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30th November 2014, Bhimtal Village, Sikar, Rajasthan:
Lot many people have gathered outside a temple (Kanya Mata Temple). A lady tells another lady how her husband was unemployed since last 6 years. I heard about this temple, offered prayers and my husband got a job. It is all Devi Maiyya’s blessing. The other lady agrees with her. My DIL could not conceive since last 7 years but last month we came here. My DIL fell ill on our way back. We visited a doc and came to know that she is pregnant. I had asked for a grandson but got a granddaughter. Anyways, we got something so we are happy. we will come again next year, maybe we can get a grandson next time. Both the ladies have come back to the temple as per their Mannat. They hope that they are able to get inside the temple once as the crowd is too


There is a little girl sitting inside the temple all dressed up like a Goddess. People are actually praying to her. people touch her feet and she blesses them. the parents of the girl are also in the temple. The mother is concerned for her girl as she must be hungry. Her husband tells her otherwise. One, there is a very big crowd outside. Two, she is not your daughter anymore. She is a Mata (Goddess). A Goddess is never hungry or thirsty. People continue to come one by one and seek Mata’s blessings.

A couple visits a doc. The lady is coughing badly. Doc assures them that there is nothing to worry. She will be fine if she takes her medicines. He goes out for some work. The compounder suggests the couple to go to seek Kanya Mata’s blessings. They decide to go there asap.

They reach the temple. The lady feels a little better than before after the injection given by ward boy but her husband is only thinking about Kanya Mata. Your real treatment will happen here. The couple comes inside to seek Mata’s blessings. The little girl touches her head as well, like she does with everyone else. The girl’s mother is not so happy with whatever is happening.

Nayi Aawaz Office, New Delhi:
Kabir’s boss talks to Kabir about a murder case article. He couldn’t talk to the inspector because he got infected with swine flu. They discuss about the new and unbelievable kind of diseases that are spreading in the world nowadays. The most unbelievable thing is happening in Sikar, Rajasthan. He shows an article to Kabir titled – Kanya Mata is doing the treatment of Swine Flu (with the charnamrit Prasad). The hospital is empty. Everyone is directly going to Kanya Mata’s Temple to get treated. Go there and find out everything. You too should take a vaccine before going there.

A week later:
The couple returns to Kanya Mata Temple. The lady is all fit and fine now. I had swine flu but started feeling better from the next day onwards since I came here to seek Mata’s darshan. The crowd keeps on increasing only. Their faith is undeterred. Lot many people affected from swine flu and all other diseases come to the temple to seek Mata’s blessings. The lady is very worried for her daughter.

City Hospita, Sikar, Rajasthan:
Kabir finds the hospital almost empty. He meets the doc. Is there some strike? Doc tells him about Kanya Mata. There is no miracle. This is the list of those 20-22 patients who had come here in our hospital. We treated them, gave them vaccines, injections yet they weren’t satisfied. They went to see Kanya Mata. They got well after a few days. They spread the news that they have got well because of Kanya Mata’s blessings. A bigger problem is going to start now. Earlier people were coming to us when they could recognize the symptoms of swine flu at the initial level only. But now they are directly going to Kanya Mata. The condition is going to get very dangerous. The people, who have made that girl Kanya Mata, are putting her life in a very big risk.

The girl is not feeling well. She has fever, body ache. She tells her parents that she wants to stay with her mother today. I don’t want to go. Her father doesn’t understand it. Stop your drama and sit at Mata’s place. Crowd is going mad outside. The girl denies. Her grandfather calls out for them to hurry up. The girl’s mother requests her husband to be a little concerned about his daughter atleast. Her FIL comes and they forcefully take her outside. The lady cries for her daughter as she is all helpless.

Kabir reaches Kanya Mata Temple. He notices the long queue outside the temple. Most of the people are coughing badly because they have swine flu. Kabir talks to a man about it. One should take medicine or you will never get well. The man realises that Kabir is new here. You haven’t heard of Kanya Mata’s miracles yet?

Kabir comes inside the temple. He notices the sad face of the little girl. she is about to faint so he holds her. She has very high fever. Her father and grandfather try to dismiss him but he insists. They close the temple instead. Kabir tries to talk sense to them. she is a little girl. you should take her to a doc. The girl’s grandfather insists that she is Kanya Mata, not any ordinary girl. Kabir tries to make him understand again but in vain. He shouts out loud for the girl’s mother. You are her mother. Please take her to a hospital. She might catch infection and get affected by swine flu as well. The priest (girl’s grandfather) pushes him out. She is a Devi Maiyya, She doesn’t need any doc. The girl (Varsha) is not moving. Her mother pleads her husband to do something but he stands there quietly.

