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March 2015, Barmoh, Chhatisgarh:
The hospital is overcrowded. 11 people have died since the morning.

SP addresses media. There was an eye check up camp in some area. Approx 300 cataract operations were done. Kabir finds it unreal. Inspector nods. It is a small surgery but the patients started feeling uneasy. Some had headache, someone’s eyes started bleeding. Many people have lost their lives because of the same. Inspector informs SP that Dr. Rawat (from the eye check up camp) is here. Kabir requests him to let him come inside as well. I have come for this case especially from Delhi. SP allows him in.

Dr. Rawat, Chief Medical Officer (organizer of the eye check up camp) says everything was done perfectly. We are professionals. Maybe the patients dint take the necessary precautions.

Inspector informs SP that 18 more people have died. Mr. Rawat leaves. Kabir observes everything.

SP comes to hospital. Doc says we will have to send them outside. The same girl (Chunni) requests SP to save her grandmother. Her bleeding is continuous. Doc knows that he case is very complicated. People feel that it would have been better if they would have died instead. They are very poor people and there are problems with their other eye too. Doc checks Chunni’s Dadi (Phoolwati). He indirectly tells Chunni to take care of her Dadi. She wont be able to see again. Kabir is pained to witness it. Chunni runs away. Kabir follows her.

Kabir saves Chunni as she was just about to be crushed under a speeding car. She starts crying. Kabir tells her that her Dadi needs her. she is all alone. She needs you. Chunni mistakes him to be a doctor. Please tell that big doc to take care of Dadi. Dadi lost her eyes because of me. it’s all my fault.

Eye check up camp, Raipur, Chhatisgarh:
Chunni brings her Dadi to get her eyes checked. The check up is done free here. The lady doc tells Chunni everything about the operation. Chunni is excited that her Dadi can see her now. The cost of the operation will be approx 4k. Chunni and her Dadi get thinking / tensed.

At home, Chunni picks up her silver anklets. She hides it when her Dadi comes there. Dad still understands that Chunni is hiding something from her. She finds those anklets. Chunni lies that she wants to wear it. her Dadi knows the truth. Chunni accepts that she wants to sell it. I want you to see everything clearly. Chunni’s Dadi hugs her. Don’t worry about me. Everything will be fine. This jewellery is your mother’s last memento. I couldn’t get you educated. Chunni too wants to take some responsibility. Dadi is ok with her blurry vision. They sit down to eat halwa. Dadi lies to Chunni that she has eaten already. Chunni knows her too well. They both feed each other.

Present: we could share even a chapatti a day. We are poor people. Dadi’s cataract increased. She started facing lot many problems. Chunni’s Dadi is washing utensils at someone’s house. She breaks a cup by mistake and also hurts her foot. She apologizes to the lady but she dismisses her from work. Dadi needed operation but we dint have money. Chunni offers to do the work on her behalf but her Dadi is strictly against it. you should only study. Chunni is concerned about her Dadi. What if something happened to you? Chunni overhears someone talking about a free eye check up camp. Chunni finds a pamphlet. She confirms with the guy who is dropping pamphlets at everyone’s home. It is free. She happily hugs her Dadi. You will be able to see me now. Chunni’s Dadi is reluctant but Chunni gives her her swear. Dadi agrees.

Eye check up Camp, Raipur, Chhatisgarh:
I got my Dadi’s name listed at night itself. The check up started thereafter. Operations were happening in one room. Dadi and I waited there for our turn. Doc checks the slips and then throws them away. he puts eye drops hurriedly in Phoolwati’s eyes and then turns to the next patient. Dadi finds the things too rushed. I don’t find it right. Eyes need time. One cannot fix them just like that. Chunni tells her to trust God. It is Phoolwati’s turn now. Chunni’s Dadi is taken inside the room for her operation. The operation was complete in 10 minutes. The compounder (Sahni) gives a few instructions to Chunni. Chunni and her Dadi are waiting for 2 days. You will be able to see my face then.

