A beautiful campus is shown and people are buzzing around like ants. And among them two people hit each other and says sorry and looks at the face. One girl is wearing beautiful red colour anarkali chudi and forwarded her hand I am swara and another girl is wearing green semi- Patiala pant & yellow short tops and has warm smile on her face and forwards her hand I am ragini. Both at same time which department do you belong to??? 1st year biology was their reply. Both hugged and said happy to meet you and moved to their class.
Another side two boys were entering the college took a oath, we will never study and obey college rules. We will bunk classes and irritate students and faculty. One boy was wearing black cut shirt and blue jean he is our laksh and other was wearing whirt shirt and blue jean and he is our sanskar. They hugged each other and moved to their class. Hey dude where is this stupid department ?? cha cannot find them and alas they found ,first year biology class and entered in. They took their first step, gave a wide grin and saw the people in class room.

Sanskar – hey dude look at the girls na no one is looking beautiful.
Laksh – yes dude look her na, sitting in first row she looks like lizard, that next one looks like cat.

Sanlak – we have wasted 50,000 by studying in this college. Both were comforting each other, may be other department girls will be looking beautiful.
Faculties entered the class room self introduced them and students were asked to introduce themselves. First one girl got up , hai im leena, coming from so and so, followed by few students. Now it was swara turn she got up and introduced her. Sanskar was mesmerized at first look and he was having open mouth. Laksh too saw her and told wow… sanskar closed lucky eyes and said don’t look at your sister like that dude. Lucky grew angry and said better give me father gown I will start preaching in churches. sanskar chuckled at his talk. Next was ragini turn , this time lucky was aww struck by her beauty and smile. Thank god I did not see that swara, see being patient god gave me this gorgeous ragini. Sanskar raised his eyebrow and gave him angry look. Lucky smiled said, cool down dude.

First day of orientation got over and faculties left the class room informing them there is no class today and see the time table in notice board for forth coming days and wished the students, “ALL THE BEST “. All were leaving to house happily but sanlak was waiting for swarag but they left soon.
Swarag – dwelling in hostel inside college campus.
Sanlak – day student and both bid bye went to their house.

Next day :

Sanskar – dude come fast its late already they rang second bell that old lady will scold us.
Lucky- dude from when you started respecting faculties?? Did you forget our oath??
Sanskar – no dude but first impression is best impression , I am dying too see swara.
Lucky- hahahah bro now I understood.
Class – all were seated and only last bench was free and sanlak enetered and sat there. Before them was swarag bench. Mam started her class and students were listening,
Sanskar – hey dude did you watch swara she is looking gorgeous. There was no response from lucky and he turned to his side.

Lucky – was in his own world admiring rags.
Sanskar – shook him and said mam is calling you.
Lucky – was shocked and he got up and said yes mam.
Whole class along with mam was shocked where as sanskar was closing his mouth and laughing..
Mam – laksh whats happening?????
Lucky – gulped in fear and he saw sanskar laughing at him and he replied mam sanskar only!!!!
Mam – shut up and sit.

Whole class was laughing at laksh..
Sanakar – dude cool down, I was calling you since you did not respond I told like that. But never thought you would give such ah reply hahhahahahehehehhe……….
Mam- today class gets over and tomorrow full day will be lab hours.
Sanlak – dude full day lab!!! Shit men..
Next day – all students were arranged in groups containing 4 or 5 in each group.
Swara , sanskar , ragini and lucky was put in one group. Boys were happy to core.
This was first time all four were meeting and self introduced and got bounded easily.
swarag – planned how to finish lab work fast and how to do them perfectly.

