Collateral Damage (Episode 3)

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed”

“Maa, please tell dad that I have left for the institute. Toady new students are coming and I am student coordinator so I have to reach there early” saying this Ragini Gadodia left for music institute.

She was ecstatic to get this responsibility. Student coordinator were generally selected from final year students, but this year authorities had decided to give this responsibility to Ragini as she was an exceptional student as well as very well behaved and helpful person. She had been there for only one year but in such a short timespan she was able to impress her teachers and authorities alike. While her teachers were astonished with her knowledge of notes and beats, the authorities were impressed with her helpful and polite nature. Nobody had ever saw Ragini losing her temper.

Both her parents were influential people. Being the daughter of one of India’s biggest businessman, and most regarded musician, there was nothing that Ragini Gadodia could not get if she desires but she wanted to prove her mettle in the music field with her talent instead of using her identity and make her ma-papa proud so she had decided to hide her identity.

Her Shomi Ma was a reputed musician before leaving her career to be his father’s wife as her papa wanted her to focus on Ragini. Sharmistha also wanted to give Ragini a mother’s love and affection, so she had accepted it readily. It was Sharmistha’s influence that Ragini got attracted towards music. She had inherited her love for music from her Shomi Ma.

In the early days of her marriage, Sharmistha used to practice violin daily and little Ragini used to get enchanted hearing her mother play melodious tunes. All this was very new to that little doll. Her real mother did not have much interest in music, though she used to sing sometimes, but these kinds of scenes were not common in Gadodia house.

Ragini still remembers that incident, which had introduced her to music, as if it happened yesterday. Sharmistha had been at Gadodia house for 6 months now. She used to practice violin daily in the morning and Ragini used to listen her ma being her sole audience from outside of her practice room. One day, Sharmistha was playing the violin and Ragini was listening being her loyal audience, but sudden call on the landline phone made her leave her practice midway. In the process, she forgot to lock the door of her music room. When she came back after attending the call what she saw in front of her had left her terrified “From the outside, it was looking as if the instrument was about to fall on 5-year-old Ragini.” Sharmistha had immediately taken her in a bone crushing hug throwing the Violin away from her. The mere thought of his princess getting hurt was terrorizing for her, but this sudden act of Sharmistha had left Ragini startled which had resulted in Ragini crying hysterically in Sharmistha’s arms. After a lot of consoling when Sharmistha had asked what Ragini was doing here as she might have gotten hurt by the instrument, Ragini had told her in a choked voice that she was trying to play as she plays. Sharmistha then realized that Ragini was attracted towards music. Sharmistha was thrilled to know this and she had decided to teach Ragini music. That was the first time when Sharmistha had made Ragini sit on her lap and made her play her life’s first tune. It had followed by many such sessions which had brought both mother and daughter closer and created the passion for music in Ragini. Sharmistha was her first teacher and she wanted to make her Shomi ma proud.

“Get up Shona, do you want to get late on the first day of your beloved course? Get up, you silly girl, it’s already 10:30. I don’t have any problem if you don’t want to go as you know I don’t like you learning these silly things. If you will not get up in the next 10 seconds I am going to call them saying that my Shona is not interested in this course of yours. 10.. 9.. 8.. 7….” Shobha Bose chided her granddaughter. But before the count could reach 1 Shona woke up murmuring “Dida, you are very bad you always blackmail me to get up.” “So what should I do Kumbhakar? if I won’t blackmail you will not get up at all.” Shobha Bose retorted back. “But Dida, it’s 8:30 only. You again cheated me ” Shona whined. “So what you want me to do. If I’ll let you sleep till 10 then you will leave without having your food. You know that I can’t take the risk with your health. You don’t eat anything healthy in college, all day junk food, that’s the reason you are so small like a dwarf. Now go and get ready and come downstairs in 30 minutes. I have made your favorite pasta. If you get late even for one minute you will not get any pasta and then you have to eat veggies.” threatening her Shobha Bose left the room. She knew now Shona would get ready in 15 minutes only as she loves pasta a lot. This was the daily routine in Bose house.

