dark he knew she was afraid of dark that’s what made him more worried.
“thapki” his worried voice was echoing in the hall of pandey niwas. Everyone came out of their room.
“chuk chuk gadi kaha ho” “thapki” terror swept over his heart as he didn’t got any response.
“dadi ma thapki kaha hai” he was frantically searching for her everywhere behind the curtains. Behind the sofa. His family saw his restlessness but no one has the courage to tell him that his thapki has left him. He was shouting and running all over the house.
“dadi ma, bauji, maa thapki kaha hai”
“she’s gone” was his mother’s hard and cold reply.
The words poked through his heart.

“gone. … …how can she” the words died in his throat. He sat down on the chair beside him. The ground beneath him was shaking.
“she left me” was all he could say. His words were shaking. He wanted to cry and scream his heart out. Why did u do this Thapki???

“haan bihaan!! She left u. And its better that u should except the reality as early as possible” vasu’s bitter words bought him back to his senses.
“what .… …wait” he got up and looked at her shockingly. “ohh my god it’s u maa it’s u” he laughed bitterly Raking his hands through his hairs.
“u made her leave,, U forced her” “why” “why??” a lone tear escaped From his eye. “oh god she paid for my life, by leaving me” tears were flowing down his eyes now. That was the reason. Vasu lowered her gaze in shame as she realized what she has done. “you are not my mother” he whispered the last sentence to himself.
“hum thapki ko jane nhi denge” He muttered and hastily ran out of the door leaving his family shocked behind.

Thapki was walking aimlessly on the dark and vacant road. Her swollen eyes described how much she cried. She sat down on a stone. Her quiet sobbing echoed in the middle of the night. Why was it so hard for her to leave?? Why can’t she just walk out happily? After all This is what she wanted!!
Feeling of guilt and sadness ran through her veins. She knew how much she had hurt him. She betrayed the person who have always stood by her side whenever she needed him. He always trusted her when there was no reason for him to do so. He held her hand to support whenever she stumbled. If anybody tried to hurt her he became her shield. He followed each and every vows taken in marriage. Every duty of a husband.
But she only gave him pain, she crushed his heart like a paper.
“what have I done” she sobbed.
“u’ve hurt me thapki” she heard his voice on her shoulder and looked up to find her husband her bihaan standing right infront of her. She thought it is her illusion.
She got up and hugged him tightly in haze “I am sorry” she mumbled.
“what did u thought I will let u go so easily” He wrapped her arms around her. Her eyes snapped open as she felt his hot breath on her neck. It is real!!

She angrily pushed him. “what the hell u are doing here” She said anger boiling in her eyes. She didn’t want to go back. She had promised vasu she can’t back off now. But somewhere deep inside her heart she knew he will somehow take her back..
“gajab”, “oh!!! mahaan aatma how did u even thought that I am going to let leave like this” He grinned at her angry face. That annoyed her more.
“I am not going back bihaan” “don’t waste your time” She said, turned and started walking. She knew if one more second she stare at him. She can’t stop herself.
But, he is bihaan pandey….. ..he started following her quietly.
“stop following plzz. For god sake leave me alone” “plzz go back your family is waiting for u” she shouted at him. But he didn’t even flinched “ I will But Not with out u” He said determined.
“plzz bihaan get lost from my life. I don’t want to stay with u” “plzz I am begging u” She shouted at him. But instead he held her hand tightly and drew her closer. She could feel his hot breath on her cheeks. She lowered her gaze.
“look in my eyes thapki and say u don’t wanna stay with me” “I will leave u forever. I promise” his husky voice sent shivers down her spine. He gazed in her eyes deeply . His hands draped her waist to drag her closer.

She wanted to push him and scream her hatred at him. But her words turned into a quiet sob. Couldn’t resist herself she kept her head on his chest and clutched his shirt tightly. She understood that this was her place, in his arms. She dropped her shoulder feeling relaxed and safe and whished if she can stay in his embrace till her last breath. She realized that she was absolutely completely in love with her husband.
A victorious smile took place on his lips. This was a very strange but beautiful feeling for him having her in his arms. He lowered his head “I love u thapki” he whispered unknowingly in her ear. She looked up eyes widened in shock. He realized what he has done. He closed his eyes Hoping to feel a tight slap across his face. Instead he felt her soft palm against his cheeks, caressing!!. He looked At her who was smiling with the tears of happiness in her eyes. Both their eyes caught each other. A small chuckle escaped from his lips as he thought of his stupidity. He cupped her face and leaned his forehead against her.
“lets go home” he gently whispered. She nodded a fresh set of tears rolled down her cheeks. He wiped them away and closed her in his arms tightly. This holi has colored their life with love.

