Coincidence (swasan OS) by Zaimal


“today first time i will go to gaddodia mention…don’t know,i will be able to handle my anger.”sanskar said,keeping hand on his mother’s hand.
“no one gets anything from revenge sanskar…”she said in weak tone.
“i am not generous like you mom…who can forgive his son’s murderers.”sanskar said in serious tone,gets up and walks out.sujata sighed heavily and lays back,feeling pain in back.
“i am going out of city..take care a good care of mom”
“yes sir…when will you return?”
sanskar looks at her,she was caretaker of this house bedore he was born therefore she was asking this question with ao much confidence.
“two to three weeks..maybe less”sanskar said with smile.women nodded.


“celeberations….”sanskar smirked,seeing whole house decorated.
“mr.maheswari…”someone called him.sanskar looks at his direction and smiles seeing ram and walks toward him.
“hello mr.gaddodia….i thought its was going to be business party”sanskar said shaking hand with him.
“what can i do?…when i returned from america yesterday,shekhar told me that its engagement tomorrow and i got busy in preperation but nevermind you can attened engagemnet also.”ram said,offering him drink.
“we can start project work from tommorrow”sanskar said,taking drink from him.
“you don’t need to come here again…we will come Mumbai….this town is bit far from Mumbai”
“no need of that…our hotel project is here therefore i am going stay here to analyse this beautiful place”sanskar looks around.
“that’s great..”
“bhai sahab…let’s start the ceremony”shelhar said coming there.ram nodded and trio goes inside.sanskar looks at house and clentched his fist,seeing happiness all around.
Sanskar looks at the couple and lines formed on his forehead.
“bride is looking happy…”he thought while taking sip of his drink.he looks at her face deeply and something flashed through his brain.

Sanskar was sitting on couch when door gets open and a girl stepped in.sanskar looks at her and gers.
“i was waiting for you..”sanskar said walking toward her.girls bend back a little,looks at room number then again looks at him.
“mine?..”girl was sounding confused and looks at him from top to bottom.
“what type of gift is this…”girl muttered to herself but her mind went blank when sanskar clentched her both arms harshly.
“i am sick from sl*ts like you…don’t you feel dirty from yourself after doing this….how the hell you face yourself after doing this just for one sign.”sanskar said in aich harsh tone that girl’s heart throbbed in her chest.
“why the hell you become professional one….”sanskar said shaking her harshly.
“can i do one call?…”girl said,trying to control her tears.
“drama…”sanskar muttered and pushed her back.
“come in room number 90A…now”girl said and cut call,she looks at sanskar then looks away and one drop fell from her eyes.sanskar breath hitched a little.
“swara what are you doing here?.”sahil asked confusingly after coming there in 5 minutes.swara gives him tight slap.
“if you didn’t want to give me gift then would have said it.what’s the need to made me insult like this”swara said in hurt tone.
“ouch!..”sahil muttered while rubbing his cheek.
“i have heard who cries on birthday they cry whole year therefore i am not crying otherwise i would have filled one bucket”
A smile comes on sanskar’s lips unknowingly.
“you didn’t like the gift?..”sahil asked confusingly.
“this gift?..”swara points at sanskar.
“have you lost your mind today….first i told you to go room no.19A and you are here.second you think i will give you a man in gift”sahil said and slapped on her head.
“which number?..”swara asked with narrowed eyes.
“19A..”sahil said loudly.swara goes,open the door and again looks at number then comes back again and looks at sanskar angrily.
“sahil you go and i am coming..”swara said crossing her arms,while looking at samskar with narrowed eyes.sahil shrugged and leaves.
“whatever you said to me that was not for me right?…”swara asked throwing daggers at him.sanskar rubs his forehead.
“i am sorry..”
swara picks up water jug and throw it on him.
“i deserved that…”sanskar thought in brain,moves both hands on face and looks at her.
“you spoiled my birthday…”swara said putting back the jug on table with bang,turned and left.