Her love for pasta always reminds her of him, he used to love pasta like crazies. He would do anything to get pasta made of her hands and she would blackmail him using “No Pasta” threat. Whenever he used to visit her in those days, He used to say “When she will come she will also love pasta just like me” she used to laugh hearing his plans and wishes for her. “You have decided her habits even. Have you left anything that you haven’t planned for her? I am pretty sure that you have decided her school, college, even her graduation course as well, ” she used to tease him and he used to get angry. “She is same like he dreamt her off. Small, cute, intelligent, bubbly, extremely pure and innocent, who can fill light in the darkest of hearts. His little angel”, she mused. He had vowed to be her hero and save her from this big bad world. And now when he had left her alone Shobha Bose was not sure whom to trust for the security of this precious piece of him. He should not have wished for this pure angel instead of he should have wished for a cunning warrior who could give back what she receives in multi folds. But this was not his fault as he had never thought that he had to leave his precious alone, He had thought that he would always be by her side protecting, teaching, cherishing her, thought Shobha Bose. Little did she know “It’s time that teaches us everything and god, though God had snatched everything from her had given her biggest gift of courage and compassion”. His precious was too precious to the God too.

“Dida, See, I am ready before 30 minutes, now give me my white sauce pasta,” Swara chirped coming downstairs. “But who said I have prepared Alfredo sauce pasta, I have prepared my favorite red sauce pasta” Shobha teased her knowing well it would irk her. “Dida this is cheating you said you have prepared my favorite pasta. You have cheated me twice today this is not fair. We had decided that you can cheat me only once a day. I will complain about you. You are getting naughty day by day” whined Swara thinking she would not get her favorite pasta for which she had got up so early. “Whom will you complain about me, Shona” Shobha riled her. “Pa… My teacher in music institute or if they will not listen I’ll complain to the police,” Swara said wiping her lone tear. She was about to use a word which she had no right to use. Taking control over her emotion she came back to her chirpy, childish self. Shobha though heard the word, let go of it as she did not want to make the atmosphere heavy on her first day of music college. She said, “Don’t whine Swara, I have made your favorite pasta only, now eat it and go, you will get late otherwise.” After getting her favorite Pasta Swara ate it cheerfully and left in her favorite Ladybird which she had won in a quiz competition in her school years ago. Though Shobha had warned her against using the cycle, but for Swara, it was her favorite mode of transportation. She had told Dida that she will use it till she didn’t earn enough money to purchase a car for her Dida.

Laughing at the innocent wishes of his precious Shobha Bose couldn’t help but curse the destiny which had left them at this spot where his precious little had to think this way. His precious had been negated from everything still she was happy with everything she didn’t have, innocently thinking that everyone in this world would be fair to her, none will cheat her twice while promising to do that once, even her enemies will play fair. How would she make this innocent angel understand that the world is anything but fair? Shobha Bose sighed, thinking.

Coming out of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport Sanskar Maheshwari took a deep breath, inhaling the essence of the city which was once his home. Kolkata is the city which has made him what he is today. It’s the same place

where he had got her, and lost her,

where he learned to love and to hate,

where he created himself and got destroyed,

where he had kissed her, and burned her,

where he had been cherished and scorned.

Where he learned betrayal and loyalty.

Where he saw dreams and met nightmares.

Where he saw the innocence of life and the facades of it.

Outside of the airport, his PA cum confidant Josh Williams was waiting for him. Josh was already in India weeks before Sanskar’s arrival as Sanskar wanted to make sure that deal with Mehras get finalized with his terms and conditions without any glitch as this deal was extremely important for his mission as well as business. To say that Josh is his most trusted employees would be an understatement, He is more of a brother than just a friend/confidant/employee to him. He had met Josh when he was doing his masters at the University of Pennsylvania. They have been friends for 13 years now. When Sanskar went back to the USA after losing his everything in India it was Josh who had supported him, given him shelter and a hope to rebuild his life. When Sanskar had started Karma, Josh was the first person whom he had recruited. In certain terms, Karma was as much of Sanskar’s as of Josh’s. Josh had been Sanskar’s biggest support throughout his journey. He had seen Sanskar as a cheerful Sunny as well as monster Sanskar Maheshwari. He knew all the virtues and vices of his best friend cum brother.

