Color of Love episode 6


Recap – dev’s proposal

Dev’s home

Sona reaches at the door and sees nobody in the living room…..
Suddenly she feels pull near the stairs and she is collided with the person who pulled her……….. It’s none other than dev…..
Sona-Mr Dixit someone will see us
Dev-let them see I don’t care
sona – but I care Mr Dixit
Dev-Sona call me dev
Sona-ok Mr…… Sorry dev…..
Both smile
Dev-so miss sona gets closer
Dev-sona I love uh so so much….. He moves closer to her
She thinks that he will kiss her but…. He whispers
Dev-sonakshi I love uh not bcoz of ur looks I mean I love ur beauty but more than that I love ur heart….. I love ur soul…… On the whole I love uh and I am not like others
sona shies thinking of her stupidity…….
Dev(smiles) – u need not to be sorry and don’t ever think that u are stupid for me…. U r the best I can ever get….
Sona-Dev I think uh should go now we will meet in the evening…..
Dev-no I don’t want to go
Dev – okkk I am going again he whispers and I love uhhhh
Both smile
The day ends in the evening
Dev calls sona out of his house so that he can drop her home
Both sit in the car
Dev-Sona I have a gift for uh
Sona-ohoooo gift first day first gift is that so Dev….. How many tyms will uh surprise me
Dev-sonakshi I will surprise uh all my life and here is ur gift
Sona- chocolates wow dev I love them I love uh
She hugs him tightly
Dev-and I love this and I love uh too…..
Both break the hug and smile
Dev-do uh know while buying chocolates I thought uh won’t eat them bcoz u r a nutritionist and health conscious……. As he was saying she started eating chocolates like a kid….. Spilling chocolate all over
She realized that the car has stopped she turned towards dev and found he was staring at her very cutely
Sona – dev aapne car kyu rok di…… Aap mujhe Ese kyu dekh rhe ho
Dev – u r eating chocolate like a kid and I love this kid …… And I never want this kid to grow up
Sona now sees an orange flavoured chocolate which she doesn’t likes….. And also she is allergic to orange……. (I also don’t like any flavoured chocolates so I included it)
She ate that orange flavoured chocolate just for dev and they reach sona’s home
Sona-Mr Dixit……. Well u told me that u were not sure whether I will eat these chocolates or not….. I will Tell uh my secret today…… I eat these things infront of my family but a little bit but I love chocolates…… I don’t want them to know this that I love these things bcoz then Dada will eat it more….. So for his health…… Sometimes it craves me a lot but my dada’s health stops my cravings……. I can do anything for him and these are mere chocolates…… Elena brings me chocolate whenever I want or she wishes….. Only two people know about this secret now uh and Elena
DEV- I never knew that uh r so caring but am caring too….. Whenever uh crave for chocolate just text me and I will be there….
Sona-no need Mr Dixit….. It’s okkk.
Dev-not okkk I told uh I will bring that means I will bring okkk
Sona-ok now byee and she sneezes
Dev- aapko Kya hua abhi tk toh theek thi ekdum se Kya hua
Sona realizes that her allergy is making her to sneeze and will bring her cold…….
Sona-kuch nhi Mr Dixit bss esehi aap jaiye byeee
Dev-fine byee meet uh tomorrow…….

Precap- Dev will come to know about her allergy

Thanks a lot guys for ur reviews it encourages me a lot and also I want to share this news with uh good or bad I don’t know depends on how much uh like or hate my ff……. I will be ending this ff very soon so for few episodes plzz support me……. Till then take care

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  1. Nice episode

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  3. Asmita...

    Nice one dear…

    1. Anshi

      Thank you

  4. Vry well written anshi. How romantic. waiting for further updates. And i read ur fan fiction for first time. i like it.

    1. Anshi

      Plz do read the proposal which was in the previous episode……. I think uh will like it

  5. HEY !! epi was tooooo cute .well wrtn…eagrly w8ing for nxt epi.^_^

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Its nice dear keep writing I also hate flavoured chocolates they r so irritating hate the taste yuck

    1. Same pinch hehehe……….. Thanks

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    Very nice episode but pls don’t end it soon!

  8. Nice one

  9. Wow
    Next episode? Is it there?if yes then pls someone send me the link.
    If not then when will it come??
    I am eager to see it.

  10. ILoveDevakshi

    It’s great!
    When is the next one coming??

    1. Anshi

      Today itself I have uploaded it……. And it will be published in the evening…..

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