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Kanda Gaon, Madhya Pradesh, 2014:
There is some wedding. The groom goes to a corner to relieve himself. A lady calls out to him. He walks closer. It is a bride. Her face is covered in a veil. She says you came so late. I am waiting for you since so long. He tells her that everyone is waiting for him as it is his wedding today. He too says that it is his wedding today. he lifts her veil and screams out loud. People come rushing there and found him dead.

It is said that in this village, a woman’s spirit is here in the Bargad tree. Whenever some baraat is passing by from here then she tries to call the groom towards her. She is actually looking for her groom in all those grooms. Is it true or a rumour? No other Baraat crosses from there anymore.

A lady (Bindiya) is doing puja of the Shivlinga.

She talks to the priest about the tree. It is a very old tree. This Shivlinga is way older than that. Married women come here to pray for their husband’s long life. You too will be coming here for the very same reason too soon. You know that spirits are in the trees too? Spirits reside in only those trees where no one prays. A kid informs her that Brijesh is back.

Bindiya meets her fiancé. He has become an engineer now. He gifts her something. Look at it later. She smiles. Their engagement happens just then. Only the family members are present. Brijesh’s head starts paining badly. He is in too much pain. Bindiya goes to bring water for him. He has some kind of attack and passes out. He cannot remember anything about it once he gains conscious. Bindiya is tensed though.

1 week later:
Mehendi function is going on. Bindiya opens the gift. It is a pair of jhumki’s. Brijesh drinks water. On the other hand, Bindiya happily looks at herself in the mirror. At night, Brijesh is a little lost. His mother puts a kala tika on his head to ward off evil eyes from him. Brijesh goes to his room to get ready. Sweat is pouring down his face. He looks at himself in the mirror. His mother is waiting outside for him. She comes to check on him and he is sitting on the floor unconscious. His mother shakes him up. He moves her hand aside and looks at his reflection in the mirror. There are dark circles under his eyes. He walks out in a trance.

Bindiya and Brijesh complete all the rituals of their wedding. Bindiya is glowing with happiness. The dupatta (that joins the husband and wife together) catches fire while taking pheras. Bindiya douses it and takes care of things. Priest appreciates her for doing her Pati dharma.

Brijesh checks Bindiya’s hand. She assures him that she is fine. He calls her brave. You dint care for your life just to save me? She agrees. I wont let anything happen to you till I am alive. He asks her if she loves him. She tries to go away but he confesses his love for her. He holds her mouth with force. He pushes her. She hits her head on the bed. He too passes out in the next second.

Bindiya is making halwa for Brijesh as he loves it. Bindiya lies to her MIL about the wound on her head / face. Brijesh acts all normal with Bindiya when she brings halwa for him. how did you get hurt? Bindiya is taken aback.

Both the families were happy with the alliance. It was fixed 20 eyars ago itself. Bindiya was happy to be married to Brijesh but she was a little tensed by his actions. Neither BIndiya nor Brijesh had any idea about it.

Brijesh gets up in the middle of the night. He heads upstairs. Bindiya too starts following him. He gets up on the edge of the terrace. Bindiya asks him what he is doing. Brijesh starts speaking in a girl’s (spirit’s voice). You came here as well? I will kill you. Bindiya starts chanting Gayatri Mantra. Kajal feels uneasy. Brijesh falls down.

Doc tells the family that the wound is not deep. I have given medicines. He will be fine. Thankfully, he is not hurt badly. Rest for a few days. Doc leaves. Brijesh asks Bindiya what has happened to him. She tells him that he is fine. Brijesh is tensed about his situation. Everything is fine but then suddenly something goes wrong. I cannot remember anything later on. Bindiya asks him about Kajal. I am sure whatever is happening is happening because of some Kajal.

2 years ago, 2002:
Kajal and Brijesh used to study in the same class. our friendship turned into love with time. Kajal sings a song for Brijesh. They also get close. I started forgetting about my promise to you. I made a mistake. I had no idea that the mistake would lead to such a big punishment.