His private jet had landed at the airport at 9:00 ‘O’ Clock two hours late from its scheduled landing time due to turbulent weather. His meeting with Mehras for acquisition deal was scheduled at 10 o clock at Mehra Tower, which was around 50 Km from the airport. This meeting was extremely important as today they were going to finalize the settlement method, Sanskar wanted this deal in all cash transactions while Mehra wanted to be paid in stocks. So, he had decided to go to the meeting directly against the original plan of checking in the hotel first.

Settling himself down on his favorite Aston Martin One 77 (There are only 77 such cars) he was thinking about her again. He had bought this car because she had always dreamt of it, an Aston Martin to be precise. She was a big fan of Aston Martin cars and always wanted to own one. When Sanskar reached to the position where he could afford anything that he wishes for, he had decided to settle for one of the rarest Aston Martin. He had been thrilled to think what might have been her reaction seeing the car had she been there. This car and a thousand other things that he had bought or owned were just for her.

They were rushing on the roads of Kolkata when something struck Josh and he asked SM “You were in IIM Kolkata before joining the Wharton for your MBA?” “Yes, I was the youngest gold medalist there and I met her there only” Sanskar replied reminiscing the golden time of his life. “You used to say it was extremely difficult to get admission there, let alone be a gold medalist so when you got the top spot in Wharton you were not much excited?” asked Josh again. “Yes, it’s damn difficult first you have to pass through their admission test securing a position among first one percent out of two hundred thousand odd applicants then you have to go through their grueling interviewing procedure to get a seat in any of the three oldest IIMs. You know, the girls were like magical creatures there because in each class you will not get more than 10 girls. She was one of those scarce species called beauty with brain, she was not only the most beautiful girl out there but also most intelligent as she was the only girl who had scored 100 percentiles in admission test as well as was a silver medalist” informed Sanskar. “But Sanskar, today when I was reading the newspaper I come to know that this year’s gold medalist is a girl,” he said doubtfully. “Nice to hear this Josh, she must be extremely dedicated and hardworking lady having extensive knowledge of the industry, I would love to work with her at some point in time,” Sanskar said cutting Josh in the middle. “No Sanskar, she is anything but a lady she is a 20 something. She wouldn’t be owning a license to drive when she might have taken the admission there as you have told me the required age to get a license is 18 here. Seems like your coveted college is less difficult to crack now” Josh joked. “You Dog, you are making a joke of me telling all this right? But let me tell you Mr. Josh Williams IIM is one of the most difficult colleges if not the most difficult. That girl must be extremely gifted, that’s w……… oh, what the hell Josh, I know it’s difficult to drive in India, but still you must have learned to drive now as you are living here for last one month. Why you stopped the car suddenly what happened, If I got late because you then I’ll see you at the home” Sanskar threatened Josh clenching his teeth. “Stop barking at me, you fool, it’s not my fault something came in front of the car, let me go and check who wants to die today” Josh shot back. “Go and check, we are getting late,” said Sanskar irritatingly.

