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Hi guys sorry for posting late
Anika and Shivaay have met each other. Their first meeting was not so good.
Setting: Classroom
Characters: Anika, Shivaay, Om, Ishana
(Anika and Shivaay and all the other students go back to their seats)
Ishana: tuje test bahut easy lagan a.
Anika: aisi bat nahi hai Ishana.

(Next teacher (computer) arrive)
Teacher: Good morning everyone!!
(Anika introduces herself to the teacher)
Teacher: Ok today we are going to do java.
(Anika and Shivaay both love computers)
Shivaay and Anika in his mind: I have already learnt it. It will be so boring!!
Teacher: ok so what is java?
(Teacher without looking)
Teacher: As usual, Shivaay will answer the question.
(Shivaay was about to stand and answer)
Anika: Mam java is ……bla …..bla ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….(with ful tadi baaz)
Once Anika stops.
(The Ishana and Om (cup their mouths) and the whole class was surprised as usually only one person that is Shivaay will answer)
Shivaay: Excuse me, Miss Anika I was support to answer the question please wait for your chance.
Anika: Sorry, Shivaay I couldn’t wait to answer the question.

Teacher: Brilliant Anika, I must say. Though you are new the college it looks you have prepared well and come.
Anika: No mam actually I love computers and that’s why I studied Java on my own but I still may not know everything.
Shivaay in his mind: Wow even she likes computers.
Anika: once again I am sorry Shivaay.
(Anika and Shivaay sit down. The class is over the teacher goes)
Ishana: aare Anika kya bath hai sare teachers tuje se impressed ho gayi.
Anika: thankyou thank you!
Shivaay in his mind I guess now I finally have a tough competition.
Om: chal lets go meet Anika.
Shivaay: tu ja mei aata hu.
(Shivaay remains sitting in his place)
Om: Hi Anika, my name is Omkara but please call me Om.
Ishana: oh hello, itna formal kyu ho raha hai yeh meri cousin hai.
Om: tune to bataya hi nahi.
Anika: Hi Om.

Ishana: vaise tere bhai kaha hai abhi padh raha hai use bata de yeh college hai school nahi yaha hum masti karte hai.
Om: aare tu to janti hai Shivaay ko.
Anika: logo muje bhi kuch batao.
Om and Ishana: Sorry.
Ishana: Anika tuje yad hai ki jab hum dono 5th grade mei the to tu meri ghar aayi thi summer vacation ke vakt.
Anika: ha to.
Ishana: aur us vakt hum mami papa kisi ke ghar gay te.
Anika: aare ha to.
Ishana: ha to jo ghar hum gaye te vo Om ka hai.
Anika: kyaa!
Ishana: ha actually om ke mami papa aur meri mami papa ache dost hai.
Anika: vaah hya bath hai.
Ishana: aur tuje pata hai na ki us dhin teri jagra kisi ke sath hua.
Anika: ha mujhe abhi bhi ache se yadh hai parunti vo Om nahi tha uska bhai ta.
Ishana: ha uska bhai aur koi nahi Shivaay hai.
Anika: tu kya baat kar rahi hai Ishana.
Om: to hum mil chuke hai pehle.parunti aisa lagta nahi hai. tum Shivaay ko mat batna von a bina matlab ki gussa ho jata hai
Anika: ha pata hai to vahi hai gusse Singh oberoy.

All laugh
Shivaay: kya baath hai. itni hasi kyu aa rahi hai.( mei washroom jakar aya hu)
Anika, Om and Ishana: nothing it is not funny.
Shivaay: Ok whatever, Hi Anika it is good to see you.
Anika: Hi good to see u to.
Anika in her mind: I will take revenge for that incident.
Shivaay: Even you like computers what a coincidence even I like it a lot.
Anika: cool.
Ishana: aare kuch to danka bathe karo
Om: chal ham cafeteria chalet hai.
Anika: aare abhi tak class katam nahi hui.
Ishana: Anika chinta mat kar um kabhi bhi ja sakte hai.
(Anika, Om and Shivaay and Ishana go to cafeteria)
Rudra is already in cafeteria.
Ishana sits in between Om and Rudra. Shivaay is sitting next to Rudra no choice Anika sits next to Shivaay.
Rudra: hi my name is rudy.
Anika in her mind: oo he must be the third brother of om. I still remember last time I went he showed off so much
Anika: Hi my name is Anika.
Sorry for doing according to the recap paka it will happen in next episode
Recap: Rudra anika talking…Shivaay jealous..Everyone suprised

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