College life ( ragsan) ff story (Episode 2)

Hi guys!! Really thanks for reading and liking this story. It means a lot.. So let’s continue it… Now no bak bak.!!

Scene in the evening :

Shekhar went home and directly enter in his room. Sumi was in the kitchen preparing dinner whereas ragini was playing with arjun.

Scene in shekhar room:

Shekhar p.o.v

What I’m doing is this right?? First I send my son to that college and lost him!! Then I’m sending my daughter in that same college. !! I have full faith that my daughter will find the culprits and will punished them. But am I spoiling my daughter life?? Will she be safe there?? I always want my children to be happy , successful and independent. Why?? Why?? I put arjun to that college?? Ragini is taking all the blame on upon herself, but I know that it’s all because of me. I still remember that day when I insisted Arjun to study in that college. I’m sorry beta your father is very bad!! Because of me, ragini and sumi specially you arjun, everyone is suffering a lot. Ooh God please save my daughter!! I don’t want my second child also suffer like arjun!!…

End of shekhar p.o.v

Shekhar is crying silently in his room and is cursing himself for his son ‘ s condition. His cheeks are red and tears were full in his eyes. Ragini who is passing through shekhar ‘ s room, heard someone is crying. She peeps in shekhar room and see him crying silently in a corner. Ragini is just looking at his father, shekhar don’t know that ragini is present in his room .

Ragini : I always thought my father is strong but today what happen all of a sudden??

Shekhar quickly wipe his tears.

Ragini : papa no need to hide your tears from me. What happens??

Shekhar : nothing ragini. No who say I’m crying??

Ragini: papa when did you start lying from your daughter?? I see you crying just a few minutes ago.

Shekhar break down and say: beta it’s all because of me. I can’t see my arjun like that.

Ragini: stop stop crying papa. Your tears are very previous for me and don’t you dare to blame yourself!! Okk papa!! Nope let’s go and take dinner. Arjun is getting hungry and you know how he behave when he feels hungry?? Haahahahhh

Shekhar : yesss hahahah!! Will trouble his mother a lot !!! Let’s go.

Both went to dining table where there are many delicious food. Arjun is sitting on the chair like a saint and waiting for his mother. Ragini is sitting near Arjun and shekhar near ragini. Sumi is still in the kitchen. Everyone is waiting for sumi, when she will come and then they will eat. Arjun is making some noises with spoons .

Arjun in childhood voice : mummmyy please come soon na!! I’m getting hungry!! Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mummmyyyy……

Ragini : arjun clam down mummy is coming !!

Arjun : when didi !! My tummy is making noises . Mummmmmyyy!!

Sumi : Stoppppp shouting arjun!! I come.

Shekhar : Sumi why soo late??

Sumi: actually I was cooking Arjun’s favorite dish that’s why.

Ragini : mummy I don’t remember the day when you prepare my favorite dish??

Arjun : why didi?? Do you have weak memory.??

Sumi is feeding arjun and is talking to ragini at the same time..

Shekhar and sumi laugh at Arjun’s answer .

Ragini makes faces.

Shekhar : ragini after two days you will go to college. Everything is confirm and I already book your ticket also.

Arjun innocently says: didi where are you going??

Everyone stopped eating and look at arjun.

Ragini hesitantly say : arjun I’m going for vacation that’s it.

Before Arjun could ask more questions sumi fill his mouth with food and say: eat beta !! See ragini is winning..she is eating all the food and you are talking .

Ragini : yes mum I’m winning yeepi !!!

Arjun : no never mummy feed me quickly I wanna win.
Saying this arjun eat all the food and ragini lost .

Everyone had spend a very nice time together. After dinner shekhar goes his room for some office work and sumi is watching tv meanwhile the servants are cleaning the dining table. Ragini and arjun are playing games. Everything is going smoothly when suddenly sumi shouts : ragini!!!!! Shekhar!! Ragini!! Shekhar !!! Quickly come down..!!

