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Mala Desai, a passenger in the flight, is in pain. Her friend asks her to wait for a while. We are about to land at Mumbai Airport soon. Mala nods. Later, the girl finds Maya asleep while she is walking out. The airhostess tries to wake her but Mala vomits blood.

The constable keeps calling for the girl thinking that she dropped her keys. She declines and then boards a taxi. She updates someone about Mala’s death. I am fine.

The news is reported on tv. Kabir watches it. Mala was hiding capsules in her stomach. One of the capsule burst inside her stomach because of which she died. Mala’s mother has no clue about it. She went to Kabul for job. She was not like this. Someone surely has misguided her.

5 years ago:
Sakshi gives lead to Kabir about Anwar and

two of his friends. He talks about killing Anwar but she wants to catch Anwar alive. Nothing good will come out of it. We have to reach the main person who is running this nexus.

Kabir talks to his boss about Mala’s case. Biggies are involved in this. Innocent people are used. I want to cover this story. Boss allows him to go to Mumbai.

Lovina is celebrating cake with her daughters (Andy and Janet). Andy is trying to get a job as an airhostess. They have been through tough times and are not in a very good financial condition. Andy vows to give her mother and sister all the happiness.

Mala’s mother tells Kabir that kids nowadays want everything. They take shortcut if they are in problem. I had seen so many dreams for her. I thought she will earn good money in Kabul. Kabir asks her if Mala used to meet anyone. Mala’s mother takes Mamta’s name. She was to go to Kabul with her. I have told police everything. I don’t know anything else. I dint even knew when she was coming back. Kabir thinks that there was no passenger on board with Mamta Sharma’s name.

Unknown place in Mumbai:
The girl apologizes to her boss. I had no idea that she will die. I should go underground for a few days.

Mud Island, Mumbai:
Anita is talking to Janet about her Bangkok trip. Lovina scolds her daughter for talking to Anita. Janet calls her her friend. She has just returned from Bangkok and has bought a car. Lovina reasons that no job gets you a car in a month’s time. There is no smoke without the fire. Don’t think about money. Focus on your studies. Janet nods.

Kabir asks Inspector about the case. Inspector shows him the pic of that girl. She was with Mala. She was travelling with the name of Chamoli Ojha. We have no idea where she is right now. Kabir clicks her photo in his phone.

Lovina talks about the expenses. Janet does not want to study further but her mother interrupts her. Doorbell rings. Andy gets an interview letter. Janet and their mother hug her. They are very excited about it.

Fly Safe Airlines:
Andy gets the job. She shares the good news with her mother. Lovina informs Janet too. Andy will be getting 40k per month. They get happy thinking that they will be able to manage all the expenditures. A car bumps into Andy.

City Hospital, Mumbai:
Andy has multiple fractures including in spinal cord. There will be multiple operations. They have to deposit 1 lac 70k for the operation. The bill so far is 40k already. Lovina walks out to arrange for the money.

Kabir meets his informer Razzak Khan. He gives him the task of finding more info on that girl.

5 years ago:
Kabir warns Sakshi that those people are really bad. He gives her a gun. She doesn’t want it as it is illegal. What’s the difference between Anwar and me if I use it? You are with me. You will take care of me. I am going home for a while. Kabir is worried for her.

At night, Sakshi looks on from a distance when Anwar is doing a drug dealing with his group of friends. She clicks some photos. They notice the flash. Sakshi switches off the flash and clicks random photos but they are all dark. Anwar is standing right before her when she is looking at them. He shoots at her but Kabir saves her in time. Police also reaches there. Kabir and Sakshi hide while police and Anwar’s team get into a combat. Kabir notices Anwar alone. He is about to shoot at him but Sakshi stops him. Anwar escapes. Sakshi holds Kabir tight as she gets scared when the drug pedlars team throw a bomb at police. Kabir asks her what if something had happened to her. She asks him the same question.

Lovina is not able to get loan from anyone. I have no clue what to do, who to approach! She decides to sell her gold chain. Janet gives her her phone. Doc asks them to deposit the money asap as the operation has to be done today itself. Janet comforts her mother.

Janet meets Anita who agrees to help Janet. Meet me tomorrow at 11.

Razzak calls Kabir. This woman is underground. She is still in Mumbai though and is working for Rao Sahab.

Rao Sahab tells his men to cut open a girl’s stomach as the capsules are still not out.

Anita brings Janet to that girl’s house. The girl keeps a plate full of grapes to Janet. Swallow the bigger ones. Don’t eat them. You will get 10k for each grape when you take them safely to Bangkok. Janet realises that this is illegal and walks away.

Andy is in tears as she thinks how her world came crashing to nothing in a few minutes. She notices the first aid box kept on the bedside table and picks it up. She takes out a medicine. Lovina wakes up. She finds Andy holding onto something. Andy wants to die. Your problem will be solved. Lovina reasons that they wont be able to live without her. Janet takes the box away. She comes to drink water when she notices the grapes kept in the fridge.

Someone calls Anita.

Janet tells Andy never to even think of doing something like this.

The girl shows a pic to Rao Sahab. She will be going tomorrow.

Razzak Khan updates Kabir about the same.

It turns out to be Lovina. She will have to stay hungry for 10-12 hours. Leave your phone at home. You will get another phone there. Anita too will be accompanying her. The girl brings Lovina to a room where the capsules are being filled. Rao Sahab advises her not to think what’s inside it. Just swallow it. Lovina asks Anita how it will get out. Anita says you will have to drink laxatives. It will all get out then. Rao Sahab gives one to Lovina. She is almost pukish when she tries but then gulps it down her throat. It travels down to her stomach.

Janet wonders how mom left all of a sudden. Which relative do we have in Delhi? Andy too has no clue. She said she will return in 15 days. She was in a rush. Janet tries her number but it is switched off.

Lovina swallows many which amount to 2 lacs 80k.

Andy asks for her medicine. Janet finds her mother’s phone in the cupboard. She checks the last dialled list and gets thinking. Janet tries Anita’s number. It is switched off too. She wonders if mom if is with Anita.

Kabir gets the address. He shares it with the Inspector. They reach the location but there are no people in the house. Kabir can see the marks on the table. He thinks of his past. He tells the Inspector that they were here just now. This symbol is theirs only. Inspector tells the constables to stop any car that is going out from the main gate.

Police stop that girl’s car (Sherone). She later on confesses the schedule of the flight.

Lovina and Anita board the flight. The flight gets delayed for security reasons. Lovina is feeling uneasy. Airport Custom Officer comes inside and takes Lovina and Anita with him.

Lovina accepts her mistake. I couldn’t understand what to do. I was worried what if Janet would have done this. I got scared of her. I anyways don’t have long but my daughters have their whole lives before them. I decided to sacrifice my life for them. I wont let their lives get destroyed. I called Anita. I had no idea what she was into but had a doubt. I have never done anything wrong in all my life but it was about my daughter! She breaks down.

Kabir is at Lovina’s house. I dint intend to get your mother arrested. I know why she did this. I will try to make sure her punishment is decreased. He gives them his card. I will make sure you get treated. It is my responsibility. Call me in case you need anything.

Sherone, Lovina and Anita get arrested.

I had no words after hearing Andy and Janet’s story. I tried to help them. Anwar is still absconding. There has been no clue of Rao Sahab so far. My mission will continue till I nab them. He calls Razzak. I think Anwar is in Mumbai only. I want all the details about him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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