Happy holi!! My friends. I wish u and ur family all bright hues of Life.

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  1. salute for ur writing skills.. it awesome dear.. u captured the emotion so nice.. keep it up…

  2. Wow Mineey my frnd l am glad that you are back.
    I must say this is amazing,marvellous, superb. I have no words to praise you.
    And the literally devices you have used are awesome.I told you earlier also you have an amazing talent.Keep it up.Love u my frnd.

    1. OMG I forgot to wish u.HAPPY HOLI.

  3. Wonderful,awesome, amazing, lovely what to say I have no words it’s wow!! my dear frd wishing u a very HAPPY HOLI???Keep it up, u have an amazing talent.Love u dear???

  4. happy holi
    a new spoiler

    judge say thahaan to stay 7 days in house as 3 months didnt complete
    a gud news for thahaanian
    that thapki will knew about vasu

    again trishakti drama
    ON 29 march
    will thapki fall for bihaan?
    will thahaan unite?
    stay tuned

  5. wow……………………………………………so beautifully described.happy holi n happy to see u back.

  6. No words yrrr ….u r an amazing writer … so so cute n beautiful os..thanku so mch for making my holi special wid dis beautiful os

  7. First of all happy holi mineey..welcome back my dr friend..once again great job..I am always here to support nd encourage u..

  8. Wonderful…Amazing…Superb ☺ ☺ ☺

  9. This is amazing mineey. Happy you’re back with another ff. Can’t wait for th the next one. And happy holi. Also please do read my ff and comments some ideas.and I really love your ff.

    1. i like ur your story nuszz. Its intresting.
      don’t worry.… …just focus on ur story line and write what u have planned.
      trust me we are really enjoying it.

  10. Thankyou so much guyzz for ur love. Thanxx friends. Well… …its not a ff its a one shot. And thanxx for the spoiler anu. Wishing u a very happy holi..

  11. wow again u rocked mineey ???
    daily I used to visit this page one nd only 4 ur update ?
    and today am soo hpy to see ur thahaan holi spl ff..?
    plz mineey be regular in ur beautiful, wonderful, awesome thahaan ff, itz again my humble request. ☺.
    if you believe it or not bt i really missed ur update for the past few days. ?
    bt today am really happy that u again came with a bang?.
    thank you again for your ff. all the best 4 the nxt update nd finally happy holi to u nd ur fmly.??

  12. Hai mineey happy holi ..
    Superb story yaarrr. ……
    Please coming back with a new FF….

  13. Beautiful

  14. HAPPY HOLI DEAR…….your imagination power is super.keep rocking

  15. It’s amazing…… And
    Happy holi….

  16. Happy Holi….beautiful ff….loved it…amazing writing skills ..keep writing. ..

  17. What do i say….. i m in love with your writing skill ….well happy holi

  18. I wish u a very happy holi..u simply nailed it.. awesome one shot..i wish it happens in the real serial too

  19. Thankyou so much guyzz. Your comments made me feel so good. Thank you.

  20. amazingly written please keep writing almost undescribed feelings are penned down I can feel every line Happy Holi

  21. hey guys a good news for all thahaanians

    according to new spoilers
    in upcoming track
    bihaan has signed on the divorce paper
    the court judge say to thahaan TO Stay together 7 days as 3 months didn’t finish.

    thapki will come to know about her marriage truth
    ask vasu about it.
    u all will watch on Trishakti epi which come on 29 march.

    i have also come to know that thapki will tear the divorce paper and give bihaan a chance.

    so now that evil vasu plan will fail.
    hope that thahaan will unite.


    so friends party time but it not sure that will it bihaan’s dream or really thapki tear the papers.
    much excited
    waiting for the episodes

    a big thahaan fan
    and ur friend

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