Ragini is shocked and arjun is scared…

Arjun: ragini didi why mummy is shouting??

Ragini : wait chotuu!! I will see till then you play..okk don’t go anywhere!!

Arjun : nob his head.

Ragini go out and go to the living room where sumi and shekhar are already present.

Shekhar : what happen Sumi why are you shouting ??

Ragini : yes mum what happen??

Sumi : shekhar!! Ragini!! Watch tv…. You both will get to know….

On news channel :

Some crying volumes goes up. She was a married lady who was crying ( thinking why crying)….. Then there was headlines but all are about business.

Then a journalist started speaking on this lady:

Hi everyone !! Today the news I wanna tell you all is a little shocking one. That lady had one child who was 18 years old . He was silent and innocent boy. The boy was good in his studies and also a hard worker to understand his studies. His name is Sahil. Sahil joined college and he was in his hostel. It was his first day so seniors told them to give introduction to all. Second day seniors called all new juniors and made them dance. Third day seniors called all juniors and made them to sing but sahil told them that he don’t know to sing, then the seniors got angry and forced him to sing, but sahil didn’t sing because he was too feared. Then seniors group came near and gave pressure to sing else they would beat him. Sahil just started crying . Then seniors told all new juniors to move to their rooms and prepare for the ramp walk….

On the following day. All the juniors arrived. Then seniors told them one by one for ramp walk. One by one all does their ramp walk n seniors commented and laugh on them. Remaining only ten students. But there was only nine students. Everyone was saying : where is sahil??… Seniors asked about sahil but on one know. Senior told to check his room. There was a shower sound .” Thak Thak” senior knocked..

Sound came from bathroom ” who is this” …. I’m your senior “..senior replied. Sahil put off the shower and used a towel and came out. ” what are you doing here, don’t you know you have ramp class today ” : senior burst out. Seniors pulled him and took him on the stage for ramp walk but sahil refused to do that because he was just gone absent from his mind because of fear. Seniors pulled him and moved at the top of the hostel near water tank. They forced him physically and made sahil to get inside… Sahil was continuously saying sorry but they didn’t listen a single words. There was half water in the tank and four people can go live inside the water tank. There was a heavy cement with diameter 60 cm to close the tank bit it’s very rough to close the tank by one people. 2 seniors just opened the tank door and physically made sahil to go inside the tank. Sahil was crying and telling sorry to them but on one listen. They pushed and closed the door of the tank and warned all the juniors not to say anything to anyone else they would be also punished badly. All juniors went to their rooms and seniors also moved.

5 minutes passed…….
10 minutes passed…….
20 minutes passed…..
1 hour passed…..
2 hours passed…. .

Then a senior reminded all other seniors about a boy inside that water tank. All rushed to that water tank. They opened that door of that tank. A body was floating with no movements of hands. Yes it’s a dead body of sahil. Due to shortage of water in water tank, someone put ” on” the switch to fill water…..

How much he suffered?? How much he cried for help?? How much he tried to call someone?? How much he tried to open the door?? ….

The seniors because of whom sahil is dead are rich people so they won’t be in jali. The police is saying that due to stress and mentals problem…. He was dead.. Is the police doing their job properly..?? Are they trying to cover the seniors?? Will sahil get justice?? Is ragging to juniors legal?? No its an illegal. Then why seniors do this to that dog?? Just to show their power?? No… Ragging is a crime and who ever do this crime, they should be seen as criminal. And government failure this happen to juniors.. There was no mistakes of sahil then why he lost his life?? How much pain he faced??

Before ragini and sumi could see more information, shekhar switch off the tv. Ragini was boiling in anger. She didn’t say anything , just tears are forming in her eyes for that boy sahil.

Sumi: shekhar please don’t send ragini to that college .please!!! I don’t want to loss my daughter .I’m getting scared.

