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10 April 2015, Ashok Nagar, Indore:
A kid is all tied up on a cot. He struggles and is finally able to free himself. He jumps off from the window and runs but someone hits him on his heard.

Ashok Nagar, Indore:
Some kids are playing cards. Two guys get into a fight as they call each other cheaters. Golu’s brother saves him. he tries to tell the kids that it is gambling but is tempted. Golu guesses the cards correctly. His brother takes money and leaves with his brother.

Kabir looks at their photo. Betting begins from such small bets only. People don’t know when we get addicted to it. The temptation to earn more and more money because of betting is actually increasing. Lot many families get affected because of it. A similar incident happened with my friend’s Gautam’s

son Gaurav aka Golu and his nephew, Inder. He deletes the article.

Kabir doesn’t want to hurt his friend. Sakshi tells him not to just think about his friend. You have seen the consequences of betting with your own eyes. It is your responsibility to make other people aware of it. he comes back inside his office and continues the article.

Flashback: Kabir is at Gautam’s place. Kabir will be staying in the guest house. Golu comes home with his Inder. Golu likes to bet on everything (even if it is about coming 4th instead of 5th this time). Inder is doing MBA. Gautam’s elder brother had passed away. since then Inder has been with them. Gaurav and Inder are really close.

Inder has lost his MBA’s fees in gambling. Inder’s friend Manoj is also in betting. Manoj bets on something regarding a car which is passing by from there. Inder talks about Golu. He is my lucky charm. Inder has a crush on someone. The girl is coming to that side. They again bet on which side she will be going to, left or right. This time Inder wins. Inder and Manoj keep betting on what she will pick next. The girl calls her brother. He beats them well.

Inder comes home. His eyes are bruised. His Chachi takes care of him. Golu offers to tell the truth. Inder tempts him with money. Golu cooks up a nice story when Inder shows him a Rs. 50 note. Gautam suggests Inder to focus on studies. Inder pays Golu his money when his Chacha Chachi go out of the room.

Two men get into a fight. Inder and Manoj start betting again. Cricket matches are going to start in a few days. Inder wants to make big money. Why to waste money on MBA and work for someone else! I will win Kalpana. Manoj wonders what if he loses. Inder bets on Golu’s luck.

A few days later:
Inder makes Golu choose one of the chits. He has to make a bet on the match. Golu takes a chocolate before picking one of the chits. He sends Golu down and places his bet on Lucknow. Gautam is also watching match. The tv display is bad. He wants Indore to win. Inder joins them. Inder and Golu high five when Indore wins the toss. Inder goes to his room. He has won the first bet. He places another (bigger) bet. He winds his second bet too. This time he wants to place a bet of 1 lacs and also of all the money that he has won so far. Raju bhai (the bookie) is taken aback but then agrees. Indore wins the match. Inder is stunned as he has lost all his money in the bet.

Raju bhai calls Inder. Give me my money tomorrow. Inder fumbles in agreement.

Inder is sitting sadly. Kalpana notices Inder sitting sadly in a corner. Manoj tells him about it but Inder is worried about Raju bhai. Manoj knows that Raju bhai is very dangerous. One of his acquaintances had taken money from Raju bhai. Raju bhai had beaten him in the middle of the road. They can go to any extent to get money. Inder suggests going to the police but Manoj tells him against it. only think of a way of repaying Raju Bhai his money.

Someone rings the door bell. Inder is scared thinking what if it is Raju bhai. Golu knocks at his room’s door. He tells Inder that it was a lady from their neighbourhood. Inder’s phone rings and he is tensed.

Inder is not feeling well. He takes his food upstairs. Gautam gives 3 lacs to Neha to keep it safely. Inder overhears it. Manoj gives an idea to Inder. Let’s kidnap Golu. It is just a way to extract money from Gautam Chacha. We will only ask for 1 lac. Inder is reluctant. He gets Raju bhai’s call again. he requests for some more time and gives an excuse. Inder finally agrees for Manoj’s plan. I cannot kidnap him though as he is very smart. Manoj agrees. Inder tells him to be careful. He should not have any problem. Manoj nods.

Manoj offers lift to Golu. Golu sits on the scooty right away. Manoj is surprised. He sat on the scooty so easily? I thought I will have to force him. Inder is waiting for Manoj’s call on Gautam’s phone. The call comes. Gautam warns him of police. Manoj tells him to go and check in his house. Gautam and Inder head home.

Manoj cannot understand how come Golu came with him so easily. He wears his helmet in front of Golu so he cannot see him. The scooty will take some time in repairing. We will have to wait for a while. Golu knows about his identity. You could have dropped me home. Why did you bring me here in this heat! Manoj is surprised. He is really as intelligent as Inder had said. Golu tells him that he is not mad. I don’t go with just about anyone. I know you are Inder bhaiya’s friend which is why I came with you.

Gautam asks Neha about Golu. She tells him that he is not home yet. Gautam wants to register a police complaint at it is a kidnapping case.

Manoj doesn’t let Golu go home in a rickshaw. It isn’t safe. Golu agrees. Manjo gives him more chocolates. Manoj informs Inder about the same. Inder scolds him but then suggests him to show videos to Golu. Handle him for a while. We will return him as soon as we get money. Manjoy asks him if he is sure Chacha will bring the money. Inder agrees. Manoj too calms down. Golu overhears the plan. Golu calls him a kidnapper. I will tell the truth to everyone. My Inder bhaiya is very good. You are bad. You have kidnapped me. Golu tries to go away but Manoj ties him up. He even gags Golu.

Inder wants to accompany his Chacha but Gautam suggests him to be at home to support Neha. I will bring Golu home safely. He leaves. Inder updates Manoj about the same. Inder gives him an idea as to how to make Golu unconscious. I had seen him in a film. Later I will explain everything to Golu. Manoj is hesitant but then agrees.

On the other hand, Golu is able to free himself from the ropes. He runs out of the house but Manoj hits him with something on his head. The world blurs around Golu. Inder bhaiya save me! He falls unconscious.

Gautam drops the bag of money at the said place. Manoj picks it up.

Its been 3 hours since Gautam has left the money there. He is getting impatient. I should have gone to the police station. The door bell rings. It is Kabir. Kabir notices their tensed faces. He takes Gautam to the police station to register a complaint. Inspector takes Golu’s photo and details. We will update you as soon as we find out anything about him. Inder goes to call Manoj.

Manoj is sitting sadly. Inder comes there. He asks for Golu. Inder finds blood coming out of Golu’s nose. Manoj tells him that I did what you told me. I hit him with a sock full of sand. I had no idea that he will die because of such a small smack. Inder sits down dejectedly.

Inder confesses his crime. He died because of me. I have cheated everyone. Please punish me. he apologizes to Gautam and Neha too.

Present: Inder continued to repent on his mistake but it wasn’t going to change anything. It was too late. Gambling / betting broke Gautam’s family. it destroyed their lives. Police registered a case against all the bookies, betters. A case was filed against Manoj and Inder too. Betting is very addictive. You cannot back down if you try it once. People lose their everything in this.

Betting has been going on worldwide behind closed doors. But kids like Inder choose betting. They take bad path to make money in short time. We have to help people change their outlook. Raise your voice whenever you see someone betting on any little thing. this is a small step in the process of making people stop indulging in betting.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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