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Mota Boy

3 July 2014, Sonagachi, Kolkata
A girl is doing mujra. Paulomi (the head) and the customers look on.

A couple is running on road. A lady whispers something in Paulomi’s ears. Paulomi signals a guy (Durjoy) and whispers something in his ears.

The couple continues to run. A bike stops before them. Two guys get down from the bike. They get hold of that fat boy. He hits the guy on his head. Durjoy brings the girl to Sonagachi. Paulomi takes her with her.

Someone comes to a place with a stick in his hand. He kills every member of the house in sleep.

Park Street, Kolkata:
Police investigates the case. It happened at around 11-11:30 pm. Everyone was fast asleep at the time. Inspector meets Sameer. He has come from Banaras. He had been called by his Dada

to discuss about Bipin (the eldest daughter of his Dada). Bipin is not at home. Sameer had no clue what his brother wanted to talk about. He talks about Bipin in past tense which confuses Inspector. Bipin is still alive. Sameer apologizes to him. our language is like that. Dada was very concerned for him. He was Dada’s son from his first wife. He had two other kids with his second wife. Bipin used to miss his mother very much. Bipin had an interest – food.

Park Street Police Station:
Kabir asks the Inspector about the case. Inspector is not happy with the reporters trying to get inside every news or story. He tries to dismiss Kabir. It isn’t about stealing. Nothing was stolen. Plus the entry too wasn’t forced. Bipin is missing. His uncle is sure Bipin cannot do it. We couldn’t find any clue about Bipin yet. Inspector realises that he shared every bit of info with him. you might miss your train. A constable tells Inspector that Bipin is admitted in a hospital.

Sakshi asks Kabir if he will go back only after knowing only half of the story. Listen to your heart. Explore all the angles and find out the truth. Who was to be benefitted by this? Who can be responsible for it? Kabir cancels his ticket. Inspector hears this. You have decided to stay. This means you will come with us to the hospital. Kabir nods.

City Hospital, Das Nagar:
Bipin’s friend Sujit is already there. Hospital staff informed me. Sujit gives them Bipin’s mobile phone. Inspector also checks Sujit’s phone. Doc shares about Bipin. There is no internal injury. Inspector has to leave for post-mortem report. Kabir and a constable (Shobhit) stay back at the hospital.

Bipin comes to his house. He looks scared. Sameer goes to him. I am here. I will take care of everything. Bipin breaks down. Kabir goes aside to talk to Sujit. I heard your statement. You are very old friend of Bipin. I am a reporter not a police man. It is my duty to find truth. You said everything except about the girl whom Bipin loved. I had checked photographs in Bipin’s phone. Police will find her and interrogate her as well. You can share it with me. It will help Bipin.

Sujit shares that bipin was very much worried because of obesity. He used to avoid going out. people used to mock him because of one reason or the other. He dint use to talk to anyone. he became lazy because of his loneliness. Kaka thought to get him married but he used to be rejected all the time.

Bipin’s father scolds Bipin for eating all the time. His alliance broke. The family said that Bipin is obese. Kids go to gym in these days whereas Bipin only prefers eating.

I took him to Sonagachi one day as I couldn’t see him like that all the time (depressed).

Sonagachi: All the ladies make faces after seeing Bipin. Paulomi notices the accessories in Bipin’s hands and around his neck. She tells Rita to take care of the new guest. Bipin turns to go but Sujit stops him. He introduces Bipin to Paulomi. She takes him inside a room. He tries to walk out as she is very old. Paulomi stops him. I will send my best girl.

A girl (Mishti) enters inside the room with beer bottle and a glass. Bipin is smitten by her beauty. He gets up and closes the door from outside. Mishti is surprised.

Sujit cannot understand what Bipin wants. I am speaking for your welfare. Now I wont bring you back here.

Back home, Bipin cannot stop thinking of Mishti. Next morning, Bipin reaches Sujit’s home. Let’s go to Sonagachi. I want to meet that girl. Sujit tells him against it. It is brothel. Everyone sleeps there at this hour. Bipin insists. They reach Sonagachi. Bipin stops in his tracks as he notices Mishti drying her hair. Paulomi too notices them. She sends the girl inside. She teases Bipin. Did you fell in love with her? Come inside, I will just send her to your room. Bipin goes inside.

The girl brings coffee for Bipin. She immediately holds his feet. Please forgive me. I don’t want to do all this. He makes her sit on the bed. Why are you crying? Mishti says I want to study. I don’t like doing all this. He promises to set everything right. Will you go out with me? It is ok if you don’t want to. She smiles.