Flashback Ends

“birthday girl…”sanskar chuckled,put glass on table and looks at the flowee vase which was mept on center of table and takes out one flowee from it and walks toward them.
He congratulated the bride and looks at swara when boy got busy with another person.
“congratulations…”sanksar gives her flower.swara looks at him for a minute then smiles as she had recognised him.
“thank you..”
Don’t know what came in his mind,he took his hand and kissed on her kunucles.swara looks at him both shares a short eyelock but swara pulls her hand back and looks at her mother.
“i think we should exchange rings now..”shomi said
swara turned toward them.sanskar turned back with smile and walks back to his table.He noticed a dark shadow passed from swara’a face when her fiance said something in her ear.


“mom..have you took your medicines”
“yes i have…”shomi said inner usual weak tone.her yound son sudden death had made her so weak that many diseases had attacked her all second som was on revenge path whoch made her more weak.
“i didn’t ask to come India for revenge sanskar…”she said after a pause.
“mom we had discussed it many times already…i want to this house smashed then my brother’s soul will be in peace”sanskar goes to window and looks at the house.
“we always loose something precious while taking revenge…i don’t have strength to loose another son”
“mom…”he was going to say something when his sight fell on swara with some boy.he looks at his wrist watch then looks down again.
“mom i will call later…”sanskar cuts call and looks down at seemed they were fighting.
Swara shows the boy her engagement ring,he tried to homd her arms but she jerks his hand,turned and walks inside.
“i was right…love triangle.”sanskar said and thinks about something.


“good morning…”
Swara stopped walking, turned back and saw sanskar.
“morning…”she said and again continue her walk.sanskar takes one long steps and matches her steps.
“where are you going alone?…”
“there is very old temple in this forest…someone told me every wish comes true there.”
“scared from marriage…”sanskar said in meaningful tone.swara looks at him.
“its very common…girls get scare from new life”sanskar said,without looking at her.
“i used to thought,businessman’s morning doesn’t happen so early…you always woke up so early!”swara asked with smile.
“i am habitual of getting up early..i was going for jogging and saw you going”
“is it just a coincedance or you are spying on me..”
“what do you think?..”sanskar said,climbs a little higher place and offers her hand.
“i think its second one…you are keeping eye on my movements.
“if you are thinking you can use me to take your revenge then i am sorry….apart from my and my family problems i am not this much cold blooded who will help a stranger to ruin them””swara said holding his hand.sanskar stares down at her while holding her hand,swara stares back at him with smile.
she tights her grip on his hand and climbs up and stands in front of him.
“thanks for the help…my temple came and yeah i am sorry about your brother but my sister also died with him…”swara said,looking in his eyes directly,frees her hand and walks toward temple.
Sanskar smiles and looks at her back but his smile vainshed seeing the fogy place.sanskar walks forward to see the place while remembering his sentence.
“sanskar!…i can’t tell you,it was so beautiful place and i saw a fairy…she was praying something while white fog was embracing her…i lose my heart yaar”
One fairy was in front of sanskar also,praying for something very badly and white fog was embracing as hugging her to pacify her.
“i also lose my heart bhai…”sanskar muttered,staring at swara with new feelings in his heart.
Swara completes her prayer and comes out.
“you don’t want pray?…”swara asked,seeing him standing there,lost in thought.
“i don’t think he will give me what i want now…”sanskar said with sad smile.
“God gives us those things which is good for us…its just we want more and more”swara said in simple tone and walks out but stopped not seeing sanskar with her.
“you are not coming?..”swara asked while turning back toward him.
“help yourself while climbing down…”sanskar said with smile.swara chuckled and nodded.sanskar smiles at his faith.