Ragini: no maa !! Not now!! Please don’t stopp me!! After two days I will go to that college and that’s final.!! I don’t want any more discussion.

Shekhar : sumi relax!! Our ragini is strong …!!

Sumi: I know shekhar but…

Ragini: no maa not again… !! Enough is enough .I will go to that college and that’s final.

Saying this ragini went to Arjun’s room where arjun is playing with a small car… Ragini is seeing arjun and at the same time she is remembering the accident which had happened with sahil. She is very sad but still there is anger full in her mind.

Ragini think :

enough is enough and i have to be stronger yes stronger. I won’t let’s anyone anyone suffered now. Seniors are also human being. No I have to be strong , I have to stopped this ragging . I can’t let’s any innocent people suffer more now. … The culprits must be taught a lesson…. Enough nowwwwww…. I won’t let anyone family loss their son, daughter , sister and brother…. This is my promise… I will take my brother ‘ s revenge and at the same time for all the victims who were ragged also. I will teach those seniors such a lesson that they would remember forever. They will regret a lot…. That’s the promise of ragini Gadodia……. I won’t let’s anyone people like sahillll suffered more now…!!!

Recap : Ragini’s entry in Mumbai college…….. ?????????????

So I ended with episode two. Thanks for reading and I’m sorry for any errors as I wrote this part in a bit hurry….And one more thing guys….. I will write two Ep once in a week. I’m sorry guys pease don’t kill me…..I will surly write one one Ep….

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  1. Sindhura

    I will miss yar
    Try to update daily

    1. Malika

      Sindhura Dii.. Thanks a lot for your beautiful comments…. ???????????I will try to update soon…….. Next Ep will be on Friday………. Diiiii…… Don’t worry I will update a long one. Diiiii.. ???????????????????

      1. Sindhura

        Ok dear i will wait

      2. Malika

        Okk didi. ??

  2. Astra

    May my Ragini win against the culprits..! But at same time I’m scared about her… all the best ragu what ever.. nice update… sahil part was scary… i got tears..!!

    1. Malika

      Astra didi……… Our ragini is very brave don’t worry
      ..???????????…..yes all the best…. Ragooo…….. Yuppppp. Shali…. Part was little scary….. Awwwwww didi I’m sorry that I make you cry… Don’t cry didi your tears are precious …for me. ???????????????????????????

  3. Moni_ragz

    Awesome epi….. it was so emotional.. ? i felt as if it was real.. fablous…? surely the culprits shld be punishd.. hope ragini never loses her strngth..?

    1. Malika

      Thanks a lot moni…… For your beautiful comments… ???awww I’m really really happy that you feel it’s a real. really means. A lot. ??Hmm yes our ragoo is very strong she will punished the culprit… Let’s see in next Ep if ragini keep her strength …or not. ????..

  4. Silent_writer

    Niceeee dumbo

    1. Malika

      Hey idiot where were you yr??. ???? i had miss you a lot. And thank for your beautiful comments well not really. ??????????

      1. Silent_writer

        When u get tym for me then u will talk naaaa u katttiii dumboo ???

      2. Malika

        Just shut up you idiot… ??? how can you think like this…?? Nope now katiiiiii. ??????

    1. Malika

      Thanks lovely for your beautiful comments. ?????

  5. Balaji

    di u made me remember my college days something is good bt somethings which i want to forget in my life. mine is little bit different my seniors helped me while i humilitated by my own classmates. i imagined myself in position of sahil while reading abt sahil bcoz i know hw much it will hurt

    1. Malika

      Hey balaaaaa thanks you sooo much for the lovey and beauti comments… Omg I’m sorry you were humiliated…. Aaahhhhh how dare they did this to you.??. ???I’m again sorry I didn’t have any intention to make you sad… Hey choti… Don’t feel pain… Because your elder sister can feel it. And yeah…. Don’t worry not all seniors are bad… Like your situation…. Love you sister…

  6. Inu


    1. Malika

      Thanks inu… Dor your awesome and beautiful comments. ????????

