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Code Red 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aanchal Orphanage:
A man gives special food items to a particular kid. He takes the kid aside, asking for a promise that he wont share this secret with anyone. we are friends after all. The kid promises him.

Indoor, Madhya Pradesh:
A kid climbs up a building using the pipes. He goes inside a flat (Mr. Rajesh’s) through its bathroom. He is coming down when he notices a man taking out his scooter. He stops in between only but the man (Prakash) notices the kid (still on the pipe) and calls out for everyone. People assemble there and tell him (thief) to come down. They even notice the open window of Rajesh’s bathroom. Residents threaten the kid. He looks around helplessly.

A 15 year old kid was about to become the target of a group of middle class people. Everyone would have been

scared to face this kid on a one to one basis. They might not have even thought of attacking him. But mob psychology is something else when a crowd gathers. This kid, juvenile criminal, was hanging on a wall like this only. Was destiny going to destroy his future or otherwise?

Theme – Thief Thief!

One of the society members (Akhilesh) calls Rajest Gupta. The other people are busy beating the little kid. Akhilesh informs Rajesh about the thief. The kid is all bruised up. They find valuables in his pocket. He is beaten mercilessly. Rajesh has informed his wife Geeta too. the society members click the kid’s photo. A lady even tells her son (sonu) to upload his photo on colony’s whatsapp group so everyone gets to know. Rajesh reaches there just then. he is taken aback to see the kid. Why did you beat a kid mercilessly? The jewels are artificial. The money is barely 3k. You could have called police. It is inhuman to beat a kid like this and then tie him as if he is an animal! He frees the kids. We have no right to do this with a kid. Society members are not happy with his outlook.

Police comes there. They catch hold of the kid. Rajesh is concerned when the kid shouts in pain. Inspector tells him to file a complaint first. We will decide where we have to take the kid then. society members feel that Rajesh is a mad guy.

Rajesh yet again requests Inspector to take the kid to doc first. Inspector tells him not to talk all this Human rights stuff in front of him. this is just a demo. His real beating is still left. We see such cases every day. They have a thick skin. They are trained to bear all this. Rajesh refuses to file a complaint. Inspector is against it as the kid might repeat it again at someone else’s house, maybe even try to rape someone. Why don’t you adopt him! take him to a five star hospital, take care of him but I must tell you that you will regret it one day. He will cost you heavily.

Rajesh was a sensitive person. Instead of handing over this juvenile criminal to police, he got him treated. We can understand things till here but what he did next was very weird as per today’s society.

Nurse treats the kid’s wound. Rajesh informs everything to Geeta. She too feels that the kid might try to do it again tomorrow. He does not feel so. He is a mere 15 year old kid. He might have lost his path. The colony people have beaten him so badly. She understands his point. Do what you think is right but be careful.

Sanju lives in a nearby slum area. His parents are in a village named Bhojpur, near Bhopal. Rajesh remarks that he is strong enough to climb a pipe but cannot work hard. You are so young. You can study, learn and then take up a job but why this? Sanju agrees not to do it next time. He turns to go when Rajesh gives him 3k. Learn something good, do something good with your life. You can come back to me for more money if you need it to learn something. But don’t involve yourself in anything wrong from henceforth. Sanju nods.

Sanju calls out for his friend Ashraf and Govind. They too had accompanied him but got scared so backed off.

4 hours back:
All 3 of them were keeping an eye on Rajesh’s house. The other two were scared but Sanju had decided to go up. Ashraf and Govind ran away when Sanju was caught.

Present: They divide the money.

Geeta is not happy with the fact that Rajesh gave money to a thief. I agree no one is a born criminal. Circumstances and helplessness play a crucial role but what about the other thousands of kids who choose to do hard work. They sit under street light so they can study, they work hard. You could have given that money to them. they could have utilised it. He has given that money to Sanju so he can become a good guy when he grows up. I will do this for as long as I can. On the other hand, Sanju and his friends drink alcohol with Rajesh’s money.

Sanju was not interested in holding Rajesh’s extended hand (for help and guidance). He could neither understand Rajesh’s words nor his help. He was happy in his life. Fate brought them together again but this time Sanju could see nothing beyond his selfishness.

Sanju and his friends fool people and steal their money. Their earning is not much so they decide to approach Rajesh again. sanju is scared of going in the society as anyone else might beat him again.

