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Pune, Maharashtra, 2010:

City Hospital:
Radhika is having labour pains. Short circuit happens during her delivery. Doc tells the couple that they baby is no more. Radhika cries holding her baby in her arms when the baby girl starts crying suddenly. Her husband Shekhar feels some pain in the back of his head and vomits blood.

No one dies, no one kills. It is all up to fate!

Pune, Maharashtra:
Radhika gives Durga the task of taking care of the little one. They have named her Megha. It was all stormy that night. Shekhar is glad that his pain went away as soon as his baby girl was born. It was there since last 9 months. Even doctors couldn’t do anything. Shekhar’s finger was about to come in between the window but he turns to play with Megha at the time. He calls her lucky.


come to see Megha. One of the eunuchs touches her and takes her hands off. It is the baby of an evil. Throw her out or everything will be over. Radhika does not share it with Shekhar.

5 years later, 2015:
Radhika and Megha throw a surprise birthday party for the anniversary function. They cut cake together. Shekhar wants another baby as their anniversary gift. Megha has gone after me while the other will be on you. She reminds him that he doesn’t have enough time to spend with her. How ill he take care of another baby. They notice Megha standing near the bed. They get out of the bed to go talk to her and just then the fan falls on the bed. The couple looks on in shock.

Durga makes Megha plant a Tulsi plant. She makes Megha pour water on the plant but it catches fire. At night, Shekhar and Radhika and going out for a while. Megha is under Durga’s care. Durga tries to feed her food while trying to tell her the story of Shri Krishna. She ties Megha’s hands while telling her about the story. Megha angrily asks her not to tie her hands. Durga gets up and walks to a corner. Megha reads, no one dies, no one kills. It is all fate!

Megha had never read Gita and no one had ever told it to her but she was uttering the shlokas of Gita. What happened that night that Durga committed suicide? What had she seen in Megha’s eyes? It was true that there was something bound to go wrong wherever Megha was. Were the words of the eunuchs coming true?

Police is at Radhika’s house. Inspector is talking to Shekhar outside in the garden regarding Durga. Door bell rings. The same eunuch has come to Megha’s house to warn Radhika. Her hand (with which she had touched little Megha) is bruised. I am telling you again. She is an evil one. Get rid of the spirit from inside her. Do some puja or something or she will not spare anyone. Radhika dismisses her and pays no heed to any of her warnings.

Sarika and Sunny come over to meet Radhika. She has brought another caretaker for Mehga. Megha runs in the arms of the new caretaker (Mangla). Radhika finds it strange as Megha has never befriended anyone so soon.

Ganesh puja is going on outside. Megha tells her that she hates puja. Mangla assures her that she wont let her go near the place where puja is happening. Next morning, Shekhar finds Megha sleeping. He gets angry as Mangla retorts. Megha slept late yester night. Finally Radhika sends her to do some work in kitchen. Megha keeps pulling her father’s hairs and shouting that she wants to go back inside. I don’t want to do any puja. Sunny laughs at her actions. Megha eyes him angrily.

At night, Sunny is sleeping. Megha removes the cover of the table fan. She starts the fan. Sunny tries to switch it off in his sleep but his hand gets hurt. Sarika wants to go back. Somehow Radhika and Shekhar convince her. The elders go away. Sunny picks up the glass of milk. Megha is looking at it too. Her eyes turn black and so does the milk. He throws it with a start. Sarika takes him inside. Mangla later tells Megha not to get so angry. It will get fine.

The same eunuch approaches Shekhar on a red light. Make your wife understand. She will kill your entire family. She is a devil. She wont let your other baby come too. It is about to come but she wont let it happen. You have very less time. Do something fast. Shekhar ignores her.

Shekhar reaches home. Radhika tells Shekhar that she is pregnant. He thinks of the eunuch’s words. She says maybe this is not the right time but Shekhar wants it. I am really very happy.

So many incidents had happened by now. Shekhar had somewhere started to think if Megha was an evil spirit. Mangla was helping Megha at every point as if someone had specially sent her there for the same. If the eunuch’s words were true then surely Radhika and Shekhar’s baby was in danger from Megha.

Shekhar advises Radhika not to do too much work. She assures him that there is still a lot of time. He leaves after giving her a kiss on the cheeks. Megha is eyeing them pointedly. Radhika is trying to change the bulb. She gets up on a table. Mangla tells Megha to play outside. Megha comes there while she is cycling and intentionally hits the table. Radhina ends up falling on the floor.

Radhika had a miscarriage. Shekhar and Sarika are with her. Sarika tells them about the eunuch. The hand of that eunuch was bruised. He knew that Radhikha’s baby is dead. Someone is guarding the evil spirit in the house. There was a fire in the house. Plus the baby was killed by that evil spirit only. She relates all the past incidents where Megha has been avoiding going near the God. The eunuch suggested calling a tantric. I will call one tomorrow only. Shekhar and Radhika are against it so she decides to leave the house tomorrow with Sunny. Megha has been hearing their convo from a distance.

Shekhar and Radhika come running to Sarika’s room when they hear a scream. Megha has killed Sarika and Sunny. She is sitting on top of one of them with a knife in her hand. Shekhar and Radhika stop outside when they see her thus. Radhikha asks her who she is. Megha asks her (in a man’s voice) if she forgot him so soon. Radhikha steps back in shock.

Marriage day, 2009:
Radhika gets a call from Akash but ignores it as her friends are there. Akash sends her a message. He is waiting outside for her. Radhika runs out of the house. He calls someone else but gets to know that no one has seen Radhika.

Akash sends another message to Radhika as she is not picking his calls. He sits on the porch as he reads Gita. No one dies, no one kills. It is all up to fate! Days pass by as he drowns himself in alcohol.

Radhika is happy with Shekhar. Meanwhile, Akash shoots himself through his mouth. At the same moment, Shekhar feels shooting pain in the back of his head.

Radhikha looks at Megha in shock. Mangla holds Shekhar by his neck but she ends up falling from above the stairs. She dies. Shekhar closes the door from outside as he runs downstairs with Radhika but Megha opens it in a split second. She follows them. Radhikha trips on her way. Megha holds her by her hairs. Her eyes are black again. She ignites Shekhar. Radhikha helplessly looks on from a distance.

We have been listening since ages that good always wins. But sometimes some incidents are unexplainable. No one dies, no one kills. This means neither the good will end nor will bad. Akash became a devil in his love and anger as he killed himself. He threw God out of his life. After that he entered inside Shekhar and came out as Megha. So many people lost their lives because of Radhika’s one mistake. Now Radhikha will have to live with her past for life and do penitence for her sins.

Megha sits next to Radhikha as they both look at Shekhar succumbing to his wounds. Don’t worry I am with you. I will stay with you always.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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