Present: Dadi started crying. I was wiping her tears but the cloth turned red. Doc now says that Dadi wont be able to see now. Kabir thinks of Dr. Rawat’s words. Did you take the bandage off? Did you touch it with dirty hands? Chunni denies. I took every possible care. Nothing matters more to me than Dadi’s eyes. It is entirely my fault. Why did I take Dadi there! Kabir says you wanted to help your Dadi. Be strong, you are your Dadi’s support system now. It isn’t your mistake. It is someone else’s mistake. You got the medicine that was given to you?

Doc tells Kabir and SP about the medicine. This medicine is given to the patients to be taken after operation. Kabir points out that maybe the medicine is expired. That is indeed the case. The chemicals used in it are very dangerous. It can harm people if an expired medicine is used.
SP cannot arrest the so called people as there is no law in constitution under which they can do it. There is no point approaching the consumer forum either. One of the compounder has been arrested from a railway station. SP decides to extract all the info from him.

Compounder Sahni (the same compounder at the time of Phoolwati’s operation) acts innocent but finally agrees when SP threatens him. 48 people have lost their eyesight and 11 people have died. He says it was about 2 days ago before the camp. I took some medicines to Dr. Rawat.

Flashback: Dr. Rawat has got the responsibility from government to organize the free eye check up. Dr. Maheshwari reasons that the equipments are not good. Plus the medicines are less. They decide to do all the operations (300) in one day. They have no budget. They bargain for money for medicines from the vendor (Deepak). Sahni tries to object but they send him out. Deepak agrees to get the expired medicines in 4k only (the normal medicines cost 20k).

Phoolwati thanks the doc’s before the operation as it will help her in realising Chunni’s dreams. The docs make a bet to finish the operation in 10 minutes. Sahni looks on helplessly.

Present: the operations were done in such rush. Expired medicines were used. Bad equipments ruined everything. He signs on the statement. SP tells him not to even think of leaving the city. Sahni nods and then leaves. Kabir asks SP what will be the charges now to file a case. SP tells his Inspector to arrest Dr. Rawat and his team.

Criminal proceedings were done against Dr. Rawat, his team, and the medicine vendor. Central government only gave 5k to every person (who was operated upon). Meanwhile, a news came.

A few days ago:
Chunni’s finanancial conditions had worsened. The compensation was spent in medicines. Chunni had started working. One day she went to sell her anklets. Her Dadi heard it and was shattered. She started thinking of herself as a burden on Chunni. Chunni’s Dadi intentionally goes to the railway track. Chunni notices her and tries to tell her to move aside as the train is coming but her Dadi stays put. She thinks that she cannot let Chunni ruin her future because of her. Chunni is a little late in reaching her Dadi. The train mows down her Dadi. Chunni screams out in pain.

Present: Those doctors not just snatched my Dadi’s eyesight but they also snatched my Dadi from me. Kabir is in tears. What is her mistake! Those doctors are practising again. Government has changed their focus to something else. 48 people lose their eyesight. 11 people die and now this. Sakshi encourages him to find ample proof against Dr. Rawat. They were spared for lack of proof. Now you help these poor people in getting justice. They have only free checkups camps to rely on as they are poor. Do something that their trust is not broken. It is your responsibility as a reporter.

Kabir comes to meet Dr. Rawat. He comes in the disguise of Sudhanshu Suri (from Health Ministry). He has a spy cam in his pen which is in his shirt’s pocket. Health Ministry is ready to give you contract to organize check up camps for a year. Don’t give me tension about the budget. Will you be able to get expired medicines? Rawat agrees. The medicines will be from branded company. We will save all the costs. Kabir asks him how many cataract operations they can finish in a day. Rawat talks about 250-300. He gives intro of his team. Our team is efficient. You should just give us target. Kabir greets them.

Kabir shows the clip to the concerned person. He orders SP to take immediate action on the same. All the doctors were jailed. The compensation was raised to 2 lacs. Chunni talks to her Dadi’s photo. Now I will fulfil your dream. I will study in college. I will become an eye doctor when I grow up.

Think about the people who lose their eyesight because of doc’s negligence. Docs are no less than God for patients. What will you call the doctor’s who bring darkness to people’s life? It is not just good enough to have some check up camps. One must also monitor what all is happening there. Why is the central government not taking any strict action on it? We should raise our voice against it so we can actually bring light to someone’s life.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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