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Prisoner Number 788

Mumbai Court:
Govind Marathe is the accused. He files a petition against the case which he has been charged for. I have spent 7 years inside. I don’t want to bear the brunt of police and system’s mistake for life!

Govind Marathe starts banging his head on the cell. I don’t want to hear people’s taunts for life.

Government Hospital, Nagpur:
Constables bring Govind to the hospital. Kabir meets Constable Bhalerao. He tells Kabir that this guy tried to commit suicide for the 7th time since he has got to know that his punishment has been lessened. Kabir is intrigued.

Kabir comes to police station. He meets Jailor Gajendra Singh (the same one who had helped Sakshi back then). He asks about Sakshi. Kabir thinks of the past. He instead

asks him about Govind Marathe. Why is he trying to commit suicide every now and then? Jailor tells him about the case.

5 years ago:
Kabir’s House, Pitampura, New Delhi:
Kabir’s mother blames Kabir for Chutki’s death. She left us but he is still here! Kabir vows to take revenge from Anwar.

Anwar’s friend’s house:
Kabir comes there looking for Anwar. He beats two guys who are sitting there. He points gun at one of the guys. The guy shares that they were trying to kidnap a girl. Anwar’s mask came off and Chutki recognised him. He always had a thing for her. He asked us to kidnap her. He forced himself on her on the way. Sakshi comes there and asks Kabir to stop. Kabir shoots the bullets on the floor. He holds the guy angrily. Don’t think that I missed it. I am leaving you alive for a reason. Tell Anwar that Kabir is coming. I wont sit at peace till I kill him, be it today or ten years later!

Jailor hands over Govind’s file to Kabir. At night, Kabir wonders why this case is pulling him so much.

He checks the details. Such a complicated rape case was solved in 48 hours. His wife only came to see him in the first year. Where did she disappear afterwards?

Kabir comes to meet Govind but he is not interested. I raped. I got my punishment. Kabir finds it weird. He was constantly begging for help for 7 years. He asks Govind about his family. I can help you. Your family is missing. Govind charges at him. I have lived through punishment once. You have come to add salt to my wounds! Kabir’s doubts get confirmed. Something is certainly wrong here.

Kabir talks to his local informer. This guy only had taken police to Govind’s house at the time of incident. His wife got married again and sent their daughter to the orphanage.

Kabir comes to the convent school where Priya is studying. He asks her about the incident. She says I had not completed my homework that day. I was still doing it when Baba joined me.

7 years ago:
Priya is scared of teacher’s punishment. Govind sits down to help her. Tell the teacher the real reason why you dint do it. She wants to give an excuse but he tells her against it. Truth is powerful.

Police comes to Govind’s house. Govind raped a beggar last night. His wife is not ready to believe it. They tell him that Govind is already at the police station. Reens locks Priya at home while she goes to the police station.

Present: I never saw Baba since that day. Now I realise the meaning of it all. I hate him! Kabir finds similarities in his story and Govind’s story too.

Sakshi suggests Kabir to get revenge using the right way. Take legal help. Kabir refuses to stick to any law. She reminds him that he is alone today because of this very reason only. Your parents too are not at your side.

The matron tells Kabir that she tried a lot many times but Priya is not ready to listen to either her mother or me. Kabir asks her about Priya’s mother.

Kabir meets Govind’s wife next. She talks well about Govind. Kabir shares that Govind doesn’t want to come out after completing his punishment. She says he only broke his family. He was concerned about me and our daughter. He was worried thinking how we would live!

7 years ago:
Govind meets his wife. He tells her not to come here again. People don’t look down nicely at a rape accused.

8 months later:
Govind notices his wife’s battered saree. She says Priya has been dismissed from school. Electricity connection has been cut. No one allows me to work as they recognize me through you. Govind shows her his wounds. They beat me every day by calling me a rapist. No one helps me here. I don’t want you both to die because of me. You should get married again. I will get into a fight tomorrow itself and you will get the news of my death. Marry again! I cannot see you and Priya this way. Please try to understand. They both are crying badly. She tries to say something but he signals her to leave.