Next day:
Sanju is waiting outside the society for Rajesh. He says thank you to Rajesh. I have not stolen anything since then but have been begging people for money. No one is helping me. my sister is not well. Rajesh agrees to get him a job and then enrol him in a night school too. Later, Geeta tells Rajesh that she could read Sanju’s face. He is not interested in any work. He was just trying to fool you. Rajesh is still thinking all good and about doing good for Sanju. Geeta points out that he is giving job to a thief, that too in his own office. If anything goes wrong tomorrow then your job will be at stake. He is sure the ending will be good.

Sanju is irked with Rajesh for acting like a social worker. He wants me to work! His friend suggests him to join the job, take advance salary and then disappear. Sanju is not interested in toiling day and night for just 3k. Plus there is nothing like advance salary. His friend still encourages him to take up the job. Go to the night school for a day or two and then leave it.

Sanju gets the job in Rajesh’s office. He has to work 12 hours and then study for 1 and a half hours afterwards at night school. Rajesh calls Sanju a brave boy.

Geeta is still not sure about what Rajesh is doing but Rajesh has a strong intuition that things will get better.

Faith can move mountains. Rajesh was sure Sanju wants to take up the right path and make a place for himself in the civilised world. The atmosphere started showing its effect on Sanju. He started working diligently. One day, that day came which was not at all expected by Rajesh.

Sanju is going his office work diligently and studies at night school too. A guy (Shrikant) keeps an envelope (full of money) in his cupboard one day but it is gone by the next day. He doubts Sanju. Bring my money (50k). Sanju swears that he has not stolen the money. Shrikant is still not ready to believe him. Rajesh asks Sanju who swears on him that he has not stolen the money. I have come here to become a better person. I would have run away with that much money if I had stolen it. Shrikant is alert. What did he used to do before joining here? Rajesh dismisses the question. He has full faith on Sanju. Shrikant is still not ready to believe him or Rajesh. I will call the police. My job is at risk. Sanju requests him not to call police. I have given up on stealing long back. Rajesh accepts that Sanju has made mistakes in the past but he is not doing that anymore. Shrikant still blames Sanju. Inspector comes there and recognizes both of them. They take Sanju away. Sanju pleads them that he is innocent but in vain. They beat Sanju badly but he still says that he has not stolen the money.

Rajesh again comes to police station to find out about Sanju. He has changed. He has been working in our office since last 3 weeks and has been attending night school too. why would he take so much time if he has to steal in the end? Inspector says one needs chance and time. Rajesh refuses to leave without Sanju. You are ruining that child’s future. I will pay company’s money. Please take the complaint back. Inspector tells him that the complaint was registered by the company so they only can take it back. You are making a mistake again. you need to gain more experiences.

Rajesh approaches his boss (Pankaj). Shrikant is hiding something from us. Pankaj says you too hid a lot from us. Shrikant is working here since past 7 years while Sanju has been here since 3 weeks. We have found no negative complaint again him in all these years. My job will in trouble when the matter reaches higher authorities. Rajesh doesn’t mind facing any of it but Pankaj is not! I too feel Sanju is the culprit. He will accept it.

At home, Geeta tries to make Rajesh understand but he insists that Sanju is getting framed for no reason. Tomorrow is very far. One night itself is enough to ruin someone’s life for forever. Geeta is confused. Rajesh dismisses the topic.

Rajesh comes to meet Sanju. Tell me honestly if you have done it or not. I will fight for you. I will file a bail application for you. don’t back out from the truth for even a second. Sanju feels that everyone else is right. You cant do anything once people label you as a thief. It dint hurt back when I really used to steal. Rajesh tells him against it. save these tears for your happy moment.

Next day:
Shrikant gets to know that Rajesh has got Sanju bailed. Prakash asks Shrikant about how he kept 50k in the drawer like that. Shrikant gives a reply which is not so convincing.

Rajesh decides to find another job for Sanju. Don’t think that one bad thing can spoil your whole life. He drops Sanju near his slum. Study hard. I will take you to your another job as soon as I find something. Sanju thanks him.

Shrikant and Rajesh stare at each other in the office. Rajesh is busy finding another job for Sanju.

Sanju has indeed stolen the money. He shows it to his friends. I had made an identical key of his drawer using soap.

