College life: hatred, friendship and love – 2A

Hello peeps.. here is the next part.. here u go..

College life: hatred, friendship and love- 2A

Varun went to call the doctor.. naina made karan lie down.. doc came and examined karan..
Doc: its fever.. nothing to worry much.. am giving meds.. but the fever is quite high.. make sure it drops to normal temperature.. else it will be a risk..
Varun: okay doc..
Doc: you are?
Varun: his friend and room mate..
Doc: and u(to naina)
Naina: am.. am his..
Varun: friend..
Doc: okay.. u both make sure, he stays fine..
Varun: can we take him to hstl?
Doc: u can.. provided one of u will have to be there.. am giving him injection now.. he ll become concious, within an hour..
Naina: okay doc.. thank u..
Varun: thank u doc..
Doctor left..
Varun: now what to do?
Naina: u cant take him mess also..
Varun: yeah.. also classes are going on.. what to do?
Naina: ummm..(to herself) karan is akdu, but dil ka accha hai.. and also, we are team also in the class.. agar yeh nhi hoga, waise bhi padhai mei maza nhi ayega..
Naina: aaah.. varun.. I ll be here..
Varun: what?
Naina: haan.. waise bhi aaj ki classes, I don’t like them much.. in these classes, me and karan sit and fight in class.. nothing more.. just for attendance we come.. so I ll be here..
Varun: like really? U ll be okay with it?
Naina: what do u mean?

Varun: matlab, u both fight so much.. now u r telling that u ll take care of him.. are u seriously going to take care of him?
Naina: varun yaar.. u know us.. in personal, we are north pole and south pole, but at times, we keep our differences, and now when he needs me, I ll not step back.. I ll keep my difference aside.. now satisfied?
Varun: okay miss solanki..
Naina: now go.. else nidhi will worry..
Varun: bye.. take care..
Naina nodded.. she sat beside karan.. at first she admired him..
Naina(thinking): kitna innocent lagta hai, parr hai nhi..
She then took a piece of cloth and dipped it in cold water, and put it on his head.. she was really tired doing it.. so she slept beside him only.. karan after some time woke up.. and tried to figure out where he was.. he moved his head only to find someone beside him.. he turned a little and found an angelic face sleeping beside him.. he smiled at her.. he adored her face..
Karan(softly): Naina..(the way he said his mantra, a it huskily)
Naina woke up by the sound..
Naina: karan.. how are u feeling now?
Karan tried to sit up..
Naina: no.. lie down.. say how are u feeling?
Karan: better.. but u here?

Naina: well, what to do? I don’t have faith in others.. kya pata, tumhari tabiyat aur bigaad jati.. actually I love fighting with u.. and for that u need to get well soon.. also, u know na, today is Tuesday.. and the classes are aweful.. wo toh tumhare sath jhagda karte karte, the classes get over.. but today I didn’t want to be a part of those boring lectures.. so am here..
Karan: accha..
Naina: yup..
Karan: what’s the tym?
Naina: ummm.. its 1:15
Karan: so u go and have ur lunch..
Naina: yeah, varun must be coming..
And the whole gang came..
Saahil: bhai, not done.. subah se bataya nahi, that u have fever?
Karan: waise bhi baatake kya karte? Bekar mei, it would have been trouble for u guys.. so let it be..
Varun: what yaar.. trouble and u? No man.. class nhi aata.. bekar kyn aya, aur tabiyat kharab ho gayi teri.. u should have rested..
Karan: what am doing now?
Saahil: yeah right.. after fainting.. I am sure, when u knew that u were having fever, u still didn’t take meds.. right?
Karan: yeah..
Naina: dimaag mei kuch hai nhi na..
Nidhi: how are u now karan? Meri best friend ne thik se dhyan rakha na? Ya fir lad pare tum dono..
Naina and karan(in unison): no no..
Neha: waah yaar.. kitni similarity..
Naina and karan(in unison): we are not similar..
They looked at each other..
Varun: ishq..