  7. Liya

    This is really an emotional epi! Sahil must not have died poor guy?…Ragini should be tit for tat and make that monsters suffer???.. Hope arjun too recover soon?

    1. Malika

      Hey liya truly speaking. Ragini will teach all of them a good lesson… Don’t worry…. Yes even I’m feeling bad for sahil as that poor boy had suffered a lot. ????..hmmm really thank for your beautiful and lovely comments. ????.and about arjun well it will be decided in the upcoming Ep… Whether he will be fine or not. ????????????????

  8. Crystal089

    superrbb dear loved ur concept is too good loved it really the major big clg of country ragging take place love ragini the way u potrait was awesome waiting for next part……….

    1. Malika

      Hey crystal your comment made my day yr. ????????? I’m really really hay that I can’t describe you. ?????? yes ragging is a crime and I wanna show everyone…. That ragging can destroy a family and can spoil everyone life also. ????Next ep will be on Friday crystal don’t worry I will write long chappy. ?????

  9. Jayanti

    god….this was damn emotional….. u wrote every emotion of the characters perfectly..really excited to read the next part ….to see the bold ragini….next part asap

    1. Malika

      Jayantiiiiiii thank you sooooooo muchhh for your beautiful comments.!!????? yes emotional …???…..our ragoo is very intelligent and strong. ????????? don’t worry and next Ep will be on Friday….. Don’t worry will post long chappy. ??????

  10. Sherin


    1. Malika

      Sherin thank you sooo much for your beautiful comments. ???????????

  11. Dharani

    awesome come on my brave ragini

    1. Malika

      Yeses dharanii yesss dharaniii yesssssss…. Come on ragoo you can do it….. Come on… ??? hahhahahhhhh thank you soo much sister for your beautiful comments and next Ep on Friday .???????

  12. Asra

    awesome di…..sahil part was so emotional….sooo sad for him….ragini s soooo brave….u should punish the culprit my dear….waiting for nxt one…tkcr didi….

    1. Malika

      Yesss asraaaa our ragini is hitler…. Naa so don’t worry she will surly fight with bad seniors…. And yes sahil part was emotional….. ??? I will update next part on Friday don’t worry….. ?????? thank you soo much choti for your wonderful comments. ?????????

  13. Hi malika the epi was emotional.i wish ragini win in her revenge .i feel sorry for sahil and arjun state.update soon .i am waiting.

    1. Malika

      Hey pinky what’s up?? And thank you soo much for reading and commenting…. Your comments made my day yr… ??? yes this Ep was a little emotional…. Feeling bad for sahil… ?????? and arjun also. ??? …hehhhhhhh next Ep on Friday dear….. Don’t worry i will update long chappy. ???????

  14. Aditisyam

    Superbb update soon plzzzz make rags entry a rocking one nd slap to all

    1. Malika

      Hey aditi thank you sooo much for the comments i mean it was a beautiful and very different from others. ???????????? I will keep your suggestions in mind.. Don’t worry yr I have already plan….. And write the next Ep… But will update it on Friday…. Our ragoo will make a big entry.. Telling you aditi. ????????????

  15. Jazzy

    superb dear….. and i know ragini will take her revenge

    1. Malika

      Hey churaill great guessing… ??????????? thanks you so much for your beautiful comments and… Churaill best of luck for your exams… ???? I know you will rock. ???? just kidding hahaahahhhhh…. Well I want a good result okk… Love you. ????

