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October 2005, Munger District, Bihar:
A lady is making temporary rope using her saree. A kid notices her doing so from the balcony and informs her parents. Her parents rush inside the room in time. They comfort her.

A few days later:
Nayi Aawaz Head Office, Patna, Bihar:
Kabir is about to go back to Delhi as his work here is done. The same lady and her mother (Savita ) try to enter inside a house. The guard tells them off. Savita shares with Kabir that they have come to meet Pravin Mishra. Guard says they left a month ago. The lady requests Kabir to help them. His reporter friend tells him not to get in all this. Savita yet again requests Kabir to help them. my daughter got married 2 months ago. Pravin was supposed to come but there is no clue about him. Kabir asks his friend if

there is some other way to find info about Pravin Mishra. His friend calls someone and finds all the latest info about Pravin.

Dimple and her mother reach at Pravin’s new address with Kabir. A lady opens the house but she tells Dimple that she is Pravin’s neighbour. Pravin’s mother comes there too. She refuses to acknowledge Dimpla as Pravin’s wife. My son is not married. She threatens Kabir and others to leave or she will call police.

Dimple and Savita break down. Dimple and Pravin had a fight. He got upset and left. It is about lifetime. What will my daughter do now? Dimple says I had told you that there is no use but you insisted. Kabir suggests talking to Pravin once. Savita asks for Kabir’s help. They don’t even have a place to sleep overnight. He takes them to a guest house. This room is booked in his name. He goes to book another room for himself. Please don’t hide anything from me. your daughter was not recognizing her own MIL. Savita shows him photographs of the wedding. Kabir takes one photo from the album.

Kabir cannot understand how someone can leave their loved ones like this. It is inhuman for a man to leave his wife. Sakshi talks about the statistics. Those women who have been elft by their husbands or are widows are a total of 7.4% against the sum total of entire woman population. He wants to dig deep and find out the truth so he can help Dimple.

Next morning, 10 am:
Kabir meets Pravin. He shows him Dimple’s photo. He too refuses to acknowledge Dimple. I am unmarried. I am engineer. Everyone has a rate here. People here use such tactics when girls here are not able to get married. You should go back to Delhi.

Kabir comes to give breakfast to Dimple. He takes some clothes from his suitcase. He tells her about his meeting with Pravin. He said he doesn’t know you. She nods. He is an engineer whereas I am an illiterate woman. I was not able to get married even as I am poor. I am 26 years old. Papa was trying but things never worked out.

Some months ago:
Chaubey ji refuses to let his son marry Dimple as he will not get anything in dowry. Dimple’s father has nothing to sell to get money so he can get his daughter married. He finds girls burden. It would have been better if I had some disease other than a girl. At night, Dimple tells her father that she doesn’t want to get married. I want to take care of you and mother. Your son would have done the same for you. He clearly tells her that she is not his son. I cannot live with this sin.

Dimple’s father approaches Avni Singh for monetary help. Avni Singh tells him to make arrangements for 2 lacs. I will get your daughter married. Chaubey agrees for marriage. Everyone at home is happy.

Present: Baba was very worried. I had no idea all this would happen or I wouldn’t have done this marriage. Savita returns just then. Kabir tells her about his meeting with Pravin earlier in the day. He dint recognize Dimple. She wants him to make her meet Pravin once.

Same day, 12 pm:
Some goons try to kidnap Pravin but fail. It is Avni Singh and his men.

Kabir’s reporter friend finds the photo a little weird. Pravin comes there. He confesses everything to Kabir. Dimple was speaking truth. I just got saved from those goons. I will tell you everything. Kabir offers him a seat.

