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Rave Party

All the youngsters are dancing in a party. A girl takes something. She shares it with the guy.

Bandra Police Station, Mumbai:
Inspector shares a photo of a 17 year old girl with Kabir. Her mother is tensed. Rhea had told her mother that she is going to her friend’s place but Rhea’s friend told them otherwise. Kabir thinks that either Rhea lied to her mother or her friends lied to her.

Inspector talks to Rhea’s mother. She thinks that something is wrong. Her othr daughter talks in favour of her mother. Rhea’s father had died 10 years ago due to cancer. Rhea’s mother has brought them all by herself. Inspector asks her if Rhea had changed. Her mother agrees.

2 months ago:
Rhea gets the latest phone from her mother. Rhea gives her old phone to her

sister. Their mom promises to give one to the other daughter on her birthday too. Rhea’s mother reminds her to fulfil her father’s birthday. You have to study hard and become a good girl. Rhea takes 6k from her mother to buy some extra books. Her mother agrees.

Rhea and her friend are going to a rave party. She cuts her clothes short so she can go to the party. They reach Mud Island but the place is quiet silent for a rave party. They notice too guys (bouncers). Rhea asks them about the party. They deny about the rave party. Rhea notices a couple coming on bike. The guy says a code to them and he gets a ticket. Rhea has overheard the code word. She says the code word to the guys. They tell her to go. Rhea pays them money and they get the pass. The guys tell her that phones are not allowed inside.

The girls finally reach the place. It is desolated and very quiet from inside. Rhea pays the guy at the door more money and they enter inside because of that code word. There is indeed a rave party going on inside. Rhea’s friend asks her to drink alcohol. No party is complete without alcohol. A girl offers some tablet to Rhea but she politely declines. a guy notices Rhea. He keeps observing her as she dances with her friend.

At home, Rhea’s mother confronts Rhea. Where did you go? Rhea begins to lie about he tution but her mother already had a word with the tutition teacher. She notices a tattoo on Rhea’s arm. Did you go to a disc? Where had you been to?

Present: Rhea’s mother says I made Rhea understand. I am not backward minded. I found out about the rave party when I found some badges in her bag.

Flashback: Rhea’s mother slaps Rhea. You spend all your money in rave parties? I know what happens in rave parties. Police raids, alcohol, drugs! She goes quiet after seeing their little daughter. Rhea denies. all my friends go to rave parties. So many youngsters come there just to have fun. Media and police hype it for no reason. Rhea’s mother calmly tells her to understand her point. We can plan a holiday if you want some enjoyment. Join some other classes of your interest but don’t go to rave parties. Your mother loves you. Rhea declines. You only talk about love as you want us to listen to you. Rhea’s mother makes it clear to her that from now on the tuition teacher will come to home.

A few days later:
It is Rhea’s father’s barsi today. Rhea’s little sister goes to wake Rhea up as she makes the halwa every year. She knocks on the door but there is no reply. Rhea’s mother sits down for the puja. Priest is already there. He appreciates her for doing this puja every year without fail. She talks well about her both daughters. They help me in this puja very much. Rhea’s sister checks her room but Rhea is nowhere. She brings her mother and shows the open window to her. Rhea’s mother is shocked and tensed. They sit down for the puja. Priest asks for Rhea. She lies that Rhea is not well. The puja begins. I had thought that Rhea changed for good but the rave parties continued.

Rhea’s friend (Rupal) introduces Rhea to Harman and Keith. Rhea wants to try drugs today. I have decided to try everything that my mom says no to. All four of them try it. The drugs start showing its effect on Rhea. She sits in a corner and closes her eyes. The music helps her. She starts swaying / dancing happily soon. The guys too dance with her.

8 am: Rhea is not happy to be back home. Mom will lecture me now. Keith tells her to hear it for today. I will take you in the next rave party but I want something in return. She kisses him on the lips. Her mother watches them from the window.

I tried to make her understand but she was hell bent on going to rave parties. Inspector asks her if she is sure Rhea used to take drugs. Rhea’s mother is sure she was under something’s effect but I am not sure if it was drugs or alcohol. But she had started to steal money. Inspetor asks her if she has a doubt on anyone. Rhea’s mother isn’t sure but I have doubt on Rupal and Keith. Maybe they can help us get some info.