2 weeks later:
Kajal complains to Brijesh for not picking up her phone. What it it was an emergency? He says it isn’t, right? She cuts her wrist with a glass. Kajal has gone mad in Brijesh’s love. don’t think of even ignoring me again.

The college is about to get over in a month’s time. Brijesh thinks of going back to his village for some time. Kajal wants to come with him but he is not ready to face people’s questions. She proposes to get married. He wants to talk to his mother first. She asks him if he had asked his mother when he entered in this relationship. I will jump off from this very terrace if you don’t marry me! He tells her not to talk like this. She suggests getting married in a temple then.

I got scared on the wedding day. I wrote her a letter. I thought she would understand it. She found the letter late. She jumped off from the terrace after 2 days (dressed as a bride).

Present: Brijesh apologizes to Bindiya. I am getting punished for the same. he also apologizes to his mother. She is unhappy with him for what he has done. You will only be forgiven by the one whom you had cheated! Brijesh reminds Bindiya of her promise. You will support me till the end. She talks about their engagement in the childhood. We were only old enough to play with toy dolls. You are in my heart since then. You are my husband. I will always support you. I will not let anything happen to you till I am alive.

Priest comes to see Brijesh. He sits lazily one day. Brijesh removes the band from around his neck. He holds the priest’s neck. Kajal tells him that he cannot do anything to her. I will take my Brijesh with me. Brijesh passes out. Priest tells his mother that some spirit is after Brijesh. She wants to take him with her.

In temple, Priest is doing puja. Bindiya has kept a fast for her husband’s long life. Priest agrees to help her. He tells her about Sati Savitri. Your puja will surely be complete. Bindiya gives aarti to Brijesh. Kajal tells her to stop this nonsense. I will take him with me tonight at any cost. Bindiya sits down beside Brijesh. I have done puja today for my husband’s long life. I cannot see him dying in front of my eyes. Kajal reasons that Brijesh will have to die to come with her. Bindiya agrees to help her. But you will have to leave him alive for it. You can marry him after leaving his body. Kajal asks her if she wants her to enter inside her body instead. Bindiya promises to sacrifice her body for Brijesh. I can do anything to save my husband.

Brijesh’s mother talks to bindiya. What will I say to your parents? Bindiya asks for her blessings so she can fulfil her Pati dharma. I have promised myself that I will not let any harm befall my husband. It is my test tonight. Yamraj will have to give up before me.

At night, Bindiya and Brijesh (Kajal) reach the temple (tree). Kajal is irked after seeing the priest. Bindiya assures her that they need a priest for the wedding. We are near Bholenath’s tree. I will not lie to you. you have been waiting for this moment only. Priest tells Kajal that Bindiya is ready to leave her body to save Brijesh. You will have to enter inside Bindiya to marry Brijesh. Will you do it? Brijesh and Bindiya sit down for the puja. Kajal is staring at Bindiya. Bindiya tells her not to wait anymore. You can make Brijesh your husband now after your death. I am ready, do it fast. Kajal leaves Brijesh’s body. He screams out real loud and then passes out. Priest tells Bindiya that it is time for her test. Do what I had told you to do or this spirit will gain hold of you Bindiya starts feeling uneasy. She stands up and holds the tree closely. She is in pain. Kajal knew that she is lying to her. This priest cannot do anything to me. I will take Brijesh with me. you can do anything that you want to. Bindiya vows that it wont happen till she is alive. My Bholenath will not let it happen. She is standing near Bindiya. Both Kajal and Bindiya are screaming out in pain continuously. Kajal cannot enter inside Bindiya. Brijesh wakes up. Priest tells Bindiya that Kajal’s spirit is inside the tree now. It will never trouble you again. Binidya apologizes to Kajal. I know you love Brijesh a lot but he is my husband. I cannot lose him.

Superstitions mean differently to everyone. Sometimes, they do really help people in gaining freedom from something evil. Kajal’s Talash is still on for her groom though!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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