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American Bride

3 January 2014, Santa Cruz, Mumbai:
A foreigner girl (Amanda) is waiting for a taxi. She notices two drunk guys walking towards her and is scared. A taxi stops there just then and she sits inside. He tells her that it isn’t safe to be out so late at night. Amanda and Raghu exchange greetings.

4 months later:
29 April 2014, Aksa, Mumbai:
Police and everyone have gathered outside. Amanda is dead. Raghu breaks down seeing her thus.

Kabir meets the Inspector who is investigating the case. Inspector shares that the case is already hyped as the girl was American. We are questioning a few people but haven’t found something concrete. We have found out that 2 guys who lived in the same colony are absconding. I will update you as and when I find something.


reaches Raghu’s house. Raghu’s father and Avtar are there. Avtar excuses himself. Kabir asks them about Amanda. Raghu’s father says police keeps on coming here often. Raghu and Amanda got married two months ago. Everyone in this area was jealous of the couple. Raghu has not eaten anything since 2 days.

Raghu shares that he loved Amanda a lot. I liked her the very moment I had met her.

Flashback: Raghu brings Amanda to a small hotel. I will show you a good hotel. She can talk in Hindi too. He feels good as he cannot speak English so well. She thanks him in Hindi and then hugs him. I wonder what would have happened to me if you hadn’t come there on time. She wants to go see Mumbai tomorrow. Raghu agrees to meet her in the morning. Raghu could not sleep at night.

Raghu is not wearing his uniform today. He is about to hug her but she offers her hand for a handshake. She compliments him for his clothes. Traffic police officer stops Raghu’s taxi. Raghu is not wearing uniform today. Amanda pays the fine instead. Officer makes Raghu wear the shirt atleast. Raghu takes Amanda around the city for a tour.

Next day, a lady comes to board the taxi but Raghu tells her that the taxi is not empty. Amanda sits on the front side. Amanda eats spicy street side chaat. They continue meeting every day. Amanda loves Indian people and Indian culture. Raghu is surprised at her knowledge. He asks her about her background. She teaches yoga. She is leaving for Rishikesh tomorrow. I want to settle down there itself. I will become a sadhvi. She has no family. She is an orphan. He offers to be with her all the time. I will take you everywhere. I love you a lot. I will take care of you. He swears on her.

Jalon, Uttar Pradesh:
Raghu and Amanda come to meet Raghu’s family members. Everyone is very happy to see Amanda. She is wearing a suit. She lifts the side of her suit up. People are taken aback. They talk about Amanda. She is white as milk. Raghu lies to his father that Amanda’s parents couldn’t come on such a short notice. We will go there. The family members also decide to change Amanda’s name to Anita after her marriage to Raghu. The wedding happens.

People talk about Raghu and Amanda once they return to their home in Mumbai. Amanda thanks Avtar for his help in finding the house for them. Amanda notices 2 guys (Pankaj and Salim) in the opposite house. Raghu observes the guys making fun of him for getting a wife like Amanda.

Present: Raghu is sure they only have killed Amanda. I wont spare them if I get them.

Kabir asks a fish seller about Amanda. She too is fed up of everyone investigating. He offers to buy both the fishes from her. She drops it. That girl used to wear very short clothes. Everyone used to ogle at her. She was no less. She created a fuss in the locality on the very next day itself.

Flashback: Amanda is wearing shorts and a very short top. She is washing the taxi. She waves at those two guys. Raghu takes her inside.

Present: Men will look when women will behave that way. She was a foreigner also. People will watch. The taxi driver was very upset with both the guys. He beat them and threatened to kill them even. Amanda used to go to those guys house in Raghu’s absence. Avtar used to go to Amanda’s room when she was alone at home.

Kabir meets Avtar next. Avtar too says that those guys only have killed Amanda. This is why they are absconding.

Flashback: Those guys used to peek inside Amanda’s room while she was changing clothes. Raghu was thinking of shifting house but it is Mumbai. It is difficult to find a house here. Raghu was right. Pankaj and Salim were eyeing at Amanda Bhabhi since long. What could she have done? The guys look at Amanda while she teaches yoga to the elderly. They too want to learn yoga. She welcomes them. Raghu comes upstairs. He politely sends everyone back home.

Pankaj and Salim pass remarks at Amanda while she is buying vegetables. Amanda tells Raghu to change the house. They aren’t good people. They tease me. Let’s change the house. Raghu talks about the money investment. Adjust for a few days. We will find a new house then. Raghu lifts her mood.

A few days later:
Pankaj and Salim try to close in on Amanda. She tells them to stay away. Finally Raghu enters and throws them out of the house. They get into a verbal duel. Amanda apologizes to Raghu for letting them inside.

Raghu is leaving for work. Close the door. Don’t let anyone come inside. Raghu threatens those guys once again but they only laugh in reply.

Present: Raghu dropped me at office. We returned at night and saw Bhabhi dead. He leaves for work. Kabir has recorded his statement.

Next day:
Pankaj come to purchase a bus ticket and gets arrested. He tells the Inspector that he dint kill her. We only used to tease her or pass some remarks. Salim surrenders. Kabir is in thoughts. There is surely something that is still not out. I will talk to them too.

Kabir meets Pankaj and Salim’s Lawyer P.L. Sharma. He shares that the kids had a bad image in the society. They used to tease all the girls in their locality. Plus they made a wrong move when they run away on the same day. The case is difficult. We spoke in the society. No one said that they looked at Amanda in a wrong way.

Flashback: Pankaj is playing guitar. Amanda appreciates him. I also love to play guitar. I will come to your house one day. Raghu takes Amanda downstairs. Pankaj and Salim discuss how Raghu keeps an eye on her all the time.

Amanda has called Pankaj and Salim to her house. Do you know any visa agent? Raghu enters just then. He sends them out. Amanda tells them that she had called them but Raghu still sends those guys out.

Present: They both also told me that they had decided to shift to some other place. Kabir wonders why Amanda wanted to meet the visa agent. Lawyer too has no clue. Raghu came before that.

Amanda had gone out with Avtar a day before her death. They had a huge fight when they returned. Kabir checks Avtar’s log book. He hadn’t gone to office on the day of the incident.

Avtar gets arrested. Avtar confesses that he is Raghu’s friend since 5 years. We both wanted to go to America. We knew that it is impossible to get visa to America. That day, when Raghu met Amanda for the first time, he told me about Amanda. We can earn in dollars in America. I have found a solution. I will find an American and marry her. Avtar reasons that it is really difficult to find one and make her fall in love with you.

Present: Raghu lived up to his word. He married Amanda in a month’s time itself. He came back to Mumbai. He found out about Amanda’s background in a week’s time itself.

Flashback: Raghu is shocked to understand what the word orphan means. She married him as she wanted to stay in India. I loved India and Indian culture. I want to become a sadhvi. He is miffed. You cannot wear these kinds of clothes if you want to stay here. Raghu was fed up of Amanda’s behaviour afterwards. He made her wear Indian clothes but she was very open with people. He told me to keep a watch on Amanda.

Raghu and Amanda get into a fight as she refuses to follow him in everything. He slaps her as well.

We brought Amanda to a hotel. She understood that we have sold her. Raghu takes money from a guy and leaves with Avtar. The guy tries to get cosy with Amanda but Amanda pushes him. She runs to Raghu and Avtar. You guys are disgusting. I will leave this country. I will not live in a country where a husband keeps his wife this way. I will register a complaint against you both in my embassy. She flees away. Raghu had lost his mind. He decided to kill Amanda that day only.

Raghu purchases a knife. Avtar tries to put sense in his mind but in vain. She was threatening me! now I will show her my real side. Raghu enters in his house wearing a big coat and kills Amanda.

Present: Avtar says I told him to run away.

Raghu was caught a month later. They both were charged under different sections of IPC.

Lot many tourists come to India after hearing about India’s culture. Many people like Amanda fall in lve with our culture once they are here and decide to stay here only. Many times they are abused. We should help foreign tourists so we live up to the age old notion of Athiti Devo Bhava!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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