Sujit takes Paulomi’s permission to take Mishti outside. Bipin is from a big house. He doesn’t like all this. Paulomi agrees to send Mishti tomorrow. You cannot get anything in free. Bring money and take Mishti. Go out and do anything you want to. Bipin has a condition – Mishti will not go in front of any customer. Paulomi agrees.

Next day, Paulomi talks to Mishti about Bipin. I am your mother. I have raised you with so much difficulty. He has brought 10k. He has a big house in Park Street. They have a big shop also. They will keep you very happy.

Bipin takes Mishti out for the day. They shop together and enjoy a lot. He clicks her pics with her permission. Bipin keeps looking at the pics in his phone later on. He is all smiles. Bipin asks Mishti if she likes him. She affirms. He points out that he is obese while she is so beautiful. She replies that a person’s heart should be good. I want to stay with you always. He holds her hand. I like you a lot as well. Will you marry me? She nods emotionally. They share a hug.

Paulomi laughs at Bipin and Sujit. I have seen lot many girls getting up here but haven’t seen anyone going back from here. You want to marry a girl from Sonagachi? Talk to your parents first and then come to me.

Bipin tells his brother that he wants to get married. He tells his parents that he likes someone. They are very happy. We should meet the girl’s parents on this Sunday itself. Where do they stay? Bipin takes Sonagachi’s name. She is a very good girl. She lives in a brothel with her mother. His father is angry. How dare you talk like that? Do you want to insult us? How dare you think that you will marry a girl from brothel? Bipin reasons that it isn’t the girl’s fault if she was born there. You don’t want me to be happy! I will die if I don’t marry her. His father tells him to go die then if that is what he wants. He is about to slap Bipin but his mother saves him.

Bipin tries to convince Paulomi but in vain. Paulomi refuses to give her daughter to a beggar. You left your home! many rich people are ready to take Mishti. They will pay me whatever I will quote. Mishti requests her mother to let her marry Bipin. Paulomi stays put. I will think about it if he gets money in his name. Durjoy takes Bipin outside.

Present: Durjoy is a goon. He handles Paulomi’s work. He has spent some time in the jail as well in the past.

Inspector gets a letter. He leaves for some place with his team. They arrest Sujit, Sameer and Bipin. As per post-mortem’s report, the killer had given sleeping pills to the family members. It means that the killer knew the family members well. Whoever went inside had the key. Sujit panics. I shared the entire truth with you (Kabir) and you doubt me. Bipin is my friend. Inspector reasons that it becomes easier that ways. You can get a duplicate key of your friend’s house any time. Sujit denies. Sameer too states that he wasn’t in Kolkata at that time. I have ample proof to back this. Kabir still has a doubt. You had some issue relating to property with your brother. A lot many crimes today happen because of property issues.

Inspector says whoever killed the family wears shoe size 8. Coincidentally, all three of you wear size 8. Kabir points out that the shoe of Bipin is different because of his weight. Bipin says I was with Mishti in Sonagachi. Inspector sends his constable to bring Mishti.

Mishti reaches police station. She retreats her words. I don’t love him. Such men come to our brothel every day. How will we eat if I fall in love! He might be visiting many brothels many nights. I have seen him at times. He dint come to our brothel yester night. Bipin stops her. I lost my head in her love. Her mother told me to get my share if I want Mishti.

Flashback: Bipin takes Mishti. She tries to stop him. We cannot leave like this without seeking Ma’s permission. He insists. They are running on the road when the goons take over them. they attack Bipin. I went to my home then.

Bipin’s father disowns Bipin for thinking of marrying a girl like Mishti. You will not get anything from my property till I am alive. Paulomi too refuses to send her daughter with a man like Bipin. Your father has disowned you. You have nothing now. Bipin loses his mind.

Present: The words continued to echo in my hand. I needed money to stay with Mishti.

Flashback: I churned sleeping pills and mixed it in the food cooked by my mother. At night, it was I who entered inside when everyone was sleeping peacefully under the medicine’s effect. I killed them all.

Present: Leave my uncle and my friend. I am the culprit. I fell for her love. I killed my parents and my brothers. He breaks down.

Bipin was charged under section 193 and 202 of IPC.

Bipin’s story shocked everyone. Bipin wasn’t like this from the beginning. The mockery had turned him that way. He was looked down by everyone and taunted for his obesity. Paulomi and Mishti tried to extract money from him. Bipin was so alone because of everyone looking away from him that he fell for the fake love shown by the mother daughter duo. He considered the fake love real and killed all those who loved him truly. We must behave well with such people who are different than us. They too need our love and care. It will stop them from turning into a criminal.

Paulomi and Mishti misused Bipin for their benefit. Bipin killed his own family. He dint realise that he was doing wrong for himself. He could never make up for it in future. Greed is a wrong thing. One must keep a watch on their greed so we stay away from such crimes in future.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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