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Sakshi talks about facing your enemy head on. Don’t regret doing anything right, be strong and fight with them.

A guy (Arjun) jogs and then sits on a bench for a minute. He gets up to go but turns and notices a small banner behind it. He talks about MLA Govind Bhau Parchure. I go to his office. No one dares to stop me as I am holding a gun in my hand.

Arjun walks inside MLA’s office with a gun, threatens the party people not to do anything or he will shoot them. Govind Bhau too wont be able to do anything. He wont do anything not because he is scared of me, but he will be scared of the gun that I am holding. Govind tries to make Arjun understand. What do you want? Arjun asks him to beg him to spare him. Govind obliges.

Arjun sits on the bench again. I am not any contract

killer. I am holding a gun in my hands for the first time in life. But why did my story reach to such an end? Why did I have to pick up a gun after all? He gives his intro. I am Arjun Rane. I am a normal person, a software consultant. I wanted to start my own business. I bought a small office for the same purpose.

Arjun buys a small office for his work. He talks to a guy about the office space, the employees (total 5), and the overall look of his office. The guy agrees to make it as per his plan. Arjun looks around contentedly.

He has a beautiful wife and a cute little daughter (Kajal). His wife proposes to keep a puja in the office before the inauguration. He agrees as Puja is most important in his life. He tells us that his wife’s name is Pooja only.

The office is getting set up. The wood work, the complete setup is going on in his office. Kajal makes a special card for her dad that he can keep in his new office (Alpha Consultants). Arjun does puja with his family members and colleagues in his office. Kajal, Pooja and Arjun decorate his cabin together.

Arjun and his team work diligently to make their new company a success. Arjun was happy with how his life was gaining positive momentum now. Everything was going on nicely when one day my peon told us a shocking thing. Arjun receives a letter from the corporation. He gets to know that the interior work done in his office is illegal. Plus the changes made in his office are against FSI Regulations. This is the sixth notice sent to you. if you don’t vacate this office by the next week then the demolition process will begin under section 488.

Pooja points out to Arjun that their lawyer Seema had checked all the papers before purchasing the property. How can this point come up now? Arjun replies that Seema dint know that the builder dint took permission to develop the 10th floor. Arjun had a word with Seema too. She says we couldn’t do anything as there was no disclosure by the builder about the 10th floor or the parking space (for the garden in reality). Bank too gave you loan. They too dint realise it. Ashima (C.R. Manager) of the Bank had checked all the papers. Your papers are proper. You had gone with the building representative to complete all the formalities. Your bid was registered. Bank also checks what has been submitted that is why you got your loan. Arjun tells her about both the floor and parking space downstairs. Ashima says sorry but we cannot help you in this. you will have to talk to your builder only. Arjun had a word with the representative but the guy is all cool about things. Arjun talks about meeting Achreja directly. The floor is illegal, the interior alterations weren’t permissible. I am ruined. there is a notice on everything. Representative told Arjun that he will handle everything. It is just about some money.

Arjun aims the gun at Govind. I worked day and night for seven straight years. I did so much to start my business. It had not even started yet when I got that notice. Govind explains that everyone wants to start their own business now. you are a good citizen, why do you want to get into the list of criminals? I may die if you shoot by mistake but your life will be ruined. Arjun is not bothered. There is nothing left actually. My honesty, my will to become something in life is all ruined now. Its all because of people like you. I am ruined but someone will have to even it out with people like you too. he loads the revolver.

Kajal shows another card to Arjun. Please put it up in your office too. Pooja sends her to her room to complete her homework. Pooja encourages Arjun to talk to a guy named Dilip.

Dilip tells Arjun that only Shrikant Mhatre is their ward office. You will have to talk to him only. He can tell you how to handle this situation. Arjun goes to meet Mhatre. Mhatre says we are bound by court orders. We will come to your office after four days to carry out the demolition orders.

Mhatre and his people damage everything in Arjun’s office.