“sahil tomorrow is marriage day..what the hell are you doing?”swara said hardly controlling her pitch.
“i am trying…trying….do you think i am sitting calmly”sahil said clentching his hair.swara closed her eyes and two tears fell down.
“hey!…don’t cry…this marriage will not happen.i will do something before marriage.i promise”sahil said while holding her face.
“let’s get marry..then he will not be able to do anything”swara said after some pause.
“are you out of your mind…you are like my sister”
“i didn’t told you to make me your sister..”swara removed his hand jerk.
“you know sahil better than this i would have done it….i would have been for one night but now whole life is spoiled”
“swara!….”sahil shouted but she runs from there.
swara goes to a near by park and sits on bench sadly,tears were ready to flow down with full speed when sanskar sit at another cirner of bench,keeping two people place between them.
“still spying on me..”swara looks at him then looks forward and wipes the tears from corner of her eyes.
“i came here for shopping and saw you sitting here”sanskar said in normal one.a smile touched swara’s lips.
“do you want to know my sandal’s number…”swara said while looking at his side.sanskar chuckled lightly.
“i want you to meet someone…..can you come?”
Swara stares at him then nodded.

Maheswari mention

“why you made me meet your mother?”swara asked when he opened car’s door for her.
“i don’t know…”sanskar said honestly.
“tommorrow is my marriage….”swara made him remember something bitter.
“i know it…sit inside”sanskar said in his same composed tone.swara silently sit inside and sanskar closes the door,walks around the car and sit behind wheek himself.
Whole journey passed in silence,sanskar stopped car in front of shopping mall.both were sitting silently,neither sanskar stepped down nor swara.
“why don’t you leave your brother’s matter on God…he do justice in better way.”swara said breaking the silence.
“but it just an advise..taking it or not is your choice”swara said and opened the door to step down but sanskar’s sentence stopped her.
“have you left your matter on God?…”
swara was feeling heated gaze at her but didn’t turn to look at him.
“i am praying to God to help me…”swara said,stepped down,close the door and walks inside mall without turning back.
Sanskar wanted to ask,either she wants any help but the question “why will she trust him?” kept him silent.he starts the car and drove off.


