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Electrician corrects the fuse. The lights are lit up from inside. The guy notices that the light inside the house are off. He tries to send the electrician inside but the guy refuses to go in at night. One hears weird sounds at night here. He walks away. The man goes inside and lights up the all the switches. He heads upstairs. The switches upstairs aren’t working. He hears the sound of anklets. He goes in to see. He walks inside a room. The lights aren’t working there too. He removes the cover from over a painting. He also notices chains there. He hears some voice. See how much I have been tortured. I need justice. He feels someone’s presence. He yet again hears the same voices and sounds. He screams in shock.

We spend our lives asking for peace for the departed souls. But

it does not happen that ways. Spirits can do anything afterwards to be free. This is what was happening in this haveli in Chirkhari.

I need Moksha


There is a family function at the haveli in Komal and Anirudha’s honour. It is their Mehendi function today. Girls try to pull Komal for a dance but she politely declines. Anirudha later asks Komal why dint dance. She requests him not to ask her for it. Komal thanks Anirudha’s uncle, Maanvendra for allowing them to marry here. He is in fact grateful to them for bringing this Haveli back to life. Raj Mata’s spirit must be at peace to see you happy. She will be blessing you.

Komal goes down as she knows Anirudha loves to eat in the middle of the night. He enjoys non veg food while she only eats veg food. He later tries sherwani. She is heading to her room when she hears some the sound of anklets. She calls out asking if there is someone. She too comes to the same room. She looks at the photo and the chain next to it. She too hears someone asking for justice. The door closes from inside on its own. She tries to hold onto the door but someone keeps pulling her. She screams as she fails.

In the morning, Komal is sitting all lost. Anirudha tries to make her eat. Your mother was saying that you came late in the room. Komal says I was looking for something. I will only be at peace when I get it. He too talks about his fear of getting married. Now eat something or you will die of hunger. She replies that she had died because of hunger. She eats chicken which leaves him surprised.

There is another function at night. One of the girls is dancing but Komal takes her place. She dances on the song. She keeps going near Maanvendra while dancing. She even takes a fork and takes it near him in the end. Everyone claps for her. Anirudha is amazed at all the surprises that she is giving him since morning.

Komal is awake at night while her mother sleeps. She heads towards that room. The door is locked. She tries to break open it when she notices someone. Let me go. I have come here only for Moksha. I don’t need anything. Please let me go. I need to go. The person is holding a dagger while Komal pleads for life. Anirudha hears her screams and rushes upstairs. He finds Komal. Her hands are bleeding. Komal keeps trying to break open the lock while he is all panicked.

Doc gives injection to Komal. She will sleep for a while. He calls it hallucination. The marks aren’t deep so you don’t have to worry. Anirudha is very much concerned for Komal. I saw her banging and trying to open a door in the back of the haveli as if something had gotten hold of her. It was as if she had lost it completely. What’s behind that door? Maanvendra shares that that room has been closed down since years. Criminals were kept there at a point of time. Anirudha asks for the key but Maanvendra suggests him not to get in all this. Some things are beyond our comprehension. I never tried to find out and it will be better if you too stay away.

Aniruda breaks open the lock at night and walks inside that area. He hears some sound and hides. Komal walks inside the room. Komal tries to open a cupboard. She starts banging her head on it when the lock doesn’t break open. Anirudha rushes to her side and she passes out.

Komal’s mother has no clue what has happened to her. She keeps on sleeping all day long and muttering. Anirudha too has heard Chandralekha’s name. She points out at the marks on her feet. Anirudha dismisses the question.

The wedding date has been postponed. Anirudha asks his uncle about Chandralekha. He shares that she was a dancer who used to dance for their royal family. Everyone was in awe of it. She tried to kill all of us including me. Raj Mata tried to stop her. Chandralekha’s family got death punishment for being a traitor. Raj Mata arrested Chandralekha and started torturing her. Maybe it is because of her curse that nothing is left in now. Raj Mata continued to torture her. Chandralekha killed herself after banging her head on the wall. Anirudha tells him about what he saw. His uncle realises that that Chandralekha has cast a spell on Komal. This means Raj Mata’s spirit will surely come there to torture Chandralekha yet again. Anirudha calls it a dangerous situation. Maanvendra suggests keeping a yagya for both of them. We have to send both of them to the right place. Anirudha is concerned about Komal but Maanvendra assures him that he will take care of her. Raj Mata’s spirit wont do any harm to me as I am her son. You must focus on the yagya.

The yagya is happening. Komal suddenly begs for freedom. Let me go. I need Moksha. A reflection can be seen in mirror holding a knife. Anirudha and Komal’s mother rush upstairs.

Maanvendra apologizes to Anirudha. I tried to stop Raj Mata but she wont just stop troubling Chandralekha. She wont let Chandralekha’s spirit get away. Komal has got caught into all this. Anirudha refuses to let anything happen to Komal.

Anirudha talks to raj Mata’s photo. I am ashamed to be a part of this family. Komal is going to be the DIL of this house yet you are troubling her. This is so not done! One guy who has been watching him tells him that Raj Mata was a very good woman. It is happening because of Maanvendra. Chandralekha was a pr*stitute. Your uncle had fallen for her. Chandralekha’s parents wanted her to get married. Maanvendra couldn’t take it. He killed her family members one by one. He started torturing Chandralekha to push her to dance for him. She even tried to kill him one day. Maanvendra’s tortures increased. He had chained her to the bed. Chandralekha committed suicide by banging her head at the walls. Her spirit dint get the desired peace as Maanvendra dint let her have her a proper burial. Everyone left the haveli one by one including me. I want Maanvendra to stop his madness after which peace will return in this haveli.

Anirudha rushes upstairs. KOmal’s mother is lying unconscious on the floor. He looks around for Komal. Komal keeps asking to let free. What harm have I done to you? Someone is standing before her wearing a saree and holding a knife in hand. It is Maanvendra. Anirudha reaches there just then. Maanvendra tells him that this isn’t Komal but his Chandralekha. I am her biggest fan. I loved her deeply. She used to dance beautifully. She kept on trying to stay away from me. I tried to keep her near me but she commited suicide one day. Now that she is here I wont let her go away. I will love her a lot. It is better if you stay away from him. Maanvendra tries to attack Anirudha and they get into a scuffle. Komal looks on from a distance as she has been tied to the bed. Chandralakha’s spirit leaves Komal. She calls out for the men asking them what they are up to. Chandralekha comes there. Komal looks at her in shock. Chandralekha walks up to where Maanvendra and Anirudha are. She holds Maanvendra’s neck using the chains. Maanvendra is shocked to see his beloved Chandralekha killing him.

Anirudha does last rites of Chandralekha.

Obsession, love and madness can sometimes take turn for the worst. Chandralekha wasn’t at peace even after her death because of Maanvendra’s tortures. Anirudha freed Chandralekha after doing her first rites and left with Komal. They never returned to this haveli. People are still afraid to come here. Chandralekha got Moksha but probably Maanvendra’s Talash will never end.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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