Josh came out of the car and saw a girl lying in the road with her bicycle over her, crying “Dida, I got hurt, it’s paining me.” Josh went to her and made her stand, then only he saw her properly, she was wearing a pink tank top with blue hot pants looking more like a kid than a lady and her height was also very small. “Hey kiddo, what are you doing on the road, get off here, it’s not a playground to play. It’s a road” Josh chided her. “Oh, Hello, I am not a kiddo, my name is Shona and I was not even playing here. You hurt me and now you are scolding me. I will complain to Dida and then she will send you to the police. So, if you don’t want to go to jail, then say sorry to me” threatened Swara for being called a kid. With her big doe-like angry eyes and baby pink pouting lips. She was looking extremely adorable. Josh mentally chuckled, seeing this kid’s antics and said, feigning a straight face “Oh, so you are not playing then who drives in the wrong lane. Did you want to kill yourself? And how were you talking to me, I am almost double your age still you were trying to threaten me while doing mistake yourself. Didn’t your parents teach you how to talk to the elders? Go away from here before I run the car over you Little girl.” By the time SM also came out of the car seeing the drama not ending anytime soon that is when he saw the cutest creation of God arguing with his best friend which boiled his blood as he never allows anyone disrespecting him or his friend. “I am not a Kid I am an adult, and I don’t need parents I have my Dida, I will complain to Dida that you are very bad and she will give you both to police,” said Swara in choked voice, she was frightened with his threat but didn’t want to give in. “Don’t create a scene here, I know people like you who do this kind of drama daily for some money. It’s not your fault, it’s your parents who should be blamed who had given birth to such a filthy creature like you. I am getting late, so take this and get lost before I lose my temper” SM yelled losing his temper on her silly talk. He threw money on her face going back to his car leaving that innocent soul shattered behind. His words stabbed her innocent heart of that kid which are already hurt by his friend’s words, nobody had ever behaved this way with her. “You are very bad. I am not rich that’s why you are saying this to me na, one day when I’ll become rich I will not talk to you”, sobbing, she took her cycle and ran away from there not even bothering to look back once.

“What was that Sanskar, how can you behave this way with her? She was a kid. She was not doing any drama. You scared the shit out of the poor girl. She was crying so badly because of your behavior. I know you are not a good man and I have accepted this fact, but that was too much. I had already said enough to her unknowingly what was the need of saying those words to her. You made her feel like a dirt. Poor girl, she didn’t have her parents already and your words must have been so humiliating to her” blasted Josh coming inside the car.

“I am sorry, Josh but that girl pissed me off. You were saying all this for her safety, but what she was doing, she was threatening you with her Dida’s name as if you were a child. I know I lost my cool and she was extremely young, but didn’t you see her antics she was behaving like a 5-year-old. She must be crazy no one in sane mind behaves this way that’s why I shooed her off. She was not listening to you when you were trying to make her understand that she should not drive in the wrong lane, but now after getting this scolding she will drive properly and will reach her destination safely. You should thank me that I made that dumb girl understand it. And about my words she was extremely disrespectful towards you and you know I don’t let anyone get away who disrespects us, you should thank God that she got just this much punishment. Had she been someone else I would have killed her. She deserved way more than what she got” Sanskar said in a venomous tone. Josh knew that how angry Sanskar can get at times, but his anger was very short lived.

“It’s OK Sanskar now calm down, she was not what you are thinking of her. In fact, she was very cute, haven’t you saw her? With her pouting lips and frowning face, she was looking like an adorable baby. It was so difficult for me to control my laughter hearing her cute complains. I was riling her to make her angry because she was looking cute with that frowning face of hers. Did you saw even after you scolded her so much she was just saying that she won’t talk to you? haha,” Josh said smilingly cooling Sanskar down.

“Yes, you are right, she was just like a kitten too frightened of me and too fierce for you, My Kitten, I would have loved to be with her, had she behaved well ” Sanskar said absent-mindedly thinking of the fur ball wrapped in pink clothes who had grabbed his fingers possessively when he had held her for the first. Her father had committed her to him asking him to protect her always when he was 13 years old and she was only a day old. He had promised her father that he would protect her always. He was not able to understand why this girl reminded him of his promise which he had given to the person whom he respected the most. But what Sanskar said left Josh shocked and he yelled: “No you won’t even think about it Sanskar, she is too young to get into your bed, you got that, SHE IS A KID, you WILL NOT think anything inappropriate about her. Got that.” This brought Sanskar back to earth and he got angry listening Josh’s words and yelled. “Do you think of me as a pervert, Josh. I sleep with girls who love to sleep with me. I don’t even seduce anyone to sleep with me. I have genuinely tried to have a steady relationship. Though I know I can’t love anyone other than her, but I am a practical person I know that I can never get her no matter how hard I try. So, after coming out of my trauma and making sure that they get punished I decided to move on and started dating. I wanted a steady relationship based on respect and friendship. But it never worked out as those girls either wanted love or casual flings they were not ready for a long-term relationship without love and I had no love to give. The guilt of her blood on my hands never let me sleep peacefully. I must get her justice so that I can make peace with my past. She was my universe my existence used to revolve around her there is no way I can get peace without making peace with my past. What were you saying that I might want her on my bed? But let me tell you Josh, I was not even thinking about that girl when you were telling me about her. I was thinking about an old promise because somehow she reminded me of that promise which I had given to my mentor to protect his daughter. She was just one day old when he asked me to protect his daughter. My mentor and his daughter died 20 years back when his daughter was not even 1 month old. If she would have been alive, she would have been this girl’s age. She would have been living with me after his death. She would have been so adorable like her father, I would have protected her, make her laugh. I don’t know what kind of relationship I would have liked to share with her, but she would have been my responsibly” Sanskar said with a possessive glint in his eyes, which he hadn’t seen even when she was alive 10 years back which shook Josh to the core. “But you would have never loved her?” Josh asked suspiciously. ‘No, Hadn’t I told you I have no love for anyone other than her. And why are you such hypothetical questions as she is no more and even if she would have been alive, she would have been way younger than me” said Sanskar clearing his point of view. Josh felt good after knowing that he is ready to move on in his life. And they left for their destination with the hope that Sanskar will get his happy ending after this chaos.