Rupal’s House:
Rupal’s mom tells police that Rupal is not at home. The lady inspector checks Rupal’s room. She finds Keith hiding in the closet.

Rupal and Keith are at the police station. Keith says we were scared after hearing about Rhea. Rupal agrees to tell them everything.

Flashback: Rhea wants to go to a party but she doesn’t have money. DJ Andy notices them and allows them inside. Andy plays music in most of the rave parties. He is no one’s friend except moeny. He had a condition. Rhea starts selling drugs in those parties. She used to give that money to Andy and he used to give her and her friends the drugs. They were all out after a while always.

Kabir gets to know about the same. Rhea had started to sell drugs in rave parties. She was so addicted to drugs that she stooped down to that as well. Inspector shares that rave parties happen so people get to sell drugs through juveniles. Even if they get arrested then they get out after a while. Rhea had left with Andy on the day of the incident.

A man notices a girl on the shore. It is Rhea. Inspector shares withr Rhea’s family that she had drugs in her blood. Plus she was raped. Rhea’s mother breaks down. I failed as a mother. I couldn’t bring her up nicely. Rhea is still unconscious. I am sorry Rhea that I couldn’t fulfil the promise that I had given to my husband. Doc sends them all out. Rhea’s mother requests him to save her daughter. Kabir feels bad. Rhea’s mother had told her about media reporting on such incidents but Rhea neglected it. We write such news to make youngsters aware of the bad things in the society but such kids pay no heed to it.

Inspector tells Kabir that Andy is playing in another rave party tonight in Alibagh. I want you to come with us in the party. Kabir is not so comfortable but Inspector wants media to be with him in this under cover raid. The youngsters should find out the other side of the story of the rave parties.

At night, Kabir and the police team reach rave party location. Kabir is recording everything in his spy cam. He notices young girls selling drugs to guys. A girl offers him drug for 3k. Andy is handling the DJ console. Inspector and Kabir observe him. They take Andy outside. They ask him about Rhea.

On the day of the incident, Alibag:
Everyone asks Rhea to come with them but she wants to stay. She continues to dance. Andy joins her on the dance floor. He tells her that she is taking extra drugs tonight but she only wants to enjoy music. He notices her bleeding from her nose. She still wants to dance but he helps her sit in a corner. I think she had an overdose. He takes her in his car with his friends. She vomits in the car. It is all blood. Andy makes his friends stop the car. She is worsening. They don’t want to go to any doc or they will be in trouble. His one friend has an idea. They reach an isolated spot and leave Rhea there. She is bleeding from her mouth. I returned with water after 10 minutes to where Rhea was but then I saw two guys closing in on Rhea. They scared me and I ran away. I had no idea what to do. I promise we dint rape her. I couldn’t even see the face of the culprits. We were also scared. Inspector scolds him for framing young kids and then leaving them on the road to die. Kabir adds that he dint even have guts to drop Rhea to hospital or save her from those guys. Police arrests Andy, two drug addicts (rapists). They confessed their crimes.

The culprit was these rave parties, alcohol and drugs. The case created a havoc and awareness in the society. Rave parties are now under the legal scanner (under Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act).

The rapists were charged under different sections of IPC. Andy was clean but he was arrested under the charges relating to drugs. Keith and Rupal were given warning by police.

Rhea wakes up. Her family cheerfully greets her. Rhea’s sister has made a portrait of her. Rhea apologizes to her mother. I dint listen to you. I am neither a good daughter of a best sister. Her mother denies. you are the best. You accepted your mistake. All three of us will look for our happiness once again. we have to be together now. Rhea nods. They share a family hug.

We read or hear about the police raids on rave parties every now and then. Police and media are doing their bit but the parties don’t end. They are highly in demand for the so called fun factor and drugs. The youngsters should respect the freedom that their parents give to you. Don’t misuse it. It is also your responsibility to be responsible and assure them that you you will never choose a wrong path.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Yes i agree dat our parents do gv us freedom bt its our responsibility to use it for good purpose….we shd hav dat self cntrol to prevent ourselves frm gettng ruind…a moments attractn curiosity cn make whole lyf a hell….now a days we are failing to hav a convictn….nd we shd thnk dat we live in a society we make it up so our deeds(good nd bad) get reflectd….

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