Sakshi asks Kabir what he thinks about the girl. Is she a normal girl or a Devi according to you too? Kabir says she is just a little girl. Swine flu is so prevalent here. This girl’s life is in danger. Sakshi talks about superstition that is spread in every corner of our country. That too is a very big danger. Approx 76k incidents are reported every year (related to superstitions). You will have to do something real fast or another innocent girl’s life will be finished because of these superstitions.

Kabir gets a call from his boss. There is a breaking news on tv. 15 people have died in Sikar’s City Hospital in one night only.

City Hospital, Sikar, Rajasthan:
Kabir reaches hospital. Doc tells him that this is what he was worried about. These people had gone directly to Kanya Mata’s Temple. They came here when their condition worsened but it was too late by then. That girl’s life is in danger. Anything can happen now. Kabir is tensed.

Kabir is outside Kanya Mata Temple. Priest tells them to seek Maiyya’s blessing from a distance as Mata is meditating. You must not touch her. He recognizes Kabir and tells him to get out of the line. You cannot come inside. The people are not allowed to touch the girl’s feet today. Varsha’s mother takes her husband aside. She talks about taking Varsha to a doc. Her FIL comes there. If we take Mata to a doc then her magic will disappear. She suggest taking Varsha to Jaipur or even to a faraway place. He denies. She is very famous in entire Rajasthan now. She will soon become famous in other cities too and people from all around the world will come to seek her blessings. He sends her outside to sit besides the Mata. She leaves. He tells his son to make his wife understand. We cannot take Mata to a doc. Though he himself had gone to hospital today to take vaccine for swine flu! So many patients come here. We are human beings, we can catch infection. You too should go and get the vaccine. Take your wife too.

Varsha’s mother meets a man. He gives her a medicine but she returns it to him when he asks her who she is taking it for. She turns to go when Kabir calls out to her. No good will come with this Vaid’s medicine. Hope you don’t lose your daughter because of this. She replies that her daughter has Mata’s blessing. She is Mata. Nothing can happen to her. He asks her how come the girl is ill then. he gives his intro to her. I am Kabir, a reporter. I am staying in Pachayat Ghar here. I can help you. She leaves without saying anything to him.

Varsha’s father is worried for her. Her health is deteriorating. What if something happens to her? His father doesn’t give a damn to it. She has Mata’s blessings. It is up to her if she lets the girl live or calls her to her. She is not your daughter anymore. Think what will happen if she dies. What will we do? When Gods / Goddesses die then people create their samadhi’s. That place becomes a pilgrimage for people. Make preps for that. This crowd wont stop here for even a day if the girl leaves soon. I have already spoken to a contractor regarding it. Use your brain. Varsha’s mother overhears their convo.

She comes to meet Kabir. They are waiting for my daughter’s death. They want to make a Samadhi of her. She is not a Devi. My family members have made her a Devi. Kabir asks her since when is this going on. She says that year there was draught in their village. The entire village was yearning for something good. The land was all dried up. That was when my daughter was born

5 years ago:
Nobody was happy when Varsha was born. Though it started raining continuously for the next 10-12 days! Varsha’s grandfather was not initially happy with her birth but then starts giving her the credit of it all. Should we make her Kanya Mata? Somehow my FIL and my husband (Burari) spread it in the entire village that my daughter is a Devi. They were not much happy as it was a daughter yet they couldn’t control their greed. People started coming to our house to seek Mata’s darshan and do her puja. If anything good happened then people started giving its credit to Kanya Mata. Burari’s father tells Burari to just do what he says.

Burari is amazed at the amount of money he is getting because of his daughter. Burari’s father never used to let the girl eat properly. When she grew a little old, they used to teach her how to give blessings to people. Varsha used to cry by the end of the day because of body ache. Varsha’s mother tried to explain it to her husband but he had become very greedy. We used to do lot of hard work earlier to make ends meet but it all became better because of Kanya Mata. We started getting lot of money, all kind of food (Bhog), a house, car, everything! But my daughter’s life stopped there itself.