After crying for half an hour over their comments and then consoling herself half an hour that they must have been pissed for some other reason that’s why they lost their cool and said those harsh words she left for her institute. Today was a bad day for her first, her Dida then those stupid idiots, now God knows what she must have to see in the institute.

Ragini Gadodia was giving instructions to new students regarding their classes and rules when her eyes fall on a cute girl who had come to the institute wearing hot pant and tank top looking totally different from others She must have been at least 4-5 years younger to her looking like a cute doll. She was struggling among the bunch of students to get her attention. Before Ragini could ask anything from her, she started blabbering, “Hi, my name is Shona, and I have joined violin classes here, Am I late for the class? Are you also a student? Will they scowl the latecomers? I already got scolded 3 times till now, first my Dida, then that driver and then his friend everyone is scolding me today. Are you a teacher? Will you let me in? What is your name? Why are you not replying?” hearing her continues blabber Ragini couldn’t control herself and burst out laughing which made the girl very angry and she said “Why are you laughing am I looking funny to you?” Ragini after controlling somehow after seeing her cute angry face replied, “Please calm down Baby, how many questions you will ask in a go? Let me reply one by one. First question’s answer, no, you are not late. Second, yes, I am also a student, but I am a regular student. Third no they will not scold today, but if you will come late daily them they will scold you. Fourth, no, I am not a teacher, I am a student coordinator so if you have any problem you can come to me. Fifth, you are inside, already. Sixth, my name is Ragini Ga…. Roy. Seventh, I was not replying because you were not letting me reply.” Hearing her answers Swara also started realizing her silliness now both were laughing like hell. For Swara, it was not a new thing, but Ragini it was totally a new experience as in her Dadi’s eyes it was indecent to laugh out loud. If her Dadi would have seen her laughing openly, she would have sent to some grooming center. After laughing for half an hour on their silliness both hugged each-other and Swara declared that she will call Ragini, Gini DI. Same way Ragini declared that she will call Swara, as Shona short form of Shona Baby.
I have no idea how I am writing please, guys. don’t forget to give feedback it’s really important. I never ask for comments or votes but few honest feedbacks are all I need to keep going. you don’t need to praise if you don’t like this story. I will be happy if you can point out mistakes or loopholes. please do tell me so that I can improve it. I hope me and my story deserves it. I don’t support plagiarism so Please don’t post this work on any other site, It hurts the writer.

And if you feel You have seen my work somewhere else or it is similar to someone’s work then please please please do inform me. PLAGIARISM IS STRICTLY NOT ACCEPTED. NEITHER FROM ME NOR FROM ANYONE ELSE. This is my original work and I am working really hard to write this So if I feel my work has been stolen or It’s similar to someone else’s work then I will stop writing. I respect writer and want same respect for my work.

Ref: quote used as the first line of the chapter is said by “Carl Gustav Jung”

Thank you

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