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A kid (Tejas / Teju) runs around the house to show his mom the high score in a car game. His mom tells him to finish milk fast as they have to go out to celebrate his birthday. Teju demands cake, ice cream and sweets. She nods. His dad comes home with a gift for him. Teju is excited to see the remote control car. They decide to go to a mall.

Teju and his parents are in an auto rickshaw. He wants to play car racing game. A truck is coming from the other side. it honks but the auto driver is not that careful. The truck hits the auto rickshaw.

Kanojia Shelter Home, Pune:
Teju stands outside the shelter home as he holds someone’s hand. the guy (his uncle) talks to him. you know your aunty doesn’t want to keep you with us. You are just like Golu for me. I have got transferred to

another city. I have no idea about the place where I will be living in there. You will get many friends here. You will be nicely taken care of here.

The coordinator talks well about his shelter home and how they only believe in taking good care of the kids here. The coordinator calls out for a lady called Mamta. Teju takes one last look at his uncle and then goes with Mamta.

Teju walks inside the building a little scared. The walls are all dark and scary looking. Mamta opens the lock of a particular room and brings Teju inside. Teju finds lot many kids inside. They look ugly and deprived. Mamta rudely tells him to move ahead. You thought you will get sweets, balloons and chocolates? Teju misses her mom. Be thankful as this is more than enough for you. choose any bed for yourself or sleep on the bed. She gives his intro to the other kids. She asks a girl named Rani to explain everything to him. She moves away his hand from his nose and scolds him. Teju cries as he thinks of his loving and caring parents. Mamta scolds, scares and warns him before locking the room back again.

Teju is feeling suffocating inside. A girl walks up to him. the place isn’t smelly. Don’t cover your nose or they will beat you. Teju cries.

Doctor checks the kids. Kabir comes to talk to him. Doc tells him that the kids have been tortured s*xually, physically and mentally. They are in a state of shock. Many of them are unconscious while the rest are semi-conscious. A kid is muttering in his sleep – we were running. Kabir was about to take his photo. He asks the kid where they were running from. The kid replies in his sleep – Shastri Nagar.

Kabir comes to meet Inspector Kadam. Have you got any info about their identity? Kadam doesn’t give any substantial reply. He doesn’t seem to be so keen on the case. I will pass on any info to you as soon as I come to know about anything. Kabir walks out of the police station.

Sakshi asks him that he looks sad, disappointed. What are you thinking? Kabir says truth is in front of the society yet they cannot see it. Sakshi suggests him to ask the society instead. Ask them the bitterest question possible. Ask them how can they torture the kids whom they consider another form of God? Kabir is pained to see the condition of the kids in the hospital. Sakshi motivates him to raise his voice, shake the police, do anything but get those kids justice.

Kanojia Shelter Home, 10 pm
The coordinator comes inside the locked room all drunk. Teju and in fact all the kids are awake. They all hide under the bed or quilts. The same girl covers herself once again. The guy walks up to Teju. Teju says I will sleep. I cannot even smell anything foul here. The guy picks him up, promises to play a new game with him. He goes to another room with Teju and closes the door. He gives something (a medicine) to Teju. A while later he throws Teju out of the room. Teju cries as he lies on the floor. All the kids sit down next to him. the girl says, uncle is very bad. He does the same thing with some or the other every single day. Please don’t cry. She wipes his tears. Teju looks at the kids tearfully.

Next morning, Mamta gives food to everyone. One of the kids asks for more food. The coordinator takes out a stick and takes the kid aside. The kid shouts for mercy but in vain. Teju looks in that direction but Rani suggests him not to look in that direction. He beats a lot. I too was beaten once. Teju looks down.

Kabir talks to his fellow journalist about the case. The guy tells him that he dint get much of a clue but there are 3 NGOs in that area. One works for the welfare of women, second one works for kids and women while the third one works for the rehabilitation of kids. Someone had lodged a complaint against the rehabilitation centre six months ago. The charge was of torture on kids but nothing was proved. Kabir takes the address of that shelter home for him. I will find out.

Some kids are locked in a room. Their hands are tied with a chain and it is linked to a wall. They mourn to be free. Teju hears the noise. Rani tells him not to look there or he too might get locked in that room. Teju is all the more scared now. Mamta sends the kids out. Teju cannot stop himself from looking at the kids in that room. Mamta gives food to the two kids who are tied in that room.

Kabir comes to Kanojia Shelter Home. He shows the photos of the abused kids to him but Mamta straight away denies seeing them ever. The coordinator also gives uninterested responses and pretends to be preoccupied with some work. Kabir finds something fishy.

Outside, Kabir enquires about the shelter home with a passerby. The guy tells him that I have never seen the lights on at night here. Plus my wife tells me that she can hear kids shouting. Kabir shows him the photos but the guy declines to help anything further. Kabir thanks him for his help. He has recorded his convo with the man. Kabir takes out his camera to click pictures of the shelter home when he notices a guy coming out of the shelter home. Do you supply ration here? Kabir takes out the recorder once again. The guy answers opposite. I take ration from here. This is an orphanage so how do you get so much ration from here? The man replies that people donate stuff here. I am taking toys, old pulses, wheat from here from the last 4 years. Kabir is amazed. You must know everyone then, all the kids? He shows the pictures of those kids to that man. The guy affirms that he has seen the kids here. They were doing some cleaning work here but I haven’t seen them since last few days. They stay here so they clean the premises too. it isn’t a big thing. Kabir nods. The guy leaves from there. Kabir clicks a photo of the shelter home.

Kabir is at his office. If the kids have been tortured this way then there must be someone who has actually done it. who would they be?

Kabir tells Inspector Kadam that he is sure that the kids who are admitted in Government Hospital are from Kanojia Shelter Home only. He shares his experience there and what other people have observed there. I even met a vendor who buys all the stuff that is given there as donation. Inspector Kadam agrees to do an enquiry in the case.

Kabir writes an article on child abuse that is happening at the Shelter Home. The government is sleeping. The article has an effect on the readers and on the higher authorities of police too. Inspector Kadam gets an order to do proper enquiry on the matter.

Seems like Mamta and her husband (the coordinator) have framed the peon (Bhalerao) in the case. Inspector Kadam gives a statement to the media about the same. Bhalerao has also accepted it that the kids fell ill because of his negligence. We will file a charge sheet against him very soon. Kabir speaks up. Mr. Dhawal and Mamta too must be involved in it as these things could not have been hidden from them. Inspector Kadam replies that the result will be out soon as their investigation is still on. A lady journalist discusses with her colleague how the police is not concerned about the little kids at all.

Dhawal serves food to all the kids. There is a cockroach in the food. They refuse to eat it but then are scared seeing the stick in his hand. all the kids start eating as soon as he picks up the stick. Mamta gives him the phone. Someone is talking about donation. Dhawal talks to the man. They fix a meeting for 4 pm tomorrow. Dhawal laughs thinking that there are still some fools alive who are thinking of donation. The kids get proper bath tomorrow and even get to wear nice clothes. Dhawal tells them that they have to do acting today. you have to smile all the time and answer positively. All the kids raise their hands as he confirms with them that they have understood everything. Only Teju stands quietly. Dhawal holds his ear so Teju is forced to repeat and act the way he has been told to. Dhawal warns the kids that no one should fall ill tomorrow. I will play game with the kid whoever falls ill tomorrow. the kids are forced to smile even though tears stream down their faces.

A guy (Anand Patel) comes to meet Dhawal. Anand Patel talks about his business. I have everything but not a family. I have always been attached with kids. Dhawal speaks nicely. Anand shows an inclination to see the Shelter Home. Mamta brings all the kids outside. Anand keeps asking them questions. He gives chocolate to everyone. He talks to Teju and then to Rani. They both praise uncle aunty straight away and repeat their words. Mamta goes inside to make tea for him. Anand writes down a blank cheque for him of Rs. 5 lakhs. I want to take the kids out for a small picnic. You both can accompany us as well. Dhawal and Mamta give in looking at the amount on the cheque.

Anand brings ball and balloons for the kids. He notices the sadness on the faces of all the kids. Dhawal makes an excuse that maybe the kids are hungry. Anand agrees.

There is another news article on the paper next day regarding the mental and physical torture on the kids that is going on in Kanojia Shelter Home. Dhawal reads the news and is angry. Mamta decides to ready the kids for tomorrow. Just then a police jeep comes in. A guy tells them that they have been called by their ACP Crime Branch. They take Mamta and Dhawal with them.

Dhawal and Mamta are shocked to see Anand Patel / Ketan Rajput. Kabir is there too. Kabir tells them about his doubts on the very first day. You trapped your peon. I realised it then that I will have to work hard. He had gone to registration office to see the registration papers of Kanojia Shelter Home. It is registered on someone else’s name. Mamta and Dhawal get all the grant in its name. He had taken a print out of the same and had gone to meet Ketan Rajput then. Kabir had requested him to intervene as police is not doing much. You have to go beyond the limit in some cases. Ketan had finally agreed. Kabir had explained him the entire situation then.

Kabir and Ketan’s juniors had got a chance to check inside the Shelter Home once Ketan / Anand took the kids out for s stroll. They had even installed spy cams everywhere. Kabir had found those kids who were locked and chained in a room. He was trying to free the child when he had kept his hand on Kabir’s face s as to stop him. Kabir installed the rest of the cameras there and then had left with the Crime Branch team. Everything is recorded in the camera. We are even taking the statement of the kids after which you will definitely be behind the bars. Ketan is glad that Dhawal and Mamta don’t have a child or they might have done the same with him / her. thank God that there is law in this country and we are not as monstrous as you or Ketan Rajput wouldn’t have spared you. Dhawal and Mamta get arrested. Kabir thanks Ketan for his help. Ketan applauds him for his act instead.

The next article reads about the arrest of Dhawal and Mamta Kanojia. Police has registered a case of fraud, mental and physical torture of the kids and child abuse against Kanojia Shelter Home. Plus a FIR has been filed against Inspector Kadam for overlooking the main matter. Teju and Rani give him a card which says Love you and Thank you Kabir Uncle. Kabir watches the kids playing happily. however dark it is, morning will come. These innocent kids have once again breathed freely today.

Sakshi tells the viewers to raise our voices if we see someone abusing a child around us. There are many such NGOs which can help you in this. Maybe your voice can save an innocent kid’s life. One such NGO is

Bachpan Bachao Andolan
011-4921 1111 | [email protected]

Update Credit to: Pooja

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