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Kolkata, 2014:
Kasturi Medicare Hospital:
A nurse sits beside a patient. The lady suddenly starts breathing heavily. Nurse puts the oxygen mask back in her place. The lady feels a little better. The nurse mutters that the patient has troubled her. She will die eventually. It is better if she dies tonight only. She keeps her head down while trying to sleep. The lady starts having difficulty in breathing. The nurse notices this yet continues to sleep.

A lady is walking in the corridor while holding her drip in her one hand. The lights in the hospital start flickering. The nurse continues to sleep peacefully. The other lady (with the drip) comes inside and puts the oxygen mask back over the lady’s mouth. The lady feels better. She says thank you to that lady. That lady holds the nurse by

her neck. The nurse loses conscious.

Have you ever had an out of body experience? Your body is on the bed while your soul is walking outside freely. Medical science calls it death but those (1 out of lacs) who experience it find it true.

Sister Sandhya

Kasturi Medicare Hospital:
Ward boys haven’t seen that sister but the patients have seen that lady. She helps us every day. She sings very beautifully.

A nurse plays Rabindro Sangeet for her Didi (a patient). I know you can listen to me but please get up soon. She goes outside for her work. Sister Sandhya is in coma.

A little girl doesn’t want to stay at the hospital. Her mother tries to make her understand that she will take her home once she gets fine. Ward boy comes to take her for some tests. The lady asks about the music. Ward boy shares that it is coming from Ward No. 6. The lady inside gets a VIP treatment. She has been here since last 10 years like a dead person. The ward boy touches the shoulder of that girl. She feels uncomfortable.

Pakhi cannot sleep at night. Sister Sandhya comes there. She tries to talk to Pakhi cheerfully. Pakhi is in tears. She looks away when Sister Sandhya tries to talk to her. Pakhi is missing her mother. Sister Sandhya says I too miss my family members. My dress is also very plain. Yours is interesting. She makes Pakhi talk to her. Pakhi is talking to no one in particular as no one can see Sister Sandhya.

Pakhi is recovering nicely. She will be discharged pretty soon if she continues to recover at such a pace. Her mother thanks doc (Dr. Sandeep). She likes it that they send a nurse to interact with patients in normal uniform. Pakhi keeps telling me about her. Maybe she is the favourite nurse of all the kids here. Please thank her from my side. Dr. Sandeep looks at the nurse.

Ward boy takes Pakhi for her tests. Pakhi feels uncomfortable as he is taking her in a lift. We have never taken a lift before. He tells her that it is a special test. It happens on the 5th floor. Nothing will happen to you. He keeps Pakhi on an empty stretch in the morgue. She cries. I want my mummy. She screams / cries seeing the dead bodies. The lights suddenly start flickering. Sister Sandhya hits the guy. She sends Pakhi to her room. Ward boy calls Sister Sandhya Didi. He passes out. She gives him an anaesthesia injection. Tge rest you will understand when you will lift your neck. She has butchered his stomach.

Police investigate the case. It is the third murder in the same pattern in the last 3 months. The killings have been done in a similar manner. I am sure Sister Sandhya is involved in this case. Kids had seen her for the last time yester night. I want to meet her. Dr. Sandeep takes police to Sandhya’s room. You can ask her anything if you want to or if you can. She is in coma since last 10 years. We failed to make her talk. I too have heard many stories about her in the last 10 years. She is a brain dead patient. She cannot even move her finger on her own. Police leaves.

Sister Sandhya is a woman who is brain dead since last 10 years! How can it be that people have seen her walking around them? Is she really a living dead? How did she punish those 3 ward boys then?

10 years ago, 2004:
Sister Sandhya is very good with the kids. She keeps them happy by taking very good care of them. She is also very polite and nice with all the other patients as well. She is not from Kolkata. She could not understand it when the patient was asking for water (as they say, jol khabo). It is her first day in the hospital.

Sister Sandhya is very much involved with her patients. Their pain becomes her pain. Dr. Sandeep suggests her otherwise. You should listen to Robindro Sangeet. It will help you a lot. Come with me to a concert some day. Sister Sandhya says I will try to divert my mind from my patients.