Marriage day

Swara was getting ready with emotionless face when her phone started ringing.she looks at screen.”unknown number”
she ignores it and picks up ear-rings to again ringed.she picks it up and put it on ear.
“look like God didn’t listen your prayers.”sanskar said,there was no taunt in it but pain was covered perfectly.
“how did you get my number?…”swara asked from him instead of giving him answer.
“the way you found out i am lucky’s brother”
“lakshya had sent his family photograph to ragini di…with a coincidence i had seen that”
A smile touched sanskar’s lips when she used ‘coincidence’
“i am taking mom to New York for treatment…”sanskar said after a pause.
“why are you telling me?….”swara asked in deep voice.
“if i asked,come with me then what would you do?”sanskar asked instead of answering her.
“then i will think you still want revenge from my family…”swara said giggling.sanskar chuckled at her answer.
“are you coming today?…”
“bye…”sanskar said and cut the call.swara removes mobile from ear and looks at ended call,one drop fell on screen.
She hears some foot steps and wipes her lonely tears, gets up,turned and looks at her father.
“i didn’t so anything papa…”swara said,trying for last time to prove her innocence.
“i am joining hand in front of you,do this marriage and leave from our lives..someone had said right,daughter beings disgrace to ran away with other cast boy and second…”shekhar jerks his head away from swara,feeling disgusted from her.
“why don’t you just kill me like chachu killed ragini di… would have been better than this marriage”
“i would have killed with my own hands but i am helpless…..but from today you are dead for us…never show your face again to us”shekhar said in harshed tone,turned and left.
Swara’s eyes get filled with tears,she blinks her eyes to control tears. After sometime,girls came and took her with her.they made her sit beside Vishal.
he looks at her and smirked at his success.
“what you had told me….if i think myself then make you fall in my knees…have you seen your parents when tbey touched my feet to make me agree for marriage”
Swara looks at his face,he had a handsome face but evilness inside him was making his face devilish.she turns her face away.
“i can’t tell you how much i want this stupid marriage to get finish then you and me…i won the challenge.”
“God please help me…please”swara cried in her mind while clentching her lengha in fist.she looks forward and saw sahil waving a laptop in air.swara blinked twice.
sahil dances in punjabi style while laptop was in his eight hand and some pictures were in his left hand.swara felt like someone had returned her soul in her body.
She looks at vishal,first smiles a little then burst out laughing,keeping hand on mouth.
whole hall went silent,seeing bride laughing like that.
“have you lost your mind after hearing my winnig”vishal said still taunting at her.Swara holds her lengha with both hands and gets up,still laughing madly.
“swara what aretou doing..sit down”shomi said in low angry voice.
“what were you saying…you won the challenge?”swara asked with raised eyebrows.
“ladies and gentleman…i want to share something with all of you.are you saying this man,i slept with him”
“swara…”shomi raised her hand to slap her but swara holds it.
“sharmishta ji…at least listen completely…”swara said and jerks her hand down.
“where were i?…huh yes.i slept with him,this my parents thinks.But ladies and gentleman i am still virgin.but my parents don’t trust me”
“why!!!!…”someone asked bravely,all turned to look at the person,she got embarrased.
“good question because he have some pictures.he had threatened them he will leak the pictures therefore they are doing this there anyone softwhere engineer”swara asked and looks around at them.
“no one…”swara said in dissapointment.someone raised his hand slowly.vishal removes his Paghri and ges up angrily.
“can you please come here?…please”swara said,seeing a nervous boy.he tried to come but his mother holded his hand and throw daggers at him.
“aunty ji please…”
Woman cursed at swara and let the boy go.sahil, gives pictures to swara.
“can you tell…is these a fake or not?”
Boy’s eyes get filled with shame seeing the pictures but he sighed and looks at it deeply.
“these are fake…”
“can you tell how is these are fake……to my parents”swara turned the poor boy toward her parents.
“huh…uncle these edges are blurred these are modified”boy said stammering continuously.
“thank you…if i would have not meet someone,i would have married you”
“who is this someone?..”sahil asked in whisper.
“will tell you later”swara said back,takes pictures from boy and throw it on fire.
“now tell me…who won?”swara crossed her arms over chest.
“you think you won with burning these pictures?”vishal said chuckling devilishly.
“Not these pictures only…”swara takes laptop and mobile from sahil and throw it on fire.
“i know you can make thousand more pictures like this but i want to prove myself right in front of my parents….now do whatever you want to do,we will play fair don’t have any pressure on you. i have my family pressure,mom says i will hang myself,papa says i will shot myself,chachu says i will shot injustice but now i have no fear”
“i am giving you changllenge again..if you think yourself a man then make me fall on your knees i will hand over myself to you”swara said and looks at shekhar.
“shekhar ji…you know when you said i am dead for you it means you are not my father anyone then why should i ruin my whole life just to save a so called respect of a stranger….you want me to leave right?…i am leaving namasta”swaea joins hand in front of him and leaves,sahil also leaves with her.ram clentches his fist in anger,feeling helpless in front of so many people otherwise he would have shot her then and there.
shekhar keeps hand on chest,feeling pain.shomi holds his shoulder and takes him inside.all guests also started leaving,someone was praising her,someone was think she was lying and few were silent.
Vishal left from there angrily,ram inside to shekhar.
Swara was sitting on same bench which was near shopping mall,still in bridal dress.she had a lot of peace on face but eyes were filled with tears.Sanskar came there and sit at aome distance from her silently.
“i just started thinking…why didn’t you come till now”swara said,without looking at him.
“i was thinking you would have filled a bucket till now…”
“i am very happy after getting rid of that jerk otherwise i would have filled a bucket…”swara said quickly.sanskar just smiled.
“actually i have deficiency of water therefore when i am very sad then one to two tears come…”swara said biting her lips.sanskar laughed at that.swara looks at him with pouted face.
“don’t make fun of me…”
“what will you do now?…”
“now i am thinking to go and sleep peacefully….i didn’t sleep well from long time”swara said getting up.
“where will you go?…”sanskar also gets up.
“sahil’s house…and he is like my brother and married”swara with small teasing smile.
“why are you telling me this?….”sanskar asked with raised eyebrows.
“i don’t know…”swara bites her inner cheek to hde her smile and turned to leave.sanskar holds her hand,swara looks back at him but didn’t turned completely.
“come with me….”sanskar said with all emotions in his voice.
“i have a elder brother….ask for my hand from him then take me with you”swara said with same tone as his.sanksar smiles and leaves her hand.swara starts leaving.
“i hope he will not say shot me just because of cast difference”sanskar shouted while happiness was emitting out from his voice.
“i hope you are afraid from death…”swara shouted back while giggling.
After Few Months

