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Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra:
A kid is crying on the road calling for his mother. Nitya Deshpande is talking to someone on phone. She notices the kid crying for his mother. She ends the call and walks up to him (Bunty). He does not remember the contact details of his parents. He indicates her towards where his house is. She offers to drop him home. She boards an auto.

Police gets info about a dead body. It is none other than Bunty (7 year old). There is a press conference where Inspector Jadahv tells the media more about the case. Kabir too reaches there. Sunita (Bunty’s mother) has come to collect Bunty’s body. Kabir notices her too.

Nayi Aawaz Guest House, Mumbai:
Kavya is still sleeping in the afternoon. Kabir wakes up her by ringing door bell continuously.

He tries to talk to her but she doesn’t give him a chance.

Kabir is on his way to meet Sunita. Kavya calls him. We had to go for a tour around the city. He tells her that he doesn’t have time. She can go. Kabir meets Sunita. She lives in a slum area. She is not so interested in talking to him as her son is gone. Kabir points out at the fact that Bunty was wearing very good clothes. Sunita too is boggled about the same. We sell rags and earn. I asked Gannu who stays with Bunty most of the time but he had no idea about Bunty’s whereabouts. Kabir leaves to meet Gannu.

Kabir asks Gannu what had happened with Bunty. Gannu shares that they were collecting rags that day like always.

Gannu and Bunty discuss about Salman Khan’s latest movie and how much the stars are earning. Bunty wants to buy great clothes for himself from a mall. Someone whistles. Bunty runs towards the auto, talks to the guy and sits inside.

The rickshaw left by the time I ran towards it. I cannot read so I don’t know the number of the auto. Kabir tells him to think if he noticed anything different about the auto. Bunty has lost his life. Maybe you can help him. Gannu thinks about it. There was a rubber eagle above the auto.

Malad Police station:
Nitya’s father (Aman Deshpande) registers a missing complaint of Nitya in the police station. Inspector asks him when the last time that he had a word with his daughter was. He replies that he had spoken to her when she left from the office. Her phone is coming switched off since then. Inspector agrees to alert all the police stations too.

Kabir comes to meet Inspector Jadhav. Inspector knows that Bunty sat in an auto. Kabir tells him about the rubber eagle above the auto. Inspector tells the constable to check the CCTV footage of that area.

Parvati Co. Housing Society, Goregaon:
The same auto is waiting outside the society. Two ladies are heading outside.

Bhangera Niwas, Kandiwali, Mumbai:
Rajni Bhangera is waiting for her daughter to return home. Juhi (her younger daughter) tells her that the timings are odd but her mother is still worried for her. Monika comes home just then.

A secluded area in Malad:
The auto stops at a secluded location. The driver dumps a sack there and leaves. A hand is shown appearing from one corner of the sack.

Mud Creek, Mumbai:
The dead body has been found in the area. This is fourth such incident in Mumbai. Inspector identifies it to be Nitya Deshpande’s dead body. Inspector notices the tyre marks on the location.

City Hospital, Mumbai:
Nitya’s parents break down to see their daughter’s dead body. Autopsy reports states that she was raped and then killed. She died more than 48 hours ago.

Rajni Bhangera is concerned about her girls as so many incidents are happening nowadays. Monika will be going for morning shift from tomorrow. You will not have to worry about me till late night from tomorrow!

Kavya comes to the police station to meet Anwar.

A week later:
Both the inspectors discuss over Nitya’s case. Right then they get to know that another dead body of a girl has been found in N.M.P. Area. It is the dead body of one of the girls (Seema) who had left from the cooperating society a few days ago.

Seema’s brother tells Inspector Jadhav that Seema took an auto to drop a kid home. He was lost and we have no car so she boarded an auto. Inspector Jadhav thinks of the other inspector’s words. He checks the CCTV footage of that area around the time. He tracks an auto with the rubber eagle atop it. He wants Kabir and Gannu to be called here and track down any info of such autos. Alert everyone from Malad till Goregaon. We have to nab this driver.

The rubber eagle of the auto falls on the ground while it is heading somewhere.

Gannu and Kabir are at the police station. Another dead body of a kid has been found. He was wearing good clothes even though he was poor. He had eaten Biryani. Kabir connects the dots of both the cases. The dead body of the kid is found first. The girl is raped then and murdered. Inspectot Jadhav too feels the same way but he needs a link.

Kabir wants to publish an article over the incident. He requests his sir to allow him to publish it but his senior wants him to garner proof first. Kabir wants the news to reach people. The way can be any!

Kabir tells Kavya that they have to prepare a social message in both Hindi and English. We have to post it online. He guides her and she writes it. They both post the message online together. Kabir sends normal sms to people too. This message is for all the girls who travel alone. If you come across any kid crying on the road then take the kid to the police station first. This is a new style of committing crimes. The auto driver rapes the girls and then kills them.

Juhi forwards a message to her sister. Monika generally deletes her messages without reading as she always keeps forwarding spam but Juhi insists her to read this one. It is an awareness campaign. She begins to tell her sister when Monika gets a call. She leaves.

Jagruti Co-op Housing Society:
Monika notices a kid crying on the street. She leaves her cab and goes to help the boy. The auto is waiting nearby. She boards the same auto.

The auto driver calls a kid (Pakya) who is a beggar. He lures the kid for money. You will have to act. The kid gets excited. He washes him at his home and even buys him new clothes. The guy tells Pakya to say dialogue on road. No one should find out about it. I will treat you with Biryani. Pakya gets excited.

Monika checks her phone. She coincidentally reads her sister’s message. She asks the kid something in English. The kid replies round about. She asks the driver to take U-turn. The guy thinks that she is too smart and might have understood his plan. I will have to kill her here only! He stops the auto in the middle of a secluded road. Maybe the auto broke down. He gets down checking what the problem is. She reads the message again. This message states that I should be informing police first. I will also inform at home. He excuses himself to get some help from a nearby mechanic as the clutch wire broke. Meanwhile, Monika calls at the police station. The guy brings a knife with him. He asks Pakya about the girl. Pakya has no clue. I asked her if she liked my acting but she dint say anything. She just left. He gives biryani to the kid and goes to look for Monika.

Police rescues Pakya. They head to the direction in which Monika and the guy are headed.

Monika trips on her way and falls while trying to find a secure place to hide. The man is standing right before her when she looks up. The man asks her if she think she will get out alive. She begs him to leave her. He is about to attack her when a bullet is fired police nab him on time. The lady constable helps Monika.

Inspector Jadhav thanks Kabir for spreading that message. It really helped in creating awareness.

Datta Jadhav hates women as his wife had left him for someone else. It was the end result of his wrong mentality that made him do all this. Plus it is very important to be alert these days about everything around you. If you find any such kid on the road then please inform the police first.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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