Sanlak – were in playful mood and they did not pay attention but they nodded their head.
Since it was first lab class, they were give glass wares and some intro and mam left saying enjoy today.
All were happy and talking. Swarag and sanlak were sharing about their school days , about family etc..
Swalak were very naughty and they shared awesome bonding where as ragsan too paired up but they are not that naughty as swalak.
Like this one year passed.
It was second year four were waiting eagerly to meet each other after long summer vacation.
Swarag and sanlak met after two month and shared group hug.
First day itself was lab hour, sanskar and ragini were preparing for the class, swalak were talking and playing.
Mam – ok students, today I will show you demo and later you do the dissection in next class. All in chorus- ok mam……………….

All were listening to mam and watching her keenly, but you know this swalak went to other students and started disturbing them. swara went and tied rubber band at leena’s open hair at ending and it looked like cat tail. Lucky was laughing at leena’s hair. Then lucky went close to prem and threw small bit papers on his hair and moved silently and stood near swara and signaled her. She saw prem’s hair and started laughing holding her mouth. This was silently watched by sanrag. Their only reply was please be quiet with pleading look. Next swara and lucky moved towards nancy and sai and tied their chudi shawls together and moved silently to another corner. Now class got over and few students informed leena and prem about their looks.. both gave questioning to entire class, swalak were talking as if they were not involved in this.
This side, sai and nancy were moving in opposite direction but were struggling to move since their shawls were tied. Swalak were laughing at them nancy and sai started to fight leave me….
Swalak and ragsan gathered in canteen and had their lunch.

Swara- tomorrow is Sunday can we go outing????
Sanlak – ok ( happily)
Rags- I will ask in my house and tell you
Swara- ah rags one year is passed still your asking permission from your house.
Rags- swara you know about my house na, they are bit strict but lenient. When they give me freedom in everything I do, I should show them respect at least in this way.
Lucky – was happy to see rags nature and respect for elders.
Sanskar – ok rags you ask them and we will go out.
Swara- movie, shopping, game point and hotel tomorrow’s plan.

All were ok with it.

Eve at hostel:

Ragini – mom tomorrow can I go outing with my friends, ha ok beta but be careful. Thank you mom..
Love you muahhh….
Rags informed this to swara, sanlak..
Nite- swara and ragini planned to watch evil dead movie.
They prepared their bed , snacks and finally laptop.
In single lap they were watching the film, when the ghost entered mia and she was about to kill her friend, both screamed ahhhhhhhhhhh………………………
Becoz a shawl which was hanging on cloth line flew and fell over them, since the room was dark they were not able to see the shawl properly. Suddenly there was knock on their room door. Both closed composed themselves and gathered courage and opened the door. One girl was standing wearing face pack and she was asking for water. Swarag were now scared more after watching the film and screamed ah……….. ghost……… god save me……………………………………………………………. Swarag were hugging each other.

The girl standing at the door to was scared hearing swarag talks and she too screamed ah……………………
And hugged swarag .
Girls in other room, came rushing towards swarag room and switched on the room light and saw the girls position and pulled them apart. Swara was closing her eyes and kicked the girl who was holding her. Ragini was biting the girl who was holding her. And others now pulled swara and ragini. Finally both opened their eyes and saw the scenario. All the girls were looking angry at them and asked what happen?? Why are you shouting???
Both were gazing each other took deep breath and told the incident and scolded the girl for wearing face pack. Then all girls moved to their respective rooms.

Swara and ragini was angry on the girl who was wearing face pack since she scared them.
Now it was almost 3.00 am , swara and ragini went towards nissi room( face pack girl) and banged her room door several times and ran fast towards their room and fell on the bed laughing whole heartedly holding their stomach. There nissi was shouting and locked her room door. Again swara and rags went infront of her room drew a floral art the painted them with red colour and lit few candles and placed few lemons filled with kumkum. It was exactly looking like black magic. They banged nissi room door and ran again. This time nissi opened her door and was shocked and she screamed her throat……………………………………………………………