“i was thinking to go towards mom today.”swara said,moving sanskar’s collar up and put tie around it.
“last time your so called chachu try to shot you and you cried whole night.”sanskar said in normal tone,not wanting to hurt her.
“how long they will not forgive me…”swara said in low tone and momentrily tying tie was looking impossoble to her.sanskar homds her chin and makes her look at him.
“you didn’t do anything..don’t forget that”
“i called my papa and mom by their names…”swara said in guilty voice.a smile touched sanskar lips.
“don’t smile…”swara makes face,corrects tie and collar.she picks up cup of tea and gives him.sanskar sits on sofa and start taking small sips and looking at his lovely wife who was collecting his necessaey things.
He loves to see her moving around in room while speaking to him in soft tone.he finishes the cup,put it on table and gets up to leave.
“can i go toward mom?..”swara asked in pleading voice.sanskar cups her left cheek and smiles
“you don’t need to take permission swara…if you want to go then you can go but take guards with you.”
“what they will think i don’t trust them…”
“they are not worthy of trust…if they can kill one daughter then they can kill another also”sanskar’s tone became little bit harsh.he instinctly felt guilty for being harah.
“i didn’t want to be harsh swara but i have no one except you and mom….what will i do if something happened to you?”
“you forgot shanu aunty…”swara giggled while taking name of caretaker.sanskar nodded with smile.
“and chotu…”swara said while making him wear coat.
“everyone who works here is like my family but it doesn’t they can your place…”sanskar said shaking his head.swara chckled at his tone.
“come home for lunch…”
“i will do it in office…”
“sanskar come home for lunch…”swara said again in same tone and taps her index finger on his chest.
“take care…”sanskar nodded,kissed on her forehead and leaves.

“sanskar…”swaea hides her face in his chest and starts crying.sanskar puts arm around her.Police covered the body with cloth.
Gaddodia house was set on fire and all were burnt badly.according to post martem,they died after burning for twenty minutes.
Sanskar looks at three dead bodies,who was not in state to recognise and sighed.
“you were so right swara….God do justice in better way.they would have remembered all their sins in those twenty minutes”sanskar thought and looks at swara who was crying for them badly.
“thank God you were not there when house caught fire…”He muttered and tights his grip on her and takes her outside,makes her sit on bench and gives her water.swara shakes her head,still crying badly.
“drink it…”sanskar makes her drink with his hands.
“control yourself…”sanskar pats her cheek,picks up his ringing phone and went at distance.
“how is swara?…”sujata asked in worried voice.
“crying…”sanskar looks back at her.
“bring her home and don’t tell her,it was not accident but vishal did that in anger.she will blame herself”
“bring her home…and put pressure on police to catch the culprit”
“i had told them…they will catch him”sanskar said,talks with her few more times then cut the call.
He goes back to swara and sit beside her.he looks at her and keeps hand on her and squeeze it.swara looks at him and keeps head on his shoulder.

The End….

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