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Code Red 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sikar District, Rajasthan, 2014:
Sati Mata’s Temple:
A lady tells her lover / husband not to do it but Suraj says I will have to give exam. It is important for our love. He walks over the burning coals with great difficulty.

Sati, meaning truth! In Indian tradition it means a woman killing herself when her husband dies. It proved her love for her husband. This temple in Rajasthan had a different story. Here, guys would walk on the burning coals to prove their love for someone.

Sikar, Rajasthan:
Devi cannot find her homework. Abhimanyu gives her his notebook. Give it. I too will give the same one. Master ji wont check it. Master ji is punishing all those who have not completed their homework. It is Devi’s turn now. She drops the notebook by mistake and is opens. He scolds

her for misleading him. She too holds out her hand for punishment but the bell rings. Everyone runs out. It’s Abhimanyu who is ringing the bell.

Abhimanyu returns home. Dushyant and his family are going out to see a girl for him. Dushyant knows that his Bua and Fufa are in this house because of haveli matters. Dushyant’s father is against selling the haveli. Dushyant talks about some people coming from the city. They want to make a hotel here. Abhimanyu jokes that they should get him married. I like a girl in my school. I will marry her once my brother gets married.

Abhimanyu and his family have actually come to Devi’s house. Abhimanyu is sad. Devi’s parents talk about how their life has taken a turn for good since her birth. The elders leave for the fields so Dushyant and Devi can talk. Dushyant stops Abhimanyu. Dushyant likes Devi. He asks about her decision on the alliance. She looks at Abhimanyu. Dushyant tearfully nods at Devi so she agrees. Dushyant too gets happy. Abhimanyu congratulates him.

1 month later:
The whole house is decorated for the wedding. Devi calls out for Abhimanyu when he is passing by. He calls her BHabhi sa. She says we are friends first. I want to run away. I am very scared. He jokes that she can do it later or people wont spare her now. She finds it weird that she has to leave her home and go to someone else’s house. He tells her to trust him. my brother is good plus I am there too. She has trust on him which is why she has agreed for the wedding. He tells her to get ready. He walks away sadly. His Bua has overheard their convo. Bua ji has found a way to create rift between the brothers and the house.

2 weeks later:
The people from the city have like the haveli. The work will start real soon. he brings sweets for everyone. Abhimanyu gives credit to his bhabhi but Bua ji says it is all about Dushyant’s hard work.

Bhumi Pujan is done tomorrow. Dushyant goes aside to have drinks with the people from Mumbai. Abhimanyu is amazed at how fluently people talk in English. Devi too wanted to be a teacher so she could give right direction to people in life. Bua ji and Fufa ji are busy in their planning. Bua ji intentionally asks about Devi from Dushyant. She shows him how coolly the Devar-Bhabhi are talking. They were in the same school. They must know each other. He doesn’t find it odd. Devi keeps quiet. She will gel this way. She sows a seed in his mind though.

At night, Devi tells Abhimanyu that Dushyant stay very tensed these days. he has no time for me these days. Abhimanyu says it will be for a few days. you should cook something for him and take it for him. he will love it.

Next day, Dushyant compliments Devi on the food that she has cooked for him. She tells him that Abhimanyu told her about his favourite dish. Dushyant stops eating midway. I will eat later. He walks away. she is confused.

Abhimanyu brings a saree for Devi. Bhai sa is a very big fan of Sridevi. He will fall in love with you once he sees you in this saree. Dushyant is watching them from inside. Bua again taunts Dushyant about Abhimanyu and Devi’s relation. At night, Devi wears the saree and asks Dushyant how she is looking. He asks her if she has got it from Abhimanyu. She nods. Isn’t this great? He replies that he is sleepy and lies down to sleep. she is in tears.

Devi shares her problems with Abhimanyu. He doesn’t even look at me these days. he gives her assurance but she is sad. He talks about a Sati Mata’s temple 10 kms away. you can ask a Mannat from there. I will take you there. She wants to seek Dushyant’s permission. He says we will go by bicycle. It will take only 2 hours. Bhai Sa wont mind it if you are with me. Devi leaves with him. Bua watches them go. Finally their story has begun!