  16. Lovely and amazing episode di…And I am really happy to see the bold side of Ragini…I wish she wins in her revenge…Update the next episode soon…

    And Malika was in coma…So sad and very bad???…Feeling bad for her…And see how bad sister I am…I don’t knows it that Malika di was in coma…Please Andjali di say sorry on behalf of me to Malika di…Really I am feeling very guilty that I didn’t knew it…But I am a little bit happy that she is well now and also talked with everyone…But I wish that she will get well soon…Stay blessed you both…

    1. Sorry sorry sorry for typing mistake…It will be Malika di in the second para in the first line…Extremely sorry…

      1. Malika

        No sorry okkk it’s Okkk… Sister. ????

      2. Malika

        Haahahahahahah mai malika hunnnn vohhh waliii anjalii nahii hunnn.please don’t call her dramebaaz dii call her bandriya.. Only. No dii…. Hahahahahahah… Well I think she means to say… Talk with the same language… Of that person.. Hahhahahhhahhh

    2. Malika

      Heyyy riya… Malika is okk now….. If I said to malika that you said that you are a bad sister she may get angry plus feel sad also….. Shhhhhhhh smile now….. And thanks a lot for you cute and lovely comments… ????????????….sorry?? Why sorry?? Hehhhhhh no need…. Don’t feel any guilt otherwise if malika will get to know she may kill me hahhahahhah just kidding but yes she may feel bad as she don’t want any of my sister in sad mood…. Well I didn’t know that you have a twin sister also…….. Don’t worry malika will sooner come back in tu….. ????????? stay blessed ….you both twin sisters…. Always be happy… ☺☺☺☺ and yesss hope ragini win her battle and next Ep will be on Friday. ????

      1. OK so I will not ask sorry again…And friends then I only have some friends..Irfan,Sujal,Deesh and some others…Shruti already said about them…And Deesh is only my friend not Shruti’s…And Deesh is the writer of the ff “Different Shades Of Love Swaragini”…And Irfan!!! Well just ask about him to Malika di she will tell you…And I always do naughtiness with Irfan and Sujal only…And Malika di knows him very well…You are very good and nice di like Malika di…You stay happy…

      2. Malika

        You both are twins i know but your comments are also twins.. Aaahaahahah I didn’t know that…… Who is this sujal?? Yr. You both are saying naughtiness with irfan and sujal… I know irfan brother but sujal… Who is he now?? Oooh God hahahahhhhhhhhhh….. And awwww you say me nice aww well not really I’m number one big dramebaaz girl. Hahahhhhhhhh.

      3. Hahahahaha?????….Di you said correct that our comments are also same…And about Sujal right??? Then he is our best friend…But he is younger then us…But then also he is one of our best friend…He always use to tease us and irritate us…Specially me…And Irfan also knows him…And what you said that how Irfan tolerate us right?? And you are feeling pity for him…Then feel pity for us…We are not that much naughty *innocent face*???…Irfan use to trouble us a lot…And you said you are a dramebazz girl isn’t it?? Then I am a very naughty girl you know????…Keep dmiling my di☺?…Love you??…

      4. Malika

        Nope I cant believe riya .irfan trouble you ahahahahahahahhhhhhhhaha I can’t believe that yr…. And irfan know about malika so he didn’t told you…. ???????? I can’t believe that irfan can trouble you both hahahhhhhhhh waaaaasshhh awesome joke and you know what whenever I saw irfan message in watty hahahhhhhhhh I always thought he was a strict boy….. That’swhy before replying I have to think twice…. And sujal hmmmmmm Hey lucky one you both…. Are very lucky …me although I have many friends but never talk with anyone freely… ?????? ….innocent face that’s to you both haahhhhhhhhh that’s also I can’t believe…. ???? well I’m saying the true girls in watty everyone call me dramebaaz girl as when I started interacting with someone that person can’t Stoppppp laughing….. My another name is also joker * cries face* haahahhhhhhhhhh lucky one. My sisters if you both are happy then malika will also be very happy to see her sister’s smile. …☺☺☺????????

