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Goli No. 10

Sodwa Village, Rajasthan:
A man (Arjun Singh Gujjar) anxiously waits outside while his wife is in labour. He is thrilled to know that he got a baby girl. He pays money to the Dai Ma and also gives money to a man to distribute sweets in the entire village.

New Delhi:
A girl (Tara) comes to a hotel. She is feeling dizzy. She still walks ahead and enters inside a room. She is very professional. Do whatever you want to and give me my money. The man starts to undress himself whereas Tara faints. He tries to wake her up but in vain.

Nayi Aawaz Head Office, Delhi:
Kavya shares the research inputs with Kabir. The birth rates of girls are increasing in Sodwa and another village in Rajasthan. People celebrate there at the time of birth. Kabir tells her that what

they see is not always the truth. We have to look beyond the story. He gets a call from a Doc and leaves with Kavya to cover the story.

City Hospital:
Doc says the central nervous system is entirely damaged. The drugs overdose has ruined her brain. I called you for something strange that I noticed. There was a drug found in her body that is given to plants to grow up fast or to cows and buffalos to give more milk. Kabir thinks that that wasn’t used for addiction purposes. Doc also adds that the girl wont live for more than 6 months.

Next day, Kabir and Kavya meet Tara. Kabir asks her what happened yesterday. She replies that nothing happened yesterday. This poison is inside since years. It is just that it is reacting now. I was brought up in Sodwa Village’s Arjun Singh Gujjar’s house. Everyone loved me a lot at home. They used to feed me well and give me good clothes.

Tara’s House, Sodwa Village, Rajasthan:
Arjun feeds Tara with his own hands. Vandana (his wife) says that it isn’t good to shower all your love on just one daughter (they have 3 daughters). Arjun replies that he is sure Tara will bring luck to his life. She will support me in my old age. Tara adds that my sisters too are important in my life. She herself feeds her younger sisters.

Tara is playing outside when a girl remarks that she looks too big for her age. Go inside and help your mother. Tara stomps inside. Her mother notices her mood. Tara asks her why she appears so big than everyone else. Right then Tara’s sister enters and takes her outside to play together.

Arjun buys Goli No. 10 from the chemist. He has been buying it regularly it seems.

Arjun asks Tara to come inside. Vandana tells him to let it be for today. Are these vitamin injections necessary? Arjun nods. Inside, Arjun gives the injection to Tara.

I was very young. I believed everything that Baba said. Earlier it was given in months but then it changed to weeks. That injection pained a lot. But I bore everything as I trusted Baba. I believed it that he wont do anything wrong to me.

A few years later:
Tara is a grown up girl while her sisters are still very young. Arjun gives her another injection. Her sisters feel bad to see Tara in pain. Vandana wakes up Tara. Tara heads to the bathroom when Vandana notices something on the bed. Arjun notices his wife’s reaction and understands everything.

Next day Arjun brings sweets for everyone. Our good days are near. Arjun shows Ration Card to Vandana. Everything is done. I got Tara’s age changed in the Card. I saw what you saw yesterday. Our good times are near. Just get ready.

Arjun shows his daughter’s photo to a customer. The deal gets sealed for 5 lacs. The customer pays 50k in advance.

Arjun has told Tara that he is sending her away so she can help him. You are my best daughter. She denies but he insists. He very politely talks to her next. Your father is tired of doing all the work. You only have to go in another city to help me a little. How much will we earn in a village? You can earn enough money in a city. Tara gives in. Her sisters hug her. Before leaving, Tara assures Lali that she will take her and everyone to the city soon. You will study in the city. You wont have to work like me. They have an emotional moment. Arjun holds Lali while she tries to stop her sister. Tara leaves with the customer.

That day I dint realise that I wont be able to go back ever. I was brought to Delhi that day where I understood everything.

New Delhi:
The customer brings Tara to a hotel in New Delhi. He starts removing his clothes as soon as they get inside. Tara tries to fight him but gets hit by the shocking reality that her Baba has sold her. Your parents had got you from a goon and brought you up. They sold you in the market for 5 lacs when you grew up. There are many girls in your village which are brought up just to be sold off in future. Did your father ever give you an injection? Tara recalls all the times when her Baba had given her the so called vitamin injections. The guy adds that it is the effect of that injection because of which she looks 18 even though she is mere 14. I will now teach you what I have brought you here for!

The worst time of my life started from then on. I met different people every day. What help could I ask for someone else when my own parents had cheated me? They broke my trust. This pain was worse than the injection.

I was first sent to Delhi. I was helpless. Life was slipping out of my hands. Still there are many girls in that village who are being given injections like me so they grow up fast. I know that I am not going to live for long now. I know everything about my reports. But I want that this does not get repeated with anyone else. Kabir asks her if she knows any other girl who is given such injections. She says not in the village but home. My parents were foster parents but I had thought of Lali as my younger sister. She loves me a lot but she too was unlucky like me.