All girls came in front of her room & saw the scenario and one girl said omg black magic can kill a person, if we are helping her, it will affect us also. So I’m leaving. Like this all went and swarag were dancing watching nissi expression. Swara said, nissi be careful becoz I have heard about these things, pray to lord jesus he will help you and stop singing okay…
Nissi was shocked and she doesn’t know what to do and she said ok and started praying god.
Sunday – swarag got up had their breakfast got ready and was waiting for sanlak.
As they planned four spent the day in blast manner. In between swalak made nok joks in game point and hotel..
Days passed, and practicals exam was nearing. Swalak were hell afraid of this. Ragsan helped swalak in studies in between swasan and raglak had few spl. Moments….
Today was practical exam, swalak were afraid and ragsan were cool and wished all the best and entered the hall..

Swara was praying to god that she should get easy experiment but her bad luck she got the difficult one and same was lucky condition. Both were signaling through eyes and shedding fake tears.
Some how both managed and swara saw lab assistant for help, thank god good anna/bhai came who will help students. She went to lab assistant to take readings in spectrophotometer. All her readings were negative swara was feeling worried was in verge of crying. And she said anna/bhai results should not come like this!!!!!! Anna said you know the range right,tell me the range I will give you readings. She happily said it should be around 300 – 800 nm range. With her help anna/ lab assistant gave her set of readings and she thanked him and left saying give similar readings to my friend also his name is laksh.

Then laksh went and copied the readings both were happy and finished practical’s and here ragsan gave awesome performance. Practical exam time got over and swasan raglak went to canteen had their lunch and discussed about spotters, viva questions and other stuffs.
Ragini started tomorrow is ICM (intra college meet) I am excited and lets enjoy to core tomorrow. Their plan was to meet in auditorium gallery and bid bye…
It was around 9.30 am still swara and ragini did not come and sanlak were waiting for them. All of sudden sanlak gave amazed expression with open mouth and wide eyes. They were shocked seeing swarags. They were wearing beautiful saree and looking gorgeous. Swara and rags teased sanlak asked them to close their mouth or else mosquito will enter inside. Sanslak gulped and closed their mouth and were still in shock looking them perfect in saree. Then all four went to gallery dance competition started, swara and ragini started to whistle and dance.. sanlak were shocked and embarrassed being boys they did not even do this. Soon swarags compelled them and all four started their masti. But few persons from other college were teasing swarags, so sanslak took them to other competition and whole day they had masti.
Took many selfies and enjoyed their moments………

It was Monday the worst day for students, all came to college with sad face.
First hour was miss. Usha’s tissue engineering class, she has huge elephant ears with crooked pointed teeth so she cant close her mouth easily and in between she will spray her saliva too. So our fantastic four( swasan raglak) kept her name as elephant ears / utcha (usha). She likes swara becoz she thinks her as calm and obedient girl and knows about ragini, laksh and sanskar as naughty ones in class. She has given punishment to these naughty ones to sit in front row in her period alone. So fantastic four were seated in front row along with sai and nancy. Usually swara and ragini has the habit of laughing for simple things. Swara use to laugh when someone misspells a word/ vocabulary.

Mis.Usha started taking class about tissue eng. But in between she mispelt tissue as (tiju)this was enough for these four all started laughing and they were holding their mouth to control them. Somehow she saw swasan raglak laughing and asked what’s there to laugh. Mis. Usha started her purana(advice) and continued why are you spoiling swara also, she is the good in this class and said you have mutated her( mutation – acquiring new character in biology). From then mis.Usha was renamed as mutation.
The best comedy was while talking she sprayed saliva on sai and whole class was laughing at sai. usha mam left the class as the bell rang.