Arjun tries to convince Mhatre. I bought this office in 65 lakhs which I took from the bank as loan. I spent 15 lakhs on interiors and now this notice. What’s my fault in all of this? I did what was legally right. Builder made the mistake. Mhatre asks him if he drinks tea. Go out and meet Purshottum Tiwari. He will help you.

Arjun goes outside. Purshottum tells Arjun that sir cannot speak clearly inside because of the CCTV cameras. Give me your mobile number. I will give it to Subhash Bhau. He will call you. Arjun is intrigued. Purshottum indirectly explains him about bribery system.

Subhash Pawar comes to meet Arjun in his office. Arjun talks about the mistake of the builder. Why will things go against me then? Subhash simply asks him to give 20 lakhs and he will settle the whole matter once and for all, that too legally. I am just an agent, a broker here. Some money will go to the corporation (to all the officers), most of it will go to Govind Bhau. 20 lakhs will accommodate the 10th floor and will allow you to utilise the garden space as parking space. Arjun refuses as he has just started his business. I don’t have this much money with me. Subhash says think that you are just making some investment for your work. Handle this issue with love as neither Abhimanyu nor Arjun will be able to get out of this Chakravyuh (making a reference to Mahabharata).

Arjun tells Govind how he couldn’t sleep the entire night. It was tough to arrange 20 lakhs. But it was tougher to think that I am going to start my career, my life by taking a wrong step. Govind insists that this is the right path only. This is what everyone is doing today.

Back at home, Arjun denies doing anything like that. His inner self was at war though. At one point, he felt that he is doing right by taking a stand against corrupt people but his other self told him against it. This is Kalyug after all. They might ruin you completely otherwise. Pooja gets concerned seeing him thus. Sell my jewellery, this house, I will take loan from my father but please get those people off your back. Arjun decides to stick to his principles of truth and honesty.

Govind requests Arjun not to take burden of things on him. I also forget all my promises after the elections. It is something else to teach and something else altogether to learn and what we do in real life is exactly different from all of this. be practical.

Pooja tells Arjun to be practical. Arjun recalls his first meeting with Govind Bhau. Arjun tells him that he saw his first RTI. Corporation could have stopped the construction work then and there only but they dint do it. this was your joint plan after all. Builders give you money, you continuously file RTIs. By then the builder sells all his flats. You take legal action after that only. Builder has already paid you your due and is out of the story now. Public spaces get converted into parking for the time being. No rule is getting followed. You and your corporation then take charge and come to rob us innocent people. This is what you people have been doing for years. Govind Bhau is not interested. Call Subhash and tell him whether you want to give money or not. we will decide what we have to do then. go now, my next meeting is about garden renovation. Pay 20 lakhs as welfare fund or something that soothes your heart. It wont be a burden for you then. Arjun leaves.

Ajrun’s team talks to him about the great prospects that are coming their way. They too tell him to pay 20 lakhs. We will make up for it in the next 6 months.

Pooja suggests Arjun to break two fixed deposits that are in her name. We will do the investments again. Arjun still isn’t convinced but everyone around him is pushing him towards this decision only. Pooja too encourages him. I have full faith that you will build it all over again. kajal shows her dad the card that she has made for him (my papa is my hero). Arjun hugs her.

