College life ( ragsan) ff story (Episode 3)

Hi guys!! sorry I know I’m late…I was very busy guys  , my grandma  had pass away  that’s why there was prayer for her and many more. I’m sorry I took two weeks gap… Okk lets start:-

Next day early in the morning :

Arjun was still sleeping in his room. Ragini come in his room emotionally and look at arjun with teary eyes.

Ragini pov:-

Chotu I’m going chotu!! Byeeee I’m going for you…. !! For your justice !! For your battle!! For you chotuu!! I’m doing this for you only. I hope I’ll win in this battle of ragging.. Not for you only for everyone juniors… Who come to college to study not to become victim of raging.

End of ragini pov…

Ragini kiss arjun forehead and curve his face… Sumi and shekhar were seeing these scene . They were broken down seeing ad today their daughter is going to leave them… When ragini turn towards the door she see her parents standing near the door… Ragini went in front of them and wipe their tears.

Ragini : now it’s not time for crying !! It’s time for action.. We had suffer lot although we are innocent but now it’s time for them who had make my brother condition like that now it’s time for them to suffer….

Sumi : rag…. ( before she could continue ragini Stoppppp her)

Ragini: shhhhhhhh Arjun is sleeping ..!! Maa I’m your daughter I respect your values , cultures …which you have given me.. Keeping that in mind I won’t take back my decision…and yes dad please take care of mum and Arjun . Because you are my strong dad naaa so promise me that you will take good care of you, mum and Arjun…

Saying this ragini forward her hand in front of shekhar. Shekhar gets little emotional bit he control it and take his hand and put in Ragini’s hand..

Shekhar : I promise beta! But you also have you also have to promise me that you have to be careful and take good care of yourself.

Ragini with a bitter smile : yes dad I will.!!

Shekhar : okk beta now go it’s time for the flight . I have already put your luggage on the car..!!

Ragini :: okk papa

Ragini hug sumi and shekhar and went in the car. And then the driver started driving towards the airport..

Ragini was looking from the window of car and was seeing the view ….like houses , shops, people and birds on the sky……..

Song: behti hwa sa tha woh….
( he was like a flowing wind) : started playing…

He was like a flowing wind…
He was like a soaring kite…
Where did he disappear
Lets find him……

Tears are forming  in my eyes  . My hands are trembling  , fears and are hunting  me . Separations  are pinching  me inside for my families. Going away form my owns one I was broken down but didn’t show it…

Arjun I don’t  know when you will be fine but I’m sure one day you will be absolutely  awesome  . I have a feeling that day will come soon.

brother-sister is relationship is one of the most beautiful relationship of the world. One finds  the best friend, second parent ,silly fights , partner in crime and protector  in this one relation. In short, siblings are friend,philosopher and guide to each other.

I’m very happy  plus lucky  to have a brother a like Arjun…
Mum and dad… You both are very precious  for me..

He was like a flowing wind…
He was like a soaring kite..
Where did he go let’s find him..
While the paths always lead us..
He always made his path..

Parental love is the greatest love in the world. Even people in the top rank of the world are nothing in front of their children. Parental love is unconditional and unlimited in the presence of children. Parental love is the origin of love. That’s why orphans who never received parental love long for it most of all. Even if orphans have something to eat and a house in which to sleep, their hearts always hunger and are full of longing because they lack parental love. Even if they lead a joyful life in an orphanage, their time is not truly happy. The little orphans always long for parents even while they sing and dance, are awake or asleep. That’s because every human being is supposed to grow up in the bosom of love.

Sometimes fell..
Sometimes balance… But
Always walked ahead cheerfully….
We always worried about future …

Oooh God today i need you the most…!! Please keep my family safe and sound.. Please make my Arjun fine I know one day he would be absolutely fine. I have full faith.. I always go to London , Australia and America alone I didn’t feel any tension when I went away from them..

He always celebrated today…
He live every minute fully..
Where did he came from..
Where did he disappear?…

But today I don’t know why…?? But feel like I’m seeing them last time…. Please God make my arjun fine.. I don’t care about me !! Please make me strong enough to win this battle.

Touching our hearts..
He was like a medicine for the wounded heart…
We were limited to well…
He will do somersault in the river…

Flight took off and ragini came to Mumbai…. She see the surrounding and many people was there. The first thing ragini did was she phone her parents and inform them that she had reached Mumbai safely…..

He used to swim against the water fall.
He was like a carefree cloud..
He was our dearest friends….
Where did he disappear? …

Ragini took an autoo taxi and give the driver the address of that college.. Ragini was very calme and silent . She was thinking what will happened when she would enter the college. How the students will behave with her?? Will she gets any friend??

Lets find him…. While the paths always lead us…
He always made his path..
Sometimes fell.. Sometimes
Balanced… But, always

Ragini took her hand outside and Was playing with air…She close her eyes and remember some sweets memories which she had spend with her family…

Walked ahead cheerfully…
We were always worried about future..
He always celebrated today..
He live every minute fully..

On the other side in Bangalore :

Sumi was with arjun… And shekhar was in office.. Both sumi and shekhar were missing ragini a lot. Arjun already wake up and was watching tv. Sumi somewhere manage to handle the situation and lie to Arjun that she went to roam…

Scene in Mumbai..

Ragini was still in auto taxi..

Where did he come from??..
Where did he disappear??..
Touching our hearts..
Let’s find him….

Song end……

The taxi Stoppppp in front of a big college..

Taxi driver: madam..!! We have reached at the address.!!

Ragini opened her eyes and took her luggage with the help of the driver ..

Ragini paid the taxi driver and the driver went from there.. She look at the college which was very big and beautiful.. She was standing near the gate and was admiring the view of the college… Ragini said to herself : my revenge starts now!! And she smile evilly… !! She took a step and went inside…

Recap: ragging start.!!!….


  1. Pinky

    Hi buddy awesome epi.u r right , brother- sister relationship is best.I have a elder day starts with him and ends with him. Waiting next epi .update soon

    • Malika



      Irfan I have only him as my brother.. And my mentals sisters plus tu sisters.. Otherwise I don’t have siblings..!! I always come here to remove my loneliness.. You are very lucky!! Emotional cries * dost thank you soo much for your beautiful and lovely comments. 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  2. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Malikaaaaa Diii, how r u? how is ur health? waaa happy to see u after soo long.. , u still remember me or bhul gayi?
    awesome update… loved it… Thnk u.. ;-*
    TC dii.. stay happy…

    • Malika



      Kakuuuuuuu I wanna kill you!! Goo kattii. !! Thanks you sooooooo soo much for commenting here. On ragsan story.. I’m soo soo happy to see your comments.. Love you.. I’m fine kakuuuu!! 😳😳😳😍😍😍😍 innocent face*

  3. lisa

    amazinfg ep plz post regular really like ur work plz update next 1 soon asap plzzzzzzzzz
    btw who is playing arjun

    • Malika



      Omg lisaaa give me a hugg..!! I love your comments.. Well Arjun character is being played by arjun bilrani.. And next Ep will be updated tomorrow..!! Imm soo happy that you like my work.. 😍😍😍😘😘😪😂😳😳😳

    • Malika



      Astraaaaaaas my sisyyyyyy love you!! I miss you soo much!! ~hide my face~ I’m blushing….thanks for your beautiful comments..!! Yo yo…

    • Malika



      Heyaa asra..!! I’m fine ..innocent face yes yes chotii I will… Take good care of myself.. You also take good care.. !!.~hide my face~ thank you choti… For the beautiful comments. 😍😍😍😘😘

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