      5. What!!!!!!!!! What you said that Irfan is a strict boy…Oh god I am not able to stop my laugh?????…Irfan is a strict boy…What a outstanding joke di!!! He is not a strict boy…At first we also thought like you but after somedays we came to know that he is a joker…And you are not able to believe naa that he troubles us…Then you know he use to scold us very badly or sometimes he use to talk very rudely with us…And after that he says I was joking…Always use to say useless girls to us…Then when I says what is this??? Then he says I thought to tease you☺?…At first I gets angry then I also laughs and teases him…One day he said that I am very intelligent… Then I said I know…Then you know what he said…He told “I said you are not intellegent…I didn’t completed my words and you replied before that…But he wasn’t typing that time…He said I thought to tease you…There are many things…He gave me some funny names and gave some funny names to Shruti also…And we also gave some funny names to him…Those names are really very funny????☺??…And nopes di he didn’t told me anything about Malika di…

      6. Malika

        Hey riya.. You both have to handle two jokers.. But 20 people have to handle me hahahhahhhhhhhhh. Can say same pinch like irfan and sujal…… I am….. I love to trouble people and even I keep funny names to people… But everyone just can’t compare me as they know I’m very intelligent can teach some people their won medicine , some are also scared of talking to me as they know I will tease them haaahahhhhhhhhh…. Awwwwwwwww riyaaaaaaaaa and shruuutiiiiiii pooooooor girl .I tell you one thing.. When some one tease you, you just talk like him…………I also do that… I observe their writing skill and ways of writing then I talk like themmmm.. Haahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      7. A very big NO di…Because not 20 people…Now it’s 22 people…Me and my sister also have to handle you now????…So from now I will call you dramebazz di???? if you don’t have any problem…And Irfan yes you can say he is a little bit angry boy…Sometimes he becomes rude but very good from heart…And Sujal is also very good and very understanding boy…He really understands us a lot although he is four years younger than us…We shares a very good bond with him…And you said “When someone tease you then just talk with him like that way”…I didn’t understood this sentence’s meaning…Can you tell me clearly??? And sorry for late reply…Actually I was busy so I didn’t get time…Sorry for it…

  17. Richa19

    Amazing.. Loved ragini… N I truly hopes she gets justice for her bro n every other junior… Ni really salute u for bringing up this topic of ragging with a story. …. … Good job dear. . N good luck for the coming episodes…… ??

    1. Malika

      Hey Richa my sister… Hope soo our ragoo gets her justice….. Thanks a lot sister your comments here is one of the unique …..hahaaahhhhhhhhh…. ???? ….love you sister for writing such a beautiful comments…. Well all I want is to stop ragging… As it’s a crime… For all juniors…… ????? and next e will be posted on Friday… That’s to long long chappy… Don’t worry…. And you also richa eeeeeeee hahahahhh update your ff.. Alsoooo I’m waiting. ????????????????

      1. Richa19

        Hehe… Thanks for the compliment dear sissy!!! ??? actually this ragging should b stopped…… I’ll b waiting for ur ff……. N of course i’ll update soon…. ????

        Till then take care sweetheart!!! ???

      2. Malika

        Next ep will be in next week….. And I agree with you…

  18. Sreevijayan

    Sahils story was tragic… awesome update dr

    1. Malika

      Thank you sooooooo much sreevijayan…. ????? yes sahilll part was tragic. ??? I’m so happy that you like this Ep.. ???? I will update next Ep tomorrow ..☺☺???

    1. Malika

      Thank you so much ammy for your beautiful comments.. ??????

  19. A.xx

    Fab feel so sorry for Arjuna and sahil hope our ragu gets revenge xx

    1. Malika

      Heyy a.xx thank you soo much for your cute comments.. ??????? yes same here feeling bad for both boys. ?????? don’t worry our ragoo is here na… ????? she will surly take her revenge… ???????? ..

  20. Hey di it was jst awsm ep..Hope our sweet cute heaven beauty Ragini can take revenge…N I will surely pray for Malika di…U n Malika di stay blessed n happy n always keep smiling..☺?Lv u n Malika di..???