Abhimanyu and Devi reach the temple. He asks for his wish (happiness for his brother and his bhabhi). She is touched. She ties the holy thread around his hand only. I trust you. I don’t have to worry till you are there. He is emotional so he suggests her that they should leave or it will get dark. The bicycle breaks down midway. They reach home quite later. Dushyant blames Devi for being characterless when she returns home. Abhimanyu tries to say something but Dushyan scolds her. he next slaps Devi. Abhimanyu tries to talk sense to him but Dushyant is not ready to listen to him. Abhimanyu slaps him. Dushyant is about to hit him back when his father stops him. Abhimanyu apologizes to his brother but he leaves on his bike. Devi cries.

Dushyant thinks of his marriage and of the affection between Devi and Abhimanyu while he drives. All the instances flash before his eyes. He gets into an accident and dies. Devi cries profusely for her husband. Abhimanyu too is heartbroken. Please forgive me Bhai Sa. Bua and Fufa enjoy the situation. We have another trump card which can end the story of both Abhimanyu and Devi. Bua starts doing emotional drama. We must do something to give peace to Dushyant’s soul. She talks about Sati Pratha. If Devi becomes a Sati then we will be blessed once again. people talk in affirmative. Abhimanyu is the only one against it. Dushyant’s father too is in support of Sati. Even Dushyant had a doubt on her. Sarpanch ji agrees. People from neighbouring villages will also come to seek blessings of Sati Mata. Dushyant’s father wants to do it for Dushyant’s departed soul and for the other citizens.

Devi knew nothing about Abhimanyu’s love for her. She trusted him as a friend, as a Devar. Abhimanyu was already broken under the burden of his brother’s death and now this! Everyone had become a team against Abhimanyu and Devi.

Devi requests Abhimanyu to save her. I don’t want to die. He cannot think of any option. Run out from the back door early morning when everyone will be busy in making preps. Cover your head / face well. She is concerned about him. He reminds her of her words. You called me love god. Nothing will happen to me. Trust God.

In the morning, Abhimanyu tells Devi to exit from the back door. I will meet you there. She is in white clothes. She goes out of the house when a lady calls out for her. Devi comes back to say something but Abhimanyu saves her with an excuse. Devi and Abhimayu try to walk away when another guy stops him. he lies to her that this is his fiancé and also gives him an excuse as to why he is going out. He later shares it with Bua. She tells her brother about the same. I think Abhimanyu has gone away with Devi. Abhimanyu’s father is tensed. If people find out about it then we will be insulted by everyone. We will have to bring her here anyhow.

Abhimanyu sends Devi with her father. Devi’s father offers water to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu drinks it. Devi’s father gives it to Devi too. Abhimanyu tells them to go right away but then he starts feeling dizzy. He faints. Devi asks her father about it. he apologizes to her. Nothing is bigger than dharma. She looks at the bottle in his hand and cries. She too feels dizzy and faints. He cries.

All the villagers are gathered around a pyre. Devi is sitting next to Dushyant’s dead body. She is tied by a rope. Dushyant’s father prods Abhimanyu to light his brother’s pyre. Abhimanyu does so reluctantly. Devi is still unconscious. Abhimanyu lights the pyre while looking at Devi all along. She wakes up as she feels the heat. She screams out for help and requests Abhimanyu to save her. he cannot see her thus. He immediately sits down near Dushyant’s feet. Devi tells him to get out. he sits there quietly. They both look at each other with tears in their eyes. Dushyant’s father tries to stop them but no one comes to help them. The weather changes suddenly. It starts raining. People call it a miracle as the rain douses the fire. Bua insists upon showing them otherwise but the sarpanch lets the couple go. Devi rests her head on Abhimanyu’s shoulder.

Not every relation is physical. Devi and Abhimanyu had a soul connection. It was Sati Mata who had blessed the couple as their love was pious. The news about Devi being a Sati Mata spread like wildfire in the country following which the Sati Prevention Act was passed. An end was put to Sati Pratha from then on. No one saw Devi and Abhimanyu ever again but people started coming to the Temple of Sati mata in talash of a relation that was as pure as Devi and Abhimanyu’s!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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