College life ( ragsan) ff story (Episode 1)


Hi guys thank you sooo. So let’s start…. Yes guys it’s a real life ….

Flashback : story

A boy is shouting : Arjun… You are gone today….!! How dare you to complain principal sir…. About us…!! How dare… You!!

Arjun in crying voice: please please have mercy on me…. Please leave me…. Please…!!

Another boy come and drag arjun’ s hair and said: mercy that’s tooo on you… Hahahhhhhhhh nice joke…!! Today I will won’t leave you how dare you complain to principal sir about us…..

And that second boy drag him…. And took arjun in the playground….. And that boy’s gang was also following him and at the same time they were thinking what he would do to arjun….

That second boy said towards arjun: sit!! Sit!! On the ground.!!. Today I will show you the biggest punishment which you will always remember all through out your life…

Flashback ends ….

We all love our beautiful town, lights of city or the green villages where we took birth. The movements of air which touches our soul when we breath in our own place. The trees with birds in the lovely evening with a little cold air makes life beautiful. A city with a beautiful trees, beautiful nature, beautiful flowers, beautiful birds , intelligent doctors and scientists and also famous for many beautiful things yes it’s a city in India called Bangalore……..

Bangalore :

Bangalore comprise of all the languages spoken. The language spoken by the majority of Bangalorean is kannad. Apart from kannad and other regional languages, English is also very common over there.

People there are mostly friendly one. They eat sea food the most. Almost everyone over there prefers non vegetarian and that too fish! They dress up in ever form. But for occasions they have a particular dress up like saree which they dress up in Bangalore form, which is normally of red and white colour……… ..

So let’s start:

A big house…. Can say a billionaire house, where only… Fours people live.

A woman is shouting : ladoo!! Ladoo!! Where are you beta??.ladoo!!

Then we can heard a sweet voice… Saying: maaa!! I’m here…

Yes it’s ragini and that woman was sumi.

Sumi: ladoo!!….

Ragini: maaa!! I’m with Arjun…!!

Sumi then goes to a room which was little dark. There she saw ragini who looking to an innocent sleeping Arjun with teary eyes.

Sumi comes near her and put her hand on Ragini’s shoulder and say with a cracking voice : ladoo everything will be fine… And Arjun will be back normal.

Ragini gets angry and goes to her room. Sumi also comes behind her.

Shift to Ragini’s room:

Ragini’s eyes are red and tears also are coming. She is full of rage.. And with anger she breaks the mirror. Sumi is shocked and control ragini by hugging her tightly..

Sumi in crying voice: stop ladoo!! Stoppppp it….!! By doing this your brother won’t be normal like before…

Ragini in cracking voice: maaa!! Why maaa!! Why my brother is suffering a lot.. I can’t see him like this.. Maaa!!

Sumi: shhhhhhhh ragini…!!! Have faith on God..!! Everything will be fine.

Ragini break the hug and say: maaa!! God!! Because of God my brother is in this state.. Because of God… We all are suffering.. And may!! One more thing I won’t spare that person… Who make this condition to my brother… This is my promise…

Saying this ragini breaks down and cries along with her mother.

At that time a man enters the room… With teary eyes..

Sumi and ragini control their emotions and then sumi say: shekhar.. You here!! You didn’t go to office..!!

Shekhar : I had gone to Arjun’s room thinking that you both will be there but you both are here and crying.

Shekhar comes towards ragini and we her tears and says : my daughter is very strong naaa then why are you crying?? Ladoo those people who did wrong to Arjun will also suffer… God will also make them suffer

Ragini: noo papa that accident took place one year ago… I won’t depend on god.. Now papa… I will take my revenge from those person….

Sumi: ladoo taking revenge from that person whom you don’t know means you are also being like them… Then there will be one difference between you and them.

Shekhar : beta!! Look your mother is saying correct.

Ragini: no dad… !! Noo mum.. Not now… I want my revenge… And I will take my revenge…!! I have make a promise to myself that until I don’t spare that persons who are responsible for my brother’s condition I won’t live in peace and dad you have to admit me to the same college where Arjun chotu was studying.