Rajesh finds out from the night school teacher (Jayesh) that Sanju dint return to school after the second class. one of my students told me that Sanju is not interested in studies. He only comes to school for you. he also said that he will run away the day he gets hold of something good. Rajesh is tensed.

Sanju buys alcohol from the beer shop.

Rajesh is looking for Sanju. He reaches Sanju’s house but the door is locked. A neighbouring lady tells him that the kids are alone. You wont find them here at this hour. what have they stolen (from you)? He mutters – trust!

Sanju and his friends make plan of going to Mumbai. Rajesh meets Sanju. I have found a very nice job for you in a car showroom. You three together can steal a car so you can drink liquor all your life. Sanju acts innocent again. I dint steal. Rajesh slaps him. This angers Sanju’s friends. Rajesh tells them to beat him instead. You dint cheat me when you told me you dint steal that money. You cheated that chance that you got in life to become a good person. You could have made a better life for yourself. Sanju accepts his crime. Tell police to arrest me. Rajesh agrees that everyone has been right all along. Sanju talks about a man named Gulabjamun. We were not like this from the beginning. He used to give us extra sweet and (raped) us. We have been through so much pain in life that no other pain matters. We learnt another thing. everyone is selfish. We only get pain. Now pain pains no more. Rajesh agrees that they might have been through a lot in such a tender age, maybe you are orphan but you became orphans again by refusing these new relations. Sanju says you wont understand that we cannot make relations after what we have been through. Rajesh calls it their misunderstanding. You are not the only one in the world who has seen / felt pain. I am an orphan even though I have parents. My father loves money over anything else. He too is a thief (corrupt man). I dint want to be like him. I take my revenge from him by being an extra honest man every day. You are making Gulabjamun’s story your shield and seeking revenge from the society. You are only 14-15 years old. You had a chance to change your past, to write a new chapter of life. But I couldn’t make you do it. it is my mistake. I have failed. I am sorry. He leaves from there. The kids feel bad.

Sanju is not able to sleep. He thinks of his time in the orphanage and wakes up with a start. He cries saying Gulabjamun did so wrong with us. He might have done the same thing with so many other kids too. ashraf tells him that its been 5 years. We anyways cannot do anything about him now. They all lie down once again to sleep but Sanju is still awake.

Rajesh too cannot sleep at night. Geeta tells him not to think too much. Rajesh thinks of himself to be the biggest fool of the world. Evil remains evil. She says don’t think about extreme things all the times. You tried your best but the kid was wrong. You cannot think this extreme based on this one incident. Life cannot be lived like this. he repeats that a thief will always remain a thief.

Next morning, Rajesh and Geeta are leaving for the office when they notice Sanju outside. Rajesh stops his car and walks up to him. who is ill now? How much money do you need? Sanju says I don’t need money, I need work. Rajesh refuses to believe him. you will once again steal if I get you another job. You only know how to steal. You are a thief! He throws some money on Sanju’s face. Come back if you want more money. I might give you if I feel like. Thief! Sanju begins to pick up the money. Rajesh sits back inside the car.

Rajesh is heading to his cabin when he notices Shrikant. He accepts his mistake and that Sanju was the thief. I will pay for the trust I had made on him. I will pay you the money by Monday. Shrikant is rendered speechless.

In his cabin, Rajesh is not able to concentrate on anything. Shrikant comes there. Someone has come to meet you. Sanju walks inside. Shrikant tells Rajesh that Sanju has returned 45k. Sanju agrees to make up for the rest of the amount from his salary. Rajesh calls it a drama but Sanju also returns him the money that he had thrown at him in the morning. I don’t need this. I only need a chance now. I want to study. My friends will also study now. I promise Shrikant Sir, I will return the rest of your money. He hugs Rajesh. I couldn’t understand that someone can think good about people like us too without any hidden motive. We had become used to not to trust after all that, but now I have understood everything. Rajesh too hugs him back emotionally. You not just learnt something for yourself but taught something to all of us as well. It isn’t important that evil remains evil always. If it steals some goodness then it cannot just change future but past too!

Sanju and his friends do full time duty in the day now and go to night school later on. Rajesh Gupta is relieved that his trust actually became stronger in the end. Bad things do happen with people but it doesn’t mean that life becomes bad. We can change it with hard work and dedication, for others and for ourselves too. that chance is necessary that we can give to ourselves to change. We can give the same chance to others too where everyone believes that good wins in the end, whether the fight is outside or internal!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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