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Hit and Run

11 April 2014, Goregaon, Mumbai:
1:45 am:
Kabir is at a tea shop. The kid washing the utensils keeps on memorising the tables. Lakhan (the shopkeeper) tells Kabir that his son does not go to school. The cost is too much. Kabir talks about Municipality school. I can see that your kid likes studies. He talks to the kid (Birju). D you like school? Birju looks at his father. I do feel like going to school but who will help Baba then. Kabir reasons that his Baba will be happier if he studies hard. You will have to study hard if you want to become a big man like me. Kabir pays money and leaves in an auto. Lakhan tells Birju to pick up a glass from the other side of the road. A car is approaching Birju. The car hits Birju. Lakhan looks at his son in shock. The driver puts the car

in reverse and a guy comes out to look at the kid. Lakhan shouts and the guy sits back inside the car. The driver (a girl) drives off. Lakhan picks up his son.

2:45 am:
Media reports the news. Birju is in a critical condition. Such hit and run cases keep on happening every now and then even after the police and media keeps reporting such incidents!

City Hospital:
Kabir reaches hospital. He comforts Lakhan and then goes to meet the doc. Birju dies. Lakhan and his wife break down completely. Kabir recalls his last convo with Birju. His parents follow the stretcher as the ward boys shift the body.

3 am:
The car stops at a place. There is blood on the bonnet.

3:30 am:
Police has done all the necessary search. They open the area once again for people.

Birju’s House, Goregaon:
Birju’s body is taken away for last rites. His mother cannot stop crying.

Next day, 12:30 pm:
There has been no clue about the culprit or anything so far. Media questions police about everything. Inspector says we cannot question the parents of the kids as they are already shattered. We are doing out bit. Kabir watches them from far. This wasn’t destined by God. It happened because of someone else’s carelessness. I don’t doubt law. They can punish the culprits but the parents of Birju too have died. The culprit is roaming out freely. Sakshi (the host) urges him to dig deep and find the truth so no other Birju or his parents have to go through this. They must get justice.

Someone washes the car and takes out all the beer bottles from the car.

Kabir tells the Inspector that he was the last customer of Lakhan’s shop. Constable brings CCTV footage from the area. Kabir too checks it along with the Inspector. They find out the brand of the car. It was white.

The same car reaches a spot (dead end). The driver leaves it there and walks his way back.

A guy (Avinash) comes to register a complaint. My car got stolen. I went o Bangalore for 2 days. I have just returned. There was some stuff in our parking lot so I parked it outside. We couldn’t find it in the morning. He gives the details of his car. Inspector thinks of the car in the footage.

A guy (Miten) thinks of the incident. He cannot stop thinking of it. Miten wakes up with a start. He is the same guy who had gotten out of the car to check on Birju. He gets a call from someone.

Miten comes to Saloni’s House. The atmosphere is tensed.

Kabir is at Birju’s house. Lakhan and his wife are sitting all lost and teary eyed. Kabir tells them to pull themselves together. Whatever happened was wrong. You have to support each other. Life never stops. Lakhan says our son left us. Who should we live for now? He was our support in our old age but he left us! He starts crying. Kabir can understand his pain. You will have to stay strong. Don’t you want the culprits to get caught? Lakhan reasons that even after doing that, they wont get their son back. No one will get anything. Kabir replies that maybe they can save someone else’s life that ways. What if some other kid dies by their hands? Will you be able to forget yourself? Lakhan gets thinking.

Inspector gets a call from someone. They reach the same place where the car is parked. They check the car but it is all clean. There are still some blood marks though. Someone tried to clean it.

Avinash watches the news. Saloni is his daughter. Police reach there. They tell Avinash about the accident that has happened by that car. We need to talk to you. Avinash says I told you our car got stolen. Inspector reasons that it can get stolen even after the incident or maybe you left the car in that place after the incident. Avinash still keeps him at the door. He also shows his boarding pass. I came back early morning only. Inspector asks Avinash’s wife if she knows driving. She declines. She also denies on Saloni’s side. She is still not 18. Saloni was sleeping peacefully when I returned home at midnight on the day of the incident. Inspector says only that guy can start the car who has the duplicate key of the car. The lock isn’t easy to break. Avinash takes Karan’s name. He has the duplicate key of our car.

Karan is in the police station. Inspector lets him off without interrogating him much. He leaves. Constable brings the call details of Avinash’s family. Saloni spoke to someone by the name Miten at 12:30 am. Kabir reminds Inspector of Saloni’s mother’s statement.

Miten is in the police station. Lakhan and Kabir too come there. Miten gets scared after seeing Lakhan. He tries to hide his face. Lakhan recognizes Miten. He is the guy who killed my son. Don’t leave him! He holds Miten by his neck. Police holds him back and take him outside.

Miten confesses everything. I got a call from Saloni around 12:30. We often used to meet after their parents slept. We used to go out to roam around in her car and drink. The plan was same that night but!

Flashback: Saloni is getting ready to go out when her mother returns. She pretends to sleep. Her mother closes the door. Saloni gets up and goes out with the car keys.

1 am: Miten and Saloni enjoy drinks. Miten tells her to stop or she will get high. She enjoys high. I like speed even if it is of car or drinks. She decides to go on a long drive. Miten sits inside and she drives off. Miten keeps telling Saloni to drive slowly but she is pretty high. He keeps on telling her to watch ahead but she doesn’t pay heed. She hits Birju and cannot control the car as the speed if very high. Miten goes out to check on Birju but freaks out when he finds Lakhan running there. Saloni drives off with Miten.

Next day, 11 am:
Saloni tells his parents everything. Avinash warns them not to say anything to anyone. I will see what is to be done. He goes and cleans the car next (from outside and inside). He leaves the car at a desolated spot and walks to the police station to register the complaint.

Saloni was very much disturbed and scared. We thought of confessing but we were scared. We used to see the same nightmare in our sleep. Miten comforts Saloni as she wakes up screaming after seeing the accident in her dream. She looks completely shaken.

Present: I am sorry. We made a very big mistake. Please forgive us. Miten cries.

Avinash tries to take the blame on himself when police comes to arrest Saloni. Saloni apologizes to his papa. It is my mistake. I was driving. Inspector says the one who makes mistakes has to bear the consequences. Avinash talks about Saloni’s future. Kabir asks them what they think about Lakhan’s family. Avinash and his wife are left speechless. Police takes Saloni away.

A case was registered against Saloni, Avinash.

Why do we drive after drinking? What was Lakhan’s mistake? Or Birju’s? People’s lives get destroyed because of someone’s one act. Literate people make this mistake very often. Your one mistake can kill anyone. People are very precious. You cannot change anyone’s life even after giving all your money to them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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