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What’s going on in the minds of the serial killers which motivate them to kill people mercilessly? We will be exploring such stories now which will unfold the motives behind it.

Allahabad, 2000:
A rally has been organized for Laal Kunwar Devi. Raja Bhuvan, her husband, is dancing in the rally. Pratap (reporter) meets Raja Bhuvan. I know you are hiding something from me. I will expose you if you don’t tell me now. Raja Bhuvan threatens him but Pratap asks him about an engineer who has been missing since last many days. Pratap congratulates Laal Kunwar Devi as she has become a Sarpanch. Pratap turns to Raja Bhuvan once again. I have no personal enmity with you but it will be good for you if you support me. Laal Kunwar Devi tries to ask her husband about it but he retorts a bit

rudely and walks off with Shankar.

At night, Pratap gets a call from someone. The caller calls him at some place from where he can collect info on the engineer. Muskan (his wife) is worried but he wants to find out the truth. I will be back by morning. He leaves.

3 days later:
Muskan is in the police station. Pratap isn’t back yet. His phone is also switched off. There is another colleague (editor) along with her who requests Inspector to help them. Inspector asks him to share all the details of the cases on which Pratap was working.

Inspector is at Laal Kunwar Devi’s (LKD) house. He had spoken to you last on the landline. We have search warrant too but it will be better if you tell us the truth. She gives him a reply with full attitude. He had come to congratulate me and he is good friends with my husband too. Police team searches the house. LKD tells the Inspector that she wont understand it this way. Constable brings a diary named ‘Adalat Khata’ of Raja Bhuvan. Pratap’s name is written in it. LKD shows ignorance. He is not responsible for Pratap’s disappearance. She eventually shares the details of where Raja Bhuvan might be at the moment.

13 kms from Allahabad:
Shankar and Raja Bhuvan are in a house. Raja Bhuvan talks about the secrets of the world. We took a lot of time in reaching here. We will soon unearth the rest of the secrets. Police team enters. They are shocked to see the rooms. Many skeletons are kept in one room. A mantra or something is written on the mirror. They arrest both the men.

Inspector asks Bhuvan what he did to Pratap. We found his stuff in your farmhouse. Bhuvan says that guy was very curious but it doesn’t suit an intelligent person when he interferes too much in other people’s work. I have freed him. I am the king so I have made my decision. He was after me since many days. he wanted us to give him the knowledge which we had spent years in gaining. Bhuvan and Shankar had often spotted Pratap outside their farmhouse with his camera. We had understood that he has learnt out secret so I called him at our sadhna-sthal.

Pratap meets Bhuvan. Bhuvan talks about the truth of the world which no one has been able to identify till date. Shankar hits him on his head with a stick. Bhuvan pulls up the drill machine.

Police finds 12 body pieces from a pond. They still haven’t found the head though. Inspector tells the constable to inform Muskan. We need to find the reason as to why Pratap lost his life!

Inspector comes to talk to Bhuvan once again. We found Pratap’s body from that pond. His family members have identified the body. What are you hiding? Whose skeletons were in your farmhouse? Had Pratap understood your secret? Bhuvan smiles. You too are very inquisitive like that reporter. Why should I tell anything to you? You should find out yourself. Inspector says I love listening to stories. Tell me everything in a story. You have ample time. Bhuvan agrees.

Allahabad, 1962:
Bhuvan, age 13, is in a science class. The teacher explains them about brain which makes people do everything. There is no limit of it. You all should focus on expansion of your brain. Bhuvan asks him how they can do it. The kids tease him.

At night, Bhuvan tells his mother what he had studied in the class today. I will make my brain very strong now. His mother cannot understand any of this. I will be happy if you study and get a government job. He wants to become a sage like smart man.

Bhuvan has failed in his exams. One kid taunts him on the same. Bhuvan tries to beat that kid but gets beaten instead.

My friends were right. I had nothing inside my head. My uncle was in city. He got me a job as a driver. People dint stop from making me realise that I had nothing in my brain.

30 years earlier, 1992:
Bhuvan is slow in calculations. He has made many mistakes in the ledger. He asks Bhuvan to send his wife as she can understand things better than him. She has brain atleast. Bhuvan badly beats him.

Bhuvan has made up his mind to do justice on his own. I will gain what I lack!

Bhuvan was prey to inferiorirty complex. It was growing day by day. He thought of himself to be a king. He thought that he has a right to give justice. He even named his kids Adalat and Zamanat. He still wanted to make his brain work in the right direction.

Bhuvan churns a lot many medicines and eats them.

Bhuvan drops the files of his owner. The guy calls him dumb. Bhuvan picks up the file and keeps it inside. He starts the car. The guy keeps scolding Bhuvan for not minding the road. Use your brain at times. Drive fast. I need to catch my flight on time! Bhuvan stops the car in the middle of the jungle. He opens the bonnet. The guy gets down too. Bhuvan takes out a rod from the dickey and hits the guy with it. The guy dies.

Bhuvan and Shankar have brought the dead body to an isolated place. Bhuvan says he was very much respected by everyone. He was everything because of his brain but he was arrogant so I killed him. Would you like to see how the brain of an intelligent person looks? Shankar nods. Bhuvan picks the brain out of that guy’s head. Bhuvan has finally understood the secret of life. We have finally got what we have been looking for life! No one can stop us now. we can get everything in the world now.

Inspector is shocked to know that Bhuvan ate the brain. Bhuvan affirms. Brain runs the world and it is inside me now. I gained the knowledge that I had been seeking. I needed more knowledge. Shankar helped me in finding more such knowledgeable brains.

Shankar and Bhuvan kill many people. We used to keep the heads of all the people. I even used to feed a few of the body parts to my pig. Rest we used to throw in the pond. We only needed the brain. We learnt to eat it in a lot many ways. We started keeping the skeletons in a room. We categorised them too. We kept an ‘Adalat Khata’ for it.

Inspector asks him about Pratap. Bhuvan says we had killed an engineer (the same guy, first prey). Pratap found out something about it. He threatened me. flashback shows where Bhuvan calls Pratap at night. He later kills Bhuvan, takes out his brain and throws the rest of it in the pond. Inspector asks him what he did to Pratap’s head. Bhuvan runs his tongue around his lips. Inspector looks disgusted. Bhuvan asks Inspector if he liked the story. Think of it as a story only as you wont be able to prove anything. It is all a game of mind. He laughs evilly.

It isn’t enough to accept your crime in police custody to prove their crimes. The case continued for 12 years after which Bhuvan and Shankar were sentenced to jail for life. It is impossible to understand human brain. Humans have gained new heights of success because of it only and also, at times it gets impossible to return from such heights!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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