Shekhar: beta don’t be stubborn !

Sumi : ragini beta it’s wrong!!

Ragini: enough mum!! Enough dad!! I won’t listen to you both.. Now.. And dad just do this for me if not for Arjun!! Please dad I beg you please…

Saying this ragini sit on the floor and cries…

Sumi and shekhar look at each other in pain… As they can’t take any chance if ragini will be safe or not but as ragini is soo stubborn and they know if ragini had said something means it’s pakka she will do it..

Suddenly everyone heard a boy shouting : leave me!! Leave me!! Please have mercy on me!! Please.!!.

Everyone ran towards Arjun’s room and saw him shouting in sleep..

Then all of a sudden Arjun wake up and shout: nooo noooo !!

Ragini hug Arjun and say: Arjun what happened chotuu!!

Arjun is full of sweat and is breathing heavily looks like he had a bad dream.

Arjun in childish voice : didi… That person! Dii that person won’t spare me didi.!!

Ragini: whom arjun?? Who won’t spare you?

Arjun : didi that person won’t spare me!!

Arjun continue to say this and he started behaving like mad…

Ragini, shekhar and sumi tried their best but he was not in a control.. But with great difficult doctor sharma does an injection with again led arjun to sleep.

Doctor sharma is shekhar ‘ s childhood friend and then he say: look shekhar if I continue to give him injection like this then he may have a mental problem… Soo I suggest you to take extra care of him and ragoo beta I know that you will do it.

Ragini in cracking voice: ji uncle..!!

After sometimes doctor sharma went.

Sumi cries and said : mera beta why is he like this!!

Shekhar also cries and said: have faith Sumi..!!

Ragini seeing her family in suffer said: dad again think tomorrow I want to stay in that college… Tomorrow itself… Dad…. I will continue my study also.. Please dad mum please!!

Shekhar then said: Okkk beta I will talk to that principal .

Sumi: shekhar shat are you saying!! I can’t afford to lose my another child.

Ragini: no maaa! My other name is Hitler which people scared of… Don’t worry maaa I’m strong enough… And thank you soo much dad. Now I will see how those people live I’m peace.

Shekhar ,sumi and ragini have a family hug together!!

Shekhar: Okkk I’m going to office and there i will talk to that principal..bye sumi bye ragini.

Ragini and sumi: bye!!

Sumi: ragini i will be with go and fresh up!!

Ragini: okk maa!!

Scene changes: in Ragini’s room

Ragini after fresh up she goes to her bed and took her diary and wrote:

Dear diary!! Today finally I have talk to my parents which was kept on my heart. My brother is everything to me. He is the one who brings smile on my face. But now my smile is lost. My brother was very naughty and always play with me. You know diary when I returned from London and saw my brother in a cosmetic state I had felt like someone breaks my heart into pieces. That day I remember very clearly before going to London… Arjun was very sad.. And always beg not to leave him alone. Today I’m regretting and thinking why I didn’t listen to him!! My brother arjun tomorrow those people who did this with you , I won’t spare them. I will do justice for my brother.. My parents and my brother is everything to me.

Arjun don’t worry one day you will be perfectly fit and fine. I can even give my life for my family but won’t tolerate any pain..and tears.. My father and mother had struggle a lot and wasn’t able to accept the true. It took them six months to believe that their child arjun my brother is mental.. In front of my parents I look strong but inside I’m completely broken.. Tomorrow tomorrow I go to that collage where my brother came back home lifeless. …I won’t spare any one !! Anyone…!!.

After writing this ragini close her diary and went to arjun’ s room.

Sumi was touching arjun’ s forehead and tears were forming on her eyes. Ragini also was sitting near arjun on the other side. Both mother and daughter was remembering those moments which they had spend together with arjun.

Scenes changes: in shekhar’ s office.

Shekhar phone that principal and tell him everything and about ragini admission also after soo many conversation the principal agree to shekhar…

After the phone call shekhar get busy in his own work.

To be continue……

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