College Fan-fiction (Part-2)

Sorry guys for making the story short. I will make it a little longer. Thanks for the response. (And I wanted to ask one more thing do you ppl like it better in a dialogue form or in the form of a person view Please let me know).
Setting: Anika home
Characters: Anika and Sahil

(Sahil and Anika have recently shifted to Mumbai).
Anika: chal Sahil aaj tera School ka first day hai. Jaldi ja bus aa gayi aur sun Sahil agar aaj mei late ho gayi to tu khana garam karkar kha lena.
(Sahil you have to go to school. It is your first day and please don’t get late. And one more if I come late you eat the food by yourself).
Sahil: ha didi ja raha hu.ha didi chinta mat karo mei khana garam kar lunga. Bye didi and all the best for your first day in college.
(ok bye didi and don’t worry I will eat the food).
Anika: Same to you Sahil. Bye.
(Anika kisses him, hugs him and he goes)
Anika: ab jaldi kar Anika kai tu late na hojai.

(I have to do fast I don’t want to get late first day itself).
(Anika packs her bag and leaves)
Setting : staircase area in college
Characters: Omkara, Shivaay and Rudra
Omkara: bhai aaj hamra Maths ka test hai aur har bar ki tara mei kam marks leka aaunga aur top karega
(Today we have math test. Like always Shivaay will be the topper and I will get less marks).
Shivaay: aare tu chinta mat kar tu muje copy kar lena aur is baar galiti se bhi mera nam bhi copy mat kar lena.
(Don’t worry. You copy me in test and please make sure of not copying my name like last time).
Rudra: aare bhai aap log kitne boring ho. Dhin bhar pas padna padna aur kuch aap logo ko nahi aata. Vaise yet baat choro kya apn koi nai girlfriend baniyi.

(You people are so boring. You always talk about studies. Forget about these talks did u guys make any new girlfriend).
Om and Shivaay : kal hi to ghar pe bataya ki hamre pass koi girlfriend nahi hai.
(Yesterday only at house we told that we don’t have any girlfriend)
Rudra: aare bhai ek dhin mei kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Jaise ab.
(Anything can happen my brothers in one day. Like now now it can happen).
Anika enters the college.
Anika: aare ye Ishaana kaha hai?mei use call karti hu.
(Anika walks forward and goes to the staircase place).
Rudra: aare yeh ladki jaun hai?
Shivaay and Om : nahi pata.
Shivaay: shayad nayi ladki hai.
Anika: ha Ishana tu kaha hai(on phone).

Ishana: muje maaf kar de muje pata nahi ta tu kitne baji aa rahi hai.
(I am sorry as I didn’t know what time you are coming).
Anika: mei staircase key aha hu. Tu jaldi se aaja.
Om: aare ye Ishana ko janti hai .
Shivaay: ha ajeeb bat hai Ishana ne hume kuch bataya hi nahi.
Om: hum use class mei puch lenge chal jaldi hum late ho jaenge.
(Guys just to confirm Ishana is friend with Om and Shivaay and all of them are in the same class)
Anika: aa gayi meri behan Ishana.
Ishana: hi didi chalo hum class chalet hai.

Anika and Ishana go the class room.
Setting: in class room.
Characters: Om, Shivaay, Anika, Ishana, Teacher and of couse many other students are present)
Teacher: Hi students, today I want you to introduce you all to a new student named Anika.
Anika: Hi everyone!!.I have recently shifted to Mumbai and it is nice meeting you all.
Teacher: Ok now Anika you may go sit in your place.
(Anika and Ishana sit next to other with Om and Shivaay sitting in the bench right next to it).
Teacher: As you all know today we have a maths test so all the best. Anika If you wish you can write the test later.
Anika: No sir its ok I will write the test.
Teacher: ok here you go.

Om to himself I have a feeling she is like my brother only.
Teacher: ok everyone start the test.
(All the students except Shivaay and Anika are confused).
Anika to herself the paper is so easy I am going to finish it first no matter what happens.
Shivaay thinks to himself the paper is so easy I am going to finish it first no matter what happens.
Om doesn’t get a chance to copy as Sir kept seeing him this time due to previous incident.
(Everyone thinking how to solve the sum while Anika and Shivaay are in a hurry to finish the paper)
Teacher: Does anyone need supplements (extra sheets).
Anika and Shivaay: yes sir, please give me.
Anika and Shivaay look at leach and stare at each other.
Anika and Shivaay both in their mind are thinking: I thought was ahead what the wuck.

(Everyone is thinking how to solve sums while Anika and Shivaay are asking for extra sheets)
Shivaay in his mind: I guess she is writing some rubbish. And anyways I am Shivaay Singh Oberoy the topper of the class.
Anika in her mind: I guess she is the ladka Ishana was talking about.
Teacher: Guys, time up. Please submit your answer sheets. I will give the marks tomorrow.
(Anika and Shivaay are the first to go and submit their answer scripts. While giving they touch each other hands and share an eye lock).
Teacher: Wow Anika you look happy I guess the paper was very easy for you.
Anika: Yes sir the paper was very easy.
Shivaay in his mind: Wait till Sir corrects the paper. I bet she wrote some rubbish.
(The teacher collects everyone papers)
(assume that Shivaay is standing straight and Anika is facing him)

Anika: Hi, what is your name?
(Shivaay is still thinking)
Shivaay: hmm ok.
Anika laughs: Oh your name is ok.
Shivaay: what the wuck “My name is not ok”. My name is Shivaay Singh Oberoy (with full attitude).
Anika: ok chill dude (She wanted to fight with him but she thought it is her first day and she went).
(Shivaay does not notice her going)
Shivaay: So was the test really easy or you are just fooling around.
No reply
Shivaay: Hello are you there.
No response
Shivaay turn right side and notices she is gone.
Shivaay: what the wuck. No one has left without informing to “SHIVAAY SINGH OBERYO”.

hoped you guys liked it!!!

RECAP: highest marks is……….everyone is suprised

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    Im rem my school days…how girls and boys in my class used to bcom like INDIA AND PAKISTAN…that who would get the higher percentage of marks..mbut thank god..evry tym girls used to win evry time cuz of my frnd gayathri……by the way loved it dear…u just refreshed my memories…and trust me..i had tears rem all these incidents….these were happy tears..dear….lysm…

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