Naina: what?
Karan: ohh varun, yeh madam so gayi thi.. maine jagaya isse..
Naina: tired ho gayi thi..
Varun: really?
Karan: yeah..
Varun came forward and touched karan’s forehead and cheeks..
Varun: waah yaar naina, what magic u have? Temp kafi drop hui hai iski.. thanks yaar..
Naina: well serious note, this is lunch break.. toh varun..
Varun: haan, am bringing his food here, naina, u make her eat.. bohot nakhre hai iski.. yeh nahi khan and all.. tum hi sambhal o isse.. aur nidhi, u bring naina’s food.. let her eat here only..
Naina: but…
Nidhi: haan.. chalo neha..
Varun: okay guys see u..
They left..
Varun: kuch toh hai boss..
Nidhi: right..
Saahil: matlab?
Varun: yaar I was shocked, when naina said she will take care of him..
Neha: boss, gadbad hai.. dono pyar karte hai.. pyar nhi toh kam se kam like.. aur iss like ko..
Saahil: pyar mei hmlog badlenge..
All hi5ed.. soon days past.. naina and karan started getting close to each other..
Fresher’s night came in.. all got ready, and came in..
Naina’s outfit:
Karan’s outfit:

Karan and his friends were waiting for the ladies.. soon the ladies showed up.. karan was mesmerized o see naina.. his eyes stopped blinking.. naina came and stood beside him..
Naina: hii..
Karan didn’t reply.. he just stared at her..
Naina: karan?
Karan: yeah.. u look awesome..
Naina: what?
Karan: ohhu didn’t ask that.. sorry..
Others were smiling..
Naina: I said hii..
Karan: ohh.. hii hii..
Naina: u r alright?
Karan(to himself): before u came, I was..
Varun: ahem..
Naina: did u say anything?
Karan: yeah yeah.. am absolutely fyn..
Saahil: lets go inside?
Varun: haan yaar, bhook lagi hai..
Karan: oye, bhookad log..bachana sb k liye..
Varun: bhai main toh mere aur nidhi k liye bachalonga.. aur saahil, he will save for him and neha.. bhai, karan.. tut oh apne liye bacha lega.. parr.. naina.. aaj shayed tumhe bhooka sona padega..
Karan: arre am there for her.. don’t worry naina, I will save food for u..
Varun: ohho bhai, kabhi hmlg k liye bhi care kiya karo..
Naina blushed..

Karan: what rubbish?
Saahil: ohho bhai, previously, u used to hate naina.. not hate, but couldn’t tolerate her.. but now.. save and all, haan..
Karan: dost hai wo meri yaar..
Neha: dost toh saahil ka bhi hai wo..
Karan: haan, wo.. wo..
Nidhi: ohho, karan.. what wow o? Bata bhi do ki naina tumhari SPECIAL wali frnd hain..
Karan: nidhi.. kuch bhi bolti hai..
Naina was blushing..
Neha: oye hoye, naina.. blushing n all.. hm hm, nt bad..
Karan: guys.. naina, ye log taang khich rahe hai bass.. chalo..
Karan held naina’s hand and walked away..
Varun: haan, jao jao.. privacy..
Karan: varun, room mei milte hain..
Saahil: kya lagta hai karega propose?
Varun: bharosa nhi iska..
Neha: lets get in now..
Varun: yup..

Sorry guys.. I am late.. so I posted half of this part only.. rest I ll post soon.. am very sorry.. I am nt able to figure out the plot.. so getting late.. and this part is really a bakwas.. I ll post part b of this part soon.. loads of love?

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  1. I love your ff a lot it’s so AMAZING can’t wait to know what will happen next ????

  2. Loved this part. It was awesome. Nairan conversation was awesome.N the gang teasing them.. ? ? party scene was superb.. ????

  3. Resh

    Who told u that this was bakwas titli?!? It was soooo cute! Naina taking the initiative to stay back for him and taking care of him..was so cute!! Then Karan murmuring about Naina and the way he said he cared for her… for which Naina blushed all that was awesome!!!! And I just loved their friends! They were too good!

  4. #nairanlover:-)

    It is not at all a bakwaas.It was awesome as always.Was waiting for this .Post ASAP.Loads of love

  5. Why are u saying it bakwas di its the opposite of bakwas – Fantastic and amazing. Nairan scenes are always great. I love them.

  6. Seyal

    Di….. u again dare to do it…. Not fair…. But the epi was superb….. I loved it a lot.. And l am warning u… Pls don’t call it a bakwas….

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