CODED LOVE – OS for ShaJni


Hello guys. I am here with this os for Shajni. Actually this is a version as I have first typed it for ishqbaaz. Sorry for that. In this os rajni is not a robo. Hope u guys like it.
Ok let’s start……

I saw him, he used to come weekly once with his brothers. While his both brothers were having fun around, he would be totally engrossed in the book. At times his bro’s will go out of control and we had to send the trio out. One day he came and borrowed a book he never used to do this. After a week he returned the book and left. As I was making entry in the entry card kept inside the book, the card slipped and it flipped and fell down. As I took it it had some numbers in it. I couldn’t understand. I forgot about that incident very soon. Another time I again found a card with numbers in it. I couldn’t understand it. I wanted to know what’s behind these numbers but I couldn’t understand. Few weeks passed as I was teaching my younger sister alphabets an idea struck me. I immediately grabbed a book and left for the library. In the library my fingers ran across the books stacked in the shelves. I found out the books I was searching and took out the cards. The first card I took contained the number “231521124 21 129115 1915135 3156655”. I took out the book I had brought. I noted down the numbers. According to it I started to find alphabets. 23 – W, 15 – O, 21 – U, 12 – L, 4 – D, 21 – U, 12 – L, 9 – I, 11 – K, 5 – E, 3 – C, 15 – O, 6 – F,6 – F, 5 – E, 5 – E. I put together all this letters to find the question “WOULD U LIKE COFFEE”. I was surprised. And then I took another card and sorted out once again. 9 – I, 12 – L, 15 – O, 22 – V, 5 – E, 21 – U. I stood there dumbstruck with the sentence “ I LOVE U “. I didn’t have to find for other cards cause I knew it was related to it.

She looks pretty. She far better than me. One day I went to library she asked my name. I was surprised at first but I replied her “SHAAN KANT”. She warned me not to write in the cards. I thought she might have solved the mystery. But I was wrong. I think she isn’t that much intelligent how much I thought her to be. After few days she stopped coming to library. I was much worried for her. I searched frantically everywhere for her but couldn’t find her. I found her house address I reached there. To my surprise a little girl was standing there with a shocked face. As she saw me she asked me whether I was SK. I couldn’t understand but later I understood SK were the letters of my name. I nodded a yes. She went in and brought an envelope and gave it to me. The envelope was little crumbled with red stains on it. I took out a card from it. There were numbers. I immediately asked for a book and sorted out the alphabet. I was so elated. She had accepted me. These numbers “ 9 1215225 21 2015151. 9 113 1851425 2015 25315135 2118 252020518 81126” made my day special. I inquired about her. The little girl started explaining me.

GIRL – My di wanted to propose u and she was on her way to library. It was our daily routine to buy some snacks before going to our respective destinations. As usual we went and stopped to buy. She gave me money and I went to buy while she was waiting for me in her scooter. From somewhere behind a car at full speed came and hit my di’s bike. I turned around to see what happened. My di had actually hit another moving car and injured very badly. I rushed to her. She took this envelope and gave it to me and muttered “ SHAAN” and closed her eyes. She was rushed to hospital and still she is in a very critical stage.

Oh no!! my rajni she is critical. I took the little girl in my hands and left for the hospital. I could see rajni all bandaged. As I entered she opened her eyes. I knew she was very happy to see me. A smile appeared on her face. I went near her.

RAJNI [ stammering and with lot of difficulty ] – shaan don’t worry if we don’t meet here we will surely meet in our eternal life…..cause ours was a CODED LOVE.
SHAAN [crying]- No rajni nothing will happen to u. If u go I’ll come along with u and this is a promise.

A smile appeared on her face suddenly she started taking deep breathes I started to panic and doctor came. They gave electric shocks to her. In the first shock she held my hand tight and said my name. I could see tears rolling from her eyes. She kept saying my name in each of the electric shocks given to her. A few seconds later I saw the doctor shook his head. Rajni lost the battle to her life. As I moved back her hand was still holding me close to her. She died. She left me. What could be worse?

After a few months there was garland around shaan’s pic showing that shaan left this world to keep his promise to rajni.

Hope u guys like it…………….

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