Next day, Arjun meets Subhash Bhau at an isolated place. Subhash Bhau asks him to follow him as there is no safe place around. CCTVs are everywhere. Subhash takes him to a hotel. He has booked two rooms for them already. Govind, Shrikant Mhatre are already waiting for him inside a room. Arjun gives him the packet. Shrikant Mhatre and Govind assure Arjun that everything will happen smoothly now. His office will be approved legally, along with the right interiors guy who will chart a proper layout for him. Govind jokes that if everything goes as per the law then they will have to demolish 75% of all the properties in the town. Arjun nods. This is why I was thinking of doing one demolition in case I have to save this town from all this – the demolition of trapping normal citizens like me! He shows the pen which has a camera and all the recording. He tells Subhash that his past meeting with him in the office has been properly recorded. Someone was following me till the hotel and has made a recording of everything. I have given bribe but I haven’t lost. I will bring out your truth in the public. I know you people can attack me. you can even snatch this pen from me but this has a bluetooth device in it. the recording has already got transferred to another storage device which is with my friend. The guy is still in this hotel. Evil always loses in Kurukshetra and this time Arjun only will end it. He turns to go when Govind starts applauding him. who amongst us has no past record of any criminal activity or some sting operation? We are an expert of it. show it on tv. The news will be on air for 4 hours max but it will be a new day tomorrow. we both are here. We are not bothered about anything. We are used to going inside the jail and we come out within no time as well. Have you ever seen any one of us in the jail, undergoing some kind of punishment because of our misdeeds? Google it and you will find out. the ball is still in our court. He takes the pen but then keeps it back in Arjun’s pocket.

Arjun’s colleague discuss about the same. he decides to keep thins on hold for tomorrow.

Arjun is having dinner with his family. Kajal requests her dad to take them to movie this weekend. Pooja too insists so Arjun agrees. Pooja asks Arjun if everything went nicely. He nods. He is still thinking about what Govind talked about in the end. What could it be? I have never done anything wrong.

Arjun jogs and then starts walking. A guy walks up to him and complains about the bad roads and people who drive rashly. He indirectly scares Arjun about how a car randomly hits a mother and her daughter who are walking on the road. Arjun gets angry. Who sent you here? The guy says forget about who sent me. I neither know your name, nor your wife’s and not even of your 7 year old daughter’s. I will only get the photos and will do it. don’t force me to do something wrong. Deal with things peacefully. Forget about what you have given already. The guy leaves but Arjun stands rooted at his place in shock.

Back to the first scene:
Yes, I gave bribe but my self respect wasn’t letting me live peacefully. It was damn important to teach these people a lesson. I am a normal person. I want to live for myself and my family with all the honesty. I have no other weapon, not even gun but I have to attack them.

Arjun holds the gun at Govind. He talks about a film where Amitabh Bacchan had walked inside a room and had killed everyone. Govind tries to talk him out of it. Arjun fires at him. Everyone outside is shocked to hear the gunshots. Govind wakes up and starts laughing. You cannot shoot a bullet. Your gun, bullet and your anger is just inside your head. save this for facebook and twitter. Do a candle march. You have to live, earn money, dream, grow in life, have to think about your family. go home and take your family our for lunch and a movie. Thank you for 20 lakhs!

Arjun agrees that he can get angry and even think of fighting but he can only think about it. till when will I fight? If I wouldn’t have given money then I would have lost everything. My dreams, my ambitions will break. I gave money yet I have lost only. He thinks of his daughter’s words. I cannot lose, I cannot kill but I can certainly give them a fitting reply. He calls Subhash.

Subhash comes to meet Arjun at his office. Arjun asks him if he will work for him. I will pay you the same or even more then what you get from Govind Bhau and Shrikant. Subhash mocks him. He also realises that Arjun has been too much hurt over this incident. Arjun affirms. I have never raised a single penny by hurting or cheating anyone. I cannot even look in my eye when I see the mirror. I cannot even face my daughter what it means to be practical. Subhash explains that people like them (him, Govind or Shrikant) never feel anything. I have a kid and I give him everything that he demands. But till date I haven’t been able to tell him that I have got something for him from my hard earned money. You think Shrikant and Govind’s kids don’t know their reality? Forget about killing people like us as we are already dead. We cannot win in this Kurukshetra from Arjun like you, even if we want to. We can extract bribe from you but cannot buy your honesty. Your daughter calls you her hero. She can say it but we cannot even see that kind of respect in our kids’ eyes for us. You dint fall in this Chakravyuh of corruption. We are trapped. Our veins are all corrupted. How will we change? He leaves.

Arjun comes home. Kajal reminds him of his promise of going to a movie. Arjun agrees. He finally smiles a half hearted yet somewhat relieved smile as he comes to his room.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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