A kid’s (Shantanu) condition worsens. Dr. Sandeep too comes there. He checks the patient. Did you eat anything except the food we had given to you? Sister Sandhya observes an injection that they had given to Shantanu. She meets Dr. Sandeep again. I have been studying medicines. Sister Sandhya says I gave the injection for lab testing. It isn’t right which is why Shantanu vomited. Dr. Sandeep advises her to talk to Dr. Mitra if she is sure about it. He has a surgery to do so he excuses himself.

Sister Sandhya shares everything with Dr. Mitra. This vial is fake. Dr. Mitra starts talking about her instead. You have adjusted here very well. He tells her that her allegations are very serious. No one has ever complained to me before. I respect your sincerity and I promise to personally look into the matter. Leave it on me. She has no option but to leave.

Shantanu’s condition worsens. Dr. Sandeep too is confused about the case. The medicines are reacting ver differently. They lose Shantanu. Sister Sandhya is in tears. She runs to the medical store and questions at the guy at the store. He suggests her not to interfere in the hospital matters but she threatens him that she will take it to law. Dr. Sandeep too supports Sandhya. Who approved these medicines? The guy says only Dr. Mitra can give you an answer. Sister Sandhya finds out that such a pharmaceutical company doesn’t even exist. We will have to look into the matter and approach the legal authority. She has stopped the store seller to sell it in the pharmacy. Dr. Sandeep has to go for some work so she goes to talk to Dr. Mitra.

Dr. Mitra takes her allegations very casually. I cannot handle all the admin work too. Are you sure that patient died because of that medicine? Have you done a post-mortem? She denies. It has been shifted to the morgue. He offers to do it himself then. She nods and leaves. He immediately calls someone.

Sister Sandhya reaches morgue. Dr. Mitra injects something in her from behind. She wakes up after a while but cannot move. He had injected her with anaesthesia. Dr. Sandeep is looking for Sandhya. Dr. Mitra tells Sandhya that that fake company and fake medicine is his! I have been doing this business since last 25 years. I kill anyone I want to. You have come here since 2 months only and you shook everything up. He has a lethal injection in his hand. your heart beat will increase by 60% once I give this to you. Your answers will end then.

Dr. Sandeep finds Sandhya. Dr. Mitra is also there. They had found her unconscious in the morgue. Dr. Mitra lies to Dr. Sandeep when he says that she had come to meet him. she dint come to meet me at all. She was declared brain dead.

Sandhya’s soul gets out of her body. She reaches Dr. Mitra’s cabin. She gives him an injection. He becomes unconscious. Dr. Mitra finds himself in the morgue when he wakes up. His hands are tied up. He is shocked to see Sandhya. I had killed you myself. She laughs at him. It was your dream. I am still alive. This hospital and these kids are mine. How can I leave them to you! She gives him the same injection with which he had killed those kids. He passes out. She holds out a paper for him to sign a confession letter that he was the culprit. She threatens him with the other injection that he had given to her. He signs the papers. He begs for his life. She laughs at him.

Ward boy enters inside the morgue and finds Mr. Mitra dead. He has injections in all corners of his body. The suicide note found next to Dr. Mitra’s body gave the sign that he committed suicide in guilt. The hospital was shaken by what had found with Sandhya. The hospital and its staff started missing Sandhya.


At night, Pakhi is waiting for her Didi to come to meet her. She pretends to sleep when another nurse comes inside the ward. She goes out to look for Sandhya. She finds info about Sandhya’s room. She is about to go inside when Sandhya pats on her shoulder from behind. Pakhi shares that she was missing her. I couldn’t sleep. Sandhya takes her with her. She sings on the way. Pakhi is actually walking alone in the corridor.

Dr. Sandeep knew Sandhya closely. He was a practical man but somehow he too believed that Sandhya was a chief reason behind people recovering soon in the hospital. People have still seen Sandhya walking around in the hospital. The staff members call it a blessing that Sandhya still takes care of the patients and makes sure that nothing goes wrong in the hospital.

The staff members actually celebrate Sandhya’s birthday. She blows off the candles on the cake happily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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