    1. Malika

      Hey shruti.. Your comments made me smile yr. ????????? awwwwwww you both sisters are very lovely .I will pray to God that you both always smile, trouble your friends. ???? be nauhty. ???? and always make innocent face. ????????????? ……… well….. And make me proud of you both. ??????????? yes shruti our ragini is very bold she will take her revenge hope soo. ????????????? and thank you soo much for your beautiful comments. ????

      1. Hey di we don’t hv any friend..Xcept two or three..Irfan,Sujal,Shreya,Arunima,Tabun n Inziya…We troubles always our two friends…Irfan n Sujal…N we did naughtiness with them only..We always hv innocent face only.N surely we will make u proud of ourselves..TC..Lv u n Malika di..????

      2. Malika

        Haahahaahahaha… I’m. Proud of you both hahahahahhah keep it up shrutiiii.. Neverrrrr be quite….. Haahahhahahhh sujalll who is hee?? And I know irfannn…. Hash awwwwww feeling pity for irfan brother.. Hahahhahahahaa don’t know how he can tolerate you both. …?? Ooohoooo naughtiness huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Hmmmmmm

      3. Hey di don’t feel pity for Irfan..He is lyk tht only..U know sometyms he use to scold us vry badly n u can say unnecessarily… N after tht he tells us tht “I was jst joking…U both took it seriously..Poor girls”…N then he laughs lyk hahahahahahahah…Always use to tease us..N u hv to know tht how we tolerate him..So don’t think tht he is innocent..N Sujal!!!!!! He is another joker…Lyk Irfan..U know Sujal calls Irfan as “IP Bhaiya”…Both r jokers..????

      4. Malika

        Haahahahhhhhhhhhhh you both are very lucky yrr… You have two jokers but I’m feeling pity for you both now.. Hahahhhhhhhh well truly speaking you are very lucky that you have a friends who make you both laugh , annoyed and happy not everyone like malika, ….she always come here to express her feeling…. I always saw her happy when she enter in tu or watty… Like she feel she have a small family here.. She is very alone… Although we talk to her….???? .I’m awesome….so you all have a group conversation… Hmmmmmm. Okkkkkk… Very lucky one. You are guys…

      5. Yes di feel pity…But only for me n Riya..Not for Irfan..Yes di we both r reallllllyyyy vry lucky for our 2 best friends..N thts none other than Irfan n Sujal…I know di u r awsm..Not only awsm but fabulous wonderful superb mind blowing..N di what u said “So U All Hv A Group Conversation”…I didn’t understand…

      6. Malika

        Group conversation shurti …means where everyone.. Like you, riya, irfan and sujal…. Talk together…… Chat group

  21. Awesome epi…..

    1. Malika

      Thank you fira for your beautiful comments….. Thanks a Lott. ???????????

  22. Super episode..ragini character is awesome… And bold girl….waiting for ragini entry….

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo much suhani for your beautiful comments. ??????? yesss our ragini is bold….. Next ep will be tomorrow…. Sister. ???????? that’s too long chappyy…

  23. Akshata

    Awesome update, feeling bad for arjun and sahil’s story is so tragic. hope ragini will get justice soon. you have underline very sensitive topic that is ragging and its really commendable. you know my college comes in top 5 colleges in Mumbai but i never faced such kind of situation, no ragging at all and i am thankful to god. hope every student understand the other dark side of ragging and stop it immediately.
    what happened to Malika, sorry i really dont know anything. hope she is fine now.

    1. Malika

      Hey ashata thank you sooo soo much. That’s why I chose Mumbai college to show ragging… ???????? pheeewww thank God you are safe and sound…. Yesss that why I it the topic of ragging…. In this story as it’s a real life one…. A big thank you.. ????? sister…. For your beautiful comments and yes same here while writing sahil part even I was feeling bad.. ????????? and about malika she is fine… Now she had met with an accident.. Soo… That’s why… Don’t say sorry sister… ????…and yes next ep will be tomorrow. ??????

