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Bansur Village, rajasthan, 2015:
A couple reaches some Bansur village. They find the village weird as there are many superstitions here. They decide to stay there overnight as they want to know about Manglik Pratha. Ranjana and her friend talk about the weird place. They are from media. They have come here to find a new story for themselves. Ranjana is looking around for Akshay. She finds him lying on the floor. She thinks that he is joking. She tries to shake him up. He turns but maybe a spirit has overtaken him. She screams out loud.

People in the village still believe in such things (kundli, grah-nakshatra, etc). Manglik Pratha is also an age old belief. It is said that if a girl is Manglik then people should get her married to something else first. The looming death on her husband goes away


A few months earlier, Bansur Village, 2015:
A priest tells a lady that they should have checked the kundli’s of the kids in the childhood itself. The girl (Mukta) is Manglik. It will put Govind’s life in risk. Would you like to do so? The girl is good. They have grown up together which is why I am telling you to get her married to something else first. Govind returns home. He jokes with the priest about grah-nakshatra. He is a fun loving guy.

Rohit’s mother shares the same with Mukta. She doesn’t want Mukta to get married to anyone else. Mukta’s mother is concerned about Govind. Mukta is playing with Sheru (her dog). Priest suggests getting Mukta married to some (mute) animal first. Why not get her married to Sheru first? She is very attached to him. Mukta’s mother is reluctant but Govind’s mother cannot put her son’s life in risk.

Mukta doesn’t want to get married to a dog. Her mother says it is just a matter for a few days. Mukta wonder since when she started believing in all this nonsense. Her mother too is concerned for Govind’s life. Mukta doesn’t want to give people a chance to mock her. Her mother reasons that everything will be fine after a few days. you already love Sheru so much. You can continue doing so afterwards. Mukta agrees.

Mukta is concerned about Sheru. Her mother is cutting his nails but he gets hurt. Mukta ties her saree’s end on his claws.

2 weeks later:
Mukta gets married to Sheru. Everyone around there is smiling seeing this. Someone is even clicking a photo. Govind’s mother sends him away.

Govind stops Mukta as she is taking Sheru for a walk. She is upset with whatever is happening with her. A few ladies joke on her as the walk together. Mukta is irritated.

At night, Sheru comes to sleep with Mukta in her bed but she sends him away. Mukta is knitting a sweater for Govind. Sheru comes in between and pushes the yarn away. mukta’s mother jokes that Sheru is maybe jealous of Govind. Take care.

A girl shows a newspaper clipping to Mukta (about her marriage). She asks Mukta if Sheru sleeps with her in her room. Mukta dismisses her questions. At night, Mukta takes Sheru outside and cries her heart out. She hears Sheru’s voice and closes the door on his face. He continues to shout / bang on the door all night. She cannot stop crying. She opens the door and gives him milk. He eats on happily.

Next morning, Sheru is found dead. Everyone feels that all this happened because of Mukta’s Mangal dosha. Priest was right. He took away the Manglik Dosha with him.

It is said that a dog is most faithful to their owner. We love them but we are never able to be faithful to them. They never forget us though.

Mukta gets married to Govind. Govind’s mother thanks him for saving their house. Govind jokes to Mukta that he is getting married to an already married lady. At night, Mukta asks Govind what if they got married earlier. He replies that he would have been free earlier then. he asks her how much she loves him. He keeps on poking her about Sheru. He kisses her on her back and she turns towards him with a start. She touches his head and there is some mark there. She tenderly blows on it. The colour of his eyes change. A dog’s howl is heard at night.

Next morning, Mukta gives lunch box to Givind. He smells it and guesses everything right. He wants to eat flesh. I cannot eat all this. He leaves the box at home. At night, Mukta finds her hand all wet. She notices Gvind sleeping just like Sheru. She is wiggling his tongue all along. She is scared. She lies down to sleep again.

Govind is in pain because of the mark. She suggests him to go to a doc. Mukta offers to put medicine on it for him. She asks him about last night. He has no idea about it. The colour of his eyes change again as a fly roams around his neck (wound). He reacts just like a dog.

Govind’s mother is cutting his nails at night. He bites on her hand as his nails bleed. She gets tensed. Mukta has overheard everything. She thinks of what had happened with Sheru.

Mukta had refused to believe in Manglik dosha but she could see everything with her eyes. She knew the reason behind it. Sheru was her faithful partner. He dint leave her side even after he was dead.

Govind rushes after a cat when she comes near their window. At night, MUkta wakes up and finds Govind killing / eating a chicken. She vomits.

Mukta and Govind’s mother see Govind digging earth just like a dog. Govind’s mother had a word with Vaid ji. He suggetsted that maybe som dog might hav bit him. Govind might have not gone to doc afterwards. I cannot think of any such incident. Priest had said that everything will be fine after your wedding to Sheru but in vain.

At night, Mukta comes to the place where people had buried Sheru. She talks to him. I know I have made a mistake. I shouldn’t have done so. I don’t know what got into me. I was mad. Please forgive me. I know you are back. Govind is not at fault. Spare him. I am apologizing to you. I have realised my mistake. Please forgive me. She finds Govind sitting nearby. She runs back home. She immediately lies down on the bed scared. Govind too lies down next to her. blood is coming out of his wound. He continues to scratch his head. Mukta cries.

Govind is all bruised up. People have hit him with stones. He has gone mad. He was stealing chapattis. The kid stopped him and he bit him. keep him in the house. Mukta comforts Govind. He is all scared.

At home, Mukta keeps a pot of milk before Govind. She closes the room from outside. Govind knocks at the door from inside (just the way Sheru had). Govind’s mother had a word with doc. He too has no idea what has happened to Govind. He told me to take Govind to the city. She assures Mukta that it will be fine. MUkta denies. Nothing will be right again. It is Sheru in Govind’s body. He dint die naturally. I had killed him back then and now he is back. I had no other option. I was fed up of everyone taunting me all the time. I used to feel disgusted by everything about him. I know I have made a mistake. I had completely lost my mind. Now Sheru is back. He wont spare Govind. Govind would die. Govind’s mother goes to bring the priest. Take care of Govind till then. Mukta cries badly.

She goes and cleans Govind’s wounds. He looks at her. She talks to him as Sheru. Please forgive me. Everything will be fine now. Govind licks her finger. She locks the room from inside. MUkta pours kerosene over Govind and lights a match. They both die because of the fire.

It is said that people can still hear a dog howling here. The kids who came here while playing, often said that they were attacked by a dog. Manglik Pratha was removed from this village afterwards. Maybe Sheru is still looking for his owner who used to love him like a mother. She was his world after all.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Its very sad wen pple do kill an animal for their own persuits…its really disgustng dat pple r nt evn faithful to a dog…animals need love nd nt pitty…we really dnt hav rights to use them…ths story is enuf to teach us dat we r nt god to do nethng nd evrythng…

  2. its very sad pple are making miss use of animals…………………………

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