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Samboli Village, Himachal Pradesh:
A wedding is happening. A girl is made to marry 5 men.

6 months later:

New Delhi

Gaurav Apartments, Mehrauli:
Bhuvan tries to take his wife but (Sneha) Inder calls her his wife.

Mehrauli Police Station:
Sneha does not acknowledge the man named Bhuvan. Inder shows his wedding photo to Inspector. We got married in Chandigarh. Bhuvan too has a photo. Inspector sends the couple home while he also asks Bhuvan to bring some proof of marriage.

At home, Inder keeps receiving a call but disconnects it.

3 days later:
Inder and Sneha are enjoying chaat in the marker when another man (Anil) recognizes her as his wife. A random guy asks Anil what happened. Anil calls Sneha his wife. She has been missing

since last 2 months. Anil gets into a scuffle with Inder. Kabir tries to calm the situation but Anil tries to raise his hand on Sneha. Kabir holds his hand in time. Anil blames Sneha for stealing his mother’s jewellery. Police reaches there too. All three of them get arrested.

Kabir is a little confused over the entire situation. Sakshi tells him about the number of crimes that have increased against married women in the past years. Kabir decides to dig into the matter to bring out the truth.

Mehrauli Police Station:
Anil gives the same statement to the Inspector. Inspector asks Sneha what is happening. A man had come here earlier too. He too called you his wife. Kabir interrupts him. Anil shows wedding photo to the Inspector. Inder tells the Inspector about his wedding. Inspector tells Anil to bring some proof. Anil is taken away by the constable. Anil mumbles that he wont spare her. Inspector blames Sneha for being characterless. You trap innocent people and then run away with their money.

5 days later:
Two men come on bike and attack Inder from behind.

Inspector checks the CCTV footage of the compound where Inder was attacked. Inspector recognizes him to be Bhuvan. He tries Bhuvan’s number but it is switched off.

Kabir’s editor tells Kabir that Dhanbad’s proprietor is thinking of shutting down this paper. Kabir is taken aback as this is his life. His boss has been working here since last 20 years and ignored all the good chances that came his way. Kabir offers to talk to the proprietor but his boss tells him that chief editor is already in talks. The situation isn’t too bad though. He checks the story which Kabir is covering at the moment.

Inder lies down after taking medicine. Door bell rings so he goes to open it. It is Kabir and Kavya. Kabir asks Inder about the attack. Inder refuses to talk over the matter but Kabir points out that they should investigate this matter. You should tell either police or us if there is something that is there. Sneha denies. Kabir asks her about the man in the market who called her his wife. Maybe you are hiding something. It can mean danger to your life. Inder declines but Sneha confesses. He is my husband.

Inder used to study in Chandigarh hostel back then. Inder receives a call from his father (Charanlal) who asks him to come home tomorrow. Inder agrees. Vipin asks him why he gets so scared at the mention of going home.

Inder’s house, Samboli, Himachal Pradesh:
Inder comes home. Everyone is anxiously waiting for him. His father has called him as he has fixed his wedding. The wedding will happen on Tuesday. Inder is against the idea. I want to complete my studies first. His father reasons that he can do it later too. Inder stays put.

Next day:
Inder decides to go back but his father tells him to break all ties with this family then. earn money and study! The reltives too make him understand. Inder is frustrated. Have you even spoken to the girl?

Sneha tells her mother that she does not want to get married. His father scolds her for talking like that.

At the day of the wedding, Bhuvan and Anil join Inder and their other two brothers. All 5 brothers get married. This is the tradition of Charanlal’s family. The brothers of the family have been marrying one woman since decades. He is proud of their sons for living up to the tradition. All the brothers take turn one by one to consummate with Sneha. She is shattered. Anil is irked to see Sneha crying. He is about to slap her but Inder stops him. Varun tries to force himself on Sneha but Inder shoos him away. Varun leaves scared.

A few days later:
One of the brothers asks Sneha to bring water. Someone gives her clothes to wash or ask for tea. Charanlal asks Sneha to cook something for the guests who will be joining them shortly. Inder brings water for his brothers. Anil and Bhuvan even take turns to get their feet massaged by Sneha. Inder comes there and sends Sneha outside. I will massage my brother’s feet. Sneha keeps observing his behaviour towards her. Sneha is bringing pots filled with water when Inder rushes to help her. Bhuvan and Anil watch them. One night, the brothers forcedly send Inder inside Sneha’s room and lock the door from outside. Sneha is crying. Inder simply picks up a pillow, a blanket and ies down on the ground. He asks her to sleep. I am not sleepy. Inder begins to pack his bag at night. Sneha wakes up by the noise. She asks him what he is doing. He shares that he is leaving. I cannot bear it. Sneha thinks of how he helped her or covered for her always. She requests him to take her with him. Leave me anywhere in the city but please take me with you. I cannot live here anymore. These people will kill me.

Inder and Sneha are leaving when his mother stops them. She talks against the ritual that his father’s family has been following. It is a disgrace to women. She gives them her jewellery. They both flee from there.

Inder and Sneha get down at Chandigarh highway. Sneha tells him to go. I will find my way. Inder holds her hand. They share an eye lock.

Inder’s hostel, Chandigarh:
Inder brings Sneha to his hostel. Vipin is shocked to know about the strange wedding that happened in Himachal. This is why you run hearing about home. Sneha still asks Inder not to worry about her. Let me go. inder calls her his responsibility. Vipin advices them to go to Delhi as his family members know the address of this place. They might be on their way already.

Inder and Sneha meet an agent. He asks for a wedding proof. Vipin talks about having court marriage but that will take 45 days. Inder shares that he still isn’t 21 years old. Vipin suggests getting married in the temple. Sneha and Inder marry in a temple. Sneha asks him if he married her only to get a flat in Delhi. Inder sweetly replies that he never does anything wrong. The couple shares a hug.

Kabir is amused as none of Inder’s brother gave their complete info at the police station. They dint share that they are your brothers. Kavya thinks that maybe they knew polyandry is a crime. Kabir tells the couple to register a complaint in the police station but Inder wants to wait for 3 months till he gets 21 years old.

Inder comes running to Nayi Aawaz Head Office. He tells Kabir that he cannot find Sneha anywhere. She had gone to market but she still isn’t back. I have been trying her number but it is switched off. I tried calling papa too but his phone is switched off too. Kabir informs police as they are left with no other option now.

Samboli Village, HP:
Anil and Bhuvan bring Sneha back to their home in Himachal. Their mother tells her sons against it but the men pay no heed. They only want ot follow what happened with the Pandavas. She calls it a mistake. Even Kunti regretted it later. Whatever happened, happened unintentionally. The men take away Sneha forcefully.

Sneha is crying in a room. Anil comes there. She clearly tells him that she got married to Inder again so she has no relation with him or anyone else. Anil angrily slaps her for pushing him. She doesn’t let him come close to her. She grabs hold of a knife. Sneha warns Anil to stay away from her. He takes her threat lightly but then she tearfully turns the knife towards herself. Anil looks on in shock. Police reaches there in time and arrest Anil, Bhuvan, the other two brothers and Charanlal. Sneha and her MIL share a hug.

Inder thanks Kabir for saving Sneha’s life. The couple touches Kabir’s feet but he directs them towards Kavya. She looks on embarrassed.

Wedding cannot be forced. What went wrong in the past cannot be repeated today. Truth is, Mata Kunti did so just so her sons don’t fight with each other for things like money, property, etc. Truth is, love can be the only reason behind a marriage and not greed!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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