    1. Malika

      Vk thank you soo much for your beautiful comments. ????????

  24. Awesome…..

    1. Malika

      Thank you micaaa for your beautiful comments. ??????????

  25. And yes sahil.part was little emotional….???????and best of. Luck. Ragini……update. Soon

    1. Malika

      Yes micaaaa it was a little emotional….. That’s to sahil part. ?????????

  26. Rafeee

    superb dear… tday nly i read ur stry…its really intrsrng

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo much raafee didi… ???? I’m soo happy that you spare some time to red my ff. Thank you soo much for your beautiful comments. ???????

  27. AMkideewani

    Superb my dear jaan

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo much anarkali didi. ????? love you more.. Your comments made me feel very happy. ???

  28. Shambhavi

    Lovely Malika! Can’t wait for the Raglak meeting. ?
    On a serious note, thanks for addressing this prevalent issue of ragging. A lot of people claim that it’s just a way for students to have fun and mingle with their seniors. But having fun at the cost of another person’s feelings is just wrong!! There is absolutely no way that anybody can defend this kind of behaviour!
    All the way with your Ragini!??

    1. Shambhavi


      1. Malika

        Shambhavniiiiii I love your comments and I had miss your comments… Yes I absolutely agree with you… Some seniors make fun of juniors just for fun…..I feel sorry and sad when I saw juniors ragged…. Hey it’s not only my ragini it’s our ragini……. Yes next ep ragsan meeting… ????? that’s too with more non jhok. Yeepiiiiiiiiii. Thank you sooooooo much for your beautiful and awesome comments.. You made my day.. Yrrrr. My favorite reader and writer…..

      2. Malika

        That’s why I was thinking why you say raglak haahahhahahhh I had mentioned it’s a ragsan ff

    2. Shambhavi

      Aww.. You’re going to make me cry now! So much love? ?
      Thanks a million sweetheart, if I can make your day a little brighter with just a single comment, then it only makes me happier!??
      And by your Ragini I meant this bold character that you’ve created. All rights and credits reserved only to you!!
      A great big (virtual) hug to you for that,

      P.S. Sorry for commenting Raglak instead of Ragsan! ( Shayad aise carelessness ko hi boltey hai jawaani mein budhapa!?? )

      1. Malika

        Hahhahahahaahah you are really a joker yr….. Haahahahahahhhhhhh…. Oooh God… A big Teddy bear hug from me… Awwwww sister what I said is absolutely correct haahaaahhhhhhh you are my favorite writer and reader… Awwwwwwwwwwww… A big thank you yrrrr… Hahhahahhh well Ragini’s character hmmmmmmm…… Well I’m glad you like her character……… And I’m sure in next Ep you will enjoy a lot…… My sister…… A please a big request …just wrote another ff or ss m. I really really love your writing skills….. And you are an amazing writer…. Truly speaking.. ????????

  29. Ragz_teju

    superb yaar… it’s really interesting… hope ragini gets succeded in her mission… amazing concept

    1. Malika

      Thanks dii.. Hope soo .well thank you soo much for the comments… ??

  30. CAsush

    Hy hy i am late
    I am sorry but this is amazing anju. Post soon u have your holidays right

    1. Malika

      Iheyy sush… Imm sooo sorry for not commenting on your ff.. I forgot what’s it’s name… And did you publish it in watyyy I would read there…. And no problem… Nobody is late here…… Well you commented.. It means a lot… For me…. ???

  31. Please update ur ff soon Malina .I am waiting. Can u ve my friend ?

    1. Malika

      Malika pinkyyy it’s malika… And yupp sure you can be my friend…!! I love making new friends.. Sure… Nd yes I will update soon..sister.. Don’t worry

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