One day Arjun started giving injections to Lali as well.

The poison would have spread in her body by now but she wouldn’t have got sold yet. Please save her. kabir assures her that they will try their best to save Lali.

Outside, Kabir points out to Kavya that she was going all gaga over the story previously. It is the first rule of journalism that one should never believe what the eyes see. Try to find out the truth behind it. We have to leave right away if we need to uncover the truth behind this particular story.

Sodwa Police Station:
Kabir and Kavya have told the Inspector everything but he shows no interest in helping them. Kabir thinks of collecting proofs very carefully. Kavya wonders from where they will begin as the case is very complicated. He tells her to wait outside and goes somewhere.

Kabir reaches the chemist shop. He asks for the specific injection. The guy tells him to address it as Goli No. 10. Everyone calls it here with that name only. The guy gives him injection. Next, Kabir and Kavya are outside Arjun’s house. They find his house way good as compared to living in a village. How do they earn? Kabir says it is easily understood. We have to figure out who Lali is out of all the kids who are playing here. He calls out for Lali and she stops. Kabir introduces himself as her uncle. I live in city. He holds her hand and she is in pain. Kavya looks at her hand. There is a big mark / bruise there. Arjun asks them if they are planning to steal the girl. Kavya angrily retorts that he is the one who does so. You play with lives? Aren’t you ashamed of it? Arjun points out that their village is famous for the complete opposite thing. I guess I am right in thinking that you are planning to steal girls. Kabir denies but Arjun states that they consider it good when girls are born here. He takes the girls inside. Kabir looks angrily at Kavya and starts walking away. Some men stop them. What are you saying about our village? Kabir replies that they are from media. They got some info so came to check. One of the guys tells them to go back but Kavya spills everything. Kabir shushes her. Kavya gets an argument with her. The main guy suggests them to stay as guests. Don’t spread false rumours about our town. Kabir drags Kavya away.

Kabir and Kavya are in a tourist guest house. Kavya wonders how everyone in the town can think alike. There must be someone who thinks differently or is against this. Kabir is sure Tara’s mother will speak up. You will have to deal with her though.

Next day, Vandana is buying veggies in the market. Kavya comes there in the disguise of a village girl. Your daughter Tara wants to meet you. We are her friends and we know everything that has happened with her. She needs your help. Vandana tries to walk away but Kavya walks in front of her. Many daughters will be saved with your one help. Vandan declines to know anyone by the name Tara. I have no daughter by any such name. Why should I help you? She walks away.

Kavya signals to Kabir that their plan failed. Kabir wants to take Lali away from here asap so she can be saved. I had asked someone to find clues as backup. Pray that we find something. He receives a call from someone. He has to meet Hari alone. Hari is the agent who sells the girls of this village. He only had bought Tara from Arjun. My tipper told me about him. I will have to become a customer and meet Hari now. Kavya is relieved that they will solve the case surely this time. She leaves. Kabir hopes for the same.

Kabir is feeling bad that he will have to turn into those against whom he raises his voice. I only see my Chutki in all the girls. I can see the same fear / pain in their eyes what she would have gone through. Sakshi says he is getting a chance to do what he couldn’t do for Chutki. Not everyone gets such a chance. Do something for the innocent girls before it is too late. Kabir nods.

Kabir meets Hari at night. Hari asks for Cash on Delivery. Kabir asks for good stuff which he has to send to Dubai. Hari shows him photos of many girls. Kabir remarks that I had heard that girls this village has a store of women. I saw it today too. What do they eat! They are so beautiful. Hari tries to divert the topic so Kabir calls the deal off. Hari finally tells him everything. The girls are actually grown here. They are kidnapped and brought here. People buy them and then raise them like their own daughters. They are sold off later. Kabir says one has to be very patient to raise a girl till 18-20 years. Hari says there is short cut for that too. They are given an injection here. Kabir tells him the name of the injection (Oxytocin) which takes Hari by surprise. Kabir selects Lali but she has been already sold off in 7 lacs. Kabir offers to pay 10 lacs. Inform me tomorrow. Hari leaves. Kabir has recorded the entire convo in a spy cam.

Kabir shows the video footage to Sudhir Singh, Superintendent of Police, Alwar. He is shocked to see it. we never got any proof for this. Thanks for helping us. We will certainly take action against the culprits.

Arjun, Vandana, the chemist and Hari get arrested.

New Delhi:
Lali hugs her sister. Tara thanks Kabir and Kavya for what they have done for her. Who will take care of Lali once I am gone? Kabir has already spoken to an NGO which will take care of all of Lali’s expenses.

Many crimes take place in our country even after so many years of gaining freedom. Such crimes still happen in villages. Sting operations are done and shown on tv yet the people don’t stop. We can bring about a change if we really want to!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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