Present: My daughter is in very much pain. Don’t go by the smile on her face. She keeps that smile on her face because she is scared of her father scolding her. She cries the whole night otherwise. He feet pains all the while. She is in very much pain. Kabir knows that Varsha too would want to live like other kids, play. She replies that her daughter has no idea what all that is. She never ran in the garden to catch a butterfly, she has no idea about friendship or friends. She only knows that she has to dress up like Devi every morning and take her place so she can bless people. She knows nothing else. But she is very ill now. She is not even opening her eyes. My husband and my FIL don’t care about her. they say let Varsha die. We will make her Samadhi and use the money that people will offer there. Their greed is never going to end. No one cares for my daughter. I beg you please save my daughter. You had said that you will help me, please save my daughter.

Fatehpur Police Station, Sikar, Rajasthan:
Inspector refuses to interrupt in the matter because it is about religion and dharma. It can trigger a very big drama for no reason.

Priest tells people that Mata is still meditating. She will stay like that for a few more days as she will continue to do so for a while. People still want to take Prasad and see the seat / throne where Kanya Mata sits.

Varsha’s condition has worsened. Her grandfather checks her and decides to prepare her Samadhi. She wont live for long. The crowd wont sit quietly otherwise. Burari too is with his father. Varsha’s mother kisses her daughter tearfully.

Kabir meets the doc once again. He knows that the doc cannot go there but we can save her life if you go there as a devotee and give her an injection in case you get a chance. We can save her this way. Everyone recognizes doc so he cannot go there. He calls his another doc friend, Dr. Vijay, from Jaipur.

Doc Vijay meets Burari’s father. My wife is not able to conceive since last 7 years. We have come to seek her blessings. They show the plate full of money to them. Burari’s father makes them meet Varsha privately. Men leave from there as per their request of doing some ladies talk. He checks Varsha and gives her injection as she has all the symptoms of swine flu. BUrari and his father come inside just when he was about to inject Varsha. They push him out and threaten him not to come here again.

Kabir meets the PM of the state. PM says Government stays at a distance when it comes to religion and traditions / beliefs. A little situation can affect the law and order for the entire state. Kabir requests him again as it involves a little girl. Swine flu is spreading fast in this area because of the superstitions. Will administration not do anything? Will they let a little girl die like this only? I think I will have to raise this issue in my paper. PM tells his PA to call the SP.

Burari and his father are taking Varsha to the place where they have dug a grave for her. Varsha’s mother pleads them. Burari tries once but his father is in no mood to relent. A Devin ever dies. We cannot let her die in front of people. Burari’s father makes Varsha lie down in the grave. Police reaches there just then. Kabir and Varsha’s mother rush to Varsha’s side. She cries holding her daughter. These people were trying to kill my daughter. Her FIL tells the police not to interfere in this matter as it is about religions / dharma. This infuriates Kabir. You were trying to kill Kanya Mata. Should I tell people? Burari’s father panics. What rubbish are you talking about? Inspector slaps him. PM Sir is standing here yet you are shouting. Enough of your drama! They all get arrested. Kabir takes Varsha and her mother to the hospital.

People are waiting outside Kanya Mata Temple next day as well. Varsha’s mother addresses them. MA Durga came in Kanya Mata’s dream last night. She told Kanya Mata that she is changing her address now. She cannot stay here. She is not going to stay in Kanya Mata’s body anymore. She said that she will take care of you all from above. I request you all to head back to your home without creating any problem. The crowd leaves immediately.

A case is registered against priest Narpat Sharma, Varsha’s father Burarilal, Burarilal’s father for their misdeeds. Kanya Mata, Varsha, does not live in Bhimtal Village anymore. She lives with her mother in Jodhpur. An NGO is helping them in starting their life afresh. Varsha goes to school now. She plays like a normal child. A kid’s life is his / her natural right. It is a grave crime to try and snatch it from him / her. This incident of superstition is not at all right in the humane terms.

Sakshi says God is everywhere. Kanya Mata’s story is prevalent in many parts of our country in different forms. It is the outcome of a superstition. It ruined a girl’s life; posed a risk to n number of lives and killed many people. Stay away from such superstitions. Don’t stay quiet if you witness any such thing around you, raise your voice. Contact the helpline numbers mentioned below.

Bachpan Bachao Andolan
011 4921 1111 | [email protected]

Update Credit to: Pooja

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