2 months ago:
I got my joining letter from Bokaro Steel. His father plans to get a dowry of 25 lacs in Pravin’s wedding. Next morning, Pravin leaves for Bokaro. Avni Singh and his men kidnap guys. They had planned to kidnap someone but the guy’s elder brother is in police. They notice Pravin in the bus. Chocolate Singh sits down beside Pravin to find out info about him. on their way to Bokaro, he gets all the info about Pravin. Avni Singh is following the bus in his van. The bus halts at a stop. Chocolate Singh makes him get down from the bus on the pretext of eating samosas. Pravin starts feeling uneasy after eating the samosa. Chocolate Singh suggests him to freshen up. The bus won go anywhere. Pravin heads towards the restroom. Chocolate Singh tells his boss that their prey is ready. Pravin is lying unconscious near the restroom.

Avni Singh and Chocolate Singh beat Pravin. Pravin knows that they have fed him something. He tries to escape but Avni Singh slaps him. there is apurpose behind bringing you here. I have to get you married to a girl from a poor family. Pravin shakes his head. you cannot force me. I understand this case. You cannot steal grooms like this. Avni Singh tells Chocolate to beat Pravin. Spare his face. Chocolate obliges. Avni updates Dimple’s father. The groom is ready. Make preps.

Chocolate Singh is supporting Pravin. Savita is taken aback to see him. he is not Chaubey ji’s son. he has been brought here forcefully! Her husband tells her to do the ritual. Savita does as she is told. There is an injury mark on Pravin’s face. Avni Singh scolds Chocolate Singh for the same. the groom cannot look bad like this.

Dimple’s father threatens to drink poison. Dimple finally agrees to marry. Chocolate Singh is sitting next to Pravin with a pistol in his head. Pandit starts the rituals. The wedding happens. Pravin passes out eventually. Dimple cannot stop herself from crying. Chocolate Singh leaves Pravin inside Dimple’s room at night. He tells her to inform his father. He is in very much pain. Dimple takes care of Pravin day and night.

3 days later:
Savita apologizes to Pravin. We are poor people. Whatever had to happen has happened. Avni Singh comes there with his men. I got you a groom worth 20 lacs in 2 lacs. Chocolate Singh has noted everything about Pravin. At night, Pravin gets up to go to toilet. Dimple offers to go with him but he denies. She watches him leave the house stealthily.

Present: What else could I do? I told everything to my parents. I changed my house, couldn’t join that job but they are here too. they have threatened to kill me. they tried to kidnap me. please save me. Kabir’s reporter friend talks about what used to happen 15 years ago. People don’t think about what happens to the girls of today’s time. They are forced to get married like this too. Kabir suggests Pravin to talk to Dimple face to face. It is up to you if you want to accept her or not. Pravin is reluctant but Kabir gives him assurance.

Dimple’s father is talking to his wife Savita. He tells her that Avni Singh is coming there jsut then. show him Pravin’s new house. I have paid him 2 lacs. He will finish his work.S avita doesn’t want to involve Avni Singh. Dimple tells her mother against it. those people will kill Pravin.

Kabir comes there with Pravin. Pravin tells Dimple that he wont be able to fulfil this marriage. She tells him to leave from here. You life is in danger. We will discuss this later. Avni Singh and his men are coming here. They wont spare him. Avni Singh enters inside just then. He is thrilled to see Pravin. Kabir tells Avni Singh that this is illegal. I will have to call police. Avni Singh is not scared of police. Stay out of my matter. He takes Pravin with him. Chocolate Singh takes out his gun. Dimple snatches it from him and points it at Chocolate Singh. She thinks of her father’s regret and of Pravin’s words. I am the problem. I will kill myself. They try to protest but she shoots herself. Everyone is stunned. Ani Singh and his men escape from there. Kabir looks at Dimple in utter shock. Savota rushes to her daughter’s side but she is dead.

A charge sheet was filed against Avni Singh and his men and also on Dimple’s father. What did Dimple’s father and mother get? What did those goons get in the end? They all tried to force such a beautiful relation on people. That relation is made on the basis of trust and faith. The numbers of such incidents have gone up in the past years. It is difficult to say who the victim is in such cases. In our country, women are treated with respect yet the very same women are also killed in our country for dowry. Pakduwa Vivah is also a crime. It is very important to stop it. it is a sin on humanity.

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