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Chitkona Village, Bihar, 2015:
The minister talks highly about Vimlesh Yadav who has been elected as the new sarpanch of their town. The Gram Panchayat activities will resume once again. Have a puja in the town after which all the problems will go away. They go ahead to inaugurate the office. A lady stays put.

Sarpanch is doing his work when the light starts flickering. Someone passes by from there. The stuff starts falling / flying on its own. A lady (Lakshmi) is standing in the doorway. Sarpanch keeps shouting for help while she approaches him.

Gram Panchayat gives people a right to rule on the grass root basis. It is a good thing but the Panchayat of this town is cursed. Whoever is chosen dies under mysterious circumstances.

This is Justice

Munna Yadav shows

something to his friends on his phone. His wife died sometime back. A woman is walking on the road. Munna stops his bike. He offers her lift. She doesn’t reply so he gets down and walks after her. I will drop you wherever you want to go. She stops. He comes in front of her and is shocked to see the lady. How can this be? I dint do anything. He falls down the hill.

Bacchu Yadav comes to the place where police is. Munna is dead. He is tied to a tree with no clothes on. This is justice is written over his chest. He asks people about who did it. Suddenly he notices the Lakshmi sitting above on the branch. You had died? You only have killed my son! The same lady, who was present in the Gram Panchayat (Lakshmi’s mother), sits in a corner. Constable calms Sarpach Bacchu Yadav. The people think that he has lost his mind after losing his son.

3 days later:
Bacchu Yadav returns home. His wife offers him water. He sees Lakshmi in her and runs inside. The spirit is inside long before him. He keeps begging for mercy. She tells him that she will kill all the others first one by one. You proved me mad in front of everyone. Now I will make you mad in front of them. You will kill yourself. Bacchu Yadav’s wife sees him thus. Maybe he is not in his senses. He has just lost his son after all!

Bacchu Yadav comes to his office. Another dead body is there. Inspector is also there. People have been saying that the man got electric current. Bacchu Yada stares at the words written next to the dead body – this is justice. It is her work only. She has killed him. She will kill everyone. All the Panch will die! One day she will kill me too. Lakshmi’s mother warns him of the consequences.

Bacchu Yadav is locking his house as he wants to leave this village. His wife tells him that he did wrong earlier. Suddenly the other lady appears. She tells him that he did the wrong thing. You could have helped me but you made a joke of me in front of everyone. You did wrong with me. You will be punished now. He sees her everywhere as he tries to run. She tells him that he too will have to die the same way like his son died. He tries to escape but Lakshmi surrounds him from all the sides. He jumps off from the balcony and dies. Same words are written next to his dead body with his blood. His wife cries.

Lakshmi is waiting for the jeep. Munna Yadav is standing watching her from far. He walks up to her and greets her. I have bike. I will drop you wherever you want me too. He holds her hand. She tries to break free but he tries to scare her. The jeep comes so she rushes to sit in it. Munna’s friend says maybe she got upset with you. Your effect failed on her.

Lakshmi is going with a friend while she discusses about the notes. Munna and her friends are keeping an eye on her. Munna’s friends warn the guy (Manoj) to stay away from their Bhabhi.

Lakshmi misses her jeep so Manoj is taking her on his bike. Munna has already stopped the way. He beats Manoj. He scolds Lakshmi for not sitting on his bike. You sat with him. He beats Manoj. See what I do with your friend, your Bhabhi now. He takes Lakshmi aside and forces himself on her. MUnna’s friends force Manoj to witness the scene.

Inspector tells Bachhu Yadav about Lakshmi coming to police station. He hasn’t registered a complaint yet. She has got her tests done. It will be a problem for Munna if the case gets registered. Bacchu Yadav tells him that he will look into the matter.

Lakshmi’s parents approach Gram Panchayat. Bacchu Yadav pretends to be just. He wont be spared just because he is my son. He will be punished. Panchayat will make a decision. Panchayat instead calls it a love angle. One of the witnesses (Manoj) has seen you going in the fields on your wish. Lakshmi denies. Munna beat my friend in front of my eyes. I am not illiterate. I have got my tests done. I will go to bigger police station if police wont do something. I will get justice. Bacchu Yadav says what happened to you before the wedding was wrong. It is our responsibility to save her name. I am ready to make her my DIL. Everyone is happy including Munna. Lakshmi questions his decision. Munna has raped me. How can I marry someone who has raped me? I will get him punished. Bacchu Yadav leaves the decision on her. Lakshmi’s father supports Bacchu’s decision. The wedding gets finalised. Bacchu Yadav announces that he is against dowry system.

Lakshmi marries Munna against her wish.

People forcedly marry the victim of rape to the rapist in order to save the respect of both the families but they don’t realise that a rapist is a rapist. Lakshmi too had to marry the guy who had raped her. She had to bear the brunt of it with every passing minute.

Munna enters his room. He ties Lakshmi’s hands to the bed. She asks him to leave her hands as it is paining. He decides to teach her a lesson for approaching the Panchayat and police. He slaps her.

Lakshmi is going to college but Bacchu Yadav taunts her using Manoj’s name. Is my son not satisfying you that you are going to meet that guy? She declines. I have an exam. He orders her not to even think of stepping out of the house. Just keep my son happy. Lakshmi tearfully returns to her room.

Munna has decorated the room with candles. I will take your special class today. Father was telling me that you wanted to go to college. What will the professor teach you? I will give you all the knowledge. She tries to go but he holds her tight. He pours candle wax over her. She screams out as it burns. Bacchu Yadav’s wife tells her husband that this way Lakshmi will die. Bacchu Yadav tells her to mind her business.

Lakshmi walks inside where the Panch are sitting. She shows him her wounds. You got me married to a rapist and he rapes me every night. See the injuries that he has given me! Bacchu yadav asks the Panch if a husband getting into a physical relation with his wife will be called rape. Panch calls her mad. Munna too comes there. Lakshmi covers her wounds. My friends saw you coming here. I am fed up of this girl. I married her after your orders but what should I do. One of the Panch tells him to keep his wife in control. Munna takes her forcibly outside. She tells them that they are doing wrong. You should have helped me in getting justice. This is wrong!

At night, Munna records everything in the phone. You love telling everything to everyone. I will help you. I will upload this video on internet. He has yet again tied her hands and forces himself on her while she pleads to let go. Lakshmi is crying later while Munna sleeps. She gets up and goes somewhere. Munna wakes up and is shocked to see her hanging from the fan. He rushes to his father’s room.

Lakshmi’s life had become hell in the past few days. No one listened to her. Instead everyone tortured her all the more. She couldn’t take it anymore and committed suicide. She killed all the Panch one by one and took her revenge. Panch got cursed here. No one could become a Panch since then. Her spirit can still be seen hovering here looking for the justice that she could never get.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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