Whole class was laughing at sai since she got saliva archana(blessings) from miss.usha.
Now it was final year and exams arrived all were busy in studying. Swasan raglak made group studies and whole class was jealousy on their friendship.
Final exams started, swara and sanskar were next to each other in attendance order but laksh and ragini were separated. In theory swarags were topper but lucky was weak and sanskar was average student. Lalitah was next to laksh and she never helped him. So for multiple choice questions he will ask help from swara. They had code word for answers if A she would touch her forehead, B – nose, C- lips, d- chin. So with help of swara lucky would pass in MCQ and attend few long answers. Here if swara and sanskar had doubt they will clear them by signaling or by writing in question papers and exchange them. Our rags is always topper so no problem. Exams too got over.
Last day, the day fantastic never expected arrived their farewell day. They planned not to kill the day by crying but they were unable to control their feelings and they cried and relished their three years memories.

They shared group hug and took promise that they will be in touch with other and if they are destined they would be together in future. But four had different feeling in them and was crying hugging each other. Sanlak gave chocolates to their respective girls and stopped their crying and promised them when they get job and have self-confidence to face the world they would come to their house and ask for their hands. Swarags were happy and proud of them.

5 years passed, now sanlak were industrialist and they married swarags and lead happy life………….

This os is based on college life, so no update about their future only their happy days in college….

I dedicate this os for my darling’s choco nive and adorable anu   

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      thnk u so much ashnoor 😀


    its not fair dr… u gv me shocking surprise… Ha ha ha… navi its totally funny…lol.. andha usha mam unga mam eh… 😉 🙂 idhu fulla college days tha… I remembered my coll days… i enjoyed fully… usha mam mari tha enga DS mam, she always used to say why you girls are spoiling eli… ava samathu ponnu… he he he… 😀 😀

    1. Scooby

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        ha ha navi un cmnt pathutu unakku epdi en peru eli nu therinchudhu yosikurean… lol… then only realised I mentioned in my cmnt… ama dr… not only in coll everyone used to call me eli oly… in home, schl, coll, frnds home…. yarachum name ketta kuda na eli nu solluveana pathuko… ha ha ha… that’s my pet name… andha tissue tiju nu vandhuchea appovea na kandupidicheatean nee tha andha prank la panneanu… he he he… 😀 😀 yep I loved ur surprise, idhu sema shocking surprise… ty 🙂 🙂

    2. Scooby

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        enakkea therila from childhood every one used to call me eli only… even I too asked all… reply ena theriuma bz nee eli adha eli nu kupdrom nu sollitanga… 😀 😀

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      Yup dr i did all the things.. pls dont get heart stroke.. breath nicely.. nw r u ok…


        ha ha ha… anu before reading navi comment u should call ur doctor …. thats better… she is ‘thala’ in her college… I mean Don/gang leader/gangster… correct eh thala(navi)… 😛 😛

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      hahehhe nive is mahathala…
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      No my dr ur not brutus ur my sweet frnd whom i like to tease and love to core ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
      Stop crying babe…. and stupid y dont u be careful??? Left hand fracture.. where d hel ws ur concentration i dnt knw??? Were ur planning to do somersault??? See d scenario nw.. cnt even do anythng nw.. wts diz anu dr.. tell ur frnds to take cre of my delicate friend or else i will kill them.. whn is ur fest dr?? U hav been practising for that dat so much.. and dont need to reply for my msg.. tc cre if ur health anu dr 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 im sad becz of ur carelessness…


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  7. Anu_M

    Thank u for dedicating it to me.. You are my really special friend and I wanna talk to nive also.. Can I? Because have started loving Tamils since I met you.. ??


      HI anu, I’m here oly dr… bz of navi u started to love Tamil… I’m glad, I’m also from TN oly… 🙂 🙂

      1. Anu_M

        I love every part of India but I starton loving TN and chennai since I went to vango.. That’s a great incident and now navi.. Just now I toh need to leave .. I’ll tell you all late what happened at vango..

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      elikutty is my nickname dear… 😀 😀

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        Yup yup.. I understood that you are innocent.. Innocent drama queen.. Leave it , leave it, leave it.. Aap ko maarne se pehle, I’ll only die.. ??


      Indha deal enakku romba pidichirukku… ;P 😀 😀

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