College Fan-fiction (Part-3)


Character: Anika, Om, Ishana, Rudy, Shivaay
Anika meets Shivaay, Om, and Rudra.
Anika: hi my name is Anika.
Rudra: nice meeting u. di u are very pretty u must be having a boyfriend.
Anika was drinking juice.
Anika spits the juice and it falls on Shivaay arm.
Anika: kya!!! Mera boyfriend.unfortunately nahi hai Rudra.
Shivaay in his mind: She can have a boyfriend good joke.
Shivaay: What the hell Anika what did u do
Anika: Sorry. Your brother only asked some stupid question what can I do.
Anika immediately takes tissue paper and clean it off from Shivaay arm.
Shivaay: umm thankyou Anika.
Anika: once again I am sorry.
(Both Anika and Shivaay feel awkward)
Ishana: come let’s go we are getting late.
(Everyone goes)
Like that a few more classes happen and all the teachers are impressed with Anika.

Next day
Anika and Sahil go to their respective places.
Anika thought she was late.
She starts running and crashed into Shivaay.
Shivaay: U can’t see while running.
Anika: why me u can’t see while running.
Both Anika and Shivaay finally realize who they crashed each other into.
Shivaay: Anika (he laughs) yesterday u spat on me and today.
(Shivaay was actually angry)
Anika: Sorry.
Shivaay: it’s okay come let us go to class.
Anika: Today we will see the papers.
Shivaay: I know. I want to see them.
Anika: me to.
They both reach the class.
Anika sits next to Ishana and Shivaay next to Om.
Teacher comes.
Teacher: Good morning Students. Now coming back to the test only two Students have done well. The student who scored the highest is….
Everyone except Anika: Sir its Shivaay we know.
Shivaay was about to get up
Teacher: no it is not Shivaay, it is our new student Anika.
(Ishana and Om cups their mouths and everyone is surprised)

Anika goes to teacher and takes her paper.
Teacher: the second highest is Shivaay. Shivaay got 0.5 marks less than Anika he did some silly mistake looks like he wasn’t paying attention.
Teacher gives the paper to everyone else, congrats Anika and goes.
Anika: Congrats Shivaay.
Shivaay: I should say to congrats to you why are you saying to me.
Anika: you know right 0.5 marks do not make a difference.
Shivaay: for you it does not but for me it does ok.
Anika: chill dude. O now I get it you are feeling jealous right u didn’t get the highest.
Shivaay: what why I am jealous.
Anika: ooh really!!
She goes.

Om and Ishana: wow anika you got 0.5 marks more than Shivaay. No one has defeated Shivaay.
Anika: thankyou thankyou. I guess someday someone had to teach him a lesson that he can also be defeated.
Om and Ishana: come lets go to the cafeteria to celebrate.
Anika: come on guys it is not a big thing it was just a normal test you both can go.
Om and Ishana: Did Shivaay congrats you?
Anika: u think he can he is Shivaay Singh Oberoy.
Anika goes to Shivaay and om and Ishana go the cafeteria.
Shivaay was still thinking about the test.
Anika: Hey Shivaay its just a test please don’t feel sad. Its college everyone main attention is to pass.
Shivaay: Listen Anika I am not everyone.
Anika: Ok fine, But I want to know you are feeling sad because I defeated you or u did a silly mistake.
Shivaay in his mind: ya actually in am feeling sad for……or……..
Anika: Its more important to know why u feeling sad. If it is because u did a silly mistake ok fine but because I defeated you then it is not fine.
Shivaay in his mind: How can she say no one defeats me.
Anika: ok Shivaay, enough of this come lets go to cafeteria.
Will Shivaay get angry?
Will he go to Cafetria?

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