College Life: Hatred, Friendship and Love OS-part 1

Hello guys.. me titli here, after a long long long time.. I know, no one missed me, but I missed u guys a lotttttttt.. love u all tons?❤️??? well, today am here with an os.. hope u all will like it.. and tamihna yaar, waiting for your last few episodes.. and threemaimai waiting for ur os too.. post soon guys.. and rest all those who write ff’s, thank u so much for giving us rather sharing ur articles with us.. I may not comment, but it’s a bliss to read such ff’s.. actually past few days I was busy, so couldn’t read ff’s.. but I read it all in this two days, but didn’t put any comment.. so here am thanking u for writing such blissful ff’s… being frank, I don’t exactly remember the names of the writer of aise kaise jane doon, pyaar toh aise hi hota hai, love+life=my life partner and humari adhoori kahani and the rest who all r left, but am a big fan of ur writings.. carry on guys.. also, I found that swabhimaan is lacking ff’s and os.. so guys, I know u all r busy, but try to write some.. I wont force, but continue writing.. well, I blabbered much.. now lets get into my os.. well it’s a nairan one.. here u go..

College life: hatred, friendship and love-part 1

IIT Bombay
Three girls entering the college, being their reporting day had smiles all over their face.. they had their luggages with them.. before entering, they stood and admired the college..
Girl 1: wao.. my dream college.. pinch me guys..
Rest two pinched her hard..
Girl 2: u fool, its not ur dream, so wake up..
Girl 1: what naina!!!
Naina: chale?
Girl 3: lo, madam ki hukum..
Naina: neha yaar..
Neha: okay okay.. lets go.. yaar nidhi, help me na.. u have less bags..
Nidhi: oye, am not ur servant..
Naina: stop it guys.. apne apne luggage khud uthao..
Saying this she started entering the college.. suddenly a bike came and the driver applied brakes just inches away from naina.. and naina out of fear screamed, and the luggages fell off..
Naina: badtameez.. if u cant drive, then don’t.. who gave u license haan?
The boy took off his helmet..
Boy: excuse me, cant u see and walk?
Naina: ohh hello.. if u r driving, then know the rules.. always drive or walk on the left side..and when u r coming from the right side, did I force u not to give horn? Jerk.. meri puri saman gira diya tumne.. and you(pointed to the boy sitting behing the driver)
Boy 2: samar..
Naina: yeah, whatever.. don’t u dare sit with this akdu again, someday u ll find urself in the hospital bed..
Boy 1: ohh hello, my name is not akdu.. its karan, karan singh chauhan.. and u?
Naina: I don’t find it important to give u my intro..
And she moved away.. the three of them settled in their hostel room..
Nidhi: yaar naina, u shouldn’t have talked to him like that.. he’s too cute..
Naina: ohh please.. cute and he? Cute toh sirf shah rukh khan hi hain..
Neha: naina, I was thinking, if he turns out to be our senior, then? I mean, he can rag us also..
Naina: ragging is heinous act yaar.. and let him be senior or not, life is important.. kal ko kisi aur k saath hoga.. fir? So speak whatever u want to..
Nidhi: mahan naina..
Naina: bass, chale.. we r late for our first lecture..
Nidhi: yaar main na varun k sath baithungi..
Naina: I know.. and neha u with saahil..
Neha: sorry yaar nainu.. but tere aas pas hi baithenge..
Naina: hmm.. uske liye, we need to move out fast.. lets go.. aur apne namuno se milwana zaroor..

They left for the class.. they found benches, and the three sat at 3 different bench one after the other.. nidhi, naina and neha..they were just chit chatting amongst themselves.. the class started to fill up.. varun, and saahil also came up.. varun sat with nidhi and saahil with neha.. they started talking amongst themselves, naina started to feel lonely.. suddenly someone came..
Boy: excuse me, the seat beside u is vacant.. would u mind if I sit?
Naina turned towards him and both looked at each other..
Both in unison: tum?
The whole class looked at them..
Varun: hey karan.. man, where have u been? We waited so long..
Karan: sorry yaar varun.. wo mere bhaiya ko bus stop drop karne gaya tha.. anyways bro, who is she(pointing to nidhi)?
Varun: sorry bhai, she is nidhi, my girlfriend..
Nidhi: hello..
Karan: hii..
Nidhi: naina.. this is varun and varun, this is my bestie naina.. naina solanki.. she is also my roomate..
Karan: no no no.. her name is naina badtameez..
Naina: listen akdu, dare u call me badtameez..
Varun: guys.. ssshhh.. stop.. guys.. don’t fight..
Naina: varun, isse bolo.. start isne kiya hain..
Karan: excuse me, agar tum dkh k chalti, toh aj tumhare frndlist mei mera nam bhi hota..
Naina: ohh pls.. I have many friends.. I don’t need an akdu in it..
Neha: naina yaar.. stop.. naina this is saahil..
Karan turned..
Karan: arre bhai.. tu? Ye kaun hai?
Saahil: she is my gf.. neha..
Neha: aur meri roomie..
Karan: yar, neha, nidhi.. u both are so sweet.. how do u leave with this badtameez?
Naina: its naina..
Karan: haan naina badtameez..
Saahil: bhai.. stop u both.. class pe dhyan do..
Naina: yeah saahil.. u r right..
Saying this naina sits on her place.. rest all also settles down..
Karan: ohh miss.. pls find another bench.. I ll sit here..
Naina: is this your property? I came first.. if u want to sit here, u can.. mujhe toh sirf class se mtlb hain..
Karan: I am never going to sit with u..
Naina: as u wish..
Karan found all the benches full.. he came back to naina..
Karan: pls move ur bag..
Naina(while moving the bag): kya hua? Kisine nhi diya baithne ko?
Karan: when anyone’s day will start by seeing your face, how can his day be good..
Naina: same here..
Soon the teacher came.. the class got over..
Nidhi: guys, see now we are friends.. lets have a coffee party now in the canteen and raise a toast to our friendship.. what say?
Varun: superb yaar.. naina what u say?
Naina: nidhiiiii.. love u.. muh ki baat chhin li tune..
And hugs her tight.. karan got lost in her sweet gestures and her adorable smile.. he admired her..
Neha: nainaa, u forgot me?
Naina: aww baby got jealous.. aa jaa chasni.. tumhe kaise bhul sakte hai hmlog..
And the trio group hugged..
Varun: yaar they are very cute no? Their bond is so special.. they look like soul sisters..
Saahil: correct yaar.. very sweet people..
Karan: haan yaar.. she is so sweet and cute.. like doll..
Varun: yaa.. one minute.. she??
Saahil: bhai, who she?
Karan composed himself..
Karan: who she? They.. they are cute and sweet..
Varun: really..
Karan: any doubt..
Saahil: naahh..
They smiled..
Neha: guys chale??

All nodded and left.. all settled down.. they chit chatted amongst themselves for sometime.. but karan was silent.. he was just observing naina speaking.. and admired her..
Neha: karan.. where are u lost? Kuch bol hi nhi rahe ho? All good?
Karan: haan..
Naina: bolega kaise.. muh pe taala lag gaya hai shayed..
Nidhi: shut up yaar naina..
Karan: no nidhi.. she is right.. taala hi lag gaya hain..
Naina: accha.. kisne lagayi??
Karan: tumne..
All were shocked to hear it..
Karan: arre tumne hi toh.. tabse bole hi jaa rahi ho.. u r not letting anyone else speak properly.. yaar, how much u girls talk..
Naina: any problem?
Karan: well, I don’t have any, but my ears have.. so.. rest all continue.. u please keep quite..
Naina: jerk.. guys.. am leaving.. am going to my hostel.. jab maan ho aa jana..
Karan: yes madam.. darr lage toh chillana maat.. bhoot bhi bhaag jayegi..
But naina was not their to listen to him..

As usual all settled, and bad luck for naina, karan sat beside her, as per instructed by the teacher.. days passed.. but karan irritated naina a lot.. and naina used to fight with him.. but some times naina would laugh also at his silly jokes.. they were paired up as practical partners as well.. also, they were started to be known as Mr & Miss Perfectionsts.. it was coz, both were good at studies.. also, in practicals also, both used to be the less time taker.. as a team, they always kept their difference aside, but in particular, they were way way different.. one was north pole, then other was south..

2 months passed by..

On an usual day, the girls got settled in the class.. soon varun and saahil showed up.. but karan was not there.. naina found it strange.. coz karan always came with the other two..
Naina: varun.. karan?
Varun: missing him?
Naina: noo.. its just that u say that he aint coming.. then I ll feel happy.. no one to disturb me today..
Varun: then its ur bad luck.. he said he will come.. but the next class..
Naina: all right na?
Varun: yeah naina.. usne toh kuch nhi bataya.. else he would have said..
Naina: hmm.. (to herself) till date, jitna maine usse jana hai, usse agr koi prblm hui hogi, he wont share it with anyone.. today also there is something.. but, jab tak yeh nahi ayega kaise pata karu..
Naina was being impatient throughout the first class.. the first class got over.. the teacher left.. and then karan entered.. and silently came and sat beside naina.. naina also didn’t show her care.. she focussed on her mobile.. but was stealing glances of karan.. the teacher entered and told them to take out their copies.. naina opened her bag, and whack..
Naina turned beside, and found karan’s head on table.. she found something weird, coz karan was never this silent..
Naina: karan..
Saying this she touched his hands to shook him, and looked on shocked..
Naina: god, he is having high fever.. varun(almost shouted).. varun.. he is having high fever.. why u allowed him to come?
Varun: fever.. yaar naina, he didn’t tell me anything..
Naina: I knew something was wrong with him, and he is such a jerk.. he ll never share his problems.. (turned to teacher) sir, can we please take him to medical room?
Teacher: yes, but only two..
Naina: okay sir.. varun and I will go.. nidhi, mera bag sambhal aur varun ka bhi..
Nidhi nodded..
They took karan to the medical room..
Naina: he is unconcious.. u go and call the doc fast.. tab tak.. I ll make him lie.. fast..
Varun: yeah.. be careful..

Sorry to end this part here only.. I ll take maybe 1 or 2 parts more.. I know the story is a total crap.. its complete waste of time for u guys.. still i hope that u may like it..?

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