I tried to meet him a lot many times but he dint meet me. He sent divorce papers one day. Bala helped me a lot. His wife had passed away. I thought I and Priya will get a home but it dint work out that ways. Kabir’s friend is running an NGO. Maybe he can help us. Govind attacked on me when I went in the jail to meet him. Looks like he does not want justice. She says he might not want it for himself but he will have to get justice for us.

The guy at the food line gives something to Govind. Later, when constables come to take everyone out Govind lies that he has fever. Meanwhile, he makes a plan to attack on someone important as he sharpens his knife. I will surely get punished. Constable comes to inform him that someone has come to meet him. Govind hides the knife in his clothes.

Govind is not happy to see Reena there. He turns to go but her words make him stick. He asks about Priya. She shares that Priya is in orphanage. She thinks you are a liar. You would have told everything before the judge if you were honest. You too would have been forgiven just like her teacher forgave her. Govind still sticks to his point. Kabir steps in but Govind does not want to be free. I have TB. I wont be able to give anything to my daughter. You wont understand anything. Kabir says it was my last chance to help you. You could have done something to prove it to your daughter that you are a hero. Kabir turns to go but Govind takes out his knife. Constable stops him. They hold him tight. Govind shouts that he wants to be free. Help me Kabir Sir. I want to come out for my daughter.

Jailor suggests Kabir to file for parole. Govind’s parole sanctioned. Govind will try to prove his point in the High Court.

5 days later:
Priya walks out of the room when she notices her father at the orphanage. Govind decides to prove himself innocent.

Local reporters, who had reported the case, are against the fact that Kabir is trying to help a rapist. Kabir points out that they could not understand the point even back then. You did not make a clear investigation or an innocent man would not have been punished. They try to attack him but Govind sends the guys away.

Mumbai High Court:
Govind’s case hearing begins.

7 years ago:
A guy takes a rickshaw to take a beggar woman to the hospital. He forces himself on her in a secluded ambulance. Police checks the CCTV footage. Inspector orders his team to bring the guy asap based on the grey shirt that the guy was wearing. At night, Constables see Govind wearing a similar shirt and arrest him.

Advocate says Govind was cornered only because of the colour his shirt. The cctv footage is so blurred that nothing concrete could be made from it. It actually looked like one of the hospitals’ staff member only. There is no point questioning the hospital staff or rickshaw driver after all these years. Prosecution lawyer wants another hearing where he wants the rickshaw driver to be present. Judge agrees for it.

A week later:
Mohan (rickshaw puller) recognizes Govind to be the same guy who boarded the auto that night along with the woman. Govind’s lawyer asks him a simple question for which he gives round about reply. Mohan tells that he only said what the Inspector asked him to. Judge asks for the victim but no one has any clue for her. I am surprised at the way this case has been handled. Law was misused. This case is a proof that Govind was wrongly punished. It is a mistake. Govind is set free while there should be an enquiry on the police inspector. Compensation should also be given to Govind. Govind thanks Kabir for saving him.

Priya happily meets her father this time. They are happy that he was proved innocent. Reena comes there with Bala and their son. She too hugs Priya and then leaves with Bala. Govind thanks Kabir. Kabir thinks that he united a father with his family just like you had done it once.

5 years ago:
Sakshi talks to Kabir’s parents. He is a good guy. He is affected by Chutki’s death. He has lost his way. He would be all the more lost if you don’t help him now. You guided him when he did any mistake when he was a kid. Do the same now. He has extended his hand towards you. If you don’t hold his hand now then he will completely break down. Kabir’s mother hugs Kabir. They have an emotional moment.

Police arrested Govind carelessly and based on no solid proofs. The faulty inspector who was caring out the investigation was charged for enquiry. The law of our country states that the criminals should be punished but no innocent person should be punished even by mistake. Kabir is writing the article when he receives a call from Sakshi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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