College Fan-fiction (Introduction)


Hi guys I am really excited for this fanfiction.
This will be for all the shivika, omkara, and of course rumya fans.

The main plot:
Setting: It will be in college.

-Anika: She will be new to the college. She is very smart. She is excellent in sports and academics. She will give a tough completion to Shivaay Singh Oberoy.
-Shivaay: (you know him very well) plus he will also be very good in studies and sports.
-Om: He will be the same age as Shivaay. He has no interest in academics but he is famous for his art work.
-Ishana: She will be the cousin of Anika. She has huge crush on Om. She is an amazing dancer. She is good in sports and loves doing art.

(Guys Shivaay, Ishana, Om and Anika will be in the same class)

Rudra: He is the cool dude of the college. (Waiting for Anika and rudy)
Saumya: She is love angel. No one knows that in college.

More characters such as Sahil, Dadi, Pinky, Janhvi